New Born Baby Girl Dress in Pakistan – 2024 Collection

New Born Baby Girl Dress in Pakistan - 2021 Collection

Are you struggling with how to dress a newborn baby girl? The birth of a girl and welcoming her home is perhaps the happiest moment for parents. Pregnant women dream all day about their unborn child and what their child will look like. The temptation of buying baby clothes when you are expecting a child is very strong. The birth of a baby signifies the start of a new chapter in life. Everyone becomes naturally happy with the birth. Parents buy all kinds of essential products needed for raising the child. Mothers often acknowledge that after their child is born, they rarely buy something for themselves.

New Born Baby Girl Dresses for Summer & Winter

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a long list of dresses that will look adorable on your baby girl. So let’s get started!

1- SwaddleMe


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There is no mother who does not love swaddling a baby. If you are inexperienced in swaddling a newborn baby, it might be scary and confusing for you. But lucky for you, SwaddleMe has the best swaddles which are extremely soft, warm, comfortable, and cozy. The fabric is securing for the baby and it makes the baby feel like it is in a womb. The wings of the swaddle quickly wrap around the baby. Smooth adjustment can be done by hook and loop settings. Your baby will be tightened and tucked in just like a nurse wraps a baby. Keep your baby snug with SwaddleMe!

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2- Miracle Blanket

Miracle Blanket

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This product is loved by a lot of parents. This blanket is proven by decades of time and experience. It is an effective blanket that tucks your baby in a professional manner. Even if your newborn girl takes efforts to sleep, this blanket will make your baby catch Zzz’s in a few minutes. It does not contain any Velcro which means no annoying sounds will come from the blanket. There is only one size available but it can be readjusted to fit your baby as she grows. This feature is really practical and useful because there is no need to buy a new blanket as the size of the baby increases. If your newborn baby is too small to reach the end of the blanket having feet pouch, you can fold the blanket upwards. Another feature of arm flaps is very convenient. These flaps will offer the best sleep to your baby.

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3- Newborn Baby Coming Home Dress

Newborn Baby Coming Home Dress

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Ralph Lauren has the most perfect coming home dresses for your newborn girl. This should be bought before you welcome your girl to your home. This brand looks good on everyone including newborn babies. These coming home dresses are available in matching designs.

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4- Monthly Stickers

Monthly Stickers

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If you want to keep a track of your baby’s growth, monthly stickers are for you. These stickers are a fun, creative and simple way to see how much your baby has expanded in size. There are countless options, shades and designs available. You should take a photo of your baby with each sticker so that you stock beautiful memories.

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5- Ten Fingers

Ten fingers

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It is a known fact that newborn babies love scratching their small innocent faces with their hands. This is why mothers make them wear tiny mitts so that their faces are protected. This also keeps their hands warm and neat. Mothers also prefer mitts because people grab the hands of newborn babies which is not good.

6- First Designer Clothes

First Designer Clothes

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Who says that newborn babies cannot wear designed clothes? It is not a waste of money as some people might think. A lot of mothers think it is fun to dress their child in designers. If the parents wear the same designer clothes, it will be a wonderful matching moment. Newborn girls look super cute in this chic attire. The most popular designer clothes for babies are onesie and a top.

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7- Sweet Socks

Sweet socks

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Baby socks and baby booties are perhaps the most adorable part of babywear. They are very small and beautiful. The Trumpette socks are by far the best baby socks in the market. They never fall off no matter how much the baby kicks. Moreover, their fabric is soft and warm which stays close to the baby’s skin.

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8- Ruffles


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This list can not be completed without a pink clothing item and what can be the best dress if not ruffles? Ruffles or headbands are a match made in heaven for newborn babies. You can see how beautiful it looks on the baby above.

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9- Personalized Clothes

Personalized Clothes

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This is where you can show your most love to your newborn baby. A lot of parents use this technique to make their baby clothes stand out and become forever memory material. You can scribble tiny details of your newborn girl such as date of birth, name, height, weight or the color of eyes. These snippets of important information will turn a basic and simple baby dress into an exquisite item that you will treasure forever. If your baby has a unique name, it will be very difficult to find something in the market with her name on it. But there’s no need to worry because you can easily take a pen to write her name down whenever you want. If you want to be artsy, you can even embroidery her name.

Most parents choose the baby towel to imprint the baby’s name. This is because bath time is an intimate time spent with the mother. A lot of memories are made in this special bonding moment. You can take photos during and after baths to save more memories. After the towel, it is best to scribble the baby’s name on the blanket. You have the choice to add initials or the whole name.

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10- Cute Outfits

Cute Outfits

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If the newborn baby outfits are not cute, then what’s the point? Parents buy dresses for babies with funny wording used on them. If your small girl is blessed with older siblings, then it is the perfect opportunity to buy shirts with “Big brother” or “Smaller sister” written on them. Similarly there are more quirky and adorable labelling on other clothes.

11- Winter Clothes

Winter Clothes

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Winters are especially hard on newborn babies as it is their first chilly weather. But the market and stores are loaded with lots of winter attire for babies. This includes gloves, jackets, caps, sweaters, socks, mufflers, leggings and so much more. Parents should properly pack their newborn girl so that she does not catch a cold. If snow falls where you live, it is the perfect chance to get your girl a snowsuit. This dress is adorable and super comfy. Some mothers even think it is a necessity of winter. You can efficiently bundle your ball of happiness, you will see how warm and snug she is. What else do you need? This snowsuit will shield her from chilly wind, snow, cold and wet climate. You can view the adorable snowsuit below.

12- Bibs


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Newborns need bibs the most after diapers. It does not matter how many bibs you have because the little one will ruin all of them. Babies spit, vomit milk and drool in their sleep all of which gets accumulated on the bib. The best bibs in the market are the Velcro fastening bibs. They can be easily fastened and taken off.

13- Night Suit

Night suit

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Newborns are all about sleeping. They take their nighttime seriously which is why they deserve proper night suits which helps them sleep better. However, be prepared for the fact that your newborn girl will make the night suits dirty a lot frequently. This is why you should keep an abundance of night suits. She can wear it even when it’s daytime. You can opt for patterns and colors which are cheerful and happy.

14- Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress

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Fancy attire works best when you take the little one out of the home. You don’t want anyone to see her in onesie. She can look feminine and attractive in the fanciful dress. They might have beads or laces for your girl to look fashionable.

15- Halloween Outfits

Halloween Outfits

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Who doesn’t love Halloween? This is the favorite holiday for everyone including adults. People plan their outfits way ahead of time and when a couple receives the gift of a newborn girl, they can not wait to dress their child up for the first complete family Halloween. There are lots of ideas and inspirations for newborn babies’ Halloween costumes. Since newborns can not walk, the choice is limited but the available options are charming and beautiful. If you dress your newborn girl as a mermaid, for example, the costume will receive a lot of compliments and the best reactions. People will definitely love it. They might even ask where you got the costume from. The Halloween dresses for newborns are mostly crocheted which makes them even more adorable. You can search for the best Halloween costumes for your girl.

16- Bathing Beauty

Bathing Beauty

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Some newborn babies love being in the water while others are repulsed by it. If you are lucky, your child will let you have a peaceful time during bath. Nevertheless, every newborn girl should get an attractive swimsuit so that she can wear it on pool time and beach days. The swimsuit should have rich ultraviolet radiation protection to shield the soft skin of the baby. Swimsuits are only available in lighter shades because they keep the baby cool. The dark colors absorb a lot of sunlight. There are specific sunscreens for infants too which should never be forgotten before the swimming time. You can also get a floppy for her.

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17- Hats


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The moment you know you are going to have a baby, you should rush to close contact preferably a relative who is an expert at crochet and knitting. You should ask them to make a hat for your future child because hats are unisex and babies wear a lot of them. Baby unisex hats can be knitted in all colors and the special pompom is the highlight of the hat. They look precious on the little one. Upon that request, you can add a blanky as well. These little accessories will make your newborn girl stand out.

18- Comfy Sweats

Comfy Sweats

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Sweats are a favorite clothing item for adults because they look great and offer maximum comfort. But don’t you think babies deserve to be as comfy? Baby sweats are adorable and very flexible. It is important to provide the best comfortable dress for your newborn girl so that they remain calm and do not create a fuss.

19- Ski Bunny Vest

Ski Bunny Vest

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When the weather has warmed up, vests are the best option for medium weather. Vests offer a stylish and comfortable layering piece. They are a strong and confident fashion statement. Vests can be worn in all seasons except summer and their versatility is shown in designs as well. The most popular choices for babies are colorful, patterned, and neutral shades. However, ensure not to splurge money on this clothing item because it is not used frequently.

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