Luxury Bridal Bed Sheets in Pakistan (Branded Designs 2024)

Winters have already started and Pakistanis know the other name for winters: weddings. That’s right, many Pakistanis wait for the cold chilly season to host most weddings. Soon enough, all the marriage halls will be filled and festivities will begin. The demand for bridal bed sheets will be a hot topic in the stores. It is a must to decorate the bridal room with stylish and luxurious items to make it look beautiful. If you pick the right bedsheet, the ambiance of the room will automatically transform.

Moreover, there is another custom to gift the newlywed couples expensive bridal bed sheets when they go into their new homes. This custom dates back to history. Apart from bed sheets, bed sets, and accessories or decorations for the bedding is also given a high priority.

In Pakistan, the bridal bed sheets usually have a very exotic vibe and are topped off with a rich finishing to make them look unique. These deluxe wedding bed sheets also offer a high-end comfort that cannot be compared to other mediocre beddings. This is why almost everyone considers it essential to invest in expensive bedding on the special occasion of weddings. Keeping the needs of customers in mind, numerous Pakistani bedding brands have given out trendy bridal bedsheets collections. Some of these are also included in this article. Scroll below to know more!

Top 10 Best Bridal Bed Sheets Designs Pakistani (2023 Designs Lists)

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1. Hutch Bridal Bedding Collection

i. 8 Pieces Bubbles Wedding Grey Bed Sheet Set with Quilt, Pillow and Cushion Covers


8 Pieces Bubbles Wedding Grey Bed Sheet Set with Quilt, Pillow and Cushion Covers

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This is an all-time favorite duvet set by Hutch. It is made of the best quality fabric so that you can have a peaceful sleep. The grey color makes the atmosphere of the room calm and quiet. Available at an affordable price of 6,000 rupees, the whole set consists of 2 cushion covers, the bed sheet, and one duvet cover. Moreover, 4 pillow covers are also provided, two of which are plain, and the other are printed. The bubble’s design is attractive to the eyes. This bed sheet is made for the king-size bed.

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ii. 8 Pieces Bubbles Wedding Red Comforter Set with Pillow and Cushions Covers


8 Pieces Bubbles Wedding Red Comforter Set with Pillow and Cushions Covers

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This unique bedding piece arrives in a fancy design with bold red color that matches the wedding galore. It is also made for the king-sized bed and contains one comforter, 2 cushion covers, and one-bed sheet. You can have it with a combination of floor cushions in Pakistan to give a cosy look to your bedroom.

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2. Nishat Bridal Bed Sheets

Nishat Bridal Bed Sheets

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Every Pakistani is aware of the mastered finesse of Nishat bed sheets. In fact, it has won the hearts of many. Nishat is known for always keeping up with the latest fashion trends. From clothes to accessories to apparel, there is no category in which the brand fails to impress. So it is given that Nishat has kept up the same quality even with bedding items. The below bed sheet is by Nishat as well and it is called the Bridal Set Scarlet.

It is available in maroon color which is a favorite color to wear at weddings and for the brides as well. The fabric which is used is of high-quality China net. The entire export quality bridal bed sheet set comes with a price of 26,000 rupees and includes the printed bed sheet, 1 cushioned comforter, 2 stylish filled cushions, 2 matching pillowcases, and 2 matchings printed pillowcases. You can shop for this luxurious red bedding item here.

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3. Alkaram Bridal Bed Sheets

Alkaram Bridal Bed Sheets

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This brand is highly acclaimed for having top-notch quality bed sheets that are bought all over Pakistan. The following item from Alkaram is the Premium Printed Bed Sheet Set T-200. It is very affordable and can be found in all sizes. The refreshing color is really soothing as well. You can check it out here.

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4. Gul Ahmed Bridal Bed Sheets

Gul Ahmed Bridal Bed Sheets

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Although there are many bridal bed sheet collections found from this brand, the Ideas Home Collection is by far the most liked. It is both luxurious and extremely comfortable. The following picture shows the Velveteen bedding which is from this collection. This bed sheet is made of Korean velvet and has a unique design. The color is warm and inviting. Two designs that are available in this item are raspberry and mellow mauve. The package includes 2 designed cushion covers, 2 pillow covers, and the bedsheet. Shop for this bed sheet here.

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5. ChenOne Bridal Bed Sheets

ChenOne Bridal Bed Sheets

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ChenOne offers bedsheets in a large variety and collections ranging from kids to adults to bridal and much more. The following bridal bed sheet is a king-sized bed item made with high-quality fabric. It is available in numerous versions so that one can select based on their preference and affordability. To get this bed sheet, click here.

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6. Sapphire Bridal Bed Sheets

Sapphire Bridal Bed Sheets

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Sapphire is known as the bedding brand for elites. It mostly has products with high-end price ranges which only the elites can purchase. This is why many celebs also follow the brand. But luckily, the bed sheets come in affordable ranges. One of them is called the Dusty Lavender Teal Bedsheet, which costs 6,000 rupees. The colors of teal and lavender are very pleasing to the eyes and create a roomy atmosphere. It is embroidered with skilful designs. It is available in both queen and king-sized bed sizes. Get the Dusty Lavender Teal bed sheet from here.

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7. Bareeze Bridal Bed Sheets

Bareeze Bridal Bed Sheets

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Bareeze is a reliable bedding brand. It is known for its lovely and feminine designs. Only pure and authentic materials are used in making their products, which is why they are well-received. The CAPP-88 bridal bed sheet for example, is made with 100% cotton. It is beautifully embroidered with screen printing. The set includes 4 pillowcases, 1 quilt cover, 2 cushions, and one-bed sheet. To see the product in detail, click here

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8. Crescent Bridal Bed Sheets

Crescent Bridal Bed Sheets

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Crescent hosts a number of bedding items collections. These include both bed sets and sheet sets. In the category of luxury bedding, the sheets that can be found are solidly dyed, embroidered luxury, hotel collection, and embellished luxury. Many bridal bed sheets are included in these categories. One example is shown below. It is named Grandiose Quilt Cover Set. This bed sheet encompasses various colors of the ocean which are aqua, dark blue, turquoise, and green. Small traces of yellow can also be seen which adds a goof accent. This set comes in the choices of double bed and king bed. Each variety has its own share of duvet covers, pillow covers, and flat sheets. Made with 100% cotton sateen, it is bound to last for a long time. Shop for this bed sheet here.


These beddings from different brands are fit to not only serve as gifts to couples but can also complement your own room perfectly. The winter sale will start soon which means you can get these at a discounted price. It is better to surf the online websites of each brand in order to get your hands on the discounted high-quality bridal bed sheets for the wedding occasion!

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