Top 10 Shawls for Women in Pakistan

Top Women Shawls in Pakistan

When it comes to Pakistani women shawl fashion, winters can be pretty hard to dress up in. With how cold it gets in most parts of the country, you just want to huddle up and layer with as many things as possible. With that, the style tends to go out the window, but it doesn’t have to.

Shawls are the best way to amp up your winter wardrobe without having to sacrifice staying warm, but there are hundreds, if not thousands of options available in each city. This makes it very difficult to find the right ones to invest in.

To make your hunt for the perfect shawl easier, we have put together a guide that will help you figure out which type of shawl would work for you for which type of setting and the outfits you can wear these with!

Latest Shawls for Women in Pakistan by Top Brands

Here is a curated list of top women shawls in Pakistan by top ladies fashion brands offering a wide range of designs and types of shawls for winter and summer:

1. Black Pashmina Shawl with Banarasi Border


Black Pashmina Shawl with Banarasi Border

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For a lot of people, the word Shawl is never said until it is said “Pashmina”. These shawls are extremely soft and require the wool from 3 Changthangi goats to make one of these. Pashmina shawls are synonymous with luxury. They are incredibly soft and you can tell if a shawl is made from real pashmina wool from miles away. This also means that finding actual, ”real” pashmina shawls can sometimes get pretty difficult as many off-brand ones are just people trying to sell “almost pashminas” as the real thing. With this pashmina shawl, you don’t have to worry about figuring out if it’s real or not, you can tell it is just by looking at it! This shawl is one that is like that one winter coat that people wear everywhere because it matches with almost anything! You can dress this down and wear it casually or you can dress it up too because of the stonework that goes across all of the borders of this shawl, matching this with branded jeans is as easy as matching it with wedding wear! Making this a must-have for everyone!

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2. Plain Black Shawl

Plain Black Shawl

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Those that don’t mind their shawls not being pure pashmina ones, can opt for great quality wool ones too. This black wool shawl is an example of that. What’s great about this particular shawl is the fact that it has no edging at all on it, so it’s not exactly set in either western or eastern wear. Just like the model in the actual listing, you can actually even wear this with dresses and it will look like it came as part of a set! On the flip side, if you were to wear this with a shalwar kameez outfit, it would still perfectly blend in with that too! That’s what makes one of these perfect for effortless layering! 

3. White and Pink Shawl

White and Pink Shawl

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Black may be a classic, but a lot of people prefer having a shawl that matches every single type of outfit they might wear. It may sound like a lot, but all you need are a few shawls that incorporate the basic colours you tend to wear more often and you will have perfectly matching shawls with everything! This pink and white shawl is one that is on the opposite side of the spectrum of the black ones. With this, you can match every pink outfit you have and add a touch of white in it that you can carry throughout the look by adding accessories or wear this with your all-white outfit and throw in some pink shoes and a bracelet and it will look like you had the shawl specifically dyed for the outfit! It’s the perfect way to elevate the look.

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4. Plain Blue Shawl

Plain Blue Shawl

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Since one of the main things about winter wear is the fact that you need pieces that look good together but are also very functional and can actually keep you warm, otherwise you’re just adding layers upon layers that are essentially not even doing anything! If you are an “all black everything” kind of a person, you would know that the black obsession tends to get worse in the winter, often, you can end up looking like a floating head because everything else on you is pitch black! Adding a shawl of a different colour into your outfit is the perfect way to bring some more life into your outfit instantly. This blue shawl is the way to get more accustomed to other colours and slowly add more dimension to your daily outfits.

5. Red Knitted Shawl

Red Knitted Shawl

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If a plain woollen shawl isn’t for you, this one might do the trick. This shawl is knitted, so it has a lot of texture. If you already play around with colours, textures is the next step up in experimenting with clothes. This particular shawl can go with a variety of outfits but one of the most popular ways to style one of these is with the trending high neck or mock neck sweaters. This is also known for combinations with loungewear in Pakistan. Get a black one, wear a dainty gold necklace on top, add a gold designer ladies watch and throw this shawl on and you would look like you jumped out of a magazine, without even having to try very hard!

6. Cream Cashmere Shawl

Cream Cashmere Shawl

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On to the more “formal” type of shawls with this gorgeous cream, cashmere shawl. The pattern on this shawl is a classic Pakistani cashmere shawl pattern, one that we have seen be passed down generations. This type of shawls is known to survive through the test of time, which is what makes them so popular in the first place. When you are talking about eastern, desi women clothing, something like this can pair perfectly with almost anything you try it on with, but unlike regular shawls, this works best with formal or wedding wear. The daintiness and simplicity of the shawl offset the heaviness of any stonework that may be on the actual outfit itself.

7. Black Shawl

Black Shawl

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On the flip side from the cream one, we have this black cashmere shawl. This features the same design pattern as the cream one but the base used here is a deep black colour. Where the cream one was all about blending things together, this one is all about standing out. The pattern almost pops out of the shawl itself, yet, brings it all together. You could pair this shawl with almost anything, but this would fair best if you wear this with an all-black, monochromatic, heavily embellished outfit. Keep your accessories limited to earrings and a statement bracelet and you will still look like you are doing a lot! You may be interested in: Best Quality Scarf for Women’s

8. Black Velvet Shawl

Black Velvet Shawl

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For many, a shawl isn’t really a proper shawl unless it is made out of velvet. This black shawl is exactly that. It is made out of a velvet base but is patterned in a banarasi style. It brings in the criss-cross design with a connected border that we only usually see in banarasi saris. The great thing about this is that along with being something that will keep you warm and toasty, it is one that looks unique and catches the eye, even though typically black clothing items don’t do that. This also means that it looks a lot different in the day than it does at night, so you basically get a two in one type of piece that you can re-use several times and it still won’t get boring.

9. Navy Blue Shawl

Navy Blue Shawl

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If you want that same regal look, but don’t want to go black or wear a banarsi print, this shawl might be the one for you. This one is a striking navy blue, but not striking enough to look like it’s in everyone’s faces too much. The main feature of this shawl is the heavy border it has and the edging that goes across all four sides. Nothing in the print is 3D, but it looks like it is. The thread used in the entire embroidery reflects light to make it look like it’s a 3D print! The rest of the shawl is kept relatively plain and only has smaller motifs spread out all across the shawl to balance out the heaviness of the borders. With something this detailed, you could wear a heavy dress, but a plain, simple blue outfit would look better with it and really make the shawl shine!

10. Dark Green Shawl

Dark Green Shawl

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The blueprint on the last shawl might be a little overwhelming for many. If you’re one of those people, this might do the trick instead. It is a dark, leafy green colour that really pops in the sunlight. It has a fairly thin border going all around the shawl, and the border is a medium thick, floral border. To bring the flowers into the rest of the shawl, single flowers are embroidered throughout the shawl like motifs, they cascade into the border beautifully. Since this shawl isn’t too heavy but isn’t plain either, you can easily pair this with any type of clothing, from casuals to fully formal, it will work with it all!

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