The terms and conditions stated on this page imply to the agreement between the customer & Hutch brand. Before you order anything, you should definitely go through this page and read all the terms and conditions. You should make sure you can understand and accept everything stated on the terms listed on our website.
Our Contract
You will always receive an email for acknowledgement of your order whenever you place one. You should be aware that this email is only for acknowledgement of order and does not mean acceptance. The contract between you and Hutch is not established unless the you receive the confirmation by e-mail that the goods and products you ordered have been mailed to you. The goods mentioned in the email are part of the buying/selling contract only.
Pricing and Availability
We always strive hard to ensure the price and availability of the product is regularly updated so the customer does not face any botheration. However, errors can occur occasionally. If you order something and the price has been changed, we will let you know the updated price and ask you for reconfirmation of the order. You can either choose the product on revised price or cancel it. In a case we cannot contact you, we will assume the deal has been cancelled. If you have paid online and later cancel the order, you can get a complete refunding through your original method of payment.
These are some of the most used payment methods that we accept:
  • Cash On Delivery
  • We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card through JazzCash.
When we receive your order, we do conduct a regular check for authorization and if you prefer to pay by cash, we will call you before the order has been dispatched.
Promo Codes
You can use any promo codes as long as they are real. The checkout process is well established and adding a coupon code after purchasing an item will not be possible.
Unless it has not been mentioned, the entire content available on this website is owned by Hutch. It is not allowed to use, tailor, republish, customize or publicize it at any cost. You can definitely ask for authorization to use certain products such as images etc. You can contact us for permission at [email protected]
Personal Information
When you decide to choose us for your online shopping, it is our responsibility to protect your security and safety. We promise you to take optimum care to protect all of your privacy information and keep it under confidentiality at all costs. In case, something is seriously wrong, you can get it changed or altered immediately.
We maintain cookies to receive information about your preferences on this site. This helps us in identifying your priorities and preferences and providing the best solutions for you as per your needs. It also helps us in evaluating the wants of our target audiences. Sometimes, the cookies are maintained by third party providers. In this case, you can refuse to accept those cookies by making a change in your browser settings.
We at have the right to alter the price, delivery charges and item details for any products. We can add or remove charges, product specifications whenever we want. We make sure to present the pictures and images of the products listed on the website as close to the real stuff as possible. has the right over all the pictures or glitches in the picture and cannot actually ensure that all the images are exactly like the products. Sometimes, the size, shape and colors of the image alter as per the device/phone/laptop you have been using. Do not take it as the exact sample of what you receive.
Delivery And Cancellations
We are proud to say that we deliver in every part of the country. We have been assisted by the express courier services to be able to deliver everywhere in Pakistan. You can return the goods shipped to you or terminate acquisitions by contacting the client support services, which you can easily find on the website. Make sure you send the courier within seven days of delivery; otherwise it will not be accepted. It is also vital to have all the items packed and sent in exactly the same condition you received them.
If you feel that your shipment has been delayed and you do not want to receive the order, you cannot just terminate the order without being liable for it. When the shipment has been sent, the buyer will receive the order. There won’t be cancellation until you inform the Hutch by phone or email. If you product has been stopped, Hutch has right to end the order and reimburse the remaining amount. You will be informed about any remaining items or products you can replace.
Intellectual Property Rights
All the logos, trademarks, branding and everything else present on this site is owned by It is not allowed to use any content or material present on this website. You cannot copy any part of written content other than non-commercial usage and is definitely prohibited unless approved by Hutch.
User Content
The Hutch website includes user-generated content material that is taken from social media marketing applications. There is no requirement to follow any rules regarding that content which includes pictures, videos, images etc. The content produced by users is not a responsibility of Hutch.
Retention Of Title
You will not own the products and goods unless you pay 100% of the price.
In case of any scam, it will be completely and wholly sent to the government and Hutch observes a legal right to end the order if there is any mistrust or misbehaviour under the contract.
In case of breach of any rules and regulations, Hutch also possesses the legal right to terminate your account and cease your profile. If you have violated terms of use, your order will be cancelled without any information.
It is also the right of Hutch to change the terms of use whenever needed. Whenever you make an order at Hutch, that order will follow and observe the normal conditions described at that time. Make sure you visit the web page regularly to keep updated about the changed policies and procedures.
If you have any query or confusion about this, you can send us an email at [email protected]