Best Luxury Bed Sheet Designs for Modern Bedrooms in 2024

Luxury Bedding Sets Pakistan

Planning for the perfect way to set up your bedroom to look spacious and modern by using luxury bed sheet designs. We’ve created an “all you need to know” guide to help you do just that!

Bedrooms are the most important part of a house. That makes deciding how to decorate it, that much harder. Your bedroom can really act as a base for the decor of the entire house overall. Now, if you’re someone that wants their home to look luxurious, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, there are still ways to do it! In this post, we’ll be starting from ground 0, the bedroom. If you want to know how to set up a luxurious looking bedroom without spending an absolute fortune on it, here’s how you can do it.

Figure Out Your Colour Palette for Luxury Bedding Sets

A luxurious room is a cohesive one. You can’t just throw everything you like in a room and hope for the best that everything looks nice, it all has to purposely match. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours on every little decor piece in the house. You can make this super effortless by picking a luxury bedding colour that’s easy to match everything to. Something simple like a cream white base and choose two or three colours with it – New Nishat Bedding Collection is one of the best examples of this. Combinations like white, black, and grey with hints of gold throughout make for very effortless shopping. You can take any one of these colours and build a totally different colour palette too. Whichever colour palette you choose, stick with it.

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Decide What You Want the Focus Piece to be

The focus piece of a room is that one piece of furniture or art that you want the focus of the eye to be at. This will be the most important and the most interesting piece in the entire room. These can either be a large wall hanging, wooden calligraphy, full-length mirrors, a pair of sofas, or the most common and the easiest to work with, the bed. Since the bed is usually where people usually start, we’ll build more upon how you can use your bed as the focus piece of the room. You may be interested in top furniture brands in Pakistan.

Pick the Right Bed Frame

By this point, you have an idea of your colour palette and the general vibe you’re going for. This should narrow down your decision for picking the bed already as it’ll help you figure out if you want a metal bed, a wooden one, or a tufted one with the best mattress and waterproof mattress cover in Pakistan. This is important because each style of bed will determine what type of sheets, cushions, and comforters you’ll need to get for it.

Top 6 Latest Luxury Bed Sheet Designs in Pakistan

You can have the perfect decor and bed frame, but until you get the perfect bed sheets, all the effort will be in vain. If a room where the bed is the focus piece (and otherwise too) you need to pay attention to the sheets that you’re getting. The right sheets can take your room from looking average to luxurious.

Below are a few examples of luxury bed sheet sets available in Pakistan online that can add personality to your room without breaking the bank!

1. Subtle Pleated Bed Set


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This bed set is perfect for people that are going for the minimalistic look in their homes. When you’re trying to set your room while staying minimalistic, it’s important that you don’t just go plain. This king-size bed set is the perfect example of how to keep things monotoned and minimal, yet interesting at the same time. The Quilt cover in this set has a small set of pleats going down and across the whole area of it in large squares. It comes with a bedsheet, 2 regular pillow covers, 2 sham covers, and 2 cushion covers. You can pick a pillow arrangement based on your bed frame to really bring the room together. If you’re trying to keep the daily effort to a minimum, you can just set the pillows up like the sample picture has it, and it’ll still add the hint of luxury you need in your bedroom. This particular set comes in grey, blue. beige and white, so whatever your theme may be, you can easily use this bed set to tie the room together. 

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2. Medium Thick Pleated Bed Set


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If the last bed set was a little too subtle for your taste, this one might just do the trick. This bed set is designed with slightly thicker pleats that go all across the quilt cover in medium-sized squares. It comes complete with a plain bedsheet, 2 plain sleeping pillow covers, and two embellished sham covers.  The best part about this bed set is the symmetry. You can have a lot of different things going on in the bedroom in terms of decor, but having something like this that’s super symmetrical and brings in the element of geometric shapes, brings structure to a room and since this is a cotton bed set, it’ll look crisp while feeling very soft. This bed set is perfect if you want to get that luxurious, hotel feel at home every day!

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3. Diagonal Pleated Squares Bed Set


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Although this one might seem identical to the last one, it’s not. When it comes to bed sets, and home decor in general, the slightest bit of change can make a huge difference. This bed set is a perfect example of fancy bedding. It incorporates the thin style pleats from the first design, takes the squares from the second one and since it’s made pleated diagonally, it becomes something of its own – entirely unique. This bed set includes a plain bedsheet, a quilt cover, 2 sleeping pillow covers, 2 sham/embellished pillow covers, and 2 cushion covers. Meaning you won’t have to go out trying to match your bed set to your cushions. That’s pretty difficult anyway when your bed set is a colour like blue or red. So it’s always better if your bed set comes with matching floor cushions from the get-go!

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4. Diamond Tufted Bed Set

Diamond Grey Bed Sheet Set with Quilt, Pillow and Cushions Covers 02

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This bed set is especially good for those people that only have enough room for a bed in their room. There’s no rule that says that smaller bedrooms can’t be luxurious too! The unique, tufted design of this bed set is made in a way that it still remains soft and entirely usable. Something like this can also be a nice way to add the day-time seating look to your bed as it’ll look like a cross between a sofa and a bed! As this bed set also comes with a bedsheet, plain pillow covers and sham/embellished ones plus 2 cushion covers, they all come together to make the bed the perfect focus price in the day time and the perfectly soft and cosy sleeping place for the night time. This looks very elegant in black colour as well, an exclusive black bed sheets range is available to buy at Hutch Pakistan to make your room more lovely.

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5. Frilly Bed Set

8 Pcs Frilly White Bed Sheet Set with Quilt, Pillow and Cushions Covers

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If you’re slightly more adventurous than the average Pakistani, you’ll love having this white bedsheet set in your home. This one has lots of medium-sized frills all over the bottom half of the quilt cover – almost like a frilly skirt attached to the quilt cover itself. The top half of the quilt cover is entirely plain so the design doesn’t become overwhelming. It creates a perfect balance between bringing in something interesting for the center of the room while also having it be practical so you can still use it to sleep comfortably. The embellished pillow covers this bed set comes with, also features the halfway down frill design, which just brings some of the frills back up and balances out the heavier bottom of the quilt cover with a little something up top. It also comes with two plain sleeping pillows and two cushion covers to complete the whole look.

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6. 3D Bubbles Pleat Bed Set

8 Pcs Bubbles Wedding Grey Comforter Set With Quilt, Pillow And Cushions Covers

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This designer bed set is the ultimate statement piece. It is made on a plain sheet base, features a heavy, bubble pleat around the bottom and across all pillow and cushion covers, and brings in the element of symmetry by adding the Very small and simple pleats bordering the bubble pleats all around the bed set. This set is something that you wouldn’t see in a typical home and the design is so unique that anyone that comes over, will remember that you had these. With a bed set that’s so impactful, you can easily get away with just adding some pops of interest with little pieces of decor all around the rest of the room.

All of these bed sets make it very clear that you can easily use something this easy and make so much of a difference in a room. They’re all individually interesting but also follow a similar theme all across the board. If you’re someone that entertains guests all around the month, you might end up needing more than just one bed set. It’s important that you build your theme around a bed set that also comes in varying designs and colours so you don’t get stuck with just one.

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What else goes in a Luxurious Looking Bedroom?

Since a modern bedding sets like the ones we’ve mentioned will take care of a large chunk of decor work in the bedroom, it’s important that you don’t end up forgetting to balance it out with other things in a room to really make it look like a luxurious bedroom reminiscent of the way rooms are set up in movies or in hotels.

The main things that you’re going to need to add to your luxury bedroom include:

1. Rugs

You can get away with just adding one large rug at the foot of the bed or multiple small ones all across the room. Just make sure that the colour of it fits well with the overall theme of the bedroom.

2. Floor Length Lamps

These are a great addition in any room, especially in bedrooms that you want to set up in a more luxurious way. Since most of these are either black, silver, or gold, they can easily be the pop of interest while being functional enough to provide light. These are also essential if you’re trying to add lighting in a room that doesn’t have any other than the flush ceiling lights.

3. Little Trays and Small Decor Pieces

Trays are great to add to your side tables and console tops because they can hold all the random things you might end up losing in your room like jewellery and remotes and it’ll make the mess look neat and like it’s part of the room decor without any extra effort.

4. The Right Curtains

Depending on the type and colour of the bedding and rugs you choose, add the final finishing touches to your room by matching curtains to them. You have to match the colour theme with them but you can also sometimes even find them in a similar or complementing fabric to the type of bedding you’ve used. Since these usually take up enough space for a whole wall, it’s important that you match them to at least your bedding and rugs to make everything look cohesive.

Going through all of these tips, it should’ve become clear already that setting up a luxurious looking bedroom is not only easy but also is not as expensive as one might think. All you need to is put in a little bit of thought and effort and your bedroom will look no less than a bedroom in a resort!

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