Picking the Right Printed Bed Sheet Designs for Your Bedroom

Printed Bed Sheet Designs

Bedrooms can be a hard room to decorate. As it’s a very important room in the entire house, it is one place where you go to relax and unwind. You want it to be a place where you feel at peace. To do that, you need to have an idea of what you’re doing if you are decorating your bedrooms all by yourself by adding modern printed bed sheet designs for your bedding!

The first thing you need to get out of the way is the colour palette of the room. Generally, there are two directions you can go in. Making the room loud or muted. Some rooms start off with very intricately designed walls, for these rooms you have to balance out the busyness on the walls by going for printed bed sheets, otherwise, the entire room will be too overwhelming to be able to relax in. This is one of the biggest reasons why most homes have muted walls instead. With nice, clean, and simple walls, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bed sheets and other pieces of decor as almost everything will work!

Even then, there are a few basic things that you need to keep in mind that will help you set up the perfect bedrooms in your home!

Who is the bedroom for?

This is an easy question to answer. Chances are, by the time you’re thinking of room decor, the room has already been assigned to a specific family member. Usually, you have the parents room, a room for the children (or each for one child), and guest bedrooms. Though each of them is just general categories of rooms, they’re supposed to be done up in entirely different ways.

Printed Bed Sheet Designs for the Master Bedroom

You need to look into the personalities of each of the people that will be sharing the room. Have each person pick out a colour palette to see where their interests lie. Then put the two together and see how you can merge the two colour palettes together and go from there.

Most adults seem to gravitate to peaceful and clean colours and designs. These are usually on a plain black or white base. If you’ve ended up settling on a colour palette that has a neutral black or white, below are a few examples of the types of bed sets you could go with that would compliment the room nicely

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1. Dorma Leaves Bed Set

Dorma Leaves 3 Pcs Bedding Set

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This bed set is a classic style printed bed set. This is because it features only one design throughout the set, a Dorma Leaf in different colours. Something like this is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of experimenting with your luxury bedding sets before you move on to full-on luxury bed sets. The plain white base on this really helps bring in that element of neutrality without having to go super plain. If your colour palette is white with muted dark tones, this is also perfect in that case because it would tie in different parts of the room altogether while being one single item itself.

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2. Dona Heart Bed Set

Dona Heart 3 Pcs Bedding Set

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This is a slightly different bed set from the last one we’ve talked about. This one uses the same, plain white base as the last one but the design on top is where things go in the opposite direction. The design on this is a busier one that is repeated in vertical rows throughout the set, but it has rows of plain white between the design, making the busy design appear not so busy. That makes it perfect for people who wash their sheets very often while saving their mattress clean with the waterproof mattress protector in Pakistan, as the overall colour holds up because there’s a lot going on on the entire sheet itself.

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3. Sybil Bed Set

Sybil 3 Pcs Bedding Set

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This bed set keeps with the neutral colour theme. It’s mainly plain white but has an intricate, regal looking design that’s usually featured on very expensive bed sets or sofas. The main design is heavy on the bottom of the sheet and as it makes its way to the top, it balances out the busyness of the bottom by having a smaller version of the same design spaced out in rows so it doesn’t suddenly end up looking plain. The pillowcases have the same heavy design that’s featured at the bottom of the sheets as well. Pulling everything together seamlessly.

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Printed Sheets For Guest Bedrooms

1. Estela Dots Bed Set

Estela Dots 3 Pcs Bedding Set

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This is a bed set that is very gender-neutral, without being plain. This is something that many printed bedsheets can’t do because the designs either end up being very floral or simply end up being plain. This bed set is designed around the theme of dots. The dots are concentrated at the bottom and ombre out towards the top half of the sheet, while the pillowcases have a very simple design with rows of dots all over. Something like this is great for a guest room where you have to host several different types of people. Since it leans on design and not towards a certain colour, so you don’t have to worry about having the right sheets on every time you’re hosting someone new.

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2. Troy Bed Set

Troy 5 Pcs Bedding Set

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Moving away from the “safe and simple” type of bed sets, this one is going to be a feature piece in a room. This bed set is full of colour. Starting with a nice deep navy blue plain base, there are flowers in rows going symmetrically up and down throughout the sheet. The Pillowcases are in a contrasting yellow colour with two stripes of the sheet design on the side, bringing the two pieces together to form a set. This bed set also comes with matching cushions along with floor cushions, which would be perfect in any bedroom but especially in a guest bedroom, where you would usually have the bed set up as a feature piece of the room even when it’s not being used to host anyone.

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3. Amelia Satin Stripe Bed Set

Amelia Satin Stripe 8 Pcs Duvet Cover Bedding Set

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This duvet cover bed set is the perfect example of a muted design that’s still enough to make a statement. The entire sheet is grey, which might seem like a plain bed sheet at a glance, but when you go in to take a closer look, you’ll realize that it’s made in a way where there are stripes of a silver-grey reflective material throughout the bed set, this gives it a unique design that’s interesting but not too “in your face”. Something like this would be perfect for a modern bedroom and would work just as well in a master or gender-neutral bedroom too!

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Printed Sheets for Kid’s Bedrooms

1. Cartoon Printed Design Sheets

Cartoon Printed Bedding Set

These are a classic when it comes to young kids. Most children would want their entire rooms filled to the nines with all of their favourite cartoon merch. Now, this is doable, but it can get very expensive, especially if you think about how fast kids tend to change their minds! You could just be getting done with setting up their entire room and they’ll end up moving over to another favourite cartoon and all the money you spent on the room would be wasted. An easy way to make your child feel like you actually went out of your way and added elements of their favourite cartoon to the room without actually spending a million on it is to get cartoon printed bedsheets/sets with a waterproof mattress protector to save the bed from wetting. These can bring in their cartoon in the room, will be big enough that they will feel like you really did what they asked for and they can easily be switched out once they move on to their next favourite. So you can do what they ask without doing anything permanent!

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2. Floral Design Printed Sheet

Cinzia 2 Pcs Bedding Set

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This is a bed set that would be perfect for kids that are slightly older. The one’s that don’t want to hold on to cartoon bed sheets and want something that’s a little more “grown-up”. It is for a single bed, is mainly plain white but features clean, soft watercoloured hand-painted style flowers all over the bottom half of the sheets. The top border also has a little complimenting set of flowers and leaves and the pillowcase brings in hints of the overall design by the little pops of floral design painted on it too. This is a bed set that will match with a lot of different color pallets, so it can easily grow with your child as they go from early teens even to their early adult years. Making this design great for a home with multiple kids of varying ages, as it can easily be used by one kid, washed and given to the other.

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3. Pulp Grey Bed Set

Pulp Grey 5 Pcs Bedding Set

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Purple is a colour most kids feel gravitated to. It either reminds them of a movie character, a cartoon, or just really love the colour. That makes this bed set almost perfect for a house where multiple kids share one bedroom. The bed set is mostly a grey-purple colour. It has hints of white and green and the whole thing is laid out in geometric shapes. It comes with matching pillowcases that are half solid and half designed, the cushions follow the same theme. Something like this can be great to minimize any fights and to ensure that none of the kids feel like they didn’t get what they wanted.

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All of these tips and recommendations are just a guide to point you in the right direction. There are hundreds of thousands of different types of printed bed sheets and bed sets available in the markets today. As long as you have a general theme in mind and make use of the little things that make those prints work for different types of bedrooms, you’ll be able to set up multiple rooms perfectly without having to spend days thinking about it!

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