How to Find the Best Bed Sheet Design in Pakistan

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“Bedsheets can be the one thing that makes or break the overall theme of your bedroom. Here’s how you can find the perfect bed sheet design in Pakistan!”

Bedsheets, these were that part of our homes that most of us never really paid heed to while growing up, but when you step into the world of adulthood and have to set up your own rooms, you realize that a bedsheet is that one thing that can make or break a bedroom.

You can have a beautifully themed out room but if you have sheets that clash, the whole bed sheet design ideas get overlooked by them. It’s important to have the right sheets in your room, that match with your aesthetic.

Hey, they’re just sheets, how hard can that be?

Actually, there’s quite a lot that goes into choosing the perfect bedsheets!

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Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Sheet

Thread Count

The first thing you have to look at is the thread count.

The thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric. Generally, it is said that the higher the thread count, the better the sheets. This isn’t always true. Bedsheets with a thread count of over 1000 are usually not the best quality. Producers start using thinner and thinner threads to cram in as many threads as they can – reducing the overall quality of the bedsheet.

The sweet spot is always between 250 – 800 threads for the best bedsheets.

Now that we know what is the perfect thread count for bedsheets, let’s see what else we have to keep in mind

Best Bed Sheet Designs in Pakistan

Here, we have listed the top 15 finest Pakistani bed sheet designs with pictures based on types and materials. Let’s have an in-depth look at these:

Types of Bed Sheets

There are various different types of bed sheets that are available in the Pakistani markets. It’s very important to really know which type of bedsheets are you looking for and to do that, you have to know what you like and what you don’t like:

1. Simple Bed Sheet Design

Mikado Lavender 8 Pcs Duvet Cover Bedding Set 03

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If you’re one of the people that want a very minimalistic, clean look in your bedroom a simple bedsheet set might be the one for you. These are usually solid colours with matching pillowcases. These bedsheet sets would also be perfect for a room that’s already decked out with decor, as it would balance out the busyness with something more simple to tie it all together.

The versatility of simple bedsheets makes them one of the most popular types of bed sheets in Pakistan!

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2. Handmade / Embroidered Bed Sheet Design

Embroidered Bed Sheet Design

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One of the best things about Pakistan is that we have a wide array of products that are either entirely handmade or have finishings that are done by hand. Bedsheets are no different. Here we can find beautifully hand-embroidered or hand-embellished bedsheets that can add that unique touch to your bedrooms.

The best part about these is the fact that they can also be made on order. By getting a custom handmade bedsheet you can match the theme of your bedroom perfectly and in a way that’ll be totally one of a kind.

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3. Textured Bed Sheet Design

Sienna Crushed 5 Pcs Bedding Set 01

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If you’re on a budget and can’t really spend on going all out with decor in your room. It’s a great option to get textured bedsheets. These sheets will add that eye-catching element in the room that draws the eye to the bed. With these, you can leave the rest of the room almost entirely blank and it will still look like a lot of thought has been put into the room.

Textured bedsheets come in two main styles. Some are made out of a more textured fabric while others feature a textured design. Both of these styles are great bedsheets for plain/simple rooms.

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4. Bridal Bed Sheet Design

Bridal Bed Sheet Design

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Bridal bedsheets/bed sets are fancier bed sets that newly-weds usually have in their rooms. This is a practice that’s passed down from one generation. Traditionally, brides would receive all of their household supplies as gifts while moving into their new home. These gifts would almost always be fancy and over-the-top and would always include a bridal bed set.

This would make sure that everything in her new home looks like a present too. Bridal bedsheets are still a big thing in Pakistan and are a great way of decking out an entire room by just going all out with the bed set.

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5. Crochet (Qureshia) Bed Sheet Design

Crochet (Qureshia) Bed Sheet Design

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Crocheting is a method of creating fabric by weaving yarn together with a hook. Typically, the method of crocheting a fabric is used for smaller items such as baby hats or sweaters. Recently, the trend has moved into getting large fabrics crocheted too.

Among these large fabrics are bedsheets. Crocheted bedsheets are easily available in Pakistan. They are entirely handmade and feature woven patterns all throughout the area of the sheet.

These are a unique way to add a pop of something interesting in your room by using one bedsheet!

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6. Sindhi Bed Sheet Design

Sindhi Bed Sheet Design

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Sindhi artwork is one of the most prominent things about Pakistani culture. Various forms of artwork born out of Sindh makes their way to fabrics all across the country. Among these fabrics are Sindhi bedsheets.

These sheets usually feature the classic “Ajrak block print” design. These are some of the most prominent symbols of Sindhi art. The Ajrak print is used to design the whole bedding and the results are beautiful.

Sindhi Ajrak bedsheets are one of the most famous types of bedsheets made in Pakistan! Other styles include mirror work bedsheets and Sindhi embroidered bedsheets.

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7. Patchwork Bed Sheet Design

Patchwork Bed Sheet Design

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Patchwork Bedsheets are made by using various different patches of fabric sewn together in a pattern. These are made in countless different ways. The possibilities are endless with these bedsheets. Depending on the colors, fabrics or prints used in the individual patches and how they’re sewn together entirely changes the overall look of the bedsheet as a whole.

Patchwork design bedsheets can be custom made in Pakistan to fit your exact requirements but they’re also widely available in the general markets in various designs. The fact that these are made with many different fabrics featuring their own designs make it very easy to use these to spruce up a room that would otherwise have been too simple.

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8. Baby Room / Nursery Bed Sheets Design

Baby Room Bed Sheets Design

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There was a time when baby rooms weren’t a thing in Pakistan. At most, babies would have their own cots in the corner of their parent’s room. This has changed. Now, baby rooms/nurseries have become a very common thing in Pakistan.

With every parents’ individual design idea for their baby’s room comes the need for having a wide selection of bedsheets for baby rooms.

These bedsheets/bed sets range from being plain to printed. Many of these are also finished off with decorative laces and other embellishments, making them a statement piece in the overall decor of a baby room.

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9. Cartoon Bed Sheet Designs for Kids

Cartoon Bed Sheet Design

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As children grow up, they start to want to express their individuality by customizing little things to their liking. A lot of this customization starts with their bedrooms.

Many children love to change the entire decor of their room to match their favourite cartoons. The easiest way to do this is by getting bedsheets that feature their favourite cartoons and then basing your color palette around it. Add small decor elements using these colors and you have a whole cartoon themed kids’ room with minimal effort!

The best part about using cartoon bedsheets is that they can easily be changed to match the theme of another cartoon whenever the child moves on to a new favourite!

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10. 3D Bed Sheet Design

3D Bed Sheet Design

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3D design bedsheets and bed sets are more decorative compared to the regular kind. These aren’t usually made to be used on a daily basis but are for the days and rooms where people won’t really be sleeping on the bed.

As these bed sets feature a 3-dimensional design, they’re usually used as an actual decor piece in a room. These are perfect for adding an interesting pop in a room that doesn’t have too much going on and can usually be totally unique!

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11. Fancy Bed Sheet Design

9 Pcs Bubbles Wedding Pink Bed Sheet Set With Quilt, Pillow And Cushions Covers

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Fancy bed sheets are ones that have a little more going on than your average plain set of sheets. These can feature beautiful embellishments, stonework, embroidery, tufted designs using different fabrics, and some even feature-heavy ruffles!

These are perfect for rooms that need a feature piece, something to draw the eye to. Fancy bedsheets are the easiest things to use to instantly make the room look very nicely set up!

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12. Floral Bed Sheet Design

Angela Grey Floral 8 Pcs Duvet Cover Bedding Set 01

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Floral bedsheets have made a comeback in 2020. Nice and pastel colours and bright and lively coloured floral bed sheets match most rooms regardless of the other decoration pieces in the room.

The most popular designs in floral sheets are the ones that look like they were hand-painted and the ones that have a super intricate floral design.

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13. Printed Bed Sheet Design

Abree Shell 8 Pcs Duvet Cover Bedding Set

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If you have a very plain room with solid walls, printed bed sheets are the perfect ones for you. These sheets can be used to offset not only plain white walls but any colour solid walls! The best part about them is that the prints are usually made up of a few different colours, making these very easy to match with any theme!

Now that we have the types out of the way, what else is there to bedsheet shopping?

The Material

You could find the right colour, size and design of bedsheets but if they aren’t made with the right material, you won’t get any use out of them.

Bedsheets come in various materials but the most common ones are:

14. Cotton Bed Sheet Design

8 Pcs Pleated Square Charcoal Bed Sheet Set With Quilt, Pillow And Cushions Covers

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Cotton bedsheets are the most common and easily available bedsheets there are in the Pakistani markets today. But even these come in a variety of types. Finding the right type of cotton for you is even more important than the thread count!

The best type of cotton bedsheets is the ones made out of 100% Egyptian cotton. This is considered the best type of cotton that exists today and is used to make the softest cotton bedsheets!

Other types of cotton sheets include American Upland, which is rougher to the touch and more sturdy. These are the usual 100% cotton sheets and are also one of the cheapest ones in the markets. Pima,  which is a cotton type very similar to Egyptian cotton. This is also a very soft material making it a favourite of people all across Pakistan.

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15. Velvet Bed Sheet Design

Velvet Bedding Set

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Velvet bedsheets are best for areas where it gets really cold. As velvet is one of those fabrics that hold in heat while being one of the softest fabrics in the world, they’re one of the best things to use to stay warm and toasty in the cold winter months.

Velvet comes in all price ranges, colors and sizes, making sure that everyone can get their hands on one of these if they want to!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there’s the best bedsheet or bedding set that goes with every room. All that we need to do is find which one of these is the perfect one for us. With the right information, that decision becomes a whole lot easier! This guide can get you started on trying out what sounds like it fits your style and theme and will have you on your way to experimenting until you find what works best for you!

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