Trendy Pakistani Maxi Dresses for Weddings 2024

Are you a fan of long dress maxi? Then you are in luck because this article covers everything you have to know about this beautiful dress. The latest collection of long maxi dresses of 2023 are awe-inspiring. All brides have a special wish to wear the most outstanding dress on their special day. Gone are the days when lehnga, sharara and gharara were the only available options for brides. The fancy maxi dress has a high demand in this day and age. They are the hottest fashion trend in the country. The old concept of traditional red lehnga to wear on barat has been replaced with wearing light color and minimalistic dresses. This is because there is no longer a compulsion to give a red touch to the bridal either in the dress or dupatta. 2023 is the year of light-toned maxis in beige, grey, pink, off white and peach colors. Keep reading to see the best styles and designs of long maxi with pictures. This article will answer the following questions that every bride has regarding this matter.

  • What are the best colors for the maxi dress on weddings in 2023?
  • Which fashion labels of Pakistan create the best bridal long tail maxi dresses?
  • What should a bride wear on her big day?
  • What is the price range of the bridal long tail maxi dress in Pakistan?
  • What is the method of buying the long tail maxi dress in Pakistan?

Latest Collection of Pakistani Maxi Dresses for Weddings

So without further ado, let’s dive into the wonderful world of long maxis from where you can have your pick of your favorite design. This article showcases a filtered variety of the newest bridal maxi dresses in the year 2023.

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1. Latest Trends in Bridal Maxi Dresses

Latest Trends in Bridal Maxi Dresses

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The newest bridal maxi dresses are perfectly curated, finely crafted and elegantly designed to give you the best outfits. They are elevated by intricate embellishment, shiny fancy work, delicate needlework and glamorous decoration. These works have been done by hand. Many Pakistani brides wear long maxi dresses in all styles, fabrics and colors. Maxis can be stitched to provide the bride convenience, ease and style. The South Asian bridal wear is popular everywhere. Brides go over the top and wear the most heavy and embellished dresses to celebrate their day. However, maxis do not have to be as heavy as the other dresses. The brides and groom usually match the dresses as well. The most famous fancy maxis are embroidered and are made with either chiffon or net. The brides love wearing them because the unique craftsmanship and traditional allure of the long tail dress steals everyone’s attention. The latest maxi dress collection is displayed below with pictures.

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2. Pakistani Fashion Styles for Bridal Maxi Dress

Pakistani Fashion Styles for Bridal Maxi Dress

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As stated above, brides have a wide array of choices to choose from when it comes to long tail maxi dress. And since this attire is all the hype these days, the brands are struggling to unveil the best maxis for the audience. The year 2023 is full of customized, perfect, beautiful and classy bridal dresses including maxis. The long tail maxi dress is at the peak height these days. The market is flooded with unique and distinguished long tail maxi dresses.

The maxi dresses are decorated with jewels, gemstones and glitter. It presents a glamorous silhouette in the modernistic design. The bride resembles a real life modern fairy when she wears a high quality maxi dress. See the following pictures of the various styles found in the maxi dresses.

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3. The Color Palette of Bridal Long Tail Maxi Dress

The Color Palette of Bridal Long Tail Maxi Dress

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Maxi dresses have slowly become the most splendid, fabulous and alluring bridal wear for 2023. They make the bride look radiant, flawless and well-dressed. Recently the light colors and pastel palette has been strongly permeated with maxi dresses. These light hues charms everyone around. In fact, the lighter palette has successfully become the cardinal of the bridal maxi dress. Even the collections revealed by the top Pakistani designer brands have light shades which look graceful on the brides. The effect of pastel colours are soothing. The neutral shades include the following colors:

  • Baby blue
  • Peach
  • Beige
  • Lime green
  • Grey
  • Baby pink
  • Light blue
  • Off white

None of these colors have red, which might be disappointing for women who adore that color. However, you can opt for a red dupatta with fancy work and these long tail maxi dresses. It will beautifully complement the pastel colors of the dress and will let you rock with both color tones. You can see this dazzling color combination in the picture below.

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4. The Price Range of Bridal Long Tail Maxi in Pakistan

The Price Range of Bridal Long Tail Maxi in Pakistan

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It is a fact that bridal wedding dresses are very expensive and usually most people can not afford. Moreover, if you visit the fashion labels’ official website, you will notice that they do not reveal the prices for the wedding attire. However, you can ask the cost of any dress by calling them directly. Not explicitly displaying the price range is because they are all in lacs. This high cost is due to the addition of emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other such precious and transparent gemstones which are extremely expensive in itself. These gemstones are colored with a rich array of palette and are highly valued. The general price range of the bridal long tail maxi dress starts off from 200,000 rupees to 1,000,000 rupees and above. If this aggregate rahfd is too high for you, you can check out the markets with a lower price as they are not branded. The cost range of the long tail maxi dress starts off from 40,000 rupees to 150,000 rupees and above. You can see the precious dress with gemstones below.

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5. Where to Buy Bridal Long Tail Maxi Dress in Pakistan


Where to Buy Bridal Long Tail Maxi Dress in Pakistan

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There are many sources from which you can find the perfect maxi dress. A maxi dress is supposed to make you stand out from the crowd and look completely different. The fashion outlets and official stores of the Pakistani brands such as Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY Studio), Zainab Chottani, Threads and Motifs, Tena Durrani, Maria B, Deepak Perwani and Suffuse have all the availability of their long tail maxi dresses for brides. You can also purchase from their official website if you want to place an order online. In case you want it earlier for your wedding, it is best to book an appointment so that it is ready and fully prepared for you to wear in due time.

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6. The Best Pakistani Designer Labels for Bridal Long Tail Maxi Dress

Pakistani fashion labels are known for their expertise, knowledge, experience, great reputation and high prestige. Every bride-to-be looks forward to their wedding collection stocked with fashionable, attractive and glamorous fancy clothes. Their bridal dresses are of high quality. Pakistani designer labels are not only attracted and sought after in Pakistan but overseas as well. They enjoy recognition and appreciation from other countries. Their artistic skills and dedication towards fashion is reflected from their brand.

Let’s look at a maxi by Nishat Linen which is one of the most prestigious brands of Pakistan.

The Best Pakistani Designer Labels for Bridal Long Tail Maxi Dress

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This is a stylish, heavily embroidered bridal maxi made of net fabric. Color combination of silver and peach is youthful. The work of threads, Zari, crystals, pearls, sequins and laces look amazing on the net fabric. Tussles are attached to the net sleeves and Daman at the front which cast a striking impression. The whole body of the dress is heavily embroidered including the front, back, sleeves, borders, front and back Daman. This bridal maxi dress is paired with a trouser made of Jamawar material. It is printed with intricate details. Embroidery is seen at the borders of the trouser. The dupatta is of the same net material and is embroidered. The kiran lace aplic work on the dupatta is beautiful.

This perfectly stitched maroon maxi dress is made of chiffon and is heavily embroidered. The bulk of this perfectly stitched maroon maxi dress is by sequins and zari. Parts of the dress with embroidery are neckline, sleeves, body, front and back Daman. The Masoori embroidery is delicate, elegant and luxurious. The sleeves and back of the dress also have Masoori. The front, back and back body are all plain. The dupatta is specially decorated. It is embroidered on the four sides and the net fabric is very delicate. The trouser is plain to contrast the heavy dress. The crepe and malal material for the dress is resilient, dependent and tough. The length and ghair of the maxi has good dimensions.

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The Best Pakistani Designer Labels for Bridal Long Tail Maxi Dress

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An Indian-styled maxi in the same color but with a different design, this dress is made of chiffon. The material is ideal for bridal and wedding wear. The front and back of the dress are simple, whereas the sleeves, Daman, dupatta and sleeves are embroidered. Zari, sequins, Aarri, Tilla and other works are prominent on the maxi body. The neckline is heavily embroidered as well which becomes the limelight of the dress. The dark maroon color reflects the Indian ethnic vibes. The white threads achieve all embroidery. This white shade contrasts the maroon color beautifully. The trouser is plain and is made of crepe material. This color combination makes you stand out in the crowd.

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The Best Pakistani Designer Labels for Bridal Long Tail Maxi Dress

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Wrapping it up

Hopefully, this article has covered all the basics and designs of the highly demanded maxi dress. All of the pictures shown in this article are from the latest collection of the leading Pakistani brands. You will enjoy wearing them and will gather a lot of compliments on your festive occasion. You can find all the hues and shades from the pastel palette in these dresses. The exuberant embroidery and threadwork are glamorous and intricate. The handmade craftsmanship of the maxi dresses is outstanding. The luxurious fabrics used highlights all the details of the dress. If you want to wear a maxi dress on your special day, choose the colors of baby pink, light gold, royal blue, off white, grey and peach. The dupattas that accompany all the maxi dresses are equally intricate and beautiful. They are also adorned with delicate finishing and fine details. The embellishments, laces and patches on the dupatta elevate the beauty of the dress. You can save the pictures of maxi dresses which you want for yourself and get it stitched exactly in the same way from a talented tailor. You can also purchase a high quality maxi from one of your favorite brands. Place your orders at their official website prior to the wedding.

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