Top Men’s Suiting Brands in Pakistan 2024

Pakistani men have worn suits for decades, but the best suits have almost always been for the extremely wealthy. Things have changed with time though, now several brands exist that carry several styles of ready to wear and bespoke suits that you can choose from. With the hundreds of brands available all over the country, it might even become even harder to pick the right suit. This is why we have picked out the best men’s suiting brands in Pakistan and categorised them in the Ready to Wear and Bespoke sections for you to get more information and be able to make your purchase from the brand that’s right for you.

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Ready to Wear Top Men’s Suiting Brands in Pakistan

1. Royal Tag


Royal Tag

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Royal Tag isn’t a brand that’s decades-old, yet, it’s one that almost everyone in Pakistan is familiar with. Their company was established only 8 years ago in 2012. Their goal was to create a clothing company that would become everyone’s first choice. They achieved this goal by providing great quality clothing at very reasonable prices, creating the perfect middle ground for people that would otherwise have to settle for cheap, knock-off suits.

Royal Tag makes almost every type of suit known to man. Their collections include party suits, regular wear suits, summer suits, slim fit suits and tuxedos. One of the best parts about Royal Tag’s suits is that they make them in almost every popular colour. From light blues and khakis to the darkest of blacks. They’ve got it all.

Royal Tag has several sales going on throughout the year, if you can catch one of them, you can find a suit for as low as PKR 2,000! Although their most expensive suit is usually around PKR 17,000.

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2. Charcoal


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Charcoal is a men’s wear clothing brand that was first established in 2008. In the past few years, it’s climbed up the stairs of popularity and has cemented its position as one of the best clothing and accessories brands for men in Pakistan. One of their specialities is that they make modern suits for men. Forget the old boxy suits of the past, their suits feature different, unique designs and cuts. They use different types of fabrics that really give them an edge compared to the regular ready-to-wear suits. If you want to stand out in the crowd but don’t have the time to get the suit custom made, Charcoal might be the best one for you.

At Charcoal, you can buy either only the suit jacket, and wear it as a more semi-casual look, or go full formal with a two-piece or a three-piece suit. Their suits come in a variety of cuts, shapes, colours and patterns which gives everyone a chance to find what they’d like and also try out something new if they want to step out of their comfort zone.

Charcoal suits start at around PKR 7,000 and can go up to around PKR 19,000 depending on the type of suit and the pieces it has.

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3. Lawrencepur


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Lawrencepur is one of those brands that have pretty much existed as long as Pakistan has. Established in 1954, they started off as a brand that only wanted to create something for men, today, they’re one of the biggest brands to ever come out of Pakistan. Lawrencepur suits are on the more luxurious end. They’re made of great quality fabrics and they focus on keeping a constant quality throughout their brand. Whether you’re someone that’s shopping in their lower range or someone that’s buying the most expensive suit they have, you will go home with something that will last you a really long time.

Lawrencepur suits come in all shapes and sizes. From regular fits to slim and tailored fits, you can find it all under one roof. Although buying separates from them are on the cheaper side, their 2 piece suits fall somewhere in the higher range. Prices for the suits start at around PKR 14,000 and go up to around PKR 21,000.

4. Edenrobe


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Edenrobe is like a godsend for men that don’t like the look of the traditional Pakistani suits that have always existed in our markets. Edenrobe’s parent company was established back in 1988, but as time has gone on, it has grown with its customer base and evolved into including lots of different types of styles, making sure that no one that comes to shop at their stores goes home disappointed.

Edenrobe doesn’t go all out with hundreds of different styles of suits, they have always kept their collections pretty narrow, but the designs that they do carry are so timeless that they would fit anyone’s style perfectly with the leather bracelet for men. They are also one of the only brands in Pakistan that make ceremonial suits for men that are ready to wear. So if you are a groom looking for that perfect suit to wear on your big day, you might want to give Eden Robe suits a look!

Edenrobe suits all fall into the same price range, higher end. They start at around PKR 14,000 and go up to around PKR 17,000, and you have different designs and fabrics to choose from.

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5. Monark


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When it comes to men’s suits in Pakistan, Monark ranks in the top few. Even though they make all types of clothing for men, it’s their suits that they’re most famous for. Their suits are the perfect blend between hip and younger styled suits and proper traditional suits that have existed for decades. None of their suits is the cheap, boxy style. Most of their collections either have the regular fit or slim fit. Whether you are looking for a plain and simple suit for everyday wear, or a checkered or printed one to step up your style game, Monark has it all.

Monark makes one of the cheapest high-quality linen suits for men, priced at PKR 8,000. A suit like this is a moderate investment, but if your workplace requires you to wear suits every day, getting a few of these would end up being better value for money than getting several suits that are cheaper. Their highest priced suits are the three-piece suits for more formal occasions, those go up to about PKR 26,000.

6. Diners


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Diners have been in the Pakistani clothing industry since the early 90s. They have been making consistently great clothing for men and have become one of the biggest brands in the country. If you have ever bought a suit in Pakistan, it is likely that you’ve been to a Diner’s store.

Diners are one of the leading suiting brands if you are looking for a simple, plain suit, which most men in Pakistan do. They don’t go big on textures and prints, they keep it simple and offer a wide range of suits that are soft and easy to wear. Their simplicity is also why they appeal to so many people in the country.

You can find a variety of black, blue and grey suits at Diners. Their prices range from PKR 12,000 to around PKR 26,000, depending on the suit you want to go for.

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Bespoke Men’s Suiting Brands in Pakistan

7. Andre Emilio
Andre Emilio

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Andre Emilio suits are for those that like to be in charge of every part of their suit. They let you pick everything, from the bigger decisions like the fabric, colours and general fit to the last button. Everything is made 100% bespoke. One of the best parts about getting your suit from Andre Emilio is that you can even get 100% bespoke dress shirts to go with your custom suit, ensuring that everything perfectly fits together!

If you don’t want to go into super detail with your suit, they also have an online made-to-measure category where you pick your sizes online and get a suit that’s made from a pre-existing pattern to match your handmade shoe collection.

Andre Emilio suits are sold in dollars, averaging around $275 to $400, depending on your chosen details. If you buy from them for the first time, they even have a $100 discount.

8. Republic



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For men who like sleek, simple suits with clear cuts and great fabrics, Republic by Omar Farooq might just be the one for you. Their bespoke suits are entirely custom. Their designers help guide you through the appointment until you land on the perfect design. Their fabrics are all of the highest quality, so whatever you pick would be the best.

Their speciality is the blues they make, even though that is colour is pretty hard to get right, but that’s not the only one they are good at. Whether you want that perfect midnight blue, or want to go all out with a striking salmon, they have options for you.

Republic’s bespoke suits are priced pretty high because of the quality they provide. Their cheapest bespoke suit is around PKR 30,000 and the most expensive is around PKR 40,000.

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9. Uniworth


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Uniworth is one of the age-old brands that everyone has always heard of growing up. Since their first collection in 1971, they have slowly grown to include every type of clothing under their name. Their men’s suits are something they are very well known for, and for good reason. All of their suits come in a variety of styles to choose from with matching wallets for men. They have preexisting cuts and colours and customisation options that help everyone really get a suit that’s 100% for them. Uniworth suit prices range from about PKR 14,000 to PKR 27,000 depending on the type of suit you choose and how many pieces it comes with.

10. Uomo Attire

Oumo Attire

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For men that want that true Italian feel to their suits, no one does it better than Uomo Attire. Their suits are made entirely bespoke and in the same traditional method that Italians have used for decades. They call their suits, pieces of art. They let you customise literally everything from start to finish. Everything from the colour and thread count of the fabric to how big the collar is and what type of lapel the suit has, every single thing is custom.

With how much customization they offer, their Uomo attire suits prices range from PKR 30,000 to PKR 40,000. How you design your suit decides how pricey it’s going to end up being.

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11. Mohtaram


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Most brands in Pakistan tend to focus on a more “safe” style of suits. With Mohtaram, you get the feel of being in a 1960s suiting store with the designs of someone from 2023. The blend of old and new creates truly unique designs.

Mohtaram’s bespoke suits are made entirely according to how you want them to be. You get measured and pinned until you like the fit of the suit. You then sign off on the measurements, and the suit is made. Mohtaram offers minor alterations to the suit free of cost, and the more significant alterations are offered, but they are paid for. Their suits start in somewhat of a lower range as far as fully bespoke suits go, the cheapest one is around PKR 19,000, and the most expensive one goes to one of the highest ranges on our list at PKR 55,000.

12. Ambassador


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Ambassador is a company that takes the way traditional Italian suits are made and combines them with the craftsmanship of Pakistani tailors to create the perfect suit for a Pakistani man. If you have never gotten a whole suit made yourself, Ambassador might be the perfect choice to start with. Their attention to detail and sheer experience can help you make the decisions you might not be able to make alone.

At Ambassador, you start off by simply picking the fabric, they then measure you and the fitting process starts. As many fittings as it takes, they will keep going until the customer is satisfied, ensuring you end up with the suit of your dreams with the matching designer ties.

Ambassador suits all fall into the same price range, around PKR 40,000.

13. Rici Melion

Rici Melion

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For men that really want their suit to do the talking, you can’t get better than Rici Melion. Their suits are known all over Pakistan for their pristine, unbeatable quality. Whether you are looking for a suit that makes you stand out at work or something totally unique and formal for your wedding, Rici Melion would have the perfect suit for you.

Options with bespoke suits are pretty much endless with Rici Melion. They not only have experts that make traditional style suits but also those that make totally unique and contemporary style suits. You can even mix and match the fabrics to create a blend of Pakistani fashion and an entirely custom suit that no one would ever think of having.

Rici Melion suit prices range heavily depending on the type of suit you go after, but generally, they tend to land in the PKR 25,000 to PKR 50,000 range.

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