Top 10 Ladies Shoes Brands in Pakistan

ladies shoes brands in pakistan

To carry off a dress with elegance and style, you will need a bucket load of accessories. However, among these accessories, there is one that you simply can’t do without. Shoes! There is no way you can pull off a great dress without proper footwear from a wide range of ladies shoes brands in Pakistan.

The history of shoes is very colorful; many international and national designers consider shoes as they make or break accessories of any look. You can judge a great deal about a person’s personality through his or her shoes.

Whether it’s the daily dress or a formal one, you will need the right shoes to be comfortable as well as stylish. Today we have compiled a list of both affordable and expensive women’s shoe brands in Pakistan. This is a complete list that will help you buy the best footwear in your budget range. These brands cover kinds of formals, casuals as well as sportswear. You can also browse through traditional footwear as well as unconventional and distinct designs to match or contrast with your bracelets or nail art to look more pretty.

All of these brands are known for their high-quality standards, and once you buy from these, you will have a hard time going to any other store.

List of 11 Famous Ladies Shoes Brands in Pakistan

Here are the topmost ladies footwear brands of Pakistan while matching with women’s clothing, you may know these already, but you may not know what makes that so unique. Feast on the intimate details of your favorite shoe brands, as well as learn about other unknown brands to add to your list.

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1. Michael Kors (Women’s Designer Shoes)

Michael Kors Womens Designer Shoes

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MK is known as one of the most high-end brands that money can buy. The luxury and comfort of MK have won them a lot of awards. The brand starts in the year 1981; the shoe brand works under the name of Michael Kors Collection. Among the many products manufactures by MK, stylish women’s shoes are the most bought items.

MK is so popular that they have outlets all around the world, including the most famous and fashionable places in the world, such as New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Munich, Dubai, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, And Pakistan among many other. They have either official physical stores or licensed entities in all of these countries. The popularity of MK is increasing day by day as they have the most distinct work ethics, as well as they know how to keep their customers satisfied.

MK covers all kinds of footwear for ladies, from heels to casual slippers to formal shoes to sportswear, you name it, and they have it. The price range starts from 10,000 PKR, which is a bit high for the working class of Pakistan, but then again, the brand name and the quality is worth the cost.

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2. Nike Shoes for Women

Nike Shoes for Women

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Nike is one global brand that everyone knows about and loves. Nike has astounded the world with its most innovative ideas regarding sportswear. Nike is one of the top favorites in the world when it comes to sportswear for both ladies and their men.

Have you ever seen the tennis star Serena Williams skidding around in her shoes, hitting the ball so hard that the opponent has no choice but to back off? Yeah, that’s the power of the gripping shoes of Nike. Since Nike solely deals with casual and sportswear, it’s the perfect brand for Pakistani ladies who have found their way to sports as well as fitness centers.

If you are starting your gym soon, you need to head to the licensed Nike stores in Pakistan or order online; you must have gym shoes from Nike. Best Nike products include Nike originals, Converse, Hurley, as well as the Jordan brand. The price range for NIKE starts at 12,000 PKR but there are many clearance sales as well as annual sales that one can avail of to save some cash.

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3. Unze London Women Shoes

Unze London Women Shoes

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Long back in 1989 UK, Unze London, was born to the Saleem Family. The business has more than 30 years of experience regarding footwear. Whether you are looking for women or men’s shoes, Unze can accommodate you with both. Fashion for women isn’t complete without wearing the best shoes. And who can provide the best shoes but Unze London?

Their dedication and passion towards making the best footwear according to Pakistani culture and tradition have made them extremely popular. You can easily find Unze London’s outlets in both Pakistan and the UK. It’s a famous brand that provides modern women with all kinds of shoe styles that she can think of. Unze London is famous mostly for its chic, classy, and smart designs of trendy footwear as well as foot accessories. Whether you are a working mother or a university going student, where you are in the house or always out, Unze will provide you with the premium quality comfortable footwear that you can only dream off. Choosing between trendy and comfortable is a huge decision, but with Unze you don’t have to choose, they come with the perfect package of fashionable and comfortable.

4. Sputnik Ladies Shoes

Sputnik Ladies Shoes

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Sputnik came to Karachi in the year 1967. The store was the baby of Sadruddin Veljee. His venture back then and still now, stood on two rules, the design of every product will be subtle and elegant, and nothing short of that will ever be displayed in his store. His brand idea and his rules paid off in gold; Sputnik is one of the most famous stores of Pakistan that sells all kinds of shoes for women. What started as one outlet at Elphinstone Street has now become an Epitome of women’s footwear.

Sputnik has tons of loyal customers, and that is only because of the ideology that its founder set. The epic store opened its doors to Karachi in the year 2001, and since then it has been unstoppable. And in 2015, they opened another one in Islamabad. Year after year Sputnik took the ladder up to success.

If you are looking for most trendy shoes, you should, most definitely, check-in with the Sputnik people. With Sputnik, you can get the most elegant, gorgeous as well as trendsetting shoes that everyone can only wish for. From bold animal prints to gems stones to touch of color to classy elegance, you name it, and Sputnik has it. They have shoes that will fit all your occasions to perfection.

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5. Regal Shoes Women

Regal Shoes for Women

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In the leading affordable brand of Pakistan that deals in Women’s shoes, Regal is one name that is a class apart. You can beat Regal shoes in terms of affordability, looks, and quality. The Regal store saw the sunshine of Karachi in the year 1980, and ever since then, they have been providing women all over Pakistan with the best quality contemporary shoes. Regal shoes have their outlets in every big and celebrated mall and well as the neighborhood in Karachi. These include Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Main Zaibunisa Street Atrium Mall, Main Bahdurabad, Main Hyderi Market, Lucky One Mall, and Main Rashid Minhas Road. These are the busiest streets and malls of Karachi, to have outlets here almost makes you an uncrowned king.

You can find all your hearts or rather your foot’s wishes at any of these Regal outlets. From all special events to daily wear as well as office wear is available at Regal. If that wasn’t enough, they have awesome discounts available around the year as well. Regal is your one-stop for all kinds of footwear.

6. Metro Shoes for Ladies

Metro Shoes for Ladies

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Metro shoes have been in the picture for as long as we can remember. There was a time when brides wore nothing but Metro, and nothing has changed. People still love Metro as much as they did all those years back. To start with, Metro came into being in 1986, and after all these years, it’s still going as strong it ever can be.

The brand is ISO certified as well as has the perfect vision of what the Pakistani community needs. Metro understands its target audience more than any other brand and this is the reason it has been successful for these many years. This is also the very reason they will stay in business for decades to come. As a unique society, the Pakistani community has its core values, and they need their accessories as well as their dressing to follow these values, which is why Metro is so popular compared to all other brands. You can get the best variety of casual, formal, seasonal, as well as fancy and bridal.

Metro does a lot of research on the internet and takes aspiration from all the latest trends and gets you the best of all. Metro is known to support the local production as well as import internationally to make sure its quality never slides.

7. Bata Shoes for Women’s


Bata Shoes for Women

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Bata isn’t only the giant when it comes to footwear, but also the oldest and the most prestigious footwear brand of Pakistan. The brand has been providing the Pakistani community with the best among the rest for decades. The experience alone of knowing what the targeted audience wants gives them an edge over every other brand. The company went public in 1979 and became Bata Pakistan Limited that has a huge following.

Bata keeps a vigilant eye on where the fashion wind blows, so it’s always on top of the fashion and game and offers the trendiest shoes to their consumers. Their outlets have the best and amiable employees that will help you get precisely what you want and need with the smiles on their faces. They don’t only operate in Pakistan but also deal internationally. Bata, being a multinational, does a lot to benefit the country’s economy. Locally Bata employs over 10,000 people locally. The dedication of Bata to provide its loyal consumers with the best women shoes show in their core value. You can get all-occasion shoes from Bata; whether it’s a special occasion like weddings or just your daily wear, you can get all from Bata.

8. Servis Shoes for Ladies

Liza Servis Shoes

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Servis is a brand that started in Lahore in the year 1959. The brand initially started with an idea to serve the whole family, but very recently, it has become extremely popular for its wide range of women’s shoes. Servis doesn’t only deal with daily wear but also has in stock the most glamorous as well as elegant shoes for special occasions. Servis promises to deliver all products of pure excellence. The brand is thriving with more than 500 retail outlets, as well as 1500 independent retailers.

Servis provides you with constant innovation and up-to-date style trends as well as unmatchable elegance especially if matching with new warda summer collection which is a combination of bright & cool colors to beat the heat. To maintain its leadership, Servis researches about the personal taste of its targeted audience as well as the fashion ins and outs. All this data helps them provide the best of trends to their targeted audience.

Speaking of Servis’ shoes, you can explore flats, sportswear, sandals and slippers for routine wear, gym sessions, and special occasions. Their footwear is all you need for all your occasions.

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9. Stylo Shoes (Ladies Footwear)

Stylo Shoes

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Lahore has been home to some of the best shoe brands in Pakistan. The versatility and kindness of the city make startups want to create better and better products. This is the reason why a young entrepreneur from Lahore by the name of Mr. Azhar Hussian Siddiqui, took up a job as a shoe salesman in the infamous Anarkali bazaar.

His undying passion for business, as well as dedication, soon gave him the opportunity to start the BANO chappal store and sold his products for just 174/- per pair. Today this company is the most known shoe brand in Pakistan. The brand has more than 140 outlets. These are spread over 50 cities in Pakistan. The brand is ISO certified, and this assures the quality of the brand. Stylo Shoes is well aware of the fact that what its consumer needs, why they are so loyal, and what will make them stay loyal for years to come.

When it comes to women’s wear, there is no other brand that will beat the sophistication of Stylo Shoes. They have all kinds of collections, in which the bridal collection is on top which looks a perfect matching with bridal makeup. On the best day of your life, Stylo provides you with elegance and lavish footwear that not only looks glamorous but also is exceptionally comfortable to wear. Their winter collection has more variety than any other brand; you can buy back-open, moccasins, court shoes, sneakers, peep-toes as well as pumps. Stylo also has the ethic wear of Pakistani culture, such as Khussey, Kohaty as well as Peshawari. Stylo is also making a name in the range of girls’ bags. Have a look on the new collection of stylo ladies’ bags.

10. ECS Shoes for Ladies (Ehsan Chappal Store)


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Ehsan Chappal Store (Pvt.) Limited, most commonly known as ECS, is the retail store that launched in 1954. Again this major store was started in the heart of Anarkali Bazar. Due to the sophisticated and durable production, soon after establishing, ECS build itself a massive reputation. ECS may have started small, but it never had the intention of staying small.

Today, ECS has a considerable share in the footwear market of Pakistan. They produce for the masses as well as a workday in day out to provide the best and most elegant footwear. ECS has left its footprint all over Pakistan, conquering the hearts of people everywhere, including parts of KPK, North-Central- South Punjab as well as Urban Sindh. ECS stays true to its initial pledge to provide their consumers with quality and value for money. They are the oldest footwear company in Pakistan, and they have also achieved remarkable success in very few years.

Women’s footwear that leaves the ECS factory is not only elegant and chic but also highly durable as well as comfortable. Once you buy from ECS, you will have a hard time switching to other brands. ECS provides you with seasonal collections like summer, winter, and spring products as well as special collections like bridal footwear, casuals, sandals, slippers as well as sneakers. ECS has got you covered whether you are going to the gym or a special occasion or on a casual date with your friends. There is nothing that you can’t find for your feet at ECS.

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11. Borjan Shoes for Ladies


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Borjan is what you call the essence of Pakistan’s tradition. It’s one retail company that knows what the Pakistani community needs more than any brand. Borjan is one name that is recognized all over the country with great pride. The brand has over 1000 employees, as well as over 112 outlets across Pakistan. Over 56 cities of Pakistan have the famous Borjan outlets where you can buy your favorite footwear ever.

Borjan’s high-quality shoes even took their business to the Middle Eastern Market in 2014. The vision of Borjan is to expand to the MENA region shortly. You can find a wide variety of shoes at Borjan that includes but isn’t limited to Moccs, Mules, Court Shoes, Long Boots, Peep Toes, Sportswear, Comfortable daily wear shoes, Heels, Flats, Chappal, Slipper, Sandals, Khussa, Uggs as well as pumps. There is no other shoe that will give you a vast range like Borjan does. This range isn’t only the high point. You get high-quality shoes from Borjan in an extremely economical price range. What more can you can from an international brand.

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