List of 11 Best Formal Shoes Brands in Pakistan (Updated 2022)

Formal Shoes

There was a time when Pakistan had very limited options when it came to shoes. Today, we not only have a vast variety of casual shoes but we can also find great, high-quality dresses and the best formal shoes brands in Pakistan.

Formal Men’s Shoes Styles

Formal shoes for men come in a few main styles. These styles include:

1. Oxford Shoes

oxford shoes

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Oxford shoes are closed lacing shoes that have an elongated toe, a three-part paneled construction, and a stitched leather shoes. These are formal shoes that can be worn on different occasions such as weddings, formal events and work great for daily office wear too!

2. Derby Shoes

derby shoes

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These may seem almost identical to the Oxford shoes, but there are a few key differences. Derby shoes are open lacing. This is a feature that makes them a lot more comfortable to wear compared to Oxfords. Derby shoes can have an elongated or round toe. They have three-part paneled construction and stitched leather sole, both features similar to the Oxford. Derby’s are the most versatile type of shoe. They can be worn with formal suits, smart casual outfits, and even more casual outfits.

3. Brogue Shoes

brogue shoes

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Brouge shoes come in a plethora of shapes and styles but they have a few standard things in common. They feature low heel and heel caps, toe caps, and feature broguing or decorative perforations. These are kind of an extension to Derby shoes but with a much wider variety and designs. Brogues can be worn as semi-formal or smart casual shoes but they also work very well with most casual outfits too!

4. Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap Shoes

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Monk strap shoes are more of a unique type of shoe. It doesn’t have any laces. Instead, it features one or more straps that hold the shoe together. The most popular design in monk shoes is the one with two buckle straps. These shoes are designed with a couple of different shapes of straps, oval, square, rectangular to name a few. Monks can are less formal than an Oxford but more formal than a Derby, meaning they’re also ones that are supposed to be worn for more formal occasions by matching with men’s designer watches.

Top 11 Best Formal Shoes Brands in Pakistan

Many Pakistani brands sell formal shoes, but below are our top 11 brands for formal shoes in Pakistan with prices:

1. Urbansole

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - Chadwick

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Urbansole is a Pakistani brand that has been making shoes since 1998. They make shoes for men, women and children that feel premium but don’t cost a fortune.

They stock a very large collection of men’s formal shoes in different price ranges. You can find formal shoes in every style for prices as low as Rupees 3,500 and their most expensive pairs go up to Rupees 12,000.  Whether you opt for the most affordable or the most expensive ones, you’ll be getting great quality shoes that will last you a long time.

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2. Bata

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - Onmens 01

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Bata is a classic. If you’ve grown up in Pakistan, you’ve heard of Bata. Bata has been in business since 1951. They’re a multinational company based out of Pakistan and make great quality shoes for everyone!

With Bata, you know you’re getting a reliable shoe. Even then, they don’t expect you to spend a lot on their products. Their men’s formal shoe collections start as low as Rupees 1,500 (even lower if it’s sale season) and go up to Rupees 10,000. The quality of the shoes goes up significantly as the price increases, but still, the cheapest of their shoes will be great quality, giving you the room to buy multiple pieces and experiment with colors and styles! The executive’s range of Bata shoes is looking elegant with Rolex watches for men which is a symbol of luxury and business class.

3. Spadera

Spadera Shoes

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Spadera is one of the few companies that make premium quality handmade shoes in Pakistan. They specialize in men’s footwear and have one of the best shoes available in the country!

Spadera shoes can compete with the international shoe brands, their price point is mid-ranged, although when you compare it to international brands, you can get shoes that are identical in quality but for a fraction of their prices. Their shoes range from Rupees 9,000 to Rupees 20,000. Any of Spadera’s shoes can last you a really long time, so these are perfect for those that want something versatile that works with all outfits especially while wearing with designer leather bracelets for men by Riblor!

4. Ndure

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - Gewenner

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Ndure is another brand that is young but has made its mark. Established in 2017, Ndure has revolutionized the shoe game! They make shoes for everyone men, women, and children alike. Their goal is to provide shoes that are affordable, trendy but can stand the test of time.

At Ndure, you can find amazing quality men’s formal shoes for prices as low as Rupees 999 and up to Rupees 5,500. The best part about getting shoes from Ndure is that you’ll get on-trend shoes in their lower price range too, meaning you don’t have to fork out tonnes of money to look well put together!

5. Metro

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - Ordo

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Metro has been making products in Pakistan since it was first established in 1986. They make everything from shoes to clothing and accessories.

Their men’s formal shoe collection includes shoes of every type and colour, all made from premium quality leather. At Metro, you can buy men’s formal shoes for prices as low as Rupees 1600 and their range goes up to Rupees 5,000. If you want to know, what are the best Italian shoes to match your esthetic to be more handsome, don’t miss to have a look at our curated list.

6. Arino

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - V-Cut Bodge

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Arino is a shoe brand that has been selling its collections in various shoe outlets for a few years now. Their main focus is dominating the online shoe markets in Pakistan.

Arino shoes are made of genuine, high-quality leather. Their shoes are sold in Pakistan as well as exported abroad because of their great build-quality. Arino specialises in Men’s shoes. Their formal shoe collection starts at around Rupees 4,500 and goes up to Rupees 10,000 for their most expensive pairs. The quality of their shoes stays great, regardless of which price range you get them from.

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7. Borjan

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - Cordilla

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Borjan is another brand that we’re all familiar with. What’s surprising is that it hasn’t actually been around for very long! They first opened their doors in 2014 and quickly became a brand many people came to know and love even for the men’s wallet online shopping Pakistan.

Borjan makes shoes for both men and women. Their men’s formal shoe collection has a very wide variety to choose from. Their shoes start at around Rupees 3,000 and go up to about Rupees 8,000, depending on the type and finish of the shoes.

8. Servis

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - Fesslo Loafer

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Servis shoes was first established in 1959 in Lahore. They’ve managed to stay on top ever since. With over 500 outlets, Servis runs one of the largest networks of retail stores in Pakistan. At Servis, you can find shoes for men, women and children for any occasion but one of their most popular collections is their men’s formal shoe collection. Servis shoes is listed under the Pakistani shoe brands list for ladies due to the wide range of collections.

Their men’s formal shoes come in a variety of styles and colours to match with mens designer ties for executive suiting. They start at around Rupees 2000 and go up to around Rupees 9,000. They usually go on sale too so chances are that you’ll never really have to pay for their shoes at full price! They really stand true to their slogan and make “shoes for everyone”.

9. Soloto

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - The Barca

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Soloto is one of the most well-known names when it comes to online shoe shopping in Pakistan. They stock many smaller and larger names under their umbrella. If you’re looking to buy your formal shoes online, Soloto is your best bet!

You can find great quality premium leather formal shoes for men at Soloto for as low as Rupees 1,300! While the most expensive formal shoe they carry only goes upto Rupees 4,000, ensuring that there’s something for everyone!

10. Sapphire

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - Experto Wing

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When you compare Sapphire to other major brands, it’s quite new to the market. Established in 2014, Sapphire came and took the Pakistani markets by storm. What started as a women’s only clothing brand has expanded into a brand that does it all. They make clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and even home goods. Don’t miss having a look at top men’s clothing brands in Pakistan to have the best design collection.

Their men’s shoe collections have shoes made from genuine leather. Their shoes start at around Rupees 1,100 and go up to around Rupees 3,000. Making them another very affordable brand.

11. CAT Footwear

Spadera Handmade Leather Shoes - Inky Oxford

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CAT is a brand that we’re all familiar with. They make premium quality waterproof shoes that are built to make it through the toughest terrain. Even though they’re best known for their boots, they make a wide variety of other shoes too, including men’s formal shoes!

Their formal shoes are also mid-ranged. The prices usually start at about Rupees 11,000 and go up to about Rupees 14,000. Although with CAT shoes, you have the peace of mind that you’re ready for any situation and your shoes will make it through without a problem!

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Final Words

Now you have the knowledge of the types of formal shoes and which shoes are worn on which occasions you’ll have an easy time narrowing down what you’re looking for. Then you can decide the right size by checking the shoe size guide and what budget range for what the shoes to stay under. Using our list, you can easily find the best shoe brands in Pakistan which are that suit your budget and can start looking at shoes right away! Most of these brands have physical stores and online shops, no matter what your preference is, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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