Ideas by Gul Ahmed Bed Sheets Collection (2024 Sale)

Gul Ahmed Bed Sheet Collection

Gul Ahmed is a renowned Pakistani textile brand that sells clothes, bedding items and accessories by a series of retail outlets. However, this article focuses on the various types of bed sheets available in the brand. If you are interested to know which kind of variety, fabrics and categories are found within the company, read on below.

The Best Collection of Ideas by Gul Ahmed Bed Sheets Sale 2023


1. Printed Duvet Covers

The price range of duvet covers by Gul Ahmed starts from 3,000 rupees and goes on to 12,000 rupees and higher. However one can get a discount easily in the percentages of 30%, 40% and 50%. Many colors and different materials are found in these covers. Following are a few duvet covers from the collection.

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  • Alpine Embroidered T-200 Quilt Cover Set

Alpine Embroidered T-200 Quilt Cover Set

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This is a quilt cover set. The package of this set is different depending on whether your bed is a single, double, or king sized bed. The single bed package has 1 quilt cover and 1 pillowcase. The double and king sized beds have the same package of 1 quilt cover and 2 pillowcases. The sizes of the duvet covers for the three types of beds are different as well. The colors of this beautiful duvet are very refreshing. The fabric used is T-200 which ensures that the duvet cover is endurable and of good quality.

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  • Alaska T-200 Quilt Cover Set

Alaska T-200 Quilt Cover Set

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This duvet cover is specifically for the summer season because the colors are very light. The contents of the package is the same as the previous one. Almost all the duvet covers have the same sets of accessories. For the single bed, only 1 pillowcase and 1 quilt cover is given whereas for the double and king sized beds, 2 pillowcases and 1 quilt cover is available. The soft light blue color is contrasted with shades of light brown, red and green. The pillows are also available in the same color contrast. The middle of the duvet cover has a bold pattern whereas the ends are bare. The underside of the quilt cover is white paired with small motifs.

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2. Printed Sheet Set

The sheet sets are available in the price range of 3,000 rupees and higher. Following is an example of a printed sheet set.

  • SS20-060 Bed Sheet Set

SS20-060 Bed Sheet Set

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This printed sheet is simple yet also very elegant. It is of a dark purple color and has flowers all over it which look appealing. It is from a T-150 collection which is also known as Easy Care. The items in this collection are budget-friendly, resistant to wrinkles, long-lasting and very strong. These bedding items also should not be ironed. The single bed package has 1 pillowcase and 1 bedsheet. On the other hand, the double and king sized beds have 2 pillowcases and 1 bedsheet.

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3. Throw

Throws are available in the price range of 3,000 to 15,000 rupees. Some throws are even more expensive than 15,000 rupees. The best-selling throws by Gul Ahmed are Blue Damask T-300, Morning Mist T-150, Macaroon T-150 and Rajanpur T-150.

  • Peachy Popcorn Fleece

Peachy Popcorn Fleece

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This throw has 1 ply fleece. It is very soft in texture. The surface is similar to popcorn which guarantees warmth. The material used for this throw is a synthetic polyester blend. Polyester is really beneficial for eliminating moisture so that everything remains dry. The blanket has a nubby texture whereas the fleece is extra soft. Both of these qualities combine to give a good experience.

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  • SS-20-Chrome Single Ply Fleece

SS-20-Chrome Single Ply Fleece

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Available for single and double beds only, these blankets are snug with a simple design. The upper side of the blanket resembles velvet whereas the underside is soft. One can use it as a bedspread too.

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4. Dyed Sheet Set

These bedding items are simple and have no designs or motifs. They are also cheap as well.

  • Tea Rose T-400 Emb Bed Sheet Set

Tea Rose T-400 Emb Bed Sheet Set

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This is from the royal signature collection also known as T-400. It is 100% cotton which means it’s of high quality. The long-lasting material ensures that it is soft and guaranteed to give you a comfortable sleep. Wrinkles don’t easily form on this sheet. The instructions imply that it shouldn’t be ironed. This signature embroidered bed sheet is actually a soft sateen weave product. It is available in different colors as well. The soft color is aesthetic and looks great in any room.

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5. Bridal Bedding

As all the bridal bed sheets are costly, the Gul Ahmed ones are expensive as well. Starting from 9,000 to 18,000 rupees, a lot of colors and variety is included in this category. The number of items in each package of the bridal bed sheets differs a lot. The brand places high value and importance on this bedding category which is why they are so famous and well bought throughout the country.

  • Lavender Mist Jacquard Bedspread Set

Lavender mist Jacquard Bedspread Set

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This is a hot selling item due to the luxurious fabric similar to New ChenOne Bedsheets. The materials make it soft and long-lasting. The designs are simple and fashionable. The finishing has been done in great detail. The texture is very fine as well. This high-end bridal sheet has 8 items in the package which are 2 pillowcases, 2 cushion covers, 1 bedspread, 2 sheet pillowcases and 1 plain dyed sheet.

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  • Imperial Embossed Velvet Bedcover Set

Imperial Embossed Velvet Bedcover Set

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This velveteen bedding is a hot selling item from the bridal sheet collection which is not a surprise because the combination of dark and light purple is very rich. The fabric is actually Korean velvet which is why it is ultra-soft. The method of craftsmanship of the design is embossed printing. This is a unique method of imprinting patterns, styles and motifs on the fabric. The imperial embossed velvet bed sheets set has 5 items in the package which are 2 cushion covers, 1 bedcover and 2 pillow covers.

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  • Salsa Embossed Jacquard Bedcover Set

Salsa Embossed Jacquard Bedcover Set

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This bridal bed sheet has a duvet cover too which shows how luxurious it is. It is a classic piece of high quality. Made with extra smooth and long-lasting materials, they are meant to give you nothing but peace. The finishing touches are very fine on this piece. The details are exquisite which are joined by a rich texture. This high-end bridal bed sheet has 8 items in the package. These items are 1 square cushion, 1 Jacquard duvet cover, 2 duvet pillowcases, 1 deck cushion, 1 plain dyed sheet and 2 sheet pillowcases. You can match this with the floor seating cushions.

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6. Dyed Duvet Cover

These duvet covers are expensive too. Their prices start from 3,000 to 9,000 rupees. The best-dyed duvet covers are even more expensive. Many people offer these duvet covers to their loved ones as gifts.

  • Ash T-400 Emb Quilt Cover Set

Ash T-400 Emb Quilt Cover Set

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This cover set belongs to the royal signature collection of T-400. It is made of 100% cotton. It is of high quality and is also very dependable. The skin-friendly texture lets your skin breathe peacefully throughout the night. It is dyed in beautiful colors. The ash shade looks sophisticated and can look elegant in every room.

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7. Pillow Covers

Pillow Covers

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The pillow covers by this brand are cheap, durable and available in different colors and prints. You can get a pack of 6 pillow covers in the winter sale. This assorted set has pillows in colors of sky blue, brown, white, beige and light pink.

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8. Bed Set

Starting from 3,000 rupees and more, one can get a variety of fabrics and colors in the category of bed sets.

  • AW20-BDS-007 Complete Bed Set

AW20-BDS-007 Complete Bed Set

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Available in light purple color contrasted with white and paired with flowers, this set is very chic. For the single bed, 2 pillowcases, 1-bed sheet, and 1 quilt cover are given. For the double bed, 4 pillowcases, 1-bed sheet, and 1 quilt cover are available. Lastly, for the king-sized bed, 4 pillowcases, 1 quilt cover, and 1-bed sheet are provided.

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9. Bed in a Bag

Although not many people purchase the bed in a bag, Gul Ahmed has given a variety in this type too. There are many prints provided.

  • SS20- BB-002 Bed in a Bag

SS20- BB-002 Bed in a Bag

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Made with 100% polyester Polyfill, the product is extremely durable. The package comprises pillow covers, a comforter set and a bedsheet. The amount of pillow covers depends on the size of the bed.

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So this was an overview of the bedding items available by Gul Ahmed. If you are impressed with what they offer, you can get some at a huge discount from the winter sale. In conclusion, we can say that the brand caters to all of the bedding needs of people. It does not matter if you have a small or a big room, having these sheets from Gul Ahmed will for sure enhance the beauty of your space. They also last for a lifetime, so you only have to invest once in a bedding item by the brand.


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