Top 12 Table Runner Brands in Pakistan (Updated 2024)

Table Runner Brands in Pakistan

Most Pakistani homes are set up in a way where we decorate the entire house to the brim, but forget one very important part, the dining table. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to just throw a plastic sheet on the table and call it a day, now, you have to put thought into it and “dress” the table.

Now, you might be thinking that things like table runners and other kitchen accessories probably don’t exist in Pakistan but they actually do! Several different brands make different types of table runners in Pakistan.

List of 12 Best Table Runner Brands in Pakistan

To keep you from the trouble of googling them and getting overwhelmed with the number of options that are available, we’ve come up with a list of the top brands for table runners in Pakistan!

1. Khaadi Table Runners

Khaadi Table Runners

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Khaadi has always been known for creating unique, colorful designs in their clothing. Well, they’ve carried the same style into their home goods as well, especially with their table runners! If you have the desi, colourful aesthetic going on in your home, you can’t go wrong with a Khaadi table runner. They come in several different colours and designs similar to this one and that makes it easy to match one of these easily to the theme you have going on in your home! One of the best things about these table runners is that you can get different ones and mix and match them with the rest of your table accessories easily, making it super easy to keep things fresh in the dining room! These table runners are typically priced at around PKR 2,000 so they’re pretty affordable too, whether you want to get just one, or multiple!

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2. Nishat Table Runners / ChenOne Table Runners

Nishat Table Runners

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If you’re looking for something a little different, Nishat Linen might be a place you can check out. Nishat’s table runners are on the more basic, simple side. This one, in particular, is full of design, while being minimal at the same time! The colour scheme is a nice crisp white and blue. These colours are basic enough to go with most colour themes! This type of table runner is one that will last you a really long time, even if you change up the entire room around it! The best part about getting your table runners from Nishat is that they’re very affordable too! The one here is priced at only PKR 1,300! So even if you want to get a few different ones to go with different times of the year, you can without breaking the bank!

3. The Linen Company Table Runners

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If you’re someone who’s looking to get away from the simple and basic designs that table runners usually come in, this one from the linen company is a great option! This table runner is a marbled, metallic design that’s made in earthy pink tones. The way they’ve designed the whole piece, it’s very “natural” looking, as if you had put down a piece of marble on the table itself, only that these aren’t as clunky as actual marble and bring in a touch of sophistication to your dining room instantly. These table runners, even though they’re out of the box with their design, only retail for around PKR 1,000! And if you wanted to go all out and set up the whole table with this theme, you can even get the matching napkins and coasters and set up a whole formal table with them!

4. Bareeze Table Runners

Bareeze Table Runners

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While we’re on the topic of formal table sets, those can be pretty hard to find. Most of the formal table sets in the market try too hard to be formal and end up being tacky instead. With Bareeze, that’s not a problem! They’ve taken a simple, velvet fabric and added simple embroidery on it, making it just formal enough for most dinner settings. The colours are perfect for most desi homes. Whether you have an all-black theme, an all-white theme, or one filled with colour, this table runner will go with everything! That also means that no matter how many times you change up the colour scheme of your home, this table runner will always fit! This is great because formal table runners are a little more expensive than regular ones, so you’d always want to make sure you’re investing in the right one. This formal table runner from Bareeze is priced at PKR 6,500. There are also a few different pieces in this set that you can get separately if you think you need them to complete the whole look but even getting just the table set on its own can be enough to set up your dining room for any formal occasion!

5. Habitt Table Runners

Habitt Table Runners

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Going the totally another way from the super formal one, this table runner from Habitt is perfect for everyday use. For a lot of families, regular tablecloths can be too fragile to deal with on a dining table and not having a table runner won’t cut it either. A bamboo table runner would be perfect for homes like this because it doesn’t wear and tear as easily as simple fabric. You can get a lot more use out of this without having to be super careful, making it great even if you have a lot of children in the home! The best part about this is that bamboo is a natural wood tone, it goes with everything! If you have one of these, you don’t have to put a lot of thought into the way you’re setting up the rest of your table because it’ll do most of the work for you! This table runner is priced at PKR 2,400, which isn’t the cheapest one on our list but if you take into account how long a bamboo table runner will last you, it actually ends up being great value for money overall!

6. Gul Ahmed Table Runners

Gul Ahmed Table Runners

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If you’re not into the simple, narrow table runners and want something that would take up a bit more room, this table runner from Gul Ahmed might be perfect for you! Gul Ahmed has always been known for their great quality, soft fabrics and they take that same quality over to their table linens too! This particular table runner is on the wider side, it’ll cover most of your tabletop, and getting the matching table mats will really complete the look! The ethnic/tribal design on these really brings in the “desi” element in the home and if you’re someone that has most of their dining space on the simpler side, this will go really well with your home! Better yet, if you have an outdoor dining space, it’ll look even better there because it’ll balance off the earthy tones really well with the colours and design! This table runner does all that, at a really good price! It’s priced at PKR 1,200, which is pretty great even if you’re just getting a basic table runner, and this one’s far from basic!

7. Sapphire Table Runners

Sapphire Table Runners

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Sapphire is a company that doesn’t come out with too many home collections in a year. This means that the ones they do come out with, are usually ones that are “all-rounders”. These are the types of collections that you can use for years without them looking “old-fashioned”. This table runner, for example, it’s white, which goes with pretty much any theme in a Pakistani home and for a touch of design, there are water-painted flowers on it. This makes the table runner great whether you were looking for something that‘s mainly while, or wanted a pop of pink and green! What’s even better is that there’s an entire set that goes with it so if you pair this with them, you’ll have a fully dressed dining table at your home at all times! This table runner comes in two sizes, a serving of 6 and a serving of 8, they’re prices at PKR 1,200 and PKR 1,300 respectively. Both of these prices are pretty reasonable considering the quality of cloth that Sapphire’s table runners are made of! These will last you a pretty long time!

8. Khas Stores Table Runners

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Not everyone wants the earthy tones or the super colorful look for their dining area. A lot of Pakistani homes are being set up in the black and dark theme nowadays. The minimal feel that dark themes bring in is trending all the way into the dining areas now too! If that’s the look you’re going for, this table runner set is black, but to keep things from being too plain, they’ve added design by mixing matte black with a shiny one. This way you’re getting both, the muted-ness of having a black table runner and have design incorporated without overdoing it! This gives you the freedom of adding flowers or other design elements in the dining room without it looking like visual clutter. Although you can buy the whole table linens set separately, the table runner itself only costs PKR 800 regularly but Khas goes on sale frequently and you can even score one of these for as low as PKR 500! Making this one, not only unique but also one of the cheapest table runners you can find in Pakistan right now!

9. Bed & Bath Table Runners

Bed & Bath Table Runners

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If all of the ones we’ve mentioned are too “modern” for you, this one might do the trick! This table runner is entirely made out of lace. That brings the vintage vibe into your dining area in a classy, updated way. This type of table runner is great because it’s simple, dainty and it’s all white so you can easily match this with most dinner sets and decor! Making it super easy for anyone with any type of theme to incorporate this into their home easily! This table runner is priced at PKR 2,300, even though that’s not the cheapest one on this list, the fact that it’s so versatile means that you could make do with just having one! So it ends up being worth the price!

10. Araish Table Runners

Araish Table Runners

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While we’re on the topic of table runners that are easy to decorate around, if the lace look is too dainty for you, you can still get the advantages that a white table runner gives without getting stuck with a lace table runner. For a more neutral setup, this simple white table runner is a great alternative. The tiny black details help add a touch of design and keeps it from looking too plain. It’ll also be a lot easier to match this table runner with most decor pieces and dinner sets!

A great thing about this particular table runner is that not only is it great design wise, it’s also very cheap! This table runner is priced at only PKR 500 for the smallest size and you can even pick out longer ones if your table is on the bigger side. Making it easy for everyone to find one that fits their needs!

11. Rizaries Table Runners

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Going in a totally different direction from the simple white, we have this table runner from Razaries. This one features lots of colours in an abstract design. The way it’s made, makes it so you can use it as a feature piece in your dining room and match other decor pieces with it easily! This table runner is long enough to fit most full sized dinner tables and since it’s polyester, you don’t have to worry about it slipping around anywhere either! This table runner is priced at PKR 1,600 and considering the quality, it’s priced pretty well!

12. Gulkhan Table Runners

Gulkhan Table Runners

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To wrap things up, we’re taking a very desi direction. If you’re someone that likes the desi touch and love a little pop of colour in your rooms, this table runner will probably be the best pick for you! This one from GulKhan features an all-out truck art design. This table runner is the perfect thing to brighten up any dining room and crisp white plates would go really well with this too! So it’ll pretty much work for any Pakistani home!

This table runner is one that’s so unique, it’s unlikely that most people would even expect this in a dining room, it’s a head turner! This one is priced at PKR 1,800, which is pretty reasonable since the quality is great and the design is not something most people will have!

These 12 table runners from the 12 brands on our list are so vastly different from one another that no matter how different your taste is, you’ll find something that would fit your needs!


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