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Is your wardrobe ancient and outdated? Are you searching for fashion solutions that will transform your clothing style? If you are not sure how to add style and glamour to your clothes or what are the steps to reinvent the wardrobe, you have arrived at the right place. This article will explore the choices and designs available in the variety of the shirt for women. 2022 is the year of the latest trendy shirts for women with different designs. This trend has been emerging in Pakistan for a long time since women are breaking the fashion stereotypes and redefining the ways a shirt should look and wear. It is mostly the university of college-going girls who are in dire need of the newest shirt designs so that they can look the finest. The three types of casual shirt designs will be explained in this article which are off-shoulder, knotted, and high-low shirts.

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Latest Designs of Casual Shirts for Women’s in Pakistan

Latest casual shirts designs in 2021 for women

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This article lays down the list of the latest styles of shirts which can be worn with jeans, trousers, tights and literally any bottom. These include designer tops as well. Some of the features which can be found in casual shirts are spectacular cut silhouettes, beautiful color combinations, outstanding stitching designs and top-notch fabric quality. These features can make you or any woman stand out and grab everyone’s attention. Casual shirts can be basic or voguish and the ability to judge which shirt belongs to which category, you need to have a strong fashion sense. However, both voguish and basic shirts have their own benefits and can be worn on different occasions.

In 2022, Pakistani leading and top-notch brands like Nishat Linen, Khaadi, Bareeze, Al Karam, Gul Ahmed, Chen One and Cross Stitch have come with full force to offer perfectly stitched and curated casual shirts. These shirts and tops have a touch of ethnic and traditional vibe as well. For example, Pakistani conventional motifs, digital printing in traditional designs, and embroidery all combine to give a classic ethnic vision. The best thing about these laid-back, casual, simple, and individualistic shirts is that they can be coupled with any bottom. For instance trousers, jeans, leggings, and tights are frequently worn with casual tops and shirts by Pakistani women.

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The Best Designs of Tops and Shirts with Pictures

The best designs of tops and shirts with pictures

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Casual shirts are frequently worn by young girls and teenage women. It is a fashion trend which is all the hype highlighted by the fashion magazines in Pakistan. However, the design and style of these casual shirts keep changing throughout the year partly due to weather and partly due to the innovation in fashion. However if one keeps an eye on all the big categories of shirts and the fashion sense which revolves around it, the transformation from bland to classy can happen easily. The ensembles that are in high demand in 2022 are as follows.

  • Color blocking dresses
  • Off-shoulder shirts
  • Long skirts
  • Knotted shirts
  • Boat neck
  • High low (Hi-Lo) kurta style tunic
  • Three quarters sleeves
  • Jumpsuits
  • Angrakha frocks
  • Denim and jeans
  • Bell sleeves
  • Short frocks
  • Peekaboo and flared sleeves

Similarly, let us go through the ensembles which have become outdated in 2022.

  • Full sleeves
  • Long shirts
  • Shalwar kameez in fitting

Now let’s see the bottoms or lower garments which are fashionable.

  • Ripped jeans
  • Loose trouser
  • Knotted trouser
  • Culottes and belt
  • Flared pants

Lastly, the bottoms or lower garments that are out of vogue are as follows:

  • Belted shalwar
  • Jeans
  • Churidar pajamas
  • Capri
  • Patiala shalwar
  • Tulip pants

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1. Off-Shoulder Shirt and Tops

Off shoulder shirt and tops

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This fashion trend in casual shirts has been going strong from 2017 to 2022. Young girls love wearing off shoulder dresses and bodices which are attractive shirt designs. It is both casual and stylish. This is a fashion trend that will never go out of fashion. It is highly demanding in the bigger cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Islamabad, Multan, and more.

If you are a fashion conscious person, you might wonder what is the reason behind the popularity of off shoulder shirts. Although different girls like this casual shirt design for different reasons, below are the most obvious reasons which make the off shoulder shirt popular among the masses.

  • It is classy and feminine
  • It is affordable and within everyone’s range
  • It is highly fashionable and instantly elevates your appearance

The off shoulder design is even found in wedding and bridal wear. These luxurious dresses with the same design look phenomenal. Since the off shoulder shirt highlights the collar bone of women, it appears to be feminine, exquisite, and attractive.

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Fashion Tip

Fashion tip

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If you are inspired to wear this shirt style, then add a choker necklace to your appearance. These both are a match made in heaven. Young girls love buying chokers when they are out looking for off shoulder shirts. It elevates beauty to another level by making your neck look longer.

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Check the following off shoulder shirts in the pictures below.

2. High Low Shirts and Tops

High low shirts and tops

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This is the latest and emerging casual shirt design. It includes long back kurta and short front shirts. It was seen in a big variety all over the fashion labels in Pakistan for the year 2019. Similarly to the mainstream fashion of floor length long shirts in 2016, the high low shirts are ruling the markets and industries everywhere. But even a few years later, this trend is only growing. It has now been modified in a variety of lengths but the essence of the design has been maintained throughout the years.

From the previous years, designers have shortened the front panel whereas the back panel has a maximum length. The back panel should be as long as possible that it can kiss the floor. This long length will also create a draping effect that resembles a dress. The high low shirt looks like a long stitched kurta. Ever since this design came in the market, girls became excited to follow the newest shirt style. They also stitched it either themselves or bought Ready-to-wear Hi-Low shirts. You can have a detailed look at Hi-Low casual shirt pictures.

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3. Knotted Shirts and Tops

3)Knotted shirts and tops

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Last but definitely not least, this casual shirt design is called or better known as the knotted style tunic. If you want to grab the attention of everyone in the room in the fastest way possible, wear a knotted shirt. This stylish top will bring out your inner fashionista in just one wear rest assured.

There exists a lot of variety in knotted tops which are written below:

  • Knotted Sleeves
  • Front Knot
  • Side Knot

A shirt can have various knots in two varieties as well. Many fancy attires have more or less the same knotted style. The best part about wearing this casual shirt is that you can select any bottom along with it such as a trouser, flapper, jeans, leggings, pants or capri’s. You can choose the bottom based on the occasion and weather. All of them are readily available and very affordable. If you want the bottom to have designs or some styling, you can purchase a fancy trouser or Capri which has borders, laces, digital printing, floral arrangement, patterns, motifs, and much more designs. They pair extremely well with all types of casual shirts. Similarly, jeans and pants can be bought with a ripped design which is highly popular everywhere. See the various types of knotted shirts and tops below in the pictures.

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Useful Tips for Styling Your Shirt According to Your Body Type

Useful tips for styling your shirt according to your body type

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It is crucial to know how to carry and wear a top with grace and confidence. Every woman has her own body type and physique which is why you should opt for a shirt according to your size. See the additional tips for all body types below.

  1. Tall Women: If you have a tall height, you need to style your shirt according to it. The length of the top should be long enough so that your hips are covered.
  2. Curved Body: Curves look beautiful and a curved body is envied by other women. In fact, it can also be called a diamond shaped body. For curved women, it is best to highlight the look of the upper torso. In order to make the upper torso prominent, you can wear shirts having broad neck areas. There are three types of wide necklines which are known as collars, boats, and cowls.
  3. Short Women: There are a lot of women with short height these days. Luckily for them, many brands and stores have a lot of shirts for them. Short women should wear a top that ends at the hip bone.
  4. Round Body: Women with a round physique look adorable and childlike. Round shaped women should not wear sleeves with short length, closed necklines, huge collars, horizontal details, and shoulder pads. The reason why it should be avoided is that they widen the part where they end. Round shaped women should wear casual shirts and tops having a straight cut. Moreover, the sleeves of their tops and shirts should have comfortable armholes.

Following these styling tips according to all types of physiques will let you select shirts that will look the best on you. It will build your confidence and fashion taste as well!

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Pakistani Fashion Designers

Pakistani fashion designers

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Whenever one thinks about tops or shirts, it is natural to also think about the leading and renowned fashion designers and brands of Pakistan. They work hard to create the best collections for the audience which is why they should be appreciated. It is due to these designers and their expertise, creative vision and taste that women stand out from the crowd. However one should keep in mind that there are many more designers and courtiers in our country who are extremely talented and creative. The designs which they produce are distinct, exquisite, and unique. Nowadays a certain amount of embellishments are seen on the shirts as well. Although embellishments are fine, one should remember that the shirts should be comfortable, wearable and unique. The individualistic and casual vibe of the tops should remain intact.

You can purchase high quality, fashionable and unique casual shirts from these brands by visiting their website and placing your order. Their casual collection includes all the stuff you need. You can browse and go through each shirt and top.

Wrapping It Up

Wrapping it up

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Hopefully, by now you must have learned a lot about casual shirts and tops. Pakistan boasts an extensive and diverse collection of this item. A lot of women and young girls buy from this collection. You must have selected your favorite from the high low kurta, off shoulder top, and knotted shirts. By applying the styling tips mentioned in this article, you can curate the best look for yourself.

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