Latest Top 10 Ladies Shirt Designs Pakistani (Updated 2024)

Ladies Shirt Designs Pakistani

Looking to change up your outfit game but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a list of stylish ladies’ shirt designs according to Pakistani fashion that’ll help you find a style that’s perfect for you!

When it comes to putting together the perfect outfit, the shirt is usually the statement piece you build everything else around. When you’re doing this in Pakistan, things can get a little more challenging.

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Pakistani fashion is so vast that it includes almost everything under the sun. Depending on which part of the country you’re in and what season it is you’ll have to totally change up your wardrobe accordingly. If that wasn’t complicated enough, we have “festival seasons” too. Every Eid and wedding season brings with it a whole different style that’s “in” with it.

We’ve put together a little guide that goes over the different types of shirt designs for Pakistani women according to styles, going from casual to super decked out Shaadi-wear (Pakistani bridal dresses), to help you figure out which design or style would be perfect for you.

List of 10 Best Simple Ladies Shirt Designs Pakistani

1. Long Shirt Designs

Long Shirt Designs

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Long shirts come in style every couple of years. This style of the shirt goes all the way down and almost touches the ankles. There’s a reason this style keeps coming back, it’s because of its versatility.

The most common way of getting your shirt designed in this style is to have it be a straight shirt that goes all the way down to your ankles. It would have slits on its sides and would usually be a little fitted around the waist. This type of long shirt can be paired with leggings, wide-leg trousers, and even shalwars. Almost every type of bottoms go well with this and it can be made with casual everyday outfits and decked out wedding wear alike.

Another popular way to get the long shirts made is to get them made loose and without slits. So the whole shirt is closed all the way down to the hem. These too can be paired with any bottoms and are flattering on almost everyone!

Generation Pakistan has been the best place to get either type of Long shirts for 2 decades straight, they almost always have a few long shirt options available in their collections.

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2. Short Shirt Designs

Short Shirt Designs

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Short shirts are right there with the very long ones, being another one of the classic shirt designs in Pakistan. Whenever people get bored with the long shirt design, this is the polar opposite they go for. The two styles tend to come in style alternatively every couple of years.

These are usually at least 2-3 inches above the knee but can go up 5-6 inches too (or as short as you want it to go). They feature slits on the side and go with almost every type of bottoms too! The possibilities are endless with these! Recently, shorter shirts have become very popular to wear with ghararas and shararas, revamping the whole look of boring bottoms!

If you’re looking for a short frock in a simple cut, Ethnic Pakistan is one of the best brands out there. Most of their ready-made shirts are usually on the shorter side and can be altered to go even shorter very easily.

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3. Knee Length Kurta Style Shirt

Knee Length Kurta Style Shirt

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Comfy fashion is the main takeaway from the 2010s. We threw out the uncomfortable tight-fitting shirts and at one point, Pakistani fashion entirely revolved around knee length Kurta style shirts. These are often slightly looser at the shoulders, have a bigger armhole and loose, long sleeves. The kurta itself usually goes straight down, with simple slits and hemmed at the bottom.

These can be such comfortable pieces to work around, that if you have multiple choices, this one usually ends up winning. Many women would rather re-wear the same kurta than get lots of other not so comfy shirts.

The comfort is only amplified by how these can be worn anywhere. They fit every environment, offices, homes, dinners, Eids, and party alike. You can easily dress it up or down depending on what bottoms, shoes for ladies, and accessories you wear with them.

Khaadi is hands-down the pioneers in the world of knee-length kurtas in Pakistan. No matter what time of the year it is, you’re bound to find the perfect kurta for you.

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4. The Fusion Top

The Fusion Top

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Those of us that wear ladies jeans often, but still want something desi to offset them, can land into a bit of a predicament where we don’t know which piece in your outfit should be swapped out. The fusion top is the perfect thing that’s made for this purpose. It’s usually a short shirt, the length of a ladies’ t-shirt, but is made in the design of a kurta. Often they sport Doris and laces along with other embellishments to add to the entire look. Other versions of the fusion to take inspiration from any “western” shirt and implement it on desi fabric – creating a fusion of styles.

Although this style is for everyone, it’s been the most popular among college and university students. As when you’re a student, you want to look put together while being comfortable at the same time.

The generation has a dedicated section to fusion wear. There you can find a lot of options from varying styles and degrees of fusion. You can have a look at some of the top designs of dress stitching. There’s something in there that will appeal to everyone!

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5. The Gathered Shirt

The Gathered Shirt

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As comfort became a necessity in Pakistani women’s fashion, we had to find more and more ways to incorporate comfort in designs that look put together and would last us a few years. Many of us get new clothes made every season, it’s always preferable if the clothes are made in styles that are timeless and will last us a few seasons without looking “old fashioned”.

Shirts that are made with a bodice and a gathered bottom was exactly this. For a few years now, we have seen this style stay in fashion. It provides shape because of the tailored bodice and it’s comfortable and airy at the same time because of the gathers that make the rest of the shirt.

These are popularly paired with palazzos, tights, or bell-bottom trousers, but the way that they are made, they can literally be paired with anything and still look good!

Limelight has a wide variety of gathered shirts available almost all year round in various fabrics. You can even get this style of shirt made very easily by going to any local tailor as well.

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6. The Long Gathered Summer Dress Style Shirt

The Long Gathered Summer Dress Style Shirt

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Recently, long summer dresses have become popular in Pakistan because they’re one of the most modest pieces from western fashion. But because of how expensive each dress gets by the time you get it from abroad, it ruins the fun of getting it, not to mention the discrepancies in their lengths and styles that end up rendering them useless to wear in Pakistan.

The summer dress inspired shirts are the perfect way of getting that look without actually getting a summer dress – Warda summer dress collection is one of the best examples of this. These are usually made with 4-6 meters of fabric. They mimic the look of a summer dress but is tailored in a way that you can wear bottoms of your choice and have the sleeves that you want. Making them as modest as you want them to be!

Niche Instagram brands make some summer dress style shirts but these are almost always the best when you get them made by your own tailor.

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7. Anarkali Style Shirts

Anarkali Style Shirts

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The Anarkali used to be a popular design for shirts and dresses back in the day. It has made its come back a few times over the years, each time in a totally different way. We’ve seen this style reincarnated in variations like having a longer top half, a fuller skirt, a shorter length, and now in casual shirts. Have a look at the latest Casual Designs for Girls in Pakistan

Anarkali inspired shirts are great if you want to look like you have put a lot of thought into your outfit, even if you have not. Pair them with a heavy pair of jhumkas and a loose palazzo and bring the whole look together.

For the past 2 decades, Generations has been the most reliable place to get this type of shirt from. They are usually up to date with the style that Anarkalis come back to every year and tweak their collection accordingly.

8. Long Single Slit Shirts

Long Single Slit Shirts

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When you’re talking about long shirts, it’s common to only envision them the one simple way: long to the ankles, straight all the way down with 2 slits on the sides. This design got a revamp when designers came out with a single slit in the front styles.

In this variation, you have your simple long shirt, usually looser than a regular straight long shirt, instead of 2 slits on either side of the shirt, you have a single slit down the middle or a little off-center. This design brings in a contemporary touch to an older, classic design.

This style is most commonly worn with statement bottoms. You can have a plain shirt and add a sparkly, embellished pair of trousers to pull the whole look together. The peek-a-boo aspect that these shirts bring will also make the statement trousers a surprise, as you won’t be able to see them all the time.

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9. A-line Shirts

A-line Shirts

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A-line shirts are a mix between a dress and a shirt. For those who don’t like the bulk that comes with wearing a proper dress style shirt but still want the versatility and comfort that comes with wearing a long dress, this is the perfect middle ground.

These are essentially shirts, but instead of stopping somewhere around the knees, these go all the way down. As they do that, they form an “A shape” as the taper outwards towards the hem of the shirt. It usually features no slits, it’s entirely closed from all the sides and forms a shirt that strongly resembles a dress, but still remains a shirt.

These are awesome because you’ll only really see the bottom of your trousers. You can go wild with embellished hems for your trousers that add a pop of sparkle to the outfit or keep it very simple and wear plain trousers or tights with them.

Al-Karam and Satrangi make various designs in the A-line shirts in their summer collections.

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10. Statement Sleeve Shirts

Statement Sleeve Shirts

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If you are someone that loves their good old kurta styled shirts and just can’t think of wearing anything else. You can still update your look and make every kurta shirt look entirely different. This is done by adding statement sleeves to your shirt.

The main shirt stays the style you are the most comfortable with and the sleeves bring uniqueness. Off-shoulder kurtas become a whole different thing when compared to regular kurtas while maintaining the same fit. Other variations can be dramatic bell sleeves, cold shoulder tops, sleeves with a slit down the middle, cut out sleeves, and many more – you can let your imagination run wild with these and end up with a completely unique piece each time.

Gul Ahmed and Cross Stitch make a variety of these unique, statement sleeve shirts in their lawn collections every year. These are considered as leading lawn brands of Pakistan.

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