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When it comes to the home goods industry in Pakistan, Bareezé was one of the first ones to be established. Since 1988, they have been creating unique home goods that are curated specifically for the Pakistani people.

Even though Bareezé is the most famous for its beautiful clothing collections, it is their bed sheets collection that really makes the mark in every home. Bedrooms are the most important rooms of every home, in them, the main piece of furniture is always the bed, without it, you can’t exactly have a “bedroom”. Here are the designer furniture brands in Pakistan for having the best options for your bedrooms.

Bareezé understands this importance and thus they have been focused on creating the best bedding sets that one can buy in Pakistan. Their collections are so wide that it might take you a lot of time to go through each set, in order to save your time and effort, we have compiled our favourite Bareezé bed sets and a little guide that will help you set up your room using the sheets, so your rooms can look professionally done, without ever having someone else decorate the room for you!

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List of Top 5 Best Bareezé Bed Sheets Collection

Here is the top Bareezé Home Expressions Bed Linen Collection in Pakistan:

1. Printed Bed Sheets

Bareeze Printed Bed Sheets

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When it comes to traditionally styled Pakistani rooms, the first thing that comes to mind are intricately printed bed sheets. The only thing that has changed over the past few decades is the way the sheets are designed. Gone are the days of pointlessly filled prints on bedsheets. Now, the sheets are printed by doing extensive research of how they would match with the rest of the home, made in a way that you don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find decor pieces to go with the bed set!

This is a great example of a well thought out print that is print heavy but also feels light. The base of the quilt is kept white. This is to balance out the design they have used all over the quilt. The main print is floral motifs running across the whole bed set. It is surrounded by a slightly heavier printed border. These match beautifully with white bedsheets and plain white pillow covers to pair with the printed ones they come with.

This bedding set is one that you can easily even put in a totally plain, white bedroom. The base white will match the room while the print brings in the element of interest everyone needs in a room!

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2. Embroidered Bed Sheets

Bareeze Embroidered Bed Sheets

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When it comes to trying something that’s not super fancy but isn’t totally plain either, you can’t go wrong with an embroidered bed set. They’re interesting enough to bring a finishing touch to a bedroom but aren’t so in your face that they become too overwhelming either. The best part about them is that they’re on the fancier side but are still super comfortable to sleep on – which makes them functional too!

This is a perfect example of a Pakistani style, subtlety embroidered bed set. The peachy beige and deep red colour combo is one that works in almost any type of room you put it in, but it thrives in a simpler, white room. To kick the look up a notch, add very simple and small decor pieces in the same dark red theme in a few places around the room. If you can’t find proper decor, you can even go for a vase with matching roses instead and it will still bring the whole room together!

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3. Solid Silk Bed Sheets

Bareeze Silk Bed Sheets

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When you think of luxurious bedrooms that are featured in the movies, the one thing all of them have in common is beautiful solid silk bed sheets. Good quality silk is pretty hard to come by in general in Pakistan, so when you think about getting silk bed sheets, you either have to dump the idea altogether or settle for silk sheets that are fairly low quality and have designs on them that remind you of the 80s. Bareezé is one of the only brands in Pakistan that makes Solid Silk Bed Sheets that are great in terms of quality and design!

The classic luxurious silk bedding has always been the image of solid red bed sheets. These can instantly add the element of luxury to any room! The solid colour with the jamawaar trim all around makes it They are also very easy to style in most rooms. If you have a totally white, simple bedroom, add these sheets in and opt for white decor that almost blends into the room itself. The red of the sheets will become the main focus of the room and still look like you decorated, just that you did it tastefully. You can also explore ChenOne Online Bedsheets Sale in Pakistan.

If you can put a little bit more effort into decorating, go with a red and white or red and black themed room. Add rugs, lamps, art pieces, and vases with flowers all over the room. Your options are limitless, you can go all red everywhere, all black, all white or a mix or any two or all three! This gives you the most room to work with while decorating and anyone can put a room together with these three colours, you don’t have to be a pro at it!

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4. Bridal Bed Sets

Bareeze Bridal Bed Set

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In Pakistan, when a couple gets married, everything has to be super done up. This doesn’t just include their own outfits, it also includes their bedroom. You are expected to have perfectly matching, fanciest bedding possible in your room for at least the first few months. This custom has been followed for decades and continues on strong even today. One of the issues people end up having to deal with when they are on the lookout for bridal bed sets is the fact that they’re made in decades-old designs and use cheap materials while also carrying a hefty price tag. With Bareezé’s bridal bed sets, you don’t have to worry about getting bang for your buck, you can easily get any bridal set and still have something that’s better than what most local shops will have available!

 If you’re going to have something fancy bedding for a while, you will need it to also be functional and comfortable to sleep on. This velvet bed set is super cosy because of the fact that it’s made out of velvet. Velvet is a material that’s known for being fancy and luxurious but the thing that makes it so popular is that unlike most luxury items, you can actually be comfortable in this one. The red is a classic for bridal anything in Pakistan, the machine embroidery on the entire bed set gives it that element of being a bridal bed set while not being a bother to sleep on. You can easily match the golden and pink embroidery on the bedding by bringing in beige or gold curtains, add a white and gold lamp (preferably one that is floor-length) and get a red rug to complete the whole look.

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5. Bareezé Bed in a Bag Collection

Bareezé Bed in a bag collection

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While many Pakistanis prefer to get their bedsheets and quilts separately, most want their entire bedding to match from the bed sheet to the smallest filled cushion and floor cushions they can find. These can be pretty difficult to find in good quality, which leads people down a rabbit hole of trying to get everything to match so it looks like the pieces were all meant to be together. The Bareezé Bed in a bag collection takes the stress of all of that away. These are made in a way where you just have to come and lay everything on the bed, “the entire bed comes out of the bag!”

This bed set is one of the best ones in their bed in a bag collection. The grey-green colour is one that we don’t typically see in Pakistani markets, which makes it one that most people won’t expect in a bedroom. The main feature of the bedding is the floral embroidery going across the whole set! The pinks and greens make it very easy to bring in matching decor items that would pull the look together for the entire room. A surprise element in this bed set is that on the flip side, it’s pink. If you want to, you can even reverse each piece and have a pink bed set instead and you will technically have two sets in one!

The set includes everything, a bed sheet, a quilt cover, 2 shams, and 2 sleeping pillows, and 2 differently shaped pillow covers. If you are someone that just wants to invest in one or two-bed sets but have them include everything for the entire bed, this would work really well because it’s 100% cotton, so you could easily wash this out and have it be dry fairly quickly, ready to go back on the bed! Making this one of the best options available in the country for bed sets!

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