Best Mattress in Pakistan (Brands List 2024)

Best Mattresses in Pakistan

Are you searching for the best mattress in Pakistan out there which will give you a restful sleep and a peaceful night? Are you tired of compromising your comfort? Do you have backaches or other physical ailments? If you are in a dire need of a reliable, dependable, and durable mattress, then you have arrived at the right place. This article will cover all the top mattress brands of Pakistan which are delivering quality stuff for people who do know the real value of sleep. If you are confused about whether you should have a firm or soft mattress and what will be the perfect size of the mattress, this article will help you in these confusions as well. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the most trustworthy mattress brands in Pakistan.

Choose the Best Mattress in Pakistan

Below is the list of top brands offering the best mattresses in Pakistan to sleep on and for back pain:

1. Master Celeste

Master Celeste

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Celeste is the most unique player in this league. The brand is from the Master Group of Industries which guarantees excellence. It uses a scientific and innovative method to create comfort cells. These specially designed comfort cells provide you with uninterrupted sleep and maximum comfort. Their mattresses softly embrace you so that you can rest peacefully. The categories of mattresses available in this brand are Classique, memory celeste, ortho health care, and spring.

Memory Celeste

This is a favorite of many people. The main features of this mattress are pocketed springs, high-density foam, and a malleable cover. All of these parts join together to give you an amazing sleep. The foam is very soft and so is the top cover so that you can lie peacefully. No heat can be absorbed by the mattress because it is endowed with airflow technology. This technology is really innovative because it keeps the temperature of the mattress moderate. Considering how hot the climate of Pakistan is, this feature is extremely useful. It will help you sleep soundly even in the hot summer months.


This is a luxurious item from Celeste due to the abundance of high-quality memory foam. Inside the foam, a web of interwoven pocket springs is formed which are tough and resilient. These pocket springs give a great shaping technique to the mattress which depends on the contours of the body. Moreover, all movements are supported by the compact springs. These springs also restrict the motion within the foam.

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2. Molty Foam

Molty Foam

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Molty Foam is the pioneer of the mattress industry because they produce environment and health-friendly products that can solve all of your physical ailments. This brand sells the most mattresses among all the other brands. This is because Molty Foam places the requirements of customers as their top priority and makes sure they are satisfied. Their mattresses are extra soft, have a thick density, and can recover easily. No dust mites, fungi, or dirt can develop or stay at the surface because it is coated with an antimicrobial finish. Even though they are affordable, it is not a compromise on the quality. They offer mattresses in single, double, queen, and king sizes. Molty Foam is approved for the Orthopedic Healthcare Association which is why they are so restful. They excel at innovation.

Utmost regard is given to the customers because they offer a trial of 14 days, post-purchase services, and delivery. You can not find this much customer service anywhere. This is why customers are so happy with this renowned brand. Moreover, they have put their own twist to the shopping experience by the latest Master Molty Foam Wellness Expert service. This service has revolutionized the online shopping experience by making it as simple and convenient as a breeze. The customer just has to place an appointment with the Master Molty Foam Wellness Expert. By giving the basic details and the type of mattress you want, the expert will display various mattresses that suit your needs to your very doorstep. They are brought to the home so that you can view, judge and try them on your own.

3. Cannon Primax Foam

Cannon Primax Foam

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This is the new leading brand of Pakistan because of the ultra-soft feature. Adults and anyone who experiences back pain buy their mattresses because they are best for curing the pain. The shape of the mattress will be redesigned according to the body contours. Not only the mattress but the fabric cover is of high quality. This brand is slowly becoming a household name. Their products are true rest, Primax Cool, memory foam, Primax, and Primax plus. Customizable sizes, exchange policy, and 15 years of warranty are available.

Primax Plus

This is a more refined and better version of the Cannon Foam Primax. The foam is of a high density and has many layers. The fabric is knitted with the sifted fabric which makes it breathable. This soft yet thin fabric allows no humidity or sweat to form. The mattress also does not get heated this way. Superior adjustment and shifting position ability are guaranteed by the side handles.

Cannon Primax Cool Touch Gel Technology

This is a superb dual-sided mattress that is filled with effective cool gel capsules. These capsules have innovative technology that maintains the temperature of the mattress and does not let it increase so that you can sleep without sweating. This maintenance of temperature is also strengthened by the knitted fabric cover which is flexible in nature.

4. Diamond Foam

Diamond Foam

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This brand is recognized for liability and dependability. It has been serving the people of Pakistan for many years. Their mattresses are made of high-quality materials. The range consists of diamond supreme ortica, diamond supreme smart, diamond supreme smart gelcool, and supreme Godi memory. The sizes available are single, double, queen, and king. Delivery service is fast which presents the product within 2 to 4 days. The cost depends on the size. 12 years of warranty on all the products is given. The following mattresses are the best from this brand.

Renaissance Pillow Top

No matter what type of sleeper you are, you will get the ultimate rest. Bonnell springs and high-density foam are used in this item. An extra top for the pillow comes in handy. It has a medium-firm flexible surface.

Supreme Soft

This is the softest mattress and is suitable for those who have back pain. The foam has a high density and embraces the contours of the body.

5. DuraFoam


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This brand is among the leading manufacturers of mattresses. Long-lasting and comfortable, it fulfills the needs of all customers. The shocks and sounds are readily absorbed. The weight ratio is excellent and it is an insulator too. Other versions are conductive, non-conductive, and fire radiant. The products given by the DuraFoam are Dura comfort, Dura cool air, ultra-luxury foam, Dura spring, Dura luxury, Dura Posturepedic, Dura beauty sleep, Dura spine plus, Dura Gold, and Dura top. 10 years of warranty along with the single, queen, and king sizes are available.

Dura Luxury

Whether you sleep on the side, stomach, or switch between these positions, Dura luxury is the best mattress. The surface is medium firm which gives ease and comfort. It is affordable and excellent.

Dura Ultra Luxury Firm

If you have a spinal problem or want a firm surface, this mattress is for you. It is a good economical choice for all of your physical issues. The core of the mattress is medium-firm whereas the weight distribution is amazing which is the single solution for curing backaches and muscle pain.

Dura Silent Night Plus

This is an economical mattress of DuraFoam. If you want quality beauty sleep, then this item should be on top of your list. The foam is of excellent quality whereas the compact springs are flexible and resilient. The mattress adjusts to your body throughout the night so that you can rest peacefully.

6. UK Foam

UK Foam

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This brand has captured the market with its unrivaled quality and standard. It has more than 250 operations across Pakistan due to which it has an amazing reach to the customers. UK foam wishes to give people the best sleep they can get. They are designed to have high longevity. Both traditional and specialized mattresses are available.

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7. Five Star Foam

Five Star Foam

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Who hasn’t heard of this prestigious brand? Almost every Pakistani has grown up knowing Five Star Foam. This old brand has been delivering amazing quality for decades. Just because it was established a long time ago does not mean it doesn’t offer modernized mattresses. They properly study the sleeping patterns before manufacturing. The mattresses found under their umbrella are five star foam, gem, five star express, five star special and five star 2 in 1. All three sizes of single, queen, and king are given. 15 years of warranty with an exchange policy within 15 days of purchase is allowed.

8. Dream Foam

Dream Foam

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This brand is a fierce rival in the world of mattresses. It has been manufacturing mattresses for the past 11 years and they are still one of the best. Their high-quality products are created by the Brooklyn Bedding. You will find not only mattresses but a wide variety of bedding items such as sleeping cushions, bedsheets, and pads. This fine assortment of products makes it one of a kind. They only use the top materials to make the products which are coil, latex, and foam. Their velvet floor cushions are modern and liberal. Numerous models can be seen in all their products.

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9. Unilife


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This brand is introduced by Uniform and they create long sized spring mattresses. You should only expect the best quality from Unifoam. Their removable knitted covering at the top of the agile mattresses are best for shielding the dust mites, dirt, and fungus. The Bonnell springs are used which are resilient, shock absorbent, and flexible. With a long 12 years of warranty, you can rest assured that you will have a long blissful sleep. Their mattresses only come in the spring form. Their best mattresses are listed below.

Unilife Sleep

This is a versatile product having two kinds of surfaces within the same package. One side is medium-firm whereas the other side is soft. Therefore you can select between the sides of the mattress depending on your preference. The mattress is also wrapped up with a soft fabric.

10. Qslando


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Look no further if you know the value of perfect sleep. This is because Qslando offers a strong promise of giving the best of the best to the customers. You can have a smooth and healthy sleeping environment. The fabric of these mattresses is properly knitted jacquard fabric which is tough and refined. The sponge of a high density also elevates your sleeping experience. Their three types are latex, spring, and foam. Since they are non-reversible, you should implement proper dimensions for the best night. The base is rock solid and the removable cover can be washed as well. The warranty is given for 10 years.

11. Eterna


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This brand is for people who want luxury paired with comfort. The resilience is increased by the multi-layered spring formation which is of high quality. You will have the best sleep of your life and wake up feeling relaxed and fresh. The trial of 14 days and a warranty of 15 years fulfills the requirements. The mattresses are completely refundable if you return them within 14 days of purchase.

Best Mattress Brands Prices in Pakistan

Mattress Brands


Eterna Firm

₨ 42,800

Qslando Spring Mattress

Rs. 200,000

Unifoam Mattress

Rs. 6,850

Dream Foam Mattress

Rs. 18,400

Five Star Foam

Rs. 17,000

UK Foam

Rs. 14,490

DuraFoam Mattress

Rs. 13,900

Diamond Supreme Foam

Rs. 13,400

PRIMAX - Cannon Foam

Rs. 22,687

MoltyFoam Mattress

Rs. 52,000

Master Celeste

Rs. 23,200

Last Updated On July 21, 2024

These were the 11 best mattress brands in Pakistan that are tested and included in our favorites list. Now you do not have to visit all the mattress stores and waste your time with the salesperson. You can unwind after a long exhausting day at any of these mattresses. No matter which brand you select, you will not be disappointed. You should however consider your bedding needs along with waterproof mattress protectors at the best price and consider important factors before finalizing your choice. For example, think about the springs, removable fabric, density, and other mattress characteristics. Do your research and go for the brand that suits you the most.

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