Latest Alkaram Bed Sheets Collection (Alkaram Studio 2024)

Al Karam Bed Sheets Collection

Alkaram is a popular bedding and clothing brand in Pakistan. It has a wide customer base and sells bed sheets, unstitched clothes, ready-to-wear and haute couture. The quality of the brand is well recognized by everyone.

Everyone wants to have a stylish and comfortable room that meets their choices, needs, and preferences. It only takes a few simple steps and measures to hype up a room. The atmosphere of a room has a direct impact on how we feel, work and function. If you want to feel livelier, then it’s time to change the bedding of your room.

Latest Alkaram Bed Sheets Collection 2023

See the whole variety of Alkaram bed sheets and see which items attract you. This article includes a review of all the bedding items which Al Karam offers throughout Pakistan:

Design-Based Bedding

Even though the other brands usually go over the board with designed bed sheets, Al Karam has kept simplicity as a top priority. This is what sets it apart in the market.

1- Alkaram Printed Bed Sheets


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The printed bed sheets are divided into basic printed and printed types.

a. Basic Printed Bed Sheet Set T-150

This is an affordable and elegant bed sheet. The designs are printed on this set. The dark grey color casts a sophisticated and modern look. It is finely stitched. The sizes offered are single, double and king beds.

b. Printed Cotton Bed Sheet Set T-200

This teal colored bed sheet is stitched to perfection so that you do not have to worry about fading quality. The fabric used is pure cotton which further enhances the strength. It is also available in single, double and king sized beds.

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2- Alkaram Dyed Bed Sheets


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The dyed bed sheets of Al Karam are a hot item. Much importance is given to their quality which is why they are a bit expensive but worth the price.

a. Luxury Dyed Bed Sheet Set T-300

This is a top tier dyed bed sheet of plum color. Cotton stripe satin is utilized for the fabric. This stitched bed sheet can be found in double and king sized beds. It is ultra soft in touch.

b. Luxury Designer Bed Sheet Set T-300

Available for double and king sized beds, this designer bed sheet is one of the best-selling ones. It is a maroon color with the fabric of cotton stripe satin. This fabric is only used for valuable items and it is extremely resilient and strong. This means you can use it for a long time and it will look the same even after years. This is an accurate indication of high-end bed sheets. The dyed color does not fade away with the washing as well. Both of the available sizes have two pillowcases.

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3- Alkaram Luxury PrintedLuxury Printed Shop Now

Limited products are available in this luxury bedding range but they are all high-end and expensive ones. However, their price is worth the money.

a. Luxury Printed Bed Sheet Set T-300

This printed bed sheet is deluxe. The light pink color reflects a sophisticated and decent vibe. It is luxurious in texture and fabric. Available for single, double and king sized beds, it can be used frequently in the house.

b. Luxury Satin Stripes Bed Sheet Set T-300

Made for single, double and king sized beds, this cotton fabric luxurious item is both smooth and comfortable. It is multicolored but the shades are very light. The luxury printing is very attractive and the stitching has been done well.

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4- Alkaram Premium Printed

Premium Printed

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The brand excels in this range and many bridal bed sheets are available in this line.

a. Premium Printed Bed Sheet Set T-200

The light green color of this printed bed sheet matches any room. The printing is of a premium level which means it is above the category of simple printed. It is made with whole pure cotton which determines the softness and strength. The stitching and finishing of the bedsheet are excellent.

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Fabric Based Bedding

The fabrics used in all of the bedding items of Al Karam are listed below.

1- Alkaram 60% Cotton 40% Polyester Bed Sheets

60% Cotton 40% Polyester

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This is a common ratio of cotton and polyester. The fibers of both materials offer their advantages. For example, cotton is breathable and is perfect for summers. Whereas polyester is strong and extremely elastic.

a. Basic Printed Bed Sheet Set T-150

This basic 3 pc bedsheet is a beautiful contrast of pink and white. The ratio of polyester and cotton is responsible for giving comfort. It has a printed design. Single, double and king sizes are given.

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2- Alkaram Cotton Bed Sheets

Premium Printed

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a. Premium Printed Bed Sheet Set T-200

Most of the printed bed sheets are made of cotton. The cotton threads are carefully selected and meticulously twisted for a nice texture. This bed sheet, too is of high quality only due to the fabric used.

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3- Alkaram Cotton Satin Bed Sheets

Cotton Satin

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a. Luxury Cotton Satin Duvet T-300

This fabric is also 100% cotton. The technology which is used in the production of cotton satin makes the upper side glossy. This glossiness is a symbol of elegance and style. This cotton satin duvet bedding is shiny and subtle. The pink color in the fringes at the ends gives it a luxurious touch to make it stylish embroidered bedding set. 

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4- Alkaram Cotton Stripe Satin Bed Sheets

Cotton Stripe Satin

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The cotton stripe satin is a fabric that is used in high-end bedding items all around the world. It includes the softness and smoothness of cotton along with the resilient fibers of stripe satin. No matter how many times you wash this fabric, it will stay strong.

a. Luxury Dyed Bed Sheet Set T-300

This cotton stripe satin bed sheet in the maroon color showcases all the components required for a tough bedding item. 

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General Bed Sheets

1- Alkaram Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheets

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Fitted bed sheets are a bedding item that will never go out of fashion. They are accessible, cheap, and very accommodating to the needs. Mostly are just for single and double beds. Al Karam offers fitted bed sheets in a wide variety. Following are two items from this range.

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a. Dyed MAK Bed Sheet Set T-150

Who doesn’t love a pretty pink bed sheet in dyed patterns? This product is from the category of MAK which solely focuses on the finesse of a few bedding items range. It is made of cotton.

b. Basic Printed Bed Sheet Set T-150

The light green color is a homely shade that fits perfectly in a bedroom. It is stitched with great detail to keep the finishing neat even after multiple washes.

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2- Alkaram Fancy Bed Sheets

Fancy Bed Sheets

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a. Luxury Cotton Satin Duvet T-300

There are not many fancy bedding items from this brand but this bed sheet is the closest to one. This light colored bed sheet is the most expensive bedding item by Alkaram. It is available for double and king sized beds. The texture and fabric are luxurious cotton satin. The threads of this fabric are strong and elastic which means that the bed sheet is tough and cozy at the same time. The motifs of big flowers at the base of the bedsheet give it a distinct look. The comforter set allows you to slip comfortably in the bed and have a restful sleep.

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3. Alkaram Kids Bedding

Kids Bedding

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An entire range has been dedicated to the bedding needs of children. This range has versatility, high value for money and ease of use. You can find a diverse array of colors but they are all in soft shades and tones that perfectly match children’s nature. Most of them are priced 1,500 rupees which is affordable. Moreover, they are only in the single bed package. If you want to up your children’s room, see the products below for quality.

a. Kids Printed Bed Sheet Set T-150

This is a bright multicolored bed sheet that is perfect for both girls and boys of little age. It is stitched in all the right places. The cotton fabric is suited for children because it is soft, smooth, comfortable and easy to use. The cotton bed sheet can be washed easily as well. This sheet set has 1 pillowcase and a single bed flat sheet.

b. Kids Cartoon Character Bed Sheet Set T-150

Every child loves unicorns or other cartoon character bedding which is why this bed sheet is adorned with them. The subtle light blue color pairs well with the animated images of unicorns. With a thread count of T-150 and cotton as raw material, this bed sheet is perfect for your little children. It is available in single, double and king sized beds which is even better. The double and king sized beds have 2 pillowcases so that 2 children can sleep on the same bed. It is also multicolored with printed designs and motifs.

 These beautiful bed sheets from the Alkaram studio can be extensively used for home linen. They are long-lasting, durable and have top notch quality. An entire collection of sofa and floor cushions are also offered which you can use on your sofa or beds. They pair perfectly with the bedsheets and provide more comfort. The price range of all bedding items is affordable and within everyone’s range and changes your room’s environment!

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