Hijab Style Step by Step Guide (Updated 2024)

Hijab Styles

With every culture, you will see many distinct features that define that particular culture. Similarly in the Islamic culture, the feature of modesty is very apparent in every walk of life. Covering yourself up is mandatory whether you are a Muslim girl or a Muslim boy. This proper cover keeps you and the on-looker from temptation.

Hijab is one such example of being modestly covered. For a Muslim girl, being covered is essential as well as a necessity according to religion. If something is mandatory and should be done every day, we believe that it should be done in style to make the perfect blend of religion and trend. If done right, a hijab can add grace and style to your dressing with Pakistani makeup and best shoe brands. It will make you look extremely elegant and sophisticated.

There are many hijab styles that you can master in 5 to 10 minutes as they are very simple. We will cover many of them in the article today.

Read along to learn the best hijab styles to wear in 2023.

The Best Hijab Styles Step by Step to Wear In 2023

Latest Hijab Style

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Hijab doesn’t only go with eastern clothes, but it’s very popular with western attire as well. You can wear a trendy hijab style with jeans and look breathtaking. This is not all; even brides wear hijab on their wedding day and look picture perfect. Isn’t that cool – well you can easily adopt these trendy styles of wearing hijab read along to know which style will suit you best.

There are many materials that are both suited for daily wear as well as party wear. There are many styles that you can do, to show off your fashion sense. Keep it loose to show off your awesome jewelry or wear it tight to enhance your face shape; it’s up to you how you want to style your hijab. With our guide to the hijab, you will never have to worry about wearing your hijab to a casual or formal party.

Embellishments to Go With Hijab

In the old days, the hijab was just a long chaddar that used to cover the head as well as the front of the body, but things have changed a bit. It’s no longer a simple chaddar but a mix of long and short scarves that are set with countless embellishments. You can use an assortment of accessories to fix your hijab in place. Not only do these add grace, but they also make your hijab look funky and trendy.

You can add these accessories according to the occasion. For formal events, you can add pins with pearls and diamonds, or clips with stones and women’s bracelets are one of the best-considered options. For daily wear tear-drop pins are trendy, you can buy them in many different colors to match the color of your scarf. There are many clips and pins that are so delicately embellished that you will want to wear a hijab just to put them on your scarf. To people who think hijabs are boring and they are all alike, this article will be an eye-opener. Herewith us, you can learn a whole new level of doing hijab and enhancing the grace and elegance of your look.

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Hijab According To Face Type

Hijab According To Face Type

Since a hijab circles your face to perfection and enhances your face shape, even more, you need to learn which style works according to your face. It’s very easy to know your face shape; there are many websites that tell you exactly how to determine your face shape. Once you know your face shape, it will be easier for you to decide which hijab style suits you better.

You can enhance the style of your Hijab big time if you know what attributes go with your face shape. Examples like a plaited scarf, trendy twisted scarves, multiple knotted scarves, fancy fabric, and formal scarves will look even more so with matching face shape.

Oval Face

Oval Face Hijab Step by Step

The ideal shape of all is the oval shape when it comes to hijab styling. You can literally pick any style and it will work for your face perfectly. You are fortunate if you have an oval shape because then you can easily change your style every day and look equally good.

With an oblong or oval face, you have a choice to wear an inner cap, wearing an inner cap can make your hijab style even better. Your inner cap will make your forehead look smaller and also lessen the roundness of your face. There is another benefit of wearing under-caps, they add color and texture to your

If you have round or healthy cheeks try wearing your scarf diagonally, this will cover your cheeks more and expose your forehead more, giving you a long face illusion. Framing your face in the right way in important. Don’t add folds and tie your scarf a bit tighter around your face; this will expose your chin, making your face look longer than rounder.

Round Face

Layered Round Face Style

A fuller face with a rounded chin is all indicative of a round face. If you aren’t careful with your hijab style your face will look even chubbier than it really is. Hijab looks great with eastern clothes as well, especially with famous lawn brands, jeans, but it will not look good if you go against your face shape. In a round face broadest part is the cheeks.

The best way to enhance the beauty of a round face is to wear your hijab very smartly. Loose hijab is the way to go if you have a round face. Adding textures and folds to your hijab takes away the attention from the roundness from your face. Also, the looseness of the scarf will expose your full cheeks and make the whole style come alive. Wearing the hijab tightly will only make the roundness of the face more prominent, so avoid doing that.

Long Face

Long Face Hijab Style Step by Step

A long face, as well as rectangle face, is very much like having an oval face, it’s pretty ideal for hijabis to have this face shape. You can get a lot out of your hijab, and any style will look great on an oval face. With a long face, either your forehead is too high, or your chin is too narrow. Either way, you have to think your hijab styles through. The best way to enhance the potential of your face is to keep the cloth off your forehead, cover the cheeks a bit more, and also add volume around your crown area, and this will balance the prolonged shape of your face. Adding volume balances out the length of your face. Also, pinching the top of your hijab to make a V or a beak on your forehead will make the chin more prominent. Adding ruffles to your hijab and light material with which you can create multiple folds is a great way to enhance your prolonged face. Turban style hijab is another excellent way to add texture to your long face.

Wrapping It Up

Here are some great ways to style your hijab on both eastern as well as western clothes.

The Simple Style


Simple Hijab Style Step by Step

This is the simplest style of wearing a hijab. To make this lavish, you can add an embellished pin to clip to make it look great. All in all, this style is a routine hijab that you can do every day, even if you are running late, this can be done in 5 minutes.

Start with placing the hijab cloth over your head and keep both sides leveled. Pin the hijab under your chin and make a beak on your forehead to bring life to your style. The next step is to take one side of the hijab and to cross it over your font and pin it up on your crown. Take the other side and loop it around your chest, make some ruffles, and drape it over your head. You can pin this side either on your shoulder or around your temple, either way, and it will look graceful.

Chic Hijab Without a Pin

Wearing Hijab without Pin

Hijab is a great way to express your modesty and style your personality. Hijab without a pin isn’t hard, and it looks incredibly chic. It’s also great because you don’t have to fumble with pins and have the hassle of tie your hijab in a certain way. You can wear your hijab this way on your abaya, Kaftan as well as jeans. This style is excellent with solid color and sturdy material, especially if its making combination with unique nail art designs to make a more gorgeous look.

You start by draping your hijab on your head and placing it the way you want. The next thing to do is to take one side, bunch it together, and take it around your neck. Bring this side from the back of the neck to the front and let it hang. This is you are done. This hijab will hold perfectly fine and looks great on round faces.

Accessorizing The Hijab

Hijab Pins

Simply wrapped hijab is great for daily routine and work, but if you are going to a social event like a wedding or a party you should think about adding some accessories to it. Let’s read ahead and know how to do that.

Adding Accessories Underneath the Hijab: an old necklace, a chain, or even a choker can be added by pinning it on the head, placing it over the forehead, and then wrapping the hijab around it.

Ribbons or Funky Bands: The side that hangs after you are done tying the hijab can be styled by adding funky bands to it. This will not only add texture but also keep the hijab in place by adding weight to it.

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Keeping Modesty and Fashion Intact

There are many girls in the Pakistani society who come from homes where it’s mandatory to cover your head as well as your chest properly. These rules don’t mean that you have to stop wearing a hijab. You can easily opt for styles that are tied with longer and wider scarves that cover the head as well as the chest properly. For trendy fashionable styling, you can add ruffles to your hijab. These ruffles and folds will cover your chest in a very graceful yet stylish manner.

Here’s how you can tie a long scarf that will cover both your head and chest. Take a longer and wider scarf and then fold it in a rectangular shape. Keep one side longer than the other. Now loop the shorter side under the length and pin it on your head. Next, you drape the longer side across your chest and pin it either on your head or on your shoulder. This longer side will cover your chest perfectly.

Chest Layering Hijab

Chest Layering Hijab

Modesty is the most beautiful feature of Islam. It sets Muslim ladies apart from all cultures. All hijab styles are made to cover the head, but not all can cover the chest. You need to go the extra mile if you want to add a layer against your chest. Here’s how you do it.

Get a longer cloth or scarf that you usually do, and wear it the way you want. In the end, just take the extra-long side and drape it over your chest and pin it on your shoulder. You can also add ruffles and fold to give it extra texture. Apart from covering your chest, this style will show off the print of your scarf to the full as well. So, if you are going for this style, you better get flamboyant and trendy prints.


All in all, hijabs can be a great way to express your elegance and grace. It’s the perfect way to express your modesty as well as your religious values. With a trendy hijab, you can keep in relation to both your religion and the world’s hairstyle fashion trends for girls. The best fact that hijab styles are so versatile that you can easily alter to another if one doesn’t suit you. Don’t give up because there are so many styles that you have never tried; you never know which one will suit you the best. While using the hijabs, you have to get the best hair protection with Sulfate-Free Shampoo or any other best natural shampoos and conditioners to treat damaged hair.

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