Best Cotton Bed Sheet Designs in Pakistan – 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Cotton Bed Sheet Designs

If you’re someone that’s going bed sheet shopping for the first time and just can’t understand which material of bed sheets you should go for. This article will help you understand why cotton bed sheet designs are considered the best ones out there and where you can get them in Pakistan.

When it comes to buying bed sheets, you might find yourself diving into a world of so many options that you can’t even narrow it down to which ones you want to go for. But, there’s a method to all that madness. In this post, we will be going through everything that you need to know about bed sheets and which bed sheets are the right ones for you!

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Most Popular Fabric Materials for Bed Sheets

1. Linen

Linen is one of the first fabrics humans ever made. It was first made over 36,000 years ago in South East Europe. It is made by using fibres from a flax plant. The threads are woven together loosely and come together to make the fabric itself. This material is one that’s considered a little rougher, it feels soft enough but is more of a “worn in” type of fabric. It holds wrinkles easily but if you’re someone that likes a comfy, boho look in your home, these could work for you!

2. Silk

Silk is a fabric that is made by using silkworms. They make the fibres that are extracted, separated, dyed and woven to eventually look like the silk fabric we’re used to seeing. This is a great material to get bedsheets in for people that have very sensitive skin, as it is naturally hypoallergenic. Although this is a popular choice for bed sheets, a lot of people don’t like using silk sheets because they can run a lot pricier than other materials. They are very soft and cool but can also be a little tricky to sleep on as they have a tendency to slip around.

3. Cotton

Cotton is made by using the natural fibres extracted from a cotton plant. The fibres are collected and spun into large balls of yarn. These are then used to make threads which are woven together to create the final fabric. Cotton is one of the most popular choices for bed sheets worldwide.

4. Blends

Although there are several other fabrics that are popular when it comes to bedsheets, the three we’ve gone over are the most common ones. The fourth one is a blend. This is when two or more of these materials are woven together in certain percentages to form a fabric that is a mixture (or blend) of all of them together.

Why are Cotton Bed Sheets Better?

Choices: Cotton bed sheets are one of the most widely available bed sheets in the markets worldwide. This means that no matter how specific you think your taste might be, you are bound to find multiple options that could potentially work for you. This is important because bed sheets are one of those things that you need to regularly keep up with in the home as they require frequent washes and you need to have plenty of them on hand to make sure you always have a replacement for each bed in the house.

1. Features

Cotton is a fabric that is naturally breathable. It has the ability to regulate temperature and can soak away heat from your body in the warm summer months, while also adjusting to keep you warm in the cold winters. This makes them the perfect sheets as you can use them all year round!

2. Soft

Cotton is a fabric that is known to be very soft. This is one of the reasons why these are a popular choice when it comes to getting bed sheets for hotels too. Many people get cotton sheets just to replicate the same type of feeling they get when sleeping in hotels!

3. Low Maintenance

There are many fabrics that you need to get washed by professionals. This just adds to the cost of the fabric overall because maintaining it would always have to be done by outsiders. Cotton is not like that. This is a fabric that you can easily throw in the washing machine and the drier. This makes it fairly easy to just wash the sheets as you do your regular laundry!

4. Long-lasting

Good quality cotton bed sheets are made to stand the test of time (along with wear and tear). These are the sheets that you can use for a really long time without having to be super careful with them. You can wash them over and over and use them as you please and you still won’t have to replace them!

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Cotton Bed Sheets

Now that we have gone over the things that make cotton bed sheets so popular, let’s go over what you need to be mindful of when buying cotton bed sheets for your home.

1. Quality

Cotton bed sheets come in a wide range of qualities. Some are 100% cotton while others are a blend with only 30%,40% or 50% cotton. When it comes to pure fabrics, every 5% counts. The less cotton your sheets have, the quicker you will have to replace them.

2. Thread Count

It’s a misconception that your cotton bed sheets need to be the maximum thread count known to man. You don’t need 1500 or 2000 threads in your bedsheets, in fact, they might end up feeling like sandpaper if they have an extremely high thread count. For daily use, anything between the numbers 300-600 would be just fine.

3. Size

It’s important that the bedsheets that you’re getting, are exactly the right size for your bed. Too small and they simply won’t cover the bed and too big and they’ll just not stay on the mattress and will have to be readjusted frequently.

4. Fitted or Not Fitted

According to your bed and the way you use your bedsheets. The final thing you need to keep in mind is whether you want to get your sheets fitted or not fitted. This is important because if you have a mattress that doesn’t let non-fitted sheets stay put, you will almost always need a fitted sheet. This one is totally up to individual preference.

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Top 8 Latest Cotton Bed Sheet Designs in Pakistan

The local markets in Pakistan may be filled with options but they aren’t all the right ones. Not only can these sheets run expensive, they usually don’t come with labels and care instructions, but they also just aren’t great quality. Overall, you have to buy a lot more of them to make them last longer, you also have to deal with inconsistencies with every set. This is why buying the latest Nishat Linen bedding collection or Khaadi cotton bed sheets online is a lot easier and ends up being a better experience for most Pakistanis. Below are our picks for the best cotton bed sheets available online in Pakistan!

1. Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheet king Size In Green

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Fitted sheets are a must have in almost every Pakistani home. Whether you’re getting them for your own bed, or as bed sheets for the kid’s room. These work great in kids’ rooms because they are harder to pull off the bed than non-fitted ones are. They would also be a great option if you’re someone that absolutely can’t stand wrinkly sheets or ones that are loose on the bed. The only thing you need to be mindful of is that you buy the right size so you can ensure that they’re actually big enough to fit on your mattress.

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2. Pleated White Bed Sheet Set


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While we’re on bed sheets that suit most households, we have to mention this one. This is a white pleated bed set. The pleats on it are subtle enough that they can work with most themes in a bedroom, while they are also intricate enough to add a little touch of design into a room in a low-key way.

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3. Pinch Pleat Blue Bed Sheet Set

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This one is a little step up from the last bed set we mentioned. This set is based around a pinched pleat design. It has the pleats formed in slanted squares running all throughout the bed set while also maintaining the cosy comfy feeling that you would want in your cotton bed sheets. The duvet cover can be used with a quilt for the winter and also with a thin duvet in the summers and totally change up the way the set functions, making it a perfect all year round bed set to have in your home.

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4. Pleated Square Charcoal Bed Sheet Set


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If the last design was not your style but you like the idea behind it, this might suit you better. This design follows a similar pleat idea, but the pleats are slightly thicker and they are laid out in perfect squares. This can act as the element of symmetry the room might be lacking on its own.

This bed set is great for a master bedroom or even a guest bedroom where you want things to look put together and ready for any surprise guests. The design on this bed set is interesting enough that you could literally just have this set on the bed and leave the rest of the room fairly plain and it would still look like a totally done up room!

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5. Diamond Black Bed Sheet Set

Diamond Black Bed Sheet Set with Quilt, Pillow and Cushions Covers 02
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This bed set is one for those that like to do things a little out of the box when it comes to room decor. This set has a unique tufted style pleated design running all throughout the duvet cover and pillow covers. It comes with a plain king size cotton bed sheets to balance out the busyness that is going on all over the set. This can be great for a room that uses the bed not just as a sleeping place for nighttime but also a seating area in the day time. The tufted pleats are done on cotton fabric, making them interesting but also keeping them extremely soft at the same time. So whether you are sleeping on them or simply sitting on them, you will feel like they’re the perfect sheets for you.

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6. Floral Bed Set

Troy 5 Pcs Bedding Set 02

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This one is for the people that just need that pop of design and colour in their floral cotton bedding. This bed set literally has it all. Its main feature is the navy blue bed sheet with beautiful flowers printed all across it, but what adds to it is how the blue is contrasted with a bright mustard yellow pillow covers to balance out the print on the sheets. The two little strips across the pillow cover also work well to tie in the sheets with the pillow covers. This would make for a great bed set to use in almost any room of the house because of its versatility.

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7. “Myra” Bed Set

Myra 8 Pcs Duvet Cover Bedding Set 02

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Have you ever tried to bring in some hints of pink into a bedroom by using pink cotton bedding but ended up finding yourself drowning in very tacky, over the top pink bed sheets that seem like they belong in a kid’s room? This is the perfect bed set for anyone that has found themselves in that position. This bed set has beautiful shades of pink, yellow and white, tied in in their own different ways so none of the colours takes over the other. Each of them has its own purpose and they come together to create the perfect pink toned bedsheets! The best part about these having different colours in them is that you can easily use them in any room that either features the colours or has other colours that would compliment the pinks or yellows. Keeping you on the theme, all the time.

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8. Vita Charcoal

Vita Charcoal 5 Pcs Bedding Set 02

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Finally, we have the Vita Charcoal bed set. This one is a great example of a gender-neutral designer bed set that could work for almost any theme, in any room. The grey, white and brown tones used in the bed set keeps everything nice and muted. You can easily build a whole room around a bed set like this without even having to think too much about it. Add hints of black and gold around the room and the whole space will look like it was done by an interior designer!

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