Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designs & Trends with Pictures

Pakistani Bridal Dresses

The wedding day is the most promising as well as the most stressful day of any bride’s life. No matter how calm she stays, there is always one or another worry looming over her head. One just huge concern is her dress. It is always a stressful point, before the wedding, on the wedding day, and even after, for the time the picture album comes out. Many brides have a very clear picture of what kind of dress they want on their wedding, but others (pretty much like I am) have no idea what they want on their big day.

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To ease your worries, we have selected the latest designs and trends that surround the whole Pakistani Bridal dress traditions. Before we jump into the lengthy and detailed exploration of Pakistani Bridal Dresses, let’s check out what is the history of the Pakistani bridal dress tradition.

Simple Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Simple Pakistani Bridal Dresses

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The ancient and rich culture of Pakistan has a touch of the old Indo-Pak traditional values, and these become very prominent at wedding events, especially where the dress and jewelry are a concern. Traditionally the dress should be red, but times have changed; brides prefer to be a bit different. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have red, red is mandatory, so you try to contrast it with different colors of your choice.

There are many famous designers in Pakistan, who have a fantastic collection as well as who have started great trends in bridal dresses. Without these designers, we would only have the old red and gold collection. Here are some great designs that will leave you mesmerized and make you plan ahead for your wedding dress.

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Designs and Trend – Bridal Dresses Pakistani

Pakistani designer bridal dress

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The latest trend regarding bridal dresses include, but aren’t limited to, lehengas, long frocks, short kurties, Anarkali, heavy gowns, A-line gowns, and double shirts. These shirts and short frocks are paired with a variety of bottoms that may include a sharara, Lehanga, or even a Gharara. With all these options, there is a lot you can do with your wedding dress to make it look exceptionally stunning as well as different from all the other brides in your friends and family.

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Bridal Gowns

Pakistani Bridal Gowns

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Back in the old days, there was this idea of wearing a shirt and sharara, paired with a heavy dupatta as your wedding dress. The colors were limited as well, from all shades of red, maroon, and pink, paired with lush gold. Needless to say, things have changed for the better. Without fashion icons, taking part in bridal weeks, and coming up with the most extraordinary designs for bridal wear, we now have an extensive range for our bridal dresses.

One of the most popular styles this year is the gown. A decade earlier, these gowns were worn on the walima day only, but we have modern brides who like to do things their way. So, this year, the gowns are being used as wedding day attire as well as the walima day attire. You can go with the sea of colors, from gold, red, pink, maroon, as well as the more contemporary ones like purple, lilac, blue, and green mixed with the traditional gold or a hint of red. If you love the traditional but are looking to add a modern touch, go with a heavy long-tailed red gown and add a silver-blue tinged dupatta on top. Red, blue, pink, and gold also create a nice color palette to work with.

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Maria B Bridal Dress Collection

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Most girls are into utilizing their dress even after the wedding if you are one of them; go for a light gown and heavy dupatta and jewellery. The light design will help you wear the gown at other events as well. You can also add light chiffon sleeves with embellished cuffs for a more elegant look.

With a gown, you have a lot of choices for embellishments; you can get the work done on the whole thing or just at the bottom. You can get a tail, a simple frock bottom, or even a huge can-can to make the gown look more regal. Gowns are a dream come true for girls who want a white wedding. White gowns have been in fashion forever, and they are timeless as well.

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For the embellishment, if you are looking to give your gown more of a traditional look go for Zari and work matching to that. This does not only make it look classic and desi, but also adds that elegance and sophistication of the Mughal era, you will nothing short of a princess. For a more modern look, choose pearl or stonework, it will keep your gown design contemporary but will a heavy look. There have been many designs with ombre style as well, where a light color merges seamlessly into a darker shade at the bottom, with light work from the top that expands into more heavy work at the bottom.

Layered gowns are pretty much in fashion as well; it’s like a volume cut design but without a can-can. You can also get multiple colored layers to make the gown look extra stunning. So how can you make your Valima gown look different than your wedding gown? The difference between both the gowns can be magnified with the help of subtle color choices as well as embellishments. For the reception gown, you can choose more pastel colors with stonework or pearl work. This will set your Valima gown from your wedding gown nicely.

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Sharara or Lehenga with Short or Long Frock/Shirt

bridal Sharara or Lehenga with frock

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For a more traditional look, most brides go with the latest short shirt designs and flowing sharara. It’s like the signature bridal dress of Pakistan; add the red color, and you have the perfect traditional bride ready for her wedding day. The dress may the most dominating part of a bride’s attire, but it can’t be all great on its own. You will need a lot of accessories like shoes, jewelry, and great make-up to make it all work in your favor.

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The charm of a bride can’t be denied, no matter what she wears, she will look great on her big day. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about your dress. A bridal dress isn’t like your ordinary dress; you will need to prepare before time to get the most stunning thing. This is the reason we have here a list of great looking shararas with trendy colors for your ease.

Designers like Maria B and Asim Jofa have launched their latest bridal collection, and the designs are to die for. Not only have the work of the dresses but the colors as well taken our breath away. With the elegant pink and silver sharara, Maria B has created a stunning sharara that is perfect for both the wedding as well as the reception day.

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Designer Maria B Dress Collection

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Silver grey Sharara, with the same toned shirt and a bright red dupatta, gives both a modern as well as traditional look to the bridal gown. This dress is perfect for brides who have a difficult time choosing between modern and traditional.

A long shirt, heavy with embellishments, will go great with a simple jamawaar sharara. The combination is both elegant and sophisticated. With a long shirt over your sharara, you always have the option of switching your sharara with a simple pajama and rock a casual look at any friend’s wedding. This long shirt will help you utilize your wedding dress even after your wedding.

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Adding color is easy with a long shirt and sharara, choose your contrasting colors and add one to the shirt and the other to your sharara. The contrasting color, peaking through the long shirt, will look great and also add a touch of uniqueness to your dress. A can-can under your long shirt will also help add volume to your sharara and make the look come off as royal.

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Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses for Walima

Bridal Dresses for Walima

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Most brides go for white, pink, peach, or pastel tones for their walima. This choice is great for the brides who have chosen a dark color for their wedding day. The light walima dress and the light hair and make-up will look different as well as refreshing as compared to the wedding day.

For most brides, the gown is the usual choice for walima, you can wear a gown at both events, but you will need a lot of design as well as imagination to set these gowns apart. There are many things that are different and help set the walima to look apart from the wedding look. The colors, the jewelry, the hair as well as the make-up, all of this is drastically different than the wedding day. All this helps in making your dress look different, even if you are going with gowns for both events.

According to Pakistani traditions, the walima bride is more relaxed and has to roam around the venue as well; the dress is kept, most of the time, lighter than the wedding dress.

Many brides look to match their groom as well. To do this, you will have to coordinate with your groom and get his favorite colors to merge into yours and make an awesome combination that will work for both. To match on both Valima and the wedding day, look like a match made in heaven.

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Other Events – Bridal Dresses

A wedding is full of functions other than the wedding and reception day. There is a whole array of Mehandi, Mayun, and various other nights that are enjoyed by the family and friends. A bride needs to think about all those events and their matching dresses as well as their big day’s dress. All this isn’t easy; it’s very stressful to keep everything perfect and in trend.

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Mayun / Mehandi

Mehndi Dresses

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A yellow theme with a bit of gold and green is what makes the day of Mayun or Mehandi. Green is a very flattering color, paired with shades of orange, yellow and pink, the green of Mehandi looks even more stunning.

Since they still have a wedding and reception day ahead; the brides like to go with lighter Mayun and Mehandi dresses. With a lot of dancing and fun going on all night with friends and family, a light dress is a very practical idea.

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Bridal Shower – Bridal Dresses

Bridal Shower Dresses

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In recent years, many brides and friends, inspired by the west, have added the bridal shower to the wedding event’s menu. You can wear anything you please in your bridal shower, but the usual attire is a simple long gown with a sash across the body that says “Bride To Be.”

A wedding is a great time for a girl. It’s the time that will stay in her heart forever. So, everything that surrounds the wedding should be perfect, especially the dress. Here are a few tips to help you get the best wedding dress possible.

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Tips – Bridal Dresses

Pakistani Designer Bridal Collection

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  • While shopping for a gown or dress, make sure you have a clear picture of the dress you want to wear; this will save a lot of time and effort.
  • Make sure you also have a clear budget in mind; this will help you narrow down the search.
  • Go shopping sooner than later; the more you procrastinate, the more difficult it will get to look for the best dress in a limited time.
  • Measurements should be accurate, don’t go on a crash diet after you have given the measurements for your dress.
  • Always get the delivery ahead of time, so that there is always time for alterations.
  • Plan your make-up and jewelry ahead of time as well, so there are no last-minute mishaps.

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Final Words

A wedding isn’t a day to relax and chill; it’s full of stress and worries. However, if you plan ahead and organize everything ahead of time, you will see that the wedding day will sail without any problems. It will be a huge relief for everyone, including yourself, especially if you are done with your wedding dress before the actual wedding month.

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