ChenOne Bedding Collection (2024 Bed Sheets Sale)

ChenOne Bedding Collection

For most Pakistanis, when you think of soft and cosy bedding, the first thing that pops up in our minds is the name “ChenOne”. For over 2 decades, ChenOne has been that one company that has consistently provided great quality bedding that many of us grew up with. They were one of the first brands in Pakistan to make “branded bedding”, and they’ve continued to do so ever since.

What makes ChenOne bedding so great is the fact that any piece you might buy will likely last you many many years. Their quality is what put them on top and it is what has kept them there for over 20 years.

Back when ChenOne bedding was new, there would be a select few options when it came to designs, today, they have several collections with plenty of different designs to choose from. But sometimes, too many options make it a little overwhelming for shoppers to figure out what would be the best for them. That’s where we come in. In this post, we will be going over all of their main collections and picking out options that work for different kinds of rooms and how you can style them in your home!

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Top 5 ChenOne Bedding Collection in Pakistan:

1. Studio Collection

Studio Collection Soul 20

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Most homes have at least one room where you need light, airy and floral bed sets. The type that would lift the mood of the room and make things seem more lit up. A bed set like this one is perfect for rooms like that. The entire bed set has a very light floral pattern spread all across the entire thing. The bedsheet, duvet cover, pillow covers, cushion covers and floor cushions all feature the same design, but what brings dimension to the bed set is the varying shades of pink that are used as the base colour. You start with a blush pink bed sheet and have one set of matching pillow covers and one side of the duvet cover also matches them, the rest of the set is a faint pink – almost white colour. The varying shades is also a great element because it makes it a reversible bed set. Depending on which side of the duvet cover you keep on top, you can switch around your pillows to match, making this a 2 in 1-bed set!

This bed set would work well in a white or very light coloured room. Even better if the room gets lots of natural light during the day as the print and colour will really pop when the sun hits them!

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Studio Collection Golf Flame 19

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On the total opposite end of the spectrum, we have this bed set. What’s great about this one is that although on the first look it looks all dark, it really isn’t. It’s pretty much whatever you want it to be. The base of the design is a soft white, the pattern is a dark grey to black blend and the entire thing is offset by a striking yellow. This is perfect for people that don’t really know that much about matching a bed set to their rooms, or for those that don’t really have a set theme going on. The three colours that this bed set has are those that are bound to either already be in your room, or will match well with them. If your room is one where you have used yellow as the pop of colour, this would be absolutely perfect because of the way yellow has been used throughout the design. 

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2. Luxury / Bridal Collection

Luxury Gold Collection

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Going from simpler bed sets, straight into super luxurious ones. This is our first pick in their luxury bridal bedding collection because of how neutral this is. This is a type of bed set that’s fit for a room that’s supposed to look like it’s part of a movie set. It’s very easy to give your room the luxe look, even if a bed set like this is all that’s in there. The entire bed set has a pure white solid base with beautiful shades of gold used in the pattern all across. You can easily use this bed set in almost any type of room, you can have any color theme going on and it will still fit in perfectly because both the colours used in it are neutral and don’t lean towards any specific colour palette. Making this a great option for both, people who know what they’re doing with their room decor and people who just want something that will look good without having to put too much thought into it!

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Luxury Gold Tulipwood

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For people that want something more inclined towards a colour palette, this bed set would be a better option. Most modern bedrooms these days go for the darker theme, in a room like that you can’t exactly have a white bed set as that’s usually the biggest piece of furniture people own. This dark maroon and red bed set are great for a room like that. Its deep tones would match perfectly with a dark room even if everything around it is black and the red will act as the pop of colour that will keep the bed set from simply disappearing into the rest of the room!

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3. Hotel / Solid Bedding Collection

When you think of the best sleep you have ever had, your mind automatically goes to that comfy sleep you had on a random night at a hotel. For most people, the cosy beds are the best part about going on a vacation, that’s why “staycations” are such a big thing! If you are one of those people, you don’t really need to actually pay for a whole hotel room to be able to get that type of sleep, you can get that in your own home too! How? With a bed set that would typically be fit for a hotel.

Hotel Solid Collection white sateen dyed t230

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This is exactly the type of bed set you see when you first enter a luxury hotel room. Crisp white, soft and luxurious. Hotel bed sheets usually have a moderately high thread count, making them the cosiest sheets to sleep in. This bed set brings that feeling to you, every day of the week! The entire bed set, from pillows to the duvet cover, is white. This makes it a dream to style in any room because white pretty much match every colour in the world but it works best in a light and airy room, similar to how most hotel rooms are set up as well.

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Hotel Solid Collection 6 pcs bed set qneen cherry 20

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The only thing most people wouldn’t like about the white bed set we listed above, is that they can be pretty difficult to keep clean and tidy. That’s where something like this comes in. This bed set is basically the same idea but without being high maintenance. The cherry colour is luxe enough that it fits well with the hotel vibe but also is great if you are someone that’s constantly dropping things on the bed and just can’t be bothered to deal with too much work when it comes to washing sheets. This bed set is one that could pretty much work in any room as well, if you have an all-white room with minimum decor all around, this can act as a pop of colour and be the focus piece of the entire room. If your room is the exact opposite, black and full of accessories, all you have to do is add very small elements of the cherry shade of the bed set and it will perfectly complement the room then too! It all depends on how you want to style it!

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4. Kids Bedding Collection

When children are starting to grow up and develop their own personalities, one of the first things they’re expressive about are their bedrooms. The biggest part of the bedrooms is usually the beds themselves. One of the easiest ways to customise a kid’s bedroom is by using a cartoon character bed set that matches their personality. This is also a zero commitment way of customising their room and can easily be switched out for something different as their personalities change and grow with them.

Kids Collection construction 20

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This is a no-brainer bed set for a boys room (or a girl that likes construction themed cartoons and toys). Children love it when they get to see their favourite toys incorporated into different aspects of their lives, this construction-themed bed set does exactly that. It features various construction themed cartoons and is very bright and colourful, making it one that would be very eye-catching for a child. The different colours make it fairly easy for this bedding to match the overall decor of a children’s bedroom which makes the job of a parent that much easier. This way, the only thing you will have to bring in is this bed set and the rest of the room will already match with it from the get-go!

Kids Collection Princess Palace 20

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On the flip side, if your girls aren’t into construction and are more into the pinks and the princesses, you don’t have to settle for low-quality princess bedding, you can easily find that in ChenOne too! This bed set has a classic princess design, they didn’t take a Disney Princess and actually designed their own, one that looks more eastern, this can also be an element that a little girl could find fascinating, the princess can be anyone she wants her to be!

If as a parent you’re not really into the idea of painting the whole room pink and don’t know if your daughter’s obsession with pink is just a phase or not, this bed set will still work for you. The way it’s designed, it uses various shades of pink and purple and has a lot of different design elements in itself. This makes it easy for the bedding to look colour coordinated anywhere, even in a totally white room! 

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5. Comforter Sets Collection

 If you have a killer bed sheet, but don’t have an impressive enough comforter to match it, it would make the whole look fall apart, not to mention that it just simply won’t be a complete look, comfort and functionality wise. This is even more important if it’s the wintertime. Getting the right comforter is essential for every bedroom!

Comforter Sets linen stripe

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Getting a comforter set is great because you can easily get an all in one package and don’t have to worry about matching the vibe or the material of the bedding that you’re using, it all just comes in one pack! Something like this is great for a room that is either decorated with a neutral or minimalistic theme or in homes where different people cycle through the bedding, since this one is so easy to incorporate in different themes, it will match easily in any room!

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Comforter Sets Collection comforter set queen raw coast

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If you like your comforter set to have more design so you can make it more of a focus piece in the room, something like this might be a better fit for you. This bed set is neutral in the way the colours are laid out, but full of art in the way it’s designed. You can make this a feature in a totally plain, white room just as well as you can match this up in a colour coordinated room! The print is bold enough to be eye-catching but isn’t busy enough to take over the whole room, making it an easy one to style even if you have never styled.

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