New Sana Safinaz Winter Collection 2024

Sana Safinaz Winter Collection

This winter season, Sana Safinaz has brought a fresh collection specifically for winter. The collection has everything you will ever need for winter clothing. From Ready-to-wear to Unstitched to casual, all ensembles are perfectly curated. They are fit for routine wear and festive occasions as well. The statement of this brand is a mesmerizing vision. If you want an exquisite addition to your winter wardrobe, check out the following high-end dresses.

Latest Sana Safinaz Mahay Winter Collection 2023

Sana Safinaz revealed this brand-new winter women clothing line filled with colorful and vibrant dresses. You can beat the winter blues with high quality winter fabrics, woven shawls and slub linen. The mid-tones give a festive feel and all dresses fit rightly to your curves. See the following articles with prices.

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1. Starfish Digitally Printed Slub Shirt


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This slub fabric shirt is infused with maximum colors which offer a feminine ambience. The color combination of red, orange, peach, grape and ferozi are joined together to make it look elegant. The digital printing technique brings out the life in the shirt. Motifs are embroidered on the fabric, which gives it a unique look. The neckline is made of embroidered Organza and dynamic Kashmiri colors look spectacular at the black base. The Chinese brush painting produces some motifs too. Geometric design of the dupatta on khaddar goes well with the colorful shirt. The monochromatic Kashmiri paisleys and digital printing makes the dupatta dazzling. The price of this dress is 3,690 rupees.

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2. Yale Amalgamate Slub Shirt


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Red, peach, fern, yale and black colors are combined beautifully on this slub fabric shirt. The Kashmiri paisleys are used in this piece as well. Motifs made by the Chinese brush painting are impressive. These motifs are digitally printed on the shirt. The colorful canvas of the dress is further enhanced by the black neckline made of Organza. Vibrant embroidery is done in the unique Kashmiri colors. Geometric designing and tones of yale are seen on the dupatta. This warm khaddar dupatta coordinates well with the dress. The digital printed sleeves are 0.65 in length whereas the printed dupatta is 2.5 meters long. The price of this dress is 3,690 rupees.

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3. Fern and Red Digitally Printed Slub Shirt


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This dress has the color combination of black, red, salmon, mulberry, fern and lilac which are shown in an intricate way through digital printing. Slub fabric is chosen for the shirt and it is adorned with Chinese painting and breathtaking flower Pashmina motifs. The dupatta is made of khaddar which is a good material for winter. The colors of the monochromatic dupatta are matched with the colors of the shirt. Techniques of geometric shapes and color blocking are perfectly woven on the base of the dupatta. The front and back of the shirt with digital printing takes up to 1.20 meters. The price of this monochromatic dress is 2,990 rupees.

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4. Cyber Grape and Tangerine Slub Shirt


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Who doesn’t love Kashmiri embroidery? This special type of embroidery is mostly seen in the winter clothing as it is heavy and makes the dress more cozy. This is why it is so deeply penetrated in the Sana Safinaz Winter Collection. This article has the colors of tangerine, mauve, cyber grape and haze. The fabric chosen for the shirt is cotton slub because it is perfect for winter. The three techniques utilized for the shirt design are block printing, color blocking and Kashmiri embroidery motifs. These techniques are diverse and vibrant in their own way. The Organza neckline is embroidered in the hues of orange. This orange embroidery is prominent in Kashmiri designs. The ensemble is completed with the khaddar dupatta which is luxurious and is infused with the versatile booti chan work of South Asia. The geometric patterns are in the colors of orange and haze. Block printing is done with high precision. This dress of warm colors will not only look good but feel good too. The price is 3,690 rupees.

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5. Moss and Fire Hues Rest Slub Shirt


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Black color can only look the best in winter. The colors resting on this shirt are charcoal, black, red and moss. These are all feminine, firey and warm colors which are enhanced by the slub fabric. The dupatta is also firey due to the colors of black and red. Intricate designing is achieved by Kashmiri embroidery, color blocking, motifs, digital printing and block printing. Kashmiri paisleys inspire the overall design. The neckline of Organza has the tones of moss at the base of dark black with the best embroidery. Booti chan work inspired by South Asia and geometric shapes brings the 2.5 meters of dupatta to life. The price is 3,690 rupees.

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6. Sand and Oat Slub Shirt


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This is somewhat of a different dress concerning design and look. For example, combining Kashmiri kashida kari and Chinese trellis produce the best fusion motifs. The colors on the slub fabric shirt are oat, shadow grey, sand and marlin to create an earthly and genuine feel. The Organza neckline is also different due to the sequins attached to the base of marlin blue and oat colors. This elegant dress is completed with shadow grey pants in pure cotton fabric. The same color of marlin blue is dip dyed intricately on the khaddar dupatta. Delicate embroidery on the neckline looks fine. The pants are 2.5 meters in length. The price is 4,490 rupees.

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7. Sozni Embroidery and Floral Digitally Printed Shirt


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This heartthrob red dress is unique in all ways. Techniques of sozni embroidery, digital printing, color blocking, floral designs and fusioned motifs look exquisite. The warmest colors of red, iron, oat and sunbaked sand are used which are soothing to the eyes. The floral rendering on the shirt is one-of-a-kind. The khaddar dupatta has the exotic motifs, bold colors of iron, chrysanthemum and heartthrob red. High quality embroidery on the red neckline made of Organza looks striking. Pure cotton pants in the iron color have evocative borders in finely toned colors. The price of this warm dress is 4,490 rupees.

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8. Sand and Oat with Chinese Floral Digitally Printed Shirt


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This dress is earthly, divine and everything you want in a stylish winter outfit! The sunbaked sand, pine, oat and violet colors are different yet subtle. The motifs of mandala art, digital printing, trellis and Chinese floral patterns are beautifully fused together to give a bold statement. The khaddar dupatta in the contrasting colors of violet pairs well. Embroidery on the Organza neckline in the violet color looks good. The length of the dyed pants is 2.5 meters and so is the length of the printed dupatta. The illustrations of the Chinese floral designs brings out the life of the dress. This piece is perfect for a night out in the chilly winter season. The price is 4,490 rupees.

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9. Lavender and Red Shirt with Chinese Floral


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This lovely dress is perfect for young girls. It includes the subtle, feminine, vibrant and beautiful colors of ruby, mulberry, heartthrob red and lavender. These colors are digitally printed on the slub shirt. The combination of mandala art work, Chinese floral patterns and trellis is intricately fused together to offer wonderful designing. The dupatta has altogether different colors of yale, flamingo and ruby which become a resounding contrary to the shirt. The khaddar dupatta is decorated with Chinese floral patterns. This vibrant dress is available at a reasonable price of 2,990 rupees.

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10. Chinese Florals, Trellis and Mandala Art Shirt


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Whimsical and eclectic, this dress dons the sophisticated look with the colors of yale, rouge, electric blue and ruby. It is perfect for winters due to the slub fabric which has thick knots and knobbles of cotton to keep you warm. This characteristic makes it an organic and pure fabric. The substantial feel is coordinated with the khaddar dupatta to increase the warmth. The digital printing, mandala art work, Chinese flower patterns and trellis are decorated in a creative array. The dupatta has the colors of yale, mulberry and ruby which matches with the shirt. The intricate patterns and embroidery are layered onto each other to give a striking impression. You just have to wear this ensemble to make a bold statement. This dress is available at 2,990 rupees.

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11. Linen Shirt with Medallion, Beige and Cream Rests


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This dress will catch everyone’s attention with just one glance! The contemporary color combination of beige, teal, cream and medallion look smooth on the linen shirt. Addition of the Kashmiri kashida kari, digital printed motifs, floral patterns and color blocking are joined to give an artful look. This arrangement of colors and techniques are reminiscent of early fashion sense in Pakistan. The dupatta in the same linen fabric also incorporates the color blocking method. The price of this artful dress is 3,890 rupees.

12. Floral and Kashmiri Kashida Kari Shirt


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If you are an artsy woman, then this feminine dress belongs in your wardrobe. The unique colors of purple, Opera mauve, beige and cream work together to give an effortless urban look. The Kashmiri kashida kari work, digital printing of motifs, a network of patterns, color blocking and floral arrangements offers an ultra chic appearance. This fine ensemble is paired with a dupatta of linen fabric. Same colors as the shirt are found on the dupatta. The color blocking technique sheds light on the feminine motifs and delicate patterns. The price of this sensual dress is 3,890 rupees.

13. Linen Shirt with Printed Motifs Evocative of Intricate Lace Patterns


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Did someone say exotic? This uniquely divine dress is perfect for a formal event. The fine colors of flaxen, deep red wine and beige join hands to work magic on the linen shirt. The disposition of embroidery on the Organza neckline along with printed motifs takes the dress on another level. The delicate laces and patterns of flowers give an evocative touch to the shirt. Sozni embroidery at the top of the deep red wine color base looks otherworldly and is further enhanced by the wool tanka in a beige color. The sensuous dress is completed with the cotton pants of the same red wine color. The motifs are in the form of the mughal architecture and inspired by flowers. These motifs rest elegantly on the brown, magenta, maroon, golden rod, green, maroon and beige colors of the linen dupatta. This wine red dress is available at 4,490 rupees.

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14. Black and Oxidized Gold Printed Shirt


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Everyone loves a black and white dress in the winter blues. This decadent dress from the Mahay Winter’20 collection includes a linen shirt with gold oxidized work. The motifs are according to the mughal concept which look rich alongside the gold digital printing. Sozni embroidery and the heavy neckline lie on top of the luscious Organza material. Tilla and Aarri work on the black base color looks magical. A monochromatic dupatta in the linen dupatta also has the oxidized gold dabka work. Motifs of animals, flowers and sozni are dazzling. Pure cotton pants in black color wraps the whole look efficiently. This dress is a best companion for all the festive occasions. You can get it at 4,790 rupees.

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