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Shoes for Men in Pakistan

Need to buy men’s shoes online in Pakistan but don’t know what you’re looking for and where you can get them? No problem! At Hutch, you can buy different types of shoes for men, which ones are essential and how you can order your very own – all in one place!

Buy Shoes for Men

Shoes are that part of a man’s outfit that makes or breaks the whole look. The best shoes for men are those that don’t only look good but are comfortable, durable, and functional too. Each type of men’s shoe has its own unique qualities that suit certain occasions or scenarios. Let’s look at the top choices when it comes to men’s shoes in Pakistan!  

Shoes for Men - Every Closet Essentials

You can’t just have a one-shoe-fits-all-occasions type of shoe. Just as you have different types of clothes for different occasions, you have to always have the right shoe to match. Here are the main types of shoes every man should own at least one pair of:  

1. Formal Shoes

In order to do justice to your formal suits, you have to pair them with the right formal shoes. These too come in a variety of options such as the classic Oxford for a proper formal look, the Derby for the slightly less formal events where you still have to wear a smart casual suit but can’t exactly wear sneakers, the recent favourite Brogue for a shoe that’s between the Oxford and the Derby and finally the Monk shoes. You can pair almost any of these with any of your formal wear and look like you’ve really put a thought in your outfit.  

2. Casual Shoes

Now, like you can’t wear sneakers with a full-on formal suit, you can’t wear formal shoes with casual clothes like joggers or jeans. For casual wear, it’s more appropriate to wear something like a moccasin shoe, loafers or simply a nice pair of slip-ons. Any of these shoes would be appropriate to wear on a day to day basis and look totally put together while you are out and about without even having to try really hard.  

3. Sandals or Boots

This one depends on where you live. If you’re in a country where it’s cold all the time, you’re going to need a good quality pair of boots to withstand the harsh weather and keep your feet warm. Alternatively, if you’re in a tropical country where it’s hot and wet all year round, you’ll need a reliable pair of sandals that will stay intact even after regular exposure to rain and puddles. Lastly, if you’re in a country that has both summer and winter, you’re going to need both of these types of shoes to get you through the year.

4. Sneakers

Sneakers are the usual go-to for most men. These are the most commonly used as you can pair them with almost every casual or athleisure kind of look and they’re also very practical. You can wear sneakers to stay comfortable while you’re running around getting things done or even when you’re just hanging out with your friends.  

Top Choices -  Men's Shoes Online

Take a look at some of the great pairs of shoes for men that you can order for from Hutch:
    • Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes – Ercole: This beautiful black pair of leather Oxford shoes are perfect to pair with almost any formal suit. These are the perfect shoes to get when you’re starting to build your shoe closet as this single pair will be so versatile that you can expand your formal shoe collection as slow as you want!
    • Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes – Luca: These black loafers are great to wear with almost every casual outfit. These pair well with pants, jeans, trousers alike! These can easily be worn for when you want a dressed-up look with the comfort of sneakers. Talk about a 2-in-1!
    • Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes – Alonzo: These blue leather slip ons are very similar to the trending Gucci slip ons for men. When different styles are trending, people want to try them out but we don’t always have to spend a huge amount of money on them. You can easily buy something like the blue brille slip ons to get the look without the heavy price tag!

Finding the Best Shoes for Men in Pakistan

Hutch has a wide variety of options for men’s shoes. You have the option of selecting shoes by type, colour, style and even price. You can easily find the right shoes for yourself here. Their cash on delivery option for men’s shoes gives Pakistani men the option to easily buy shoes online with the peace of mind that they don’t even have to pay until they receive their order!

Shoes for Men Price List in Pakistan

Custom Handmade Shoes for Men



High Grade Cow Leather

₨ 7,500

Very Fine Grade

₨ 7,500

Highly Comfortable

₨ 7,500

Durable Rubber Sole

₨ 7,500

Hand Finished with Italian Finishes

₨ 7,500

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