The Best Collection of Designer Sarees in Pakistan

Sarees in Pakistan

Saree is a well liked and favored attire in not only Pakistan but India and other South Asian countries as well. Although it is not the national dress of Pakistan, it is still worn frequently on weddings and as party wear. Every woman has her own favorite color combination, design and fabric for saree. A saree is a perfect way to influence and impress everyone around you. Saree is the definition of elegance which is why women love wearing it on formal events and weddings. The flattering silhouette of the saree can wrap around all types of body shapes. The wedding collection of the brands offers luxurious sarees and ready to wear dresses as well which are readily purchased by women in the country. The fabrics used for sarees are chiffon, net, cotton, Banarsi silk, Bareeze and georgette depending on the time of the year and occasion. However if you are unaware of the types and variety found in sarees, then you have arrived at the right place.

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Stunning Collection of Designer Sarees in Pakistan

This article will give comprehensive and detailed information on all the aspects of Sarees. The clear images of top designer sarees are also displayed in this article. These styles are even perfect for brides as well. They can be worn in literally all colors such as off white, black, peach, ruby, red, ash grey, blue, green and others too.

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Top Saree Design in Pakistan by the Best Fashion Designers

Pakistani Saree Designs by the Best Designers

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The saree designs found in Pakistan exude the vitality and exuberance of womanhood. They showcase femininity in its full glory and capture the fragility of this dress. The Pakistani sarees are somewhat different and unique from the Indian sarees. In Pakistan, women usually wear designer sarees which portray the attractive color combination of the palette. The following pictures can be seen which display the sarees from different brands. These sarees are iconic, ethnic and voguish so that you can look fabulous. Their craftsmanship is outstanding and the addition of embellishment on the fabrics looks divine. You will surely steal the crowd with stunning attire. Below is the list of the biggest fashion labels whose sarees are famous for weddings.

  • Tena Durrani
  • Maria B
  • Zainab Chottani
  • Threads and Motifs
  • Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY Studio)
  • Suffuse
  • Deepak Perwani

Be sure to check out all the rich sarees from these top leading brands.

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Latest Wedding Sarees Collection 2022 in Pakistan

Saree Designs for Wedding Attire in Pakistan

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A plethora of designs and styles are available for sarees. The abundance of these options might be confusing for you. This is why we have carried out extensive research and invested a lot of time to display the main designs here for you. You can find all the stylish and beautiful sarees which are found in Pakistan. These are found in the collections of brands as well as markets. If you want to save time and effort in purchasing, you can simply visit the official website of the designer brand and pick out the saree you want to purchase. Online shopping is relatively easy, simple and to-the-point. The websites show all the sarees with pictures taken from every angle so that you can see the details. All the prices and information regarding the saree is mentioned clearly as well. The fashion shows of the designer brands try their best to move their camera around the saree to show the blouse, design of saree, fabric, front and back, draping style, delicate embroidery details, and saree plates. Different styles of sarees are displayed in the pictures below. Some of the saree styles are:

  • Traditional or conventional saree
  • Full and half saree
  • Printed saree
  • Long front slit blouse
  • Classic style
  • Lehnga saree
  • Long sleeved blouse
  • Saree without pleats
  • Simple and plain
  • Saree with the addition of tassels, plain borders, statement fringes
  • Saree with various color pleats
  • Geometric and printed blouse
  • Various types of saree draping

You must have seen countless Pakistani actresses and celebrities in movies and dramas who have worn all of the saree styles mentioned above. These styles look exceptional on young girls. The embroidery work on this dress is artful and the fabrics used for sarees are of another high quality. These saree designs are charismatic and mesmerizing. It perfectly reflects the traditional culture of Pakistan. If you are going to wear a saree for the first time, remember to use a lot of safety pins. This will avoid the saree from getting loose and the pins will help you not to trip over your saree and fall. If you pin the saree at all the important places, especially the pallu and pleats, you will be able to assemble the dress beautifully.

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Beautiful Branded Saree Designs with Pictures

Types of Saree Designs with Pictures

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Most of the sarees are made specifically for brides and party wear. The weaving and thread work seen in these sarees are intricate and inspiring. The bold embellishment in the form of pearls, crystals, Aarri work, gemstones, gold dabka and more are ravishing. The embroidery done by hand on the delicate fabric of the saree is wonderful. Although the fashion world is always changing, the essence of saree from traditional to modern has remained the same. Moreover, the gradual change of sarees from traditional to contemporary designs should be taken into account too. We should not discard the old saree designs but should try to revive them in a brilliant way. Some brands have even tried to do so. Have a look at these stylish and vibrant sarees with intricate designs in the pictures below. These are sarees from the wedding collection of Pakistani fashion brands.

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1. Black Chiffon Saree

Black Chiffon Saree

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Every Pakistani woman loves a black colored saree. The grace, femininity and style which comes off from a black saree can not be compared to any other color. The chiffon material is perfect for weddings and party wear. This saree is heavily embroidered on the neckline, sleeves, front, Daman and pallu. The addition of shiny beads, pearls and crystals on top of the heavy embroidery is extremely alluring. Sequins, Aarri, Gold dabka, threads and zari work are exquisite on the chiffon saree. No work is done on the back side of the saree but it complements the heavily decorated saree on the front. The blend of embellishment with embroidery is beautiful. A heavy pallu which drapes and falls to the floor is the main highlight of the saree. An inner is included with this dress.

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2. Designer Embroidered Maroon Chiffon Saree

Designer Embroidered Maroon Chiffon Saree

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Maroon is another ideal shade for weddings and a maroon saree is unlike any dress. The blouse of this saree is embroidered. The delicate details on the neck area and attractive flower patterns look divine. Thread work and embroidery go well with each other and both do magic on the dress. Handmade embroidery on the pallu, neckline, front and sleeves add substance to the dress.

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3. Designer Embroidered Black Chiffon Saree

Designer Embroidered Black Chiffon Saree

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When it comes to black, there are literally countless ways to style, design and dress a saree. This is why this color is so eminently found in all Pakistani sarees. This saree comes in an unstitched fabric. You can hire a talented tailor to sew your wedding look. The complement of black with exquisite embroidery looks heavenly. The chiffon material is light, easy to carry, comfortable and flexible. You can wear it easily and look flawless in carrying it around. The draping style on this saree is phenomenal. The sequins, thread work, crystals and pearls on the delicate black saree material is outstanding. The pallu and saree come with 6 yards of unstitched material. Both the sleeves and blouse are embroidered which gives off a distinct, wonderful and stylish look. The color is clear cut and the fabric is crisp.

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4. Shah-e-Nur


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This quintessential saree is a true icon. It is the signature piece of Nilofer Shahid from the special couture creation. The three-piece of this dress includes a velvet blouse, saree and petticoat. The orange and royal blue color combination is traditional, beautiful and gorgeous. It is astonishingly beautiful due to the drapes style. Embroidery is done by hands all throughout the body of the saree which looks intricate. The addition of semi-precious stones on the blouse of the saree makes you stand out from the rest. This saree is a real head turner. The orange tissue fabric heightens the beauty and delicacy of the saree. It is a 100% pure material which is manufactured to the highest reliability and standard of quality. It is perfectly curated and the craftsmanship is top notch. The bird jewels turn the saree into a distinct and attractive dress.

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5. Chiffon Rose by HSY

Chiffon Rose by HSY

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Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is the leading and high-end brand of Pakistan which is ideal for all types of clothes including wedding dresses. It is a black printed saree with an orange border. This color contrast is brilliant. Both the dupatta and saree are made of chiffon. The price of the saree is 5,00000 PKR. It is an exquisite item with the printing of floral rose. It exudes an air of luxury and finesse.

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Decent Pakistani Saree Styles

Types of Work on the Pakistani Saree

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The Pakistani saree designs are known for looking vibrant, luxurious and heavily embroidered. The draping style is equally as important as the saree. If you fail at achieving the graceful drape, you will not be doing justice to the saree. Following are the types of works of sarees which are liked the most by Pakistani women.

  • Chikankari and Kamdani work
  • Katan saree
  • Net saree
  • Lace work saree
  • Mukesh saree

These works instill life into the saree. All of them are equally beautiful and prominent. You can see each style in detail from the pictures below.

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How to Wear Saree in Different Styles?

Method of Wearing a Saree in Different Styles

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Now that you have seen all the designs, styles and types of sarees available in Pakistan with pictures, it is now the perfect chance to learn how to wear this beautiful dress. If you do not know the skill of draping a saree, you can watch a youtube tutorial which shows a step by step guide on how to carry your saree in different styles. This will provide you effortless confidence and elegance so that you can rock any type of saree which comes your way. There are four distinct styles to wear a saree. You should choose the style based on how your body shape and physique is. It is not just conventional but fashionable as well. The draping technique will make you look tall and slim.

Another point is to wear only comfortable shoes which are soft to your feet. There are many comfy footwear which are fancy and have a flat sole. A lot of sandals have a short or no heel. But if you want to wear heels, it is best to wear wedges because they are supportive. Wedges act just like heels and make you look taller. You can walk confidently and smoothly with these shoes.

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