Top 6 Fancy Bed Sheet Designs in Pakistan to Set Up a Bedroom

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If you have ever been in charge of setting up a bedroom on your own by using fancy bed sheet designs, you would know how they aren’t as easy to tackle as they seem like they are from afar. There is a lot more that goes into making a bedroom design really work. You can’t just throw a bunch of things together and hope for the best. Everything needs to not only look coherent, but they also need to serve a purpose. Finding things that are aesthetically pleasing and functional can usually be a difficult task, but we’ve put together a few pointers that you can use when setting up your own bedroom so you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

Start Off By Picking The Right Fancy Bed Sheet Set

The easiest way of setting up a gorgeous fancy-looking bedroom is to base everything in the room around the bedding. This ends up working out perfectly for almost every home because every bedroom has a bed and the bed is the main focal and function piece of the room, once you have that covered, the rest of the room becomes very easy to set up!

Top 6 Fancy Bed Sheet Designs in Pakistan

Below we have a few examples of the top 6 fancy bed sheet designs and how you can design a whole fancy bedroom around them.

1. Pleated White Bed Sheet Set


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We’ll begin with this white pleated bed set. If you’re into white, this one is a great one to start off with. This one is a step up from the plain white sheets you see at hotels, the duvet cover has nice, clean pleats going down and across the whole surface of the covers in large squares. This adds the tiny element of interest and makes the bedding look like it belongs in a hotel, but will still be something you’ve never seen before in one. The cushion covers and pillow covers both carry the same thin pleating in a criss-cross and square formation while the sleeping pillow covers are kept plain to make sure there’s nothing bulky under your head when you’re trying to sleep.

A bed set like this is neutral and based on lines. Its colour makes it a perfect base to contrast with almost any colour known to man. However, most people love adding a pop of bright yellow when working with white in a bedroom. You could easily get away with getting a few bright yellow vases, adding plants to some while keeping the others empty. Add a nice floor lamp that’s either white or yellow (or both) and add tiny decor pieces that follow the same colour palette and you would be all done in no time!

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2. Pleated Square Navy Blue Bed Sheet Set

Pleated Square Navy Blue Bed Sheet Set With Quilt, Pillow And Cushions Covers

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Going from a totally neutral bed set to this beautiful navy blue. This one is the perfect bed set for people that don’t like having to deal with the high maintenance that the colour white comes with. Navy blue is the perfect deviant colour to go for if you don’t want to switch directly to black.

This Navy Blue pleated square bed set is total eye candy for people that love clean, straight lines. The pleats are medium and laid out in neat medium-sized squares all across the duvet cover. The embellished pillow covers follow the same pattern, as do the floor cushions. There are a plain bed sheet and plain white sleeping pillow covers to offset the blue subtly.

This sets you up for a very easy time putting the rest of the room together. You can take the accent white and go for white marbled trays, white lamps, Kalma Calligraphy for walls, and rugs all around the room. If you feel like the white doesn’t pop enough on its own, add some elements of gold all over by going for even smaller decor pieces that are either all gold, or have hints of gold, and your bedroom will come together effortlessly!

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3. Diamond Pleated Bed Sheet Set

Diamond Turquoise Bed Sheet Set With Quilt, Pillow And Cushions Covers

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Now on to the more elaborate types of bed sets. The first one of these is this diamond pleated bed sheet set. This is one that really grabs everyone’s attention. The striking turquoise colour draws the eye in instantly. The duvet cover is pleated in a way that is reminiscent of a nice tufted sofa. Bringing in that element of fanciness all by itself. This type of bed set also works great if you have a bed that doesn’t have a headboard or if the bed is a day bed style bed that is used both as a place to sit and a place to sleep. Since the fabric is cotton, the pleating of the duvet cover doesn’t end up being too hard to sit on and still remains usable. The sham pillow covers and cushion covers follow the same design and the set has 2 plain white pillow covers and a plain bed sheet included too. So there’s nothing you end up needing to add to the bed after getting this.

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There are plenty of different ways you can work with an elaborate fancy bed set like this. You could either contrast the turquoise with a bright yellow, add small yellow decor pieces and call it a day or you could take the white that’s in the set itself and use that as a neutral colour to balance out the brightness of the turquoise itself. If both of the options sound nice, you could also combine the two and go for the turquoise, white and yellow combination. Where you could add a white rug and lamp and make everything else yellow!

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4. Frilly Bed Sheet Set

8 Pcs Frilly Black Bed Sheet Set with Quilt, Pillow and Cushions Covers

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This bed set is one for the people that really want to make a statement with their bed. When you want to do the least amount of work all around your room, it’s usually best to go for a busier bed set like this one. Although the cloth used here is a solid grey fabric, the heavy frills that go all across the bottom half of the duvet cover bring the element of design that is truly eye-catching. This doesn’t mean that the duvet cover is bulky though, the quality of the fabric allows for the frill design to be added without adding actual weight to the cover. This means that the set remains great for everyday use even with the frills. To make it even easier, half the cover is left plain to reach the maximum levels of coziness when you’re in bed. The sham pillow cases follow the same design as the duvet cover, half frills, and half plain, but just in case they don’t feel like the best ones to sleep on, there’s also a set of 2 plain pillowcases in this set too, along with a plain bed sheet.

With this bed set, you can get away with having a pretty plain rest of the room. All you need to add is one nice floor lamp and a large white rug and you’ll be good to go!

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5. Ruffled Bed set

8 Pcs Dyed Smokey Black Bed Sheet Set 250T with Quilt, Pillow and Cushions Covers

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If you aren’t exactly a fan of the frills all concentrated in one place but like the idea as a whole, this one might be perfect for you. Most of the duvet cover on this one is plain but it has two ruffled sections going down on either side of it. The ruffled sections are bordered by two thin embellished trims on either side of the ruffles. The sham pillow covers and the cushion covers follow the same design to bring the whole thing together. For optimal comfort, there are two plain pillowcases and a plain bed sheet that completes the set.

This is considered a more muted statement bed set. You can exaggerate it by adding various elements of design all across the room by using different decor pieces like paintings, vases, lamps, and multiple rugs and make the room busy overall, or you can keep it simple by adding minimalistic decor pieces and simple rugs to let the bed be the statement piece in the room.

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6. Satin Stripe Bed Set

Amelia Satin Stripe 8 Pcs Duvet Cover Bedding Set

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Fancy bedding isn’t just about the ruffles and the pleats. They can be fancy in lots of other ways too! This comforter set is a perfect example of that. This one looks pretty plain when you look at it for the first time, but its fanciness lies in the subtle design it features. It has 2 types of stripes embedded in the duvet cover itself, one stripe is matte while the other is a shiny, satin material. Satin is known for being a fancy material, one that isn’t easily available in the markets either, if it is, it’s usually a simple satin set, the fact that this one just incorporates it to add to the plain sheet is what gives it the edge and makes it one of the most unique bed sets in Pakistan. The reflective nature of the fabric also makes this one that looks totally different in the daytime than it does in the nighttime.

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With a bed set like this, you have the choice to go either way with your room decor; totally filled up with unique decorative pieces in the black theme or just follow the subtle fancy theme with the bed set itself and go for one or two decor pieces to match the sheets. Leading bedding brands of Pakistan also offering fancy bedding especially Limited Nishat Bed Sheets Collection is one of the known name.

Following this guide, it should become fairly easy for you to set up a fancy bedroom all by yourself especially with the combination of a mattress protector. These tips don’t only apply to the bed sets we have mentioned here but also work well for any bed set that falls into the same category, with no help at all! Don’t forget to have a look at our buying guide for the best waterproof mattress cover in Pakistan that will help to keep comfort your fancy bedding.

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