The 11 Best Western Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Although Pakistani fashion is very unique and specific to our region and traditions, we have still had major influences from western fashion when it comes to our high street trends. Many Pakistani brands focus on making clothing that is inspired by western fashion but there is absolutely nothing that can compare to the real deal. If you have been looking to find authentic western wear in Pakistan without having to import the clothes yourself.

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List of Top 11 Western Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Look no further, we have put together a list of the top 11 western clothing brands that are available in Pakistan!

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1. Inc


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It can be very difficult to find a single brand that makes every type of clothing. Inc. is a South African brand that decided to fight the odds and fill the “all in one” space in the clothing market. Initially, they were famous for making great solid pieces like plain camis or simple plain T-shirts. Then they also knocked it out of the park with their blazers and jacks. Today, Inc is a brand that literally stocks any type of clothing you might be looking for, plain T-shirts and T-shirts with super intricate designs, pants of all kinds, clothes for children and teenagers all the way to all types of clothing for seniors!

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2. Puma


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Puma is a German brand that was first established in 1948. Over the past few decades, it became one of the world’s leading sports brands. They worked with athletes to create the type of clothing and shoes that they would benefit most from while competing and then took that feedback and made the products available for everyone else too. They wanted to be the brand that people could use for “performance on all levels”. It didn’t matter if you were a professional athlete or someone that took up sports as a hobby, Puma had something in mind for everyone. Today, Puma is one of the few brands that makes inclusive sports clothing for everyone, men, women and children and does it while being sustainable at the same time!

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3. Next


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Next has been in the clothing business almost longer than anyone, the company was first established in 1864 – that’s over 150 years! They started off as a company that provided ready to wear suits but following the success they had, they decided to replicate that business model in every other type of clothing. Starting with men’s wear and expanded their way from there. Today, Next makes every type of clothing from sizes as small as 0 months all the way up to clothing for adults in XXL sizes. They were one of the first brands to come to Pakistan and have one of the largest markets for clothing for babies and toddlers in the whole country.

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4. Mango


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Mango is a Spanish clothing brand that was first established in 1995. They are known for being a middle-ground between very affordable lower end clothing and expensive high end clothing. Their clothes come in the high-street fashion category. Although they initially were a “women’s only” brand for almost the first two decades, in 2014 they expanded their collections to also include men’s wear and clothing for children. In Pakistan, one of the things they are best known for are their solid collections, everything from plain camis and tights to plain suits and pants, they are the best at it all!

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5. Giordano


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Giordano was first established in 1981. The founder of Giordano was inspired by Italian fashion and wanted to combine Italian fashion and what the consumers really wanted in the markets. He decided on the name when he visited a pizza shop in New York by the same name and just felt like it clicked for him. He started off with one store in HongKong and from there just took over the world market. Today, they have over 2,200 operative outlets across the globe and make clothing for men, women and children. Their collections today include everything from Italian inspired fashion to clothing that is inspired by the local Hong Kong trends and even designs that take after global high street fashion. This makes them one of the most sought after brands in Pakistan as well because they stock something for everyone!

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6. Nike


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When you think of sports, the Nike logo is something that will automatically pop up in your head. The company has somewhat become synonyms with sports. Founded in 1964, Nike has been climbing the ladder of success and has become one of the most successful brands the world has ever seen. When it comes to sports clothing, Nike takes the cake. They have put tonnes of research into the needs of athletes from all different kinds of sports and used the research to create sportswear that will aid every aspiring athlete (and the professionals too) in their sports journeys and is the largest manufacturer of sportswear in the world.

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7. Adidas


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Adidas is second in the sports industry, right next to Nike. The company was established in 1924, 96 years ago. They make everything from footballs and shoes to every piece of clothing an athlete would need. In recent years, with the rise of “athleisure”, the company has seen a sudden increase in demand for their clothing lines. This made their women’s t-shirts and jogger trousers one of the most popular pieces of clothing in the past couple of years. Apart from these, they also have various size inclusive and modest collections too, all of which combine to make them one of the best places to look at when it comes to clothing.

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8. Dockers


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Dockers is one of the most famous clothing brands in the world. Even though it is generally known for being a predominantly men’s clothing brand, it didn’t really start off that way. When Dockers was first founded in 1986, the first line they came out with was a women’s clothing line. Starting off with their famous Khaki pants for casual Fridays at work, to slowly starting to incorporate different things. They are well known for being the go to place when it comes to getting all sorts of basics. Anything from great jeans, plain pants and shorts and every type of T-shirt known to mankind, they make the best of it all. This quality also makes them one of the leading choices for people that go for more minimalistic clothing, as their pieces can be mixed and matched and worn in several different ways.

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9. Levi’s


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When you think of denim, it is almost impossible to not think of the word “Levi’s” with it. This is because they were literally one of the first companies to get into the denim game. After being the ones to introduce jeans to different parts of America, they took it one step further by bringing their classic blue jeans to the rest of the world too. They are not only known for the impeccable, “life long lasting” jeans that are new, but also are equally as sought after for their vintage, old jeans that are still available as thrift finds. The fact that people still go out of their way to find their older jeans tells you how great their denim really is!

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10. Mothercare


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When it comes to maternity clothing, the options can get very limited. Most companies only focus on coming out with collections that are ridiculously oversized but forget about the fact that maternity clothing needs to be functional too. Mothercare makes various different pieces of clothing for expectant mothers that can potentially last them throughout their whole pregnancy and can still be cute to wear afterwards. Reshaping the whole market of maternity clothing.

Apart from being a great brand for clothing for the mothers themselves, they are also one of the leading brands when it comes to clothing for babies i.e newborns and toddlers as well. Their clothes are made specially keeping the sensitive skin of newborns in mind, which takes away the hassle of trying to find the right material that would be safe for your babies. All of this puts Mothercare in a league of itself.

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11. Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans

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Pepe Jeans was founded in 1973. This was long after most of the popular denim brands were already established. They still managed to make a name for themselves and become one of the most popular denim brands in the world. What sets them apart is their options of customisation. You can work with their in house artists and customise your denim entirely. Starting off with cuts and rips, you can have them done with lasers or blades, add embroidery and patches, top it off with a variety of studs and even dye them in all sorts of colours – allowing the denim you take home to really be one of a kind. Although you could do these things to the denim yourself at home too, having an artist take your vision and bring it to life on the denim themselves is an experience that you can only.

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