Latest Pakistani Short Frock Design (Peplum Tops) in 2024

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Fashion has no borders, inspiration can come from any direction, and the living proof of this is the Peplum design or short frock design. Most Pakistani females know and love peplum frocks, but they are blissfully aware that the design hails from western culture. This is the beauty of fashion; you can take inspiration from anywhere and make the whole thing yours by adding traditional and cultural touches.

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The word Peplum is the new version of the Greek word “peplos”; yes you guessed it right the sleek design of Peplum hails from ancient Greek. Although the most popular eras of Peplum were the 40’s and the 80’s, it goes back a long way to the ancient Greek roots, amazing right? Wait we have more.

Peplum is the best way to add a chic style to your simple dress as well as adding volume and shape to your slim body shape. Here’s all you need to know about the latest peplum styles and how best to wear them.

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Why So Popular – Peplum Frocks in Pakistan

They are chic and elegant, who need a long gown anymore to look sophisticated. The same look of elegance and grace can be achieved by wearing a dazzling peplum. They have been popular since the ’40s and trust me they will still be popular after a century more.

It all started with Christian Dior’s vision of giving women a chic yet sophisticated look by adding volume around the waist and making the hip area prominent. The style took a life of its own when the Pakistani fashion industry adopted it. In the western world, the peplum design is used to make chic and modern jackets, top and blouse. We, on the other hand, have different ideas in mind.

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List of 8 Best Short Frock Design (Peplum Shirts) Pairing with Bottoms

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Our clothes are a reflection of our community, values, and tradition. We can’t take the culture of our attires; hence, we gave Peplum a whole new makeover, and it turned out to be brilliant. Here is a list of all the inspiration you need and a great pairing of bottoms with the latest peplum styles. Enjoy the read and have a fun search for your best peplum design.

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1. Pairing Peplum with Bell Bottoms

Pairing Peplum with Bell Bottoms

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Bell bottom pants are as old as peplum frocks, it’s petty obvious that they are linked as the best pair in town. The flair of bell-bottom pants as well as the flair of the peplum frock not only balance each other out but also complement each other to the full. Why is this combination so great? Because one feels incomplete without another, you can’t go wrong with Peplum paired with bell bottoms.

Many famous designers have used this awesome combination in their famous collections as well. Brand names like Chottani, Maria B., are some of the many who have taken advantage of this awesome blend of bell-bottoms and peplum frocks to define their collections. A simple bell-bottom trouser paired with an embroidered short peplum frock is all you need to rock the Mehandi of your best friend. You can even go all nine yards and design a heavy peplum frock with embroidered flared trousers to make the attire heavy for wedding or reception day.

No matter which design you decide to go with, the bell-bottom pants will win the event over. It’s a great pair that will make you stand out no matter what. Pastel colors are in this season, make sure you get your design in coral, peach pink, sky blue or baby blue and mint green colors.

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2. Pairing Peplum with Tulip Pants

Pairing Peplum with Tulip Pants

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Tulip shalwar or Tulip Pants took the fashion industry by storm. At the height of its fashion days, tulips shalwars were seen everywhere. Tulip pants or shalwar is basically the old Patiala shalwar with a modern touch of tapered ends. The combination and experiment worked wonders of the fashion industry. They look classic and chic, and the versatility of this shalwar makes it easy for the wearer to pair it with anything. Whether you are wearing a short top or a short blouse, the tulip pant will complement it for sure.

This brings us back to our peplum frock, will the chic tulip pants complement the elegance of a peplum frock. Why, yes it will; the sleek flair or Peplum and the slim tapered design of tulip pants look as if they were made for each other. Tulip pants are a refreshing change from tight and skin-hugging pants; they help your legs breathe and make you look great. Paired with Peplum these look epic as they are a unique combination of grace meets unconventional chic. If you are struggling to make your Peplum look a little different, just pair it with tulip pants and enjoy the praises for being unique.

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3. Pairing Peplum with Cigarette Pants

Pairing Peplum with Cigarette Pants

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Have you good the long and lean legs that every model wishes for well then why not give cigarette pants a try. These are the best way to make you slim legs look extra lean and long. Cigarette pants are popular as they are effortless and very casual, but you can easily design yours for the wedding season. The low profile design of the cigarette pants is the perfect thing for your heavy Peplum as it will keep all the attention on your top.

The pair works best for people who fall in love with heavy set peplums, wearing a simple cigarette pant will keep all eyes on your Peplum. A low profile but finely tailored pants will enhance the beauty of your peplum frock even more.

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4. Pairing Peplum with Pencil Pants

Pairing Peplum with Pencil Pants

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Pencil pants or trousers are smart; there is no other word for it. They look great and they also add a very modern look to any top you wear, even if it’s a heavy peplum. Imagine a heavy peplum frock that twirls in your wake when you take a sharp turn, nothing but a pair of smart pants will complement the look. These smart pants are made for the likes of peplum frock, to make them look even more lavish.

These tights for women and figure-hugging pants look extremely cool in long and lean legs; they make slim legs look even slimmer. How cool will a short frock with massive volume look on smart pants like these? High heels, loose curls, and Smokey eyes are just the thing that will take your Peplum to the height of fashion.

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5. Pairing Peplum with Culottes

Pairing Peplum with Culottes

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Culottes or split skirts are just regal. They are fit to be worn by the most gorgeous princesses of the Mughal Era, yes they are that beautiful. These striking bottoms are the next best thing that you can pair your Peplum with. Frocks and Culottes don’t really go together, but if that frock is a peplum, you might want to rethink your decision.

Short frock or peplums with huge volume will work with Culottes as no other bottom would. If you are worried that your Peplum isn’t heavy enough, pair it with long and wide culottes and rock the event. You might think it would look conventional or typical, but trust us it would look regal and nothing below that. The volume of Peplum will be complemented by the volume and width of the culottes. Models have walked the runway, looking uber cool and graceful with short peplum frocks paired with Culottes, even bridal dresses have been designed around culottes. What more evidence do you need to know that these two work together with perfection?

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6. Pairing Peplum with Jeans

Pairing Peplum with Jeans

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Who says you can reserve peplums for weddings only. Didn’t we mention that they come from the western world? Well then, think about paring your peplum tops with ladies’ jeans and going casual. Yes, isn’t this a cool idea?

Short peplum frock goes great with a pair of denim; they look smart as well as very casual. It’s the best style statement that you can adopt for university o for your workplace. There are many inspirations available on the internet; all you have to do is search Peplum and jeans together. The smart dressing doesn’t take much effort, but it does take out-of-the-box thinking. This is the reason why we have our awesome designers who come up with brilliant combinations day after day and make our life easier.

Even for unique souls who have drifted in traditional events in jeans, Peplum can be a lifesaver. All you have to do is get an embellished peplum, with colors matching your jeans and some funky jewelry to mask the fact that you are wearing jeans underneath your Peplum, the society will accept you.

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7. Pairing Peplum with Sharara

Pairing Peplum with Sharara

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A sharara is the most authentic and traditional wedding wear in Pakistan. You will see the closest people of the bride and groom in sharara, this is how they tell the whole audience that they are closely related to the bride and groom, and this is how they show their happiness and festivity. You can also adorn a sharara on Eid and such other auspicious events.

Even the brides wear shararas on their wedding day or their Mehandi day, and it’s the most common and festive dress for Pakistani weddings. If it’s this common, how can you make yours different? How will you make your sharara dress stand out from the sea of shararas at the event? Why by adding a peplum top to it.

Whether you are the bride or the friend of the bride or even the sister, you can wear and rock a peplum frock with a sharara. You can either wear a full-fledge sharara or split it in the middle and make sharara pants, and both will go great with the peplum top. Keep everything heavy so that it matches the event and helps you stand out in the sea on many sharara wearers. You can go for front open peplums to suit the style of your sharara, the shorter your front is, the better your sharara will look, and that’s a fact.

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8. Pairing Peplum with Fishtail Bottom

Pairing Peplum with Fishtail bottom

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You may have seen fish tail maxis, but a fishtail sharara or gharara with a peplum frock is very unique. Not many people have tried it, which makes it our hottest pick. A fishtail lehenga is also very unique and perfect for the wedding season. You can either take the long Peplum or the short one, as both go well with the heavy bottom of fishtail lehenga/sharara/gharara.

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Popular Peplum Styles

So, there you have it the topmost bottoms paired with peplum frocks. However, there are many peplum styles still to discuss. Here is a brief list of the styles you can design your Peplum with.

1- Angrakha Peplum

Angrakha Peplum

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Angrakha is a design that was inspired by the Mughals; they look regal and very elegant. Most angrakhas are loose-fitting, so they work well for all body types. Angrakha style fused with peplum design looks very exotic. It’s the best combination there is when it comes to peplum styles. They are best fitted with sharara or gharara, as it’s mostly worn at weddings.

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2- Front Open Peplum

Front open Peplum

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A coat styled Peplum with beautiful pearl buttons down the front looks nothing but sexy. You can’t go wrong with the front open peplum design. You can either keep or avoid a slit, totally depends on your taste. This design is best paired with pants or trousers, but people have also been seen wearing shararas and tulip paints with it as well. You can also try the latest frock lawn dress stitching designs to have a modern and elegant look for events.

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Peplum frocks were famous in the ’40s, they were again at the height of their popularity in the 80 and now again the fashion trend of Peplum has revived. Popular and evergreen ladies shirt designs like Peplum never really fade away in the background, they are the kind that resurfaces time after time, reminding us why they were so popular in the first place. Pakistani designers have presented the fashion audience all around the world with the best version of peplum frocks. And we have tried to bring these trendy pairings to your notice. Rock your ultimate peplum pairings this wedding season and spellbind everyone around you.

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