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Lawn Dresses Stitching Designs

Long back when Pakistani fashion wasn’t more than anything but unstitched Lawn, people used to pick the brains of their tailor masters to make them the best dress ever. They had to rely either on their designing skills or the stitching and designing skills of their tailor master. But that’s the past, this isn’t a widespread practice nowadays, what we have reached is the milestone of awesome stitched and ready to wear fashion.

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How did the stitch and ready-to-wear clothing take over unstitch clothing fashion? Why, this has a very simple answer, fast fashion, fast-paced world, and fast-paced workings. Working women, men, and girls don’t really have the time to get the material, they get it stitched and meanwhile wait. Life right now is get-set-go. You need to walk at the pace, or you will be left behind, whether it’s fashion or life. This article covers all about why stitched clothing is better, what designs are trending in 2022 fashion and what will suit you according to your body type?

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Why Do Women Prefer Stitched Clothing?

Stitched clothes, whether, its ready-to-wear casual or ready-to-wear party wear, is a one-time effort. You go to the mall, get your dress, try it on and buy it. That’s it, that’s done there is no wait, but getting the clothes stitched a whole new story.

You go to the mall, buy the material, get the accessories, go to the tailor, explain the design, and wait for days in the end while he stitches your dress. What would you prefer? The choice is very obvious. Things were different a decade back when the brands used to make standard sizes only when they didn’t keep plus or extra-large sizes, people used to get their clothes stitched since they never used to find their sizes, but things have changed for good now. It’s easy to find your favorite dress in your size and look great without putting in too much time and effort. Moreover, the cost is more or less the same, so getting stitched clothing is a win-win situation.

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Latest Lawn Dresses Stitching Designs and Ready-To-Wear Trends Of 2022

Lawn Ready-To-Wear Trends

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The era of unstitched clothing hasn’t ended, but it has come to a milestone where it’s fighting to stay afloat. People still buy unstitched but only when they can’t have the stitched ones or when the unstitched is prettier than the stitched, or even when they don’t find the kind of design they want. Other than that it’s stitched clothing all the way.

In 2022 many designs have come to display in various collections of big brand names like Gul Ahmed, Sana Safinaz, Maria B., Sapphire, Nishat, Generationz. These are the brands that raise the bar of Pakistani stitched fashion year after year.

The Latest Trends Of Stitched Fashion Are:

  • Short Blouse
  • Tunics
  • Straight Long Shirts
  • Jacket Style
  • Angrakha Style Long Gowns
  • Straight long Gowns
  • Cape Style Dresses
  • Peplum Frocks
  • Lawn Dresses
  • Cotton Kurtas

Here’s a detailed elaboration of all these on-trend styles, so you don’t have to do any research when you are buying stitched clothing. Just sit back and enjoy this read about the latest and the most fashionable stitched wears Pakistani fashion in 2022.

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1. Stitched Clothing Styles

Stitched Clothing Styles

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Every brand has its own vision to put forward, they do work with their own colors and designs, but in essence, their patterns of designing are the same. If the fashion wind blows and favors long-styled clothes, then every brand will favor that as well. They will have a couple of short designs but the majority of the collection will be for the on-going trend.

The cut of the dress, its neckline as well as its tailoring matter a lot when it comes to designing it. Major brands work with fresh designers to get the best of their collection out. In Pakistani fashion, you get this collection are according to seasons, summer, Mid-Summer, fall, winter, and spring. The materials vary for every season, but Pakistani Lawn is one material that will suffice in every season.

For casual dresses, you get a simple printed design, but one that has been stylishly cut and tailored. For party-wear, you can get embellished ones with pearls or gems and embroidery. You can even get heavy dresses in the ready-to-wear category. There are a huge number of designers as well as brands that give you casual, party-wear as well as heavy wedding wear all under one roof. These brand names include Khaadi, Teena Durrani, Maria B, Zainab Chottani, Nishat, Sapphire, and Gul Ahmed.

2. Short Blouse

lawn Short Blouse

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Whether it’s a wedding or a casual dinner, the short blouse is very much in. You can pair them with long flared pants or a sharara for formal events. For casuals, you can wear jeans or even simple cotton trousers. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different designs. The variety is overwhelming, which makes these bands even more impressive. Short blouses are great, and in trend, because you can wear them anywhere if you get a simple one, it’s perfect for bridal casual outings with simple bridal makeup. More embellished ones are great for formal events like family reunions or weddings.

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3. Tunics

lawn cotton tunics

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I still remember the first time I bought a silk tunic from Khaddi, the material was so fine that it slipped through my fingers like water. This is what these brands are about, quality, and trendy statements. Tunics are great for casual settings; they look great no matter what size you are. The idea of tunic comes from Roman people, their men and women both used to wear tunics. It’s basically a loose-fitting dress, whether long or short, starting from the neck. Women have the choice to get it fitted, but the initial point was to keep it loose. This is the reason why it fits all sizes to perfection.

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4. Straight Long Shirts

Straight Long Shirts

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The fashion for long dresses and gowns is back in. They not only look great, but they are extremely elegant as well as ooze sophistication. Straight long shirts with thread work or pearls or sequins are perfect for weddings and can be paired with matching trousers. For a more casual look, you can wear a long printed straight shirt with tights or jeans. This style is so versatile that you can pair it up with popular women’s shoe brands of joggers, sneakers, heels, or flats.

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5. Jacket Style

lawn Jacket Style Dress

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A healthy mix of east and west never hurts. In fact, it brings a very refreshing change to the monotony of Pakistani fashion. Though the style is very unique, it’s not reserved for the runways only. You can pair your formal embellished jacket with trousers as well as embroidery shalwar. The acceptance of the eastern/western mix is a great change, and it’s one that will surely continue in the future as well. It’s very chic and funky, definitely for people who like to be the center of attention as well as perfect for ones who like to stand out.

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6. Angrakha Style Long Gowns

Angrakha Style Long Gowns

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The Angrakha style hails from the Mughal era, the dress and the style of it is so elegant and pure that, after all this time, it’s still extremely in-fashion. The style can be both long and short, but as 2022 is wrapping up, we see more and longer styled clothes than short. Though short frocks are chic and trendy, the elegance and sophistication you get from long ones are unbeatable.

You can get as much volume as you want with your frock. Pro-tip; keep it as wide as you can, the more material you add, the better your frock will look. Go for beautiful fall colors like orange, coal, and deep blues; they look great in all seasons. Empire line and Mid-waist yoke are the two trendy styles of Angrakha; they look great on body type as well. The loose and flowing frock of an Angrakha is great for ladies with stubborn belly fat or who have huge baby bumps.

They are great for formal events as well as casual outings, all you need to do its pick a simpler one for casual and a heavy one for weddings, the brand “Generations” has got the best collection of Angrakha in their new arrival section.

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7. Straight Long Gowns

Straight Long Gowns

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Although you can wear them casually if you want they are meant for formal events. Long gowns, with embellished bodies and long tails, are perfect for the wedding season. Fortunately, the turn of fashion wind and stitched clothing has made it possible to buy ready-to-wear long gowns and maxis without getting them stitched and adjusted. Heels go well with long gowns, make it more festive by adding Pakistani jewellry with your gown. Add a classic bling clutch to complete the look. The best part is, you don’t need to worry about your hair, and all hairstyles go well with a long gown.

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8. Cape Style Dresses

Cape Style Dresses

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Cape style dresses have been in fashion for a long time now, most fashion buffs are having trouble getting over this unique blend of east and west. Capes are meant to go over the top you are already wearing, but our awesome fashion designers have infused capes with all types of styles like sarees, jumpsuits, lehengas, shirts, blouses as well as peplum frocks. The fact can’t be denied that these capes add to the elegance of the dress and make it look even more lavish.

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9. Peplum Frock

Peplum Frock

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I have fallen in love with the peplum frock designs this season, the chic and elegant at the same time, and the variety that you get is overwhelming. It’s the perfect style for wedding season, doesn’t matter what your relation to the bride and groom is, you got to have a peplum at the very least.

Peplums are hip-accentuating frocks that add volume and grace to your bottom, literally. The only drawback that I have come across peplum is that it mostly suits skinny to medium bodies. The style was famous in the ’80s, and it’s very popular in the east and west both, though both have a very different concept of peplums. 2022’s Pakistani fashion and wedding season saw a lot of peplum, the ready-to-wear is your best choice as the cut is hard to master and we aren’t sure all tailors or designers can do it, it’s safe to buy them from top brands like Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, Warda summer collection and Maria B.

10. Lawn Dresses

Lawn Dresses

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The most common dress in Pakistani culture is shalwar kameez, and the most common material to make that out of is Lawn. There are many brands including lingerie brands that produce a fine material lawn that is high quality as well as high in demand. The climate of Pakistan is over-all hot and humid; the lawn material is just perfect for this weather.

But, who has the time to buy the material and get it stitched. It’s all getting fast-paced, and not one has the time to sit at the designer and get casual dresses made. It’s all about getting the right stuff without wasting time. So, stitched Lawn dresses it is. You can get any design and many prints, as there are so many to choose from and you can match with branded shawl designs in Pakistan.

11. Cotton Kurtas

Cotton Kurtas Designs

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They are loose, they are chic, and they are perfect for both summer and winter. In the past few years, there have been many designs of cotton kurtas that have been released by J., Sapphire, Gul Ahmed as well as Khaadi. These are the big names that have put forward the best cotton Kurta designs that are perfect for the office as well as casual outings. Have a look at the style guide of casual shirts for women in Pakistan.

Ready-to-wear kurtas are best for working women as they need no non-sense clothing to make an impressive sight. These kurtas with different hijab styles can impress any client, whether national or foreign.

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Wrapping It Up

All in all, ready-to-wear is the best thing that happened to Pakistani fashion as it helps people save time and effort and find the best dresses to wear. Moreover, it’s cheaper to buy a ready-made dress than to get it stitched. So, you save both time and money while purchasing ready-to-wear clothes. We have covered all the trendy ladies shirts designs for 2022; we hope that our research will help you get the best dress from the ready-to-wear category.

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