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Sapphire is a brand that’s only been around for 6 years, yet their products are so impressive that they have garnered a huge following. People trust them enough that they have been able to grow alongside brands that have been around for decades. At first, Sapphire only made women’s clothing, but as time went on, they branched out to include menswear and kidswear too and recently, they turned into an “All under one roof” brand by launching their home range too.

If you’re already familiar with Sapphire’s clothing, you will know that their quality speaks for itself. The material they use is strong and reliable, which makes Sapphire the perfect brand to make home goods too.

Most Pakistanis know the struggle of trying to find quality bedsheets in the local markets. Most of the options that are available to us are either just sub-par quality or is simply too expensive to justify the buy. Many people turn to getting their bedding imported because they just can’t find something that is good quality, has modern designs and is worth the price within Pakistan. The downside of this is that the bedding ends up costing twice or even thrice its original price by the time it makes it to Pakistan, not to mention the time it takes. With companies like Sapphire stepping it up to fill the blank space in the market, we get high-quality bedding that’s made in Pakistan, fit for Pakistani homes.

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Exclusive Range of Sapphire Bedsheets (2022 Sapphire Collection Bedding)

In this post, we will be going through our favourite bedding sets available at sapphire and a small guide on how you can style them in your homes, like a pro.

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1. Printed Bed Sheets

Printed Bed Sheets

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Printed bedsheets are pretty much a Pakistani home staple. They are colourful and unique and bring a lot of personality in a room. They are also great for desi homes because of how messy things can get, a heavy print hides any food stains very easily and just lets the bedding last much longer.

  1. This bed set is a great example of a neutral design that anyone can work with. The colours are popping but not in a loud way, the design is full but also tasteful enough to not be an overwhelming feature in the room. The pink and blue are cool toned and soft. Even if your room is entirely empty, just adding this bedding in would make the room look all done up! If you want to add elements that would match, keep the white walls, add frames or paintings that match the blue and pink theme and add subtle hints of silver around the room to bring it all together. You can also have a look on the Latest Collection of ChenOne Bedding.
  2. While some people like their prints subtle, others like them big and loud. This bed set does that beautifully. The leaf print is big, bold and all over the entire set. Yet, it still looks tasteful and not tacky. The beautiful island themed colours go very well with light wood, which is very common in most Pakistani homes. The yellows, pinks and blues are also very easy colours to find in decor pieces. If you have a light wood drawer cabinet or a console table, bring that in and add vases matching the bedding, put some lush plants in them and you have a beautifully matched room without much effort!

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2. Monochromatic Bed Sheets

Monochromatic Bed Sheets

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If you want print, but want to keep it lowkey at the same time, you might want to look into getting a monochrome bed set. These feature one colour, in different shades with one colour used in the print and the other as the solid background. These are perfect for people that don’t want plain sheets but also don’t want to bring in too much colour. Offsetting these with one contrasting colour running all across the room in little decor pieces and the room would look like it’s been set up by a professional!

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  1. This mustard yellow bed set is a dream for any Pakistani home. It goes well with most natural wood tones and solid painted wood colours like black and white. This makes it a great bed set to have even if you’re a family that switches bed sets around in all the bedrooms of your home, as it would fit no matter how different the rooms are. If you’re setting up your room around this bed set, you could offset the yellow with a deep green and have it be featured all across the room. You could do this by adding frames, vases, rugs, lamps and bedside trays. Keep things simple and only add a few pieces so you don’t end up overdoing it, and you’ll have a tastefully decorated room without having to think too much about it!
  2. When it comes to monochromatic bedding, a green set has to get an honourable mention. This bed set features one of the most beautiful designs in the market today. The subtle differences in the green creates dimension in the design and gives it the look of a Misty forest. If you want that earthy feel to your room, add plants that give out a lot of scent. Offset this by adding pops of pink or gold in the room. You can do this as easily as adding a floor length gold lamp and the room will be pulled together instantly.

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3. Children’s Room Bed Sheets

Children’s Room Bed Sheets

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When you’re buying children’s room’s bed sheets in Pakistan, you often get stuck with the common “princess and superhero” themed bedding. Although these do work for some children, they don’t for others. These days children don’t want very obvious gender separated anything, not even bedding. They prefer to have more gender neutral bedding that is not the classic pink or blue but has elements of interest. Sapphire has picked up on this switch in preference and has come out with designs that could work for virtually any child!

  1. Most children love space themed everything. This bed set incorporates the space theme beautifully in a way that it still feels subtle, even though the design is spread all over the entire bed set. The colours have been chosen in a way that really pulls the space theme in and since deep blue is a colour where you can easily tell if something isn’t of good quality, you can really tell where this one succeeds, you can barely see the individual threads because of how well they mesh together. This bed set is great if you have multiple children as well because you can easily use it in anyone’s room! The colours are also easy to work with, you can use these just as easily in a plain white room as you can in a totally space themed room!
  2. Most children love storytime. This bed set takes that storybook vibe and brings it out into the real world. In this bed, your child would feel totally immersed in the stories you tell them (or they read) and really connect with them. The colour theme is similar to the last one we’ve mentioned, dark and light. Depending on which side of the colour theme your child likes the best, you can flip the bed set and the pillows around and have that colour be on top. It also makes it fairly basic to decorate around. So these work just as well in a white room as they do in a mythic, purple storybook themed room.

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4. Hotel Bed Sheets

Hotel Bed Sheets

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When you think of hotels, the first thing that might pop up in your head is the soft but crisp hotel bedding that just makes you want to nap instantly. For years, this type of bedding was only limited to hotels because we average folk just couldn’t get our hands on something of that quality in the local markets. Slowly, brands have come out with more and more hotel-esque options that would bring that resort feel to your home, so you can get that good sleep even at home!

  1. This dusty rose bedding just screams “I’m soft”. This is the type of hotel looking bedding that you can have in your home. Since this isn’t white, you don’t have to worry about strenuous upkeep. The print on this is so subtle that you might not even notice it at first, which makes this an “almost solid” bed set. If you just want to use one coloured decor and mainly go for hotel themed bedding like this, an easy way to make sure any colour works in your room is by adding lots and lots of gold elements everywhere. This way you can easily switch out the sheets and even go for a colour that’s starkly different and it would still fit in perfectly.
  2. If the dusty pink is too subtle for you, you can go for this crisp light blue bed set instead! This is a little more “put together” than the last one and brings in the feel of a more “proper” hotel instead of a cozier feel. This one also goes well with most simple rooms. If you really want to add matching decor pieces that add interest but don’t look overwhelming, consider getting white clay decoration and add that all over the room. The different textures and designs that are usually used in clay decor will bring in some dimension to the room without being too in your face, letting the calming blue of the bedding be the main thing you notice about the room.

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5. Bridal Bed Sheets

Bridal Bed Sheets

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Typical bridal bed sets that you can find in Pakistan have always been a little too much of everything. They can sometimes be so heavily embellished that they leave the actual bed unusable and you have to switch sheets before sleeping every night. This made setting up a newly wedded couple’s room very difficult because there were just no options that were both presentable and comfortable at the same time. Sapphire took it upon themselves to fill that gap and make it happen.

  1. This dusty lavender set is a perfect example of how you can still have a functional bedding set even if it’s a fancy one. Unlike the typical bridal sets, this one has no beading, so there’s nothing that would stab you in your sleep unexpectedly. To make it comfortable, they have kept the entire embellishment limited to embroidery, so even if you sleep on the sham pillows, you’d still be super comfy. The elements of soft gold in this set can be taken and matched with decor all over the room. This particular set would do great with a matching lamp across the room from where the bed is and even just going for one frame that has the same colour theme and hanging that up anywhere in the room will get the job done and make it look like you had a professional set up the room for you!
  2. If lavender doesn’t do the trick for you, this one might. This teal bedding is based on the same design, so it keeps the great elements like the soft embroidery and the easy to match feel but the deep teal colour sets it apart. You could set the room for this one just like the other set, using soft gold elements, but if you’re someone that wants more colour in the room, get small pieces like vases and jewellery trays or coasters that are yellow and/or pink. Scattering the hints of colour all throughout the room will bring in dimension and will keep the room from looking too plain.

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