Best of Warda Summer Collection – Embroidered & Printed Lawn

Warda Summer Collection

Lawn season is the most awaited season of Pakistan. Lawn printing and producing labels are earning millions as the craze of Lawn takes over the mind of Pakistani women. This year again, numerous brands launched their new lawn collection, and the ladies went gaga over it. Seeing this, we can safely say that love for Lawn is never going to die.

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Among the many famous brands, one name is steadily rising. Year after year “The Warda Lawn” goes higher on the charts of most loved lawn brands. Not only do they have the best designs, but the collections are almost always affordable and pocket-friendly.

Warda team goes by the motto that they do not create but innovate, the most exotic designs for their audience. They have been in the business for decades and have made a reliable name in the business of Lawn clothing in Pakistan. Warda competes with the giants of the business, giving them fierce competition through its affordable price as well as its innovative designs.

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Latest Warda Summer Collection 2021 – 2022

Their summer collection is known to have high-quality material, vibrant colors as well as lasting hues. You will never be sorry after buying Warda; this is the reason why consumers of Warda are always increasing. Once you have become a fan, you will remain so through and through as they never compromise on quality and color.

The brand is so widespread that not only finds the store in big cities like Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore, but also in remote towns like Gujarat, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Multan, and Sialkot. This is great news, as these cities make up half the economy of Pakistan and they can never be left behind.

Lawn material is the most preferred among all, owing to the hot and humid weather of Pakistan. The craze of Lawn has gotten to an extent, where people even wear embellished and embroidered Lawn to weddings and formal events. The brands now have twice the worry to launch their collections; they have to produce a printed one and a formal one. Year after year, Warda comes forward with the most intriguing designs of all, here’s the latest summer printed ad well as embroidered designs from the Warda collection.

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But before we start elaborating on the designs, I’d like to add the most interesting fact about Warda Lawn; it’s the only Lawn that has the most versatile designs that can be worn by any age. No matter you there 14 or 40 Warda has the best in store for you. The sophistication of their lawn prints is such that no matter what your age, they will suit you.

In a nutshell, the article will cover the latest launch of Warda collection, including:

  • Summer Collection 2022
  • Printed Collection 2022
  • 3-piece Chiffon Dupatta
  • Chicken Kari Lawn Collection
  • Ready to Wear Pret Wear
  • Premium Collection 2022
  • Embroidered Collection 2022
  • Single Shirts

Best Warda Lawn Collection 2022

Let’s start reviewing the best lawn collection of 2022 by Warda.

1. Summer Collection 2022

Summer Collection 2020

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The brand Warda is a very versatile brand; you will get a variety of 3-piece Lawn with chiffon, and lawn dupatta, pet wear, party wear, embroidered wear as well as stitched Eid wear and single unstitched and switched shirts. Every season they launch a new collection with two volumes, volume one and volume two have all the latest Lawn prints that Warda has to offer. They also launch a separate Eid collection, pert collection, and luxury collection.

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The best thing about Wada is they are all about affordability. You will find everything in your range; Warda is all about the working women. It’s easy to buy Warda even if you have a moderate salary.

The collection of 2022 was about summer colors, bright hues, and flowers.

2. Printed Collection 2022

Warda Printed Collection 2020

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Green, pink, red, and blue dominated the color pallet this summer. Every eye and gaze has been attracted to the vibrant hues of Warda’s summer collection. Three-piece lawn dresses with printed chiffon dupatta were the most preferred items from the collection.

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3. 3-Piece Chiffon Dupatta

Warda 3-piece Chiffon Duppata

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The Lawn is the favorite material all over Pakistan. No matter which city you reside in, Lawn will dominate the scene, whether its summer or winter. The three-piece dress will chiffon dupatta is high in demand, as it looks great and feels formal. You can wear this to outings, dinner and other events. Printed Lawn is for casual wearing so you can use it for your routine wear. Printed Lawn from Warda is light and pretty affordable. So, you can get as many as you like without breaking your budget. 2022’s printed collection by Warda was a good blend of colors and summer dialects. With floral prints dominating the real essence of summer reflected throughout the summer collection and it can have a more elegant look while wearing with any hijab style in summer.

Floral prints are the best was to display summer and its freshness. Beautiful green with the ancient keeri printed with gold was the immaculate reflection of a garden with daffodils spread across it. Peach pink and light prink prints and hues were like crimson flowers of summer against the beautiful sunset. There were a lot of subtle colors in the collection as well. The printed chiffon dupatta collection of Warda was a mix of vibrant and subtle colors; the collection was innovated and made of all from young to old. The designers of Warda did a great job of launching a very versatile pallet that would suit the old and the young generation alike. Every three-piece unstitched dress comes with Shirt: 3m, Trouser: 2.5m, and Dupatta: 2.5m, which is sufficient for a decent and standard size design.

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4. Chicken Kari Lawn Collection

Warda Chicken Kari Lawn Collection

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Like we mention before, Warda is all about innovation and experiments. The monotony of Lawn can be boring, so Warda brought forward the perfect blend of chicken Kari lawn with chiffon dupatta both printed and embroidered.

Chicken Kari is a formal material that hails from India, both machine and handmade chicken Kari is high in demand in Pakistan, India and overseas. Warda’s Chicken Kari collection wasn’t white like usual chicken Kari is, and it was different from black, yellow, purple, and beige hues. These colors are very different than the normal chicken Kari shades that we see. In the neck to neck competition of being different and unique, Warda takes the crown with its very distinct chicken Kari collection.

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5. Ready to Wear Pret Wear

Warda Ready to Wear Pret Wear

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Ready to wear pret collection is one of the best collections of Warda. They have the most intriguing colors and designs one can only dream about. Warda’s pret collection is great for working and university going girls, the collection is also very affordable. It’s truly a hassle getting clothes stitched for the university as well as work because getting lawn dresses stitching design ideas is truly a job of a fashion designer. But with Warda and its perfect design team, this one hassle is out of the window. The pret designs are great, and you can wear them to meetings, presentations, and orientation days of your university and can have simple hairstyles for girl’s braids to look more pretty.

The Pret wear collection of Warda for 2022 includes pink, black, blue, green, yellow, and red hues, both in vibrant and pastel settings. So, the collection is for all whether you are an outgoing personality or a shy one, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert and whether you like to stay undercover or be the center of attention. Warda designs all; fine tailored cut, innovative and contemporary designs as well as trendy and fashionable prints.

The range of Pret wear starts from PKR 1400 and goes as high as PKR 5,000, for an average Pakistani university girl, this is very affordable. These ready to wear pret kurties can be worn with jeans, trousers, shalwars as well as tights; again, a highly versatile perk that Warda offers to its young consumers.

Ruffles, stripes, polka dots, and monochrome prints were in fashion this year, Warda’s ready to wear collection along with Pakistani fashion jewellery is all about these fashionable tends.

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6. Premium Collection 2022

Warda Premium Collection 2020

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The premium collection of Warda 2022 is launched with the namesake of Melanga. Any dress from this collection is perfect for evening wear or party wear. With premium and high-quality material to beautiful hues, you will get the perfect dress for this collection. Eye-catching prints and shirt designs will surely make you the object of envy at any party and event.

With digital print Bamber dupatta, the premium lawn looks a class apart from all the other Lawn collections of Lawn in Pakistan.

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7. Embroidered Collection 2022

Warda Embroidered Collection 2020

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Warda’s embroidered collection has the following categories:

  • Kurta
  • Kurta with Dupatta
  • Kurta with Trouser
  • Full Suit
  • Summer-2022

Embroidered kurta or Lawn is mostly set aside for formal occasions. However, with the most affordable prices of Warda, you can wear your most luxurious embroidered dresses on any occasion. The delicate and immaculate machine embroidered and applique work sets Warda a class apart from all other designers. Warda’s subtle and soft pastel colors are the perfect cooling solution of Pakistan’s summer heat. Wearing light colors with light lawn material is the only way one can wad off the heat this summer and Warda knows the fact, hence the perfect lightweight summer collection.

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8. Single Shirts

Warda Single Shirts

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If you think we are done with the reasonable rates of Warda LAWN think again. You can buy single shirts and pair them with tights, women’s jeans as well as solid color trousers and an old dupatta and create three-piece lawn attire in just 750 PKR. Yes, you read it right, unstitched shirts from Warda Lawn starts at as low as 750 PKR. Can this get any better?

Don’t forget to match with any of the best shoe brands for women to have a more gorgeous look.

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Why Buy Warda?

The answer to that is very simple; Warda brings you the most innovative lawn designs of the year at the best prices. You can buy a three-pieces dress in vibrant hues with the most sensual chiffon dupatta for just 2,500 PKR. This is the most affordable price when it comes to buying Lawn in Pakistan.

Warda is spread across Pakistan; you can easily buy the Warda lawn at their outlets even in remote cities like Gujarat and Gujranwala.

Not only is the Lawn affordable, but it also uses high-quality material and a premium blend of cloth to produce its collections. You get innovation, design, and brilliant-cut, fine-tailoring as well as affordable rates all under one roof.

Bottom Line

Warda Lawn is the leading brand of Pakistan that produces the best and the most reasonable Lawn in Pakistan. You can buy the most beautiful collection at Warda without breaking your bank. If you are thinking about giving your female friends something, we would definitely suggest that you check out the premium dresses from Warda. The brilliant colors and innovative designs will surely be appreciated by your friends and family.

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