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Best Selling Sanitary Pads in Pakistan

Biggest selection of Sanitary Pads and Napkins Online to Protect Women and Girls from Cervical Cancer and various other reproductive diseases. Get our latest offers and browse a unique collection of Beauty & Personal Care in Pakistan to make you more relax and productive at work.

Pads Price in Pakistan

Sanitary pads are essential for women of all ages, but the high cost of pads can be a barrier for many. The average price of a sanitary pads pack in Pakistan is around Rs. 150. This may not seem like a lot, but this is a significant expense for many women in Pakistan. In addition, the high cost of pads can lead to women using less-than-sanitary methods of dealing with their periods, which can lead to health problems. One way to help reduce the cost of sanitary pads is to buy them in bulk. Many stores offer discounts on larger purchases, so buying in bulk can help to save money. Another option is to look.

Sanitary Pads in Pakistan

In Pakistan, one in three women cannot access sanitary pads. This lack of access can lead to several health problems, including UTIs, vaginal infections, and cervical cancer. In addition, it can also cause psychological distress and social isolation. For girls and women in Pakistan, these problems are compounded by the fact that menstruation is often seen as taboo. As a result, many girls are not given any information about periods or how to deal with them, leading to a vicious cycle of poor menstrual hygiene. However, some organizations are working to break this cycle by providing access to sanitary pads and education about menstrual hygiene.

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