Limited Nishat Bed Sheets Collection (Nishat Linen 2024)

Nishat Bed Sheets Collection

Nishat is one of the most famous clothing and bedding brands in Pakistan. This franchise sells both stitched and unstitched clothes. The overall categories of the brand are divided into luxury, men, kids, accessories, and home linen. This article will focus on the home linen bedding category. All the bedding items are available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, types, pieces, and sizes. Read on below to find out which bedding items are available in the Nishat collection.

Latest Nishat Bed Sheets (Bed Linen Home Collection 2022)


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The bedding items from the Nishat brand are divided into the following different categories. These categories are bedsheets, bedspreads, bridal sets, duvet covers, bed in a bag, and comforters. Each category is diversified and has more availability of colors, fabrics, prices, pieces, types, and sizes.

1. Bed Sheets

The bedsheets collection of Nishat has the colors of brown, yellow, black, green, and blue. The price range starts from 2,500 rupees to higher. The king and queen sizes are the most abundant. See the products in this category below.

Bed Sheet Yellow Patch

Nishat Bed Sheet Yellow Patch

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Available for king and queen sizes only, this green-colored bed sheet has small traces of yellow, grey, white, brown, and blue. These different-sized patches of various colors are very attractive. It also brightens up the ambiance of the room. The fabric used is the textured slub which is very soft, smooth, and comfortable. This fabric is made from slub cotton which is a unique kind. This gives rise to the cozy texture of the bedsheet. The whole package of the yellow patch bed sheet includes 2 pillowcases and 1 bedsheet. The pillows are available for both queen and king sizes.

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2. Bridal Sets

The bridal bed sheets of this brand are one-of-a-kind. They do not fall into the standard Pakistani bridal sets. This is because Nishat has added their own twist to this bedding category. The bridal sets of Nishat are contemporary yet also traditional. This is why they are so popular like ChenOne BedSheets Collection in Pakistan.

Bridal Bed Chain Stitch

Bridal Bed Chain Stitch

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This bedsheet is full of colors. Purple is set as the primary color and it is further combined with red, orange, black, white, and blue. There are more colors visible in traces only. The fabric for this sheet is 100% pure cotton which is why it is so comfortable and soft. The package of the bridal bed chain stitch consists of 1 printed bed sheet, 1 digital printed decorative filled pillow, 1 printed comforter, 2 coordinated printed pillowcases, and 1 digital printed filled cushion. With the colorful combination along with the abundance of so many bedding products, this bridal bed sheet is nothing short of impressive.

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Nakoosh Bridal Set

Nakoosh Bridal Set

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This one perfectly suits the bridal theme. It is of a bright red color which Pakistani brides usually wear. The fabric is the same which is cotton percale. The whole package has 1 printed bed sheet, 1 printed comforter, 1 digital printed decorative filled pillow, 2 coordinated printed pillowcases, and 1 digitally printed filled cushion along with matching floor cushions.

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3. Bed in a bag

Bed in a bag of Nishat have different themes, types, and sizes. They are mostly expensive but since the quality is top-notch, many customers buy them. The proof is in the fact that a lot of these items are sold out very fast.


Nishat Safari Bed in a Bag

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This cheetah print product gives off a feral vibe. Its fabric is cotton percale. The accessories included in the package are 2 printed filled decorative cushions, 1 printed comforter, 1 printed bed sheet, and 2 coordinated printed pillowcases.

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4. Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are another specialty of Nishat, and cheaper too. Even though their collection is limited, the available items live up to high standards.

Duvet Cover Set Vintage Vora

Duvet Cover Set Vintage Vora

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This is a simple black bed sheet with big pink flowers printed on top. The style is simple yet elegant. With textured slub as the fabric, the package consists of 1 duvet cover and 2 pillowcases for both king and queen sizes. The duvet cover is without the filling.

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Smokey Cotton Satin Duvet Set

Smokey cotton satin duvet set

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This one is for those who do not want to compromise on any detail. The smokey cotton satin duvet has everything in high quality. Made from cotton satin, the texture is really soft and smooth. It can be washed without the hassle and offers good value for money. The embossed print is equally attractive as well. It has 8 pieces in the package which are 2 plain pillow covers, 1 flat bed sheet, 2 smokey cushions cover, 1 duvet cover, and 2 smokey pillow covers.

Diamond Light Brown Duvet Cover

Diamond Brown Bed Sheet Set-with Quilt Pillow and Cushions Covers

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This is a true luxury item made only for the king-sized bed. The fabric used is pure cotton which determines its value. The cotton also makes the fabric light and breathable so that you can have a good sleep throughout the night. The solid color along with elegant patterns improves the aesthetics of the room. The stitching is firm, reinforced, detail-orientated, and smooth which is why it won’t break loose even if you wash the comforter. Hypoallergenic filling eliminates the chances of getting an allergic reaction.

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5. Comforters

The comforters of this brand are the perfect blend of style and warmth. All the comforters are light and luxurious. They have a soft and smooth texture.

Comforter Pista

Comforter Pista

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Who doesn’t love a purple pista color? This vibrant comforter is printed with a flower design. Durability and comfort are provided by the rich fabric. It comes with 2 pillowcases. Make sure to follow specific care instructions for comforters written on the tag.

6. Bedspreads

The bedspreads can be found on their website with good discounts and combo deals. They are similar to duvets but can be easily washed.

Bedspread Quilted Design

Nihat Bedspread quilted design

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Available for king-sized beds, this pure cotton item will ensure coziness and warmth in your sleep. This diamond-quilted satin bedspread gives you comfort which you have never experienced before. It is filled with polyester and should be washed in the machine.

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7. Fancy Bed Sheets

Bedsheets of fancy and top-class material are in a diverse collection. They add an extravagant vibe to the room.

Faux Leather Luxury Bed Set Design

5 Pcs Faux Velvet Embossed Teal Blue Bedding Set 01

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This is a rich bed sheet with full fancy microsuede embossed on it. It is further enhanced by faux leather and fringe at the sides.

Silk Jacquard Luxury Bed Set Design

Silk Jacquard Luxury Bed Set Design

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This one is even fancier than the above one. It is embossed with two things; microsuede and embellishment. It is made of faux leather throughout and is adorned with fringe and conchos. The package has 2 cushion covers, 1 king-sized bed sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

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8. Cotton Bed Sheets

Most of the bed sheets are demanded to have the fabric of pure 100% cotton. Nishat fulfills this demand and it has a wide variety of cotton bed sheets as well.

King Size Printed Cotton Bed Sheet

King Size Printed Cotton Bed Sheet

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This grey-colored bed sheet has a printed pattern design which makes it look beautiful. It is of high quality and has 2 pillowcases in the package. The color lasts for a long time and the softness of the sheet does not wear away as well.

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9. Baby Bedding

The baby bedding includes a lot of childish designs imprinted on it with ultra-softness so that your child sleeps peacefully. They have a lot of colors and types to meet your preferences.

Kids Bed Sheet Design

Kids Bedding

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This single-sized pure cotton kids bed sheet has 1 pillowcase. It is silky smooth and is resistant to wrinkles. It can be washed in the machine and all detergents can be used on it. Moreover, it dries quickly as well which makes it easy to use and wash.

10. Printed Bed Sheets

One can find numbers styles, motifs, and patterns in the printed sheets category:

Bed Sheet Gradient Trail

Nishat Bed Sheet Gradient Trail

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This printed bed set has a basic blue color and is available for both queen and king-sized beds. The fabric of the textured slub is a special kind of cotton that has small lumps and this soft-textured cotton is finely chosen. These lumps are produced when the cotton is twisted. It creates a cozy feeling in the fabric. This slub fabric also serves as a reason for the durability and high comfort level. The bedsheet gradient trail comes along with 2 pillowcases for separate queen and king sizes plus the bedsheet.

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11. Four Pillow Bedding

Pillows are just as important as bedsheets and Nishat definitely knows this fact. This is why the pillows in this range are extra big.

4 Pillows Bed Sheet

Nishat 4 pillows bed sheet

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Available only for the king-sized bed, this cotton percale bed sheet has high-quality comfort. It comes with a bedsheet and 4 pillowcases.

This was an overview of all the bedding categories found in Nishat. This home linen range is dependable and stylish. All the collections are tailor-made with excellent finishing and fine details.

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