5 Best Fitted Bed Sheet Designs to Buy Online In Pakistan

Fitted Bed Sheet Set

Fitted sheets are the sheets that work for almost everyone. Having easy to use fitted bed sheets that not only save time and energy but are also great to sleep on is something for everyone to take advantage of!

Every morning when we wake up we start by getting up and making the bed. It’s the first step to starting your day with something productive. But making your bed can sometimes seem like a daunting task too because if you’re putting on bedsheets on the bed too, it takes up a lot of energy – especially when you do it first thing in the morning. This leads to a lot of people just leaving the bed as it is and sleeping on bed sheets that are only half-way tucked into the bed and there’s nothing that ruins sleep like bunched up, loosely tucked bedsheets.

Fitted sheets are sheets that are sewn to perfectly fit your mattress. They have an elastic sewn into them that holds onto the mattress. These are the best for people who just want their sheets to stay perfectly in place on their mattresses. Fitted sheets stay where you leave them.

Fitted sheets also work really well in a kid’s room. As children have a lot of energy they often jump around on their beds and pull the sheets off the beds. Many parents end up having to re-make their children’s beds multiple times a night because of this. This leads to parents spending more time fixing up the bed than with their kids at bedtime.

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What to Keep in Mind before Buying Fitted Sheets

The most important part to keep in mind before you buy fitted bedsheets is the size of your bed. Most people think that fitted sheets just have elastic on regular sheets, this is far from the truth. Fitted sheets also feature 4 stitches all across the four corners of the sheet, this is what makes sure it’ll actually end up fitting your bed in a perfectly square shape at the end, otherwise, it wouldn’t actually hold on to the mattress and you would still have to tuck it in!

Making sure you read the product description and buy the right sized sheets for your bed is key to get the right sheets for you. Fitted sheets come in all sizes: single, twin, double, queen and king.

Not only do you need to know the size of your bed but also need to know what the depth of your mattress is. This is essential, otherwise, your sheets will get stuck halfway down your mattress and that totally defeats the purpose of having fitted sheets. If they don’t make it all the way to the bottom of your mattress, they will not hold on to it and can just spring off of the mattress at any time.

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Latest Fitted Bed Sheets in Pakistan

Buying fitted sheets online in Pakistan is one of the best ways to get them. You can easily research the fabric, check the specifications and can usually find them in any colour and style. The local markets in Pakistan don’t usually stock as many ready-made fitted bedsheets as many as they stock the regular sheets.

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Where Can You Buy High Quality Fitted Sheets Online in Pakistan

There are many brands and websites that sell fitted sheets. One of the best websites to buy high-quality and affordable fitted bed sheets in Pakistan is Hutch.pk

Below we have a few of the different colours and styles of fitted bed sheets you can find at Hutch:

1. Fitted Sheet (King Size) In White

Fitted Sheet king Size In White

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This is the perfect white fitted bed sheet that you can use with any white bed set. These are great for those hotel-Esque bedrooms. They’re made out of 100% cotton which ensures that the sheets will feel very soft and be comfortable to sleep on as if you were sleeping in an actual hotel room all the time!

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2. Fitted Sheet (King Size) In Black

Fitted Sheet king Size In Black

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If you’re someone looking for the exact opposite of the last sheets. These ones are for you. These perfectly pitch black fitted sheets are great to match with any black bed set. This colour goes great with a darker themed room.

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3. Fitted Sheet (King Size) In Turquoise

Fitted Sheet king Size In Turquoise

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Finding the right turquoise is hard to do in the local markets of Pakistan. This is the perfect hue to add a nice pop of colour to a plain room. These turquoise sheets are made out of high-quality cotton which makes it easy to dye them into a solid, evenly spread colour. You can also recreate your walls with custom Bismillah Calligraphy designs to have an elegant look of your bedroom with the fitted sheets colour contrast.

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4. Fitted Sheet (King Size) In Purple

Fitted Sheet king Size In Purple

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Purple is another one of those colours that are hardly ever done right in bedsheets. Mostly, the purple you can find is either too dark or too light and chalky. Hutch stocks the perfect fitted purple sheets while keeping the actual bed sheets super soft!

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5. Fitted Sheet (King Size) In Navy Blue

Fitted Sheet king Size In Navy Blue

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Navy blue is one of the most popular colours in bed sheets. The colour is so versatile that it works in almost every bedroom with minimal effort. It also matches various different shades of wood, this makes sure that your bedsheets wouldn’t clash with your bed or wooden floors at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are fitted bed sheets?

Fitted bed sheets are sheets that are specifically made to fit a mattress. They have an elastic sewn into them that hold on to the mattress, ensuring that they always stay in place on your bed.

2. What is the best thread count for fitted sheets?

For bedsheets in general, including fitted sheets, it’s recommended to buy sheets that are made of a 200-400 thread count. Even though the common saying is that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets getting sheets within the 200-400 range ends up suiting most people the best and you can get them at a significantly cheaper price!

3. How to wash fitted bed sheets?

Fitted sheets can easily be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Although, it is recommended to dry them separately or they end up swallowing all the other clothes in the dryer. Drying sheets and other clothing separately ensures that everything is dried properly.

4. How to fold fitted bed sheets properly?

This is one of the biggest problems people can have with fitted bedsheets but it’s actually just a matter of learning how to fold fitted sheets right.

  • Step 1: Place your fitted sheets on the floor, elastic side up.
  • Step 2: Fold in the lengthwise sides of your sheet towards the middle
  • Step 3: Fold in the other width-wise sides towards the middle too.

And you’ll have your fitted sheet folded up neatly exactly like a regular bed sheet in no time.

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5. How to make fitted sheets from flat sheets

You could make fitted sheets from flat sheets at home but to begin you’re going to need bed sheets that are a lot bigger than your actual mattress. You then measure out your mattress and cut out squares from all four corners that are as deep as your mattress.

Sew the squares together to form the “square” shape that will fit around your bed.

Lastly, add the elastic where the hem should be and you’re done!

This method works but it ends up being a lot more costly and time-consuming compared to just buying the right sized fitted bedsheets from the get go!

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6. When to buy fitted bed sheets?

It’s best to buy fitted bed sheets in the holiday season as that’s when sales usually happen all over the world. You can also take advantage of the numerous online sales that go on all around the year online so you can buy fitted sheets at the best possible price.

7. How to iron fitted bed sheets?

This seems tricky at first but it’s actually quite easy! Once you learn how to fold fitted bed sheets, you have done half the work it takes to iron them too. As you fold the sheets lengthwise, you iron them. Iron each length fold separately and you’ll have a fully ironed fitted sheet in no time!

8. What are extra deep fitted sheets?

In fitted sheets “Deep” is how thick your mattress is. As you require the sheet to be able to go over, around and under your mattress, you need to make sure it’s “deep enough” to properly fit on your bed. This specification will always be written on the information section of the fitted bed sheet’s packet or in the specifications section on the website you get them from.

9. What size are king size fitted bed sheets?

King-sized beds are the largest of them all, you have to always make sure you’re buying sheets that are big enough for a king-sized bed. Standard size fitted king-sized bed sheets are 73 in x 85 in x 15 in. These would fit perfectly if your mattress is the standard store bought a king size.

10. What size are queen size fitted bed sheets?

A queen-sized bed is smaller than a king-sized bed. This is the most commonly used size around the world. Standard queen-sized fitted sheets are 60 in x 80 in x 15 in and fit perfectly over the regular queen-sized mattress.

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