Latest Alkaram Bed Sheets Collection (Alkaram Studio 2021)

Al Karam Bed Sheets Collection

Alkaram is a popular bedding and clothing brand in Pakistan. It has a wide customer base and it sells bed sheets, unstitched clothes, ready-to-wear and haute couture. The quality of the brand is well recognized by everyone. Everyone wants to have a stylish and comfortable room that meets their choices, needs, and preferences. It only […]

Top Men’s Suiting Brands in Pakistan 2021

Pakistani men have worn suits for decades, but the best suits have almost always been for the extremely wealthy. Things have changed with time though, now several brands exist that carry several styles of ready to wear and bespoke suits that you can choose from. With the hundreds of brands available all over the country, […]

Latest Pakistani Mehndi Design Collection Ideas List 2021

Mehndi is a favorite custom among women in Pakistan, India and surrounding areas. It has been a common practice for a long time in these countries but now people from other places are also using it as well. For example in the West, people call it henna. Westerners use henna to create tattoos on their […]

Top 5 Kalma Calligraphy Wall Arts in Pakistan (2021 Collection)

Kalma Calligraphy

In Muslim homes, we typically don’t put up photographs with faces, which generally leaves the options for typical home decor very limited. You might find yourself struggling to figure out what to do about the bare walls in the rooms but still have the urge to put something up. Lamps and décor elsewhere can only […]

6 Latest Ayatul Kursi Calligraphy Wall Art Ideas for 2021

How Islamic Calligraphy is Made

Most Muslim homes have one thing in common, we all have some sort of Islamic Calligraphy featured on our walls somewhere in our homes. This is because Muslims are supposed to steer away from decoration that features faces, and most mainstream decor pieces do have faces in almost everything. This takes away the options of […]

Himalayan Salt Lamp in Pakistan – Health Benefits & Buyer’s Guide

Salt Lamp Pakistan

Salt lamps found in Pakistan are called Himalayan salt lamps and they originate from the Khewra salt mines. This salt is millions of years old and is used as table salt. They are decorative lights that people buy for their homes. They are taken from the Himalayan salt which is pink in color. The Himalayan […]

Top Table Runner Designs (Ideas & Types) in Pakistan

Table Runner Designs

Table runners might not be the first thing you think of when you’re setting up your home, but when you dive into the world of table runners, you will realize how big of a difference they can make! The right table runner design can transform your dining room from plain to looking like you actually […]

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