The 13 Best Towel Brands in Pakistan in 2024

Best Towel Brands in Pakistan

Towels, they’re usually considered a necessity, people buy them because they’re literally needed to function. If you really think about it, your house is filled with towels. There are several different types of towels that you need all around the house. Making them one of the most essential parts of your house!

The problem with this is that there are also hundreds of different types of towels available in the markets. Which makes it incredibly hard to pick which one would be right for the specific sections of your house.

List of Top 13 Towels Brands of Pakistan

Not for long though, we’ve created a list that had all of the beet towel brands in Pakistan and the best towel they have in their collections to make your choice easier and as a bonus, we’ll tell you how you can use them in your bathroom as a decor element too!

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1. Bedandbath Towels

Bedandbath Towels

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If you’re looking for a one stop shop to get all of your towels form, bed and bath towels would be your best bet.They make almost every towel there is, but our best pick is their 2 guest towels, 2 hand towels and 1 bath towel set. This set will give you all the towels that you’d need in one bathroom. This colour would work really well with an all white or all black bathroom. It can act as a pop of colour and you can compliment it by adding little gold accessories all over! With these little touches, your bathroom will look like it’s out of a magazine and it will be functional too!

 2. Gul Ahmed Towels

Gul Ahmed Towels

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One of the things that’s the hardest to find in Pakistan is good towels for sports. In the world today, keeping things hygienic and germ free is essential. This anti microbial sports towel from Gul Ahmed does exactly that. It’s a quick drying, odourless towel so you don’t have to worry about it stinking up your entire gym bag, It comes with a little carrier and rolls up to take up as little space as possible. This is great for all of your gym needs!

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3. Nishat Linen Towels

Nishat Linen Towels

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If you’re someone that wants to go super fancy with your guest towels, a regular plain one might not do the job. Instead, you can use the towels to add to the decor by getting something like these grey jacquard towels. These can add the design element that you might be missing and if your bathroom is plain and simple, these can instantly make the whole bathroom look like it’s a well thought out, well designed guest bathroom!

4. Al Karam Towels

Al Karam Towels

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If the jacquard design is something you like but you’re not the biggest fan of the chunky border, this one might suit you better. This towel is soft and thick, has the jacquard print, yet, it’s entirely plain and simple. The self design is enough to add interest in an otherwise boring bathroom. The best part about this being plain is that you can easily put them in a bathroom that’s printed and it still won’t clash!

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5. Sapphire Towels

Sapphire Towels

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If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and have a plain tiled bathroom and want to add something to add some pattern and design into the bathroom, this one might be a better option. It’s printed enough that it does that, but it’s not printed enough that it’s rendered useless. This towel is thick and soft enough that you could use this for a long time and it’ll still look brand new! And the print is so subtle and timeless that no matter how long you keep it for, it’ll still work perfectly fine in your bathroom!

6. Khas Towels

Khas Towels

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When it comes to decorating a white bathroom, if you pick the colour red as the accent colour, one of the hardest things to do is find one that won’t bleed all over the tiles and stain them! Even though the search might seem endless, it’s actually not. This red towel from Khaas for example. This one is a GSM combined cotton towel which has been dyed in a way that it holds the colour. You can use it regularly without worrying about any bleeds!

7. LivingT Towels

LivingT Towels

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If you want a red towel, but want it to be more functional than decorative, this one might be a better pick! This towel is made out of 100% cotton, so it’s going to be super soft. With cotton, you don’t have to worry about it losing colour or wearing out too soon. Another thing that’s unique about this towel is the print it has. The diamond self print is different than anything else in the market, making it one of a kind while being functional at the same time!

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8. Rizaries Towels

Rizaries Towels

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One of the things that is very hard to find in Pakistan is a good quality bathrobe, or any bathrobe for that matter. Most brands tend to stick to regular towels, but Rizaires focuses equally on both, regular towels and bathrobes! All of the robes they make are super thick and fluffy and use cotton fibers that are long and strong, so they’re not only comfortable but also last very long!

9. ChenOne Towels

ChenOne Towels

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Have you ever been to a hotel and wondered where they get their soft, crisp white towels from? Well, these ones are it! These cotton towels are some of the softest ones you can get in the market! The colour is the perfect white that would work with any type of bathroom! So you could easily get one of these sets and just rotate them around the entire house and it’ll be a perfect fit every time!

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10. Bareeze Home Towels

Bareeze Home Towels

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Are you looking for something totally unique to replace regular plain towels? Well, Bareeze has created the perfect towel for that! This towel set is plain, but it’s finished off with a dainty lace border at the end. To keep things cohesive the set comes with every type of towel you could possibly need! So you can easily set the entire bathroom without having to worry about matching!


11. Zellbury Towels

Zellbury Towels 

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If a little bit of lace on the bottom of your towels isn’t interesting enough for you, you might want to go for an all over print instead! This one is a beautiful towel that has a blue, all over digital print on a plain white base. Something like this would easily work in a blue, black or white bathroom. You can add gold accessories all around to give it a more luxurious look or keep things super simple throughout the bathroom to keep the overall look more casual, whichever way you want to go is totally up to you!

12. Esmail Towels

Esmail Towels

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If you’ve just moved into a new home or know someone who has, this bath gift set might be the perfect thing to get! This set comes in 2 options, an 8 piece set and a 12 piece set. Both of them are enough to set an entire bathroom with easily and they’re fancy enough that they make great gifts! So whether you just want to treat yourself, or a loved one, this bath set would be perfect! Nice to look at and functional at the same time!

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13. Utopia Towels

Utopia Towels

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If you’re not into the fancy towels and just want something that gets the job done, this towel from Utopia Towels might be the one for you! This is your regular run of the mill bath sheet, but, this one is 100% cotton so they are extremely soft. These come in a variety of colours so you can perfectly match it to your specific bathroom theme! If you want to use these towels and make things look more luxurious, you can add gold accessories all over the entire bathroom and the quality and solid colour of the towel will compliment the boldness of gold very well!


No matter what your preference is with towels, you can easily find one on our list that would be perfect for you. You can even come back to this list if you ever feel like changing up the theme!

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