Best Cufflinks Brands in Pakistan

Best Cufflinks Brands in Pakistan

Cufflinks are a trend that will never go out of style. Men love wearing cufflinks because it is the only accessory that acts as decorative and functional jewelry piece. Ever since the inception of this item, cufflinks have been traditionally connected to men’s semi-formal attire.

But these gorgeous small fasteners are adept at filling many wardrobe roles. As long as you own a long sleeve shirt with requisite holes within the cuff, you can easily wear a cufflink that will look elegant with designer watches! But what exactly is a cufflink?

It is a piece of formal jewelry conventionally worn by men. This classic men’s jewelry is used to close the sides of the shirt cuffs and is normally worn at formal events. Even though tons of designs are available in this accessory, the usual designs are plate-style. This displays a tiny swiveling clasp along with interlinked studs.

In case you are a beginner to the world of cufflinks, you have no idea what you are missing. This excellent accessory attracts a lot of attention and compliments from people. No matter what design you opt for, it is essential to determine that the accessory is appropriate for the specific occasion. However, it is very difficult to select a cufflink to wear as there is a lot of variety in the market.

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So, for all the Pakistani men looking forward to buying cufflinks but having no idea where to shop, this article is written for you!

List of Top 8 Cufflinks Brands of Pakistan

We have made a list of the top eight brands in Pakistan that boast a great cufflink collection. You will be enlightened to know this information. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Riblor


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Currently, Riblor is holding a huge 65% sale. The available cufflink variety on the website is written below:

Riblor Antonio Cufflinks

Riblor Antonio Cufflinks

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This is an ultimate routine wear item that will truly cast an impression on you. The cufflinks are manufactured with meticulous approach, premium quality materials (silver color metal), and brand signature engravings.

The item will flawlessly boost your style and it is a great choice for purchase. The Riblor Antonio comes with a hinge fastening, six months warranty, and is delivered in a luxurious gift box.

As for the pricing structure, they are expensive but just one glance at the items can tell you that their stuff is truly extraordinary. They seem imported and out of this world.

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2. Almirah


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When it comes to the top fashion brands of Pakistan, the list can never be completed without Almirah. This iconic company has been operating for many years and they have been serving thousands of customers ever since.

Everyone who buys anything from this brand sings praises of their services and products. Even if women form the bulk of their customer base, it does not mean that men can not shop their accessories from Almirah.

If you think that Almirah only offers unstitched female Kurtis, stitched suits, Sherwani, Men Shalwar Kameez, Waistcoats, wedding attire, and their breathtaking fragrances, you could not be more wrong. Just browse through their men’s collection and get ready to be completely awestruck over their cufflink display!

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3. Diners


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Diners is a renowned brand in the country and enjoy a massive following. Even though their offerings are for men, women, and children, males are the ones who especially benefit the most from this brand. This famous fashion company is known for selling the trendiest clothing.

However, not many are aware that you can buy cufflinks from here too! Even if the main product categories of the brand are Men’s Clothes, Diners Online Menswear, Sohaye by Diners, Suiting and Blazers, Shirts, and 40 – tagged sale, you can find some fine men’s accessories like high-quality silk ties and much more from their stores.

Their numerous outlets are scattered throughout the country which means you can search the nearest one and get your favorite cufflink!

4. Cambridge


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Every year, Cambridge comes with a bang and stuns the crowd. Anyone who has ever shopped here has only left glowing reviews. Almost everyone seems satisfied with their services, products, and customer service.

Cambridge has always been blessed with unrivaled success which is why they were able to launch two sub-labels – Mashriq and Junior, and of course, both are equally amazing.

The product range of Cambridge focuses on Winter, Sweaters, Jackets, Active Wear, Casual Shirts and Tops, Jeans and Casual Pants, Dress Shirts and Trousers, Blazers, Suits, and Accessories.

While writing this, there are nine different cufflinks present on their official website. The names and pricing of these offerings are:

  1. Crystal Red Swank Cufflinks are priced at Rs. 2,195
  2. Metallic Blue Cufflinks are available for Rs. 2,195
  3. Basic Black Cufflinks are sold at Rs. 2,495
  4. Classic Black Cufflinks can be purchased in Rs. 2,195
  5. Black Strip Cufflinks are sold at Rs. 1,995
  6. Silver Textured Square Cufflinks are priced at Rs. 1,895
  7. Black Square Cufflinks are available for Rs. 2,095
  8. Silver Cubic Cufflinks are sold at Rs. 1,995
  9. Howlite Marble Round Cufflinks are displayed at Rs. 1,995

As you can see, Cambridge presents a charming array of metal cufflinks that can please any man. These lie in the affordable range as well which is icing on the cake. You can choose from the available colors of blue, red, silver, black, and light blue.

All the available shades are tempting and you will be confused about what to go for. But most importantly, this excellent diversity of colors is provided so that you can buy according to your usual attire palette. Just think about the shirts you want to wear the accessory with and judge which hues will pair decently with them. And as for the designs of the cufflinks, they are quite different too.

It seems as if the brand has kept the wide-age versatility of its customers in mind before styling these masterpieces. Some cufflinks are minimalistic and simplistic whereas others are more fashionable.

Remember that all the cufflinks from Cambridge come with the swivel fitting in order to affix the accessory. Lastly, the shape of the available cufflinks are designed for various age groups as well. You can find funky, laid-back, and serious shapes in their collection.

Crystal Red Swank Cufflinks

Crystal Red Swank Cufflinks

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These elegant pairs of cufflinks showcase a final touch of sophistication to your formal attire. The handcrafted accessory perfectly elevates any ensemble and the cylindrical red stones cast a powerful impression on the eyes. Made of stainless steel, it is built to last a lifetime while simultaneously displaying a unique sheen.

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5. Borjan


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Borjan is a resolute name in the fashion industry that has never faltered and only strives to give the best. The public is always eager to shop from their seasonal sales because their branded shoe collection is truly unmatched.

The brand also stocks so many options, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials in the cufflink category. Any customer must need sufficient time in order to pick one item. The quality and standards of the cufflinks speak for themselves. Your formal attire will be even more attractive with the addition of these fashionable pieces.

6. Charcoal


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The cufflinks from Charcoal shine with delight and can flawlessly accentuate the most alluring tailor-made suit. By investing in a pair of Charcoal cufflinks, you will be making one of the best shopping decisions of your life.

One can find lots of options in the accessory range. On many cufflink pages, real reviews written by experienced customers are posted.

The shoppers applaud their superior quality, quick response, great fabric quality, and more. Regarding all the cufflinks, there is a “Fabric Care” heading written which instructs the users to wash with cold water, iron the attire at low or medium temperature, wash the dark color individually, not use bleach in the washing process, not dry in direct sunlight, and to dry inside out.

This means that if you buy any cufflink from Charcoal, you will have to follow these fabric guidelines. Doing so will boost the lifetime and quality of the item.

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7. Jafferjees


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Jafferjees is aware that cufflink is a tiny accessory dedicated to men. But because fashion rules in the tiniest of details and the best brands always concentrate on the details, they spare no aspect while making some of the most innovative small fashion pieces from leather wallets to document cases, card cases, and key rings.

Currently, only two cufflinks are displayed on the online website with the names of Ives Cufflinks and Varèse Cufflinks. It is unsure whether they intend to add more items to improve the range but the customers are delighted with the present collection too.

The costs of both items are PKR 2,000 and PKR 2,850 respectively. Ives fronts a spherical black face with no other detail on the front whereas the Varèse Cufflinks are more circular. The company knows how much men adore the black color which is why both items feature dark black shade.

And the best part is that all cufflinks are delivered with a black box made of another material. This shows how much Jafferjees pay attention to presentation and customer satisfaction.

Ives Cufflinks

Ives Cufflinks

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This is a bold piece of confidence with a blend of enduring gold finishing and leather. The addition of leather gives a touch of class into the personality.

Varèse Cufflinks

Varèse Cufflinks

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Boasting around style with a clean look, this item piques beauty by enriching your personal style.

8. Uniworth


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If you have been living in Pakistan for some time, you must be aware of Uniworth – a highly competitive company that excels in clothing. Whoever buys clothes or any accessories from Uniworth knows that they are investing in a piece of high-quality fashion product that is both impressive and long-lasting.

Uniworth is aware of the fact that cufflink is an expressive and functional piece, and that the double cuffed shirts are incomplete without wearing this timeless accessory.

Uniworth perhaps boasts the biggest and most diverse array of cufflinks in the country. Their official website showcases a total of 101 items. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this tempting variety resembles art.

Literally, no other brand displays such professionalism in manufacturing cufflinks which is why their standards are unbeatable.

They have chosen a maximum number of materials to make so many items, a quality you won’t find in other stores. Plus, you can freely choose your desired size and shape as the variety is endless.

These stunning cufflinks are ideal for all gentlemen. In each item page, the color, style, pattern, and material are mentioned so that you can be familiar with the product.

As opposed to other careless companies that do not even have any product description, this is a relief to all shoppers. Moreover, they have shared their Whatsapp number on all pages so that interested buyers and customers can reach out to them.

If you have never bought this accessory before in your life, you can blindly trust Uniworth and let them handle everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that we have gone over all the best places in Pakistan to purchase cufflinks from, it is time to answer some important questions each beginner has in mind regarding this timeless accessory.

Is it necessary to wear a cufflink?

Yes. This fashion item is essential if you are wearing a shirt that comes with French cuffs (a shirt cuff that is folded back prior to fastening in order to develop a double layer effect). This type of shirt should always be coupled with a tuxedo. However, you can use it with a suit too.

How can I wear a cufflink?

The method of wearing depends on the cufflink category but the two basic wearing styles are written below:

Toggle closure or bullet back style: This is the most predominant way to wear a cufflink, and also the easiest. The toggle closure comes with a narrow bar or a bullet-shaped part that hangs between two posts.

Before inserting the cufflink through the shirt sleeve holes, the narrow bar needs to be flipped 90 degrees in order for it to align with the posts. Afterward, the bar is flipped back to the horizontal position and this secures the placement of the cufflink on the shirt.

Fixed backing style: This is actually an extension of the cufflink. Fixed backings that the backing and cufflink post are essentially one solid piece and are fastened to the decorative area of the accessory.

The backing does not move or bend over in any way, and the round backing might be tough to insert through the shirt holes. However, the fixed parts make it more resilient in the future.

What Is the Back of the Cufflink Known As?

One of the most vital categories of backings is known as back cufflinks. This showcases a face or a flat head, a whale tail backing that flips totally flat against the post, and a straight post.

Can I Wear Cufflinks on a Normal Shirt?

Yes! As long as you are wearing a long sleeve shirt featuring the important holes in the cuff, it is possible to wear whichever cufflink you want.

Is It Possible to Wear Cufflinks Without a Jacket?

Definitely! You can wear this accessory without a jacket. While wearing a suit and cufflinks, if you take off your jacket, you can still look dressy, even without the tie and a jacket.

Why are Cufflinks So Costly?

This accessory can certainly be costly if it is manufactured with rare metals. This is because the weight and size of the ball add a lot to the material cost of the jewelry piece.

Types of Cufflinks

Now, let’s go over all the different types of these accessories and contrasting ways to fasten them.

1. Whale Back Closure

This consists of a flat head and it flips flatly against the post. It is quick and straightforward due to the big post. Most cufflinks in the market have this type of closure.

2. Bullet Back and Toggle Closure

Similar to the whale tail cufflink, the bullet back and toggle closure is a hollow frame. Its closing strategy is a narrow cylinder made of metal that rests within the frame. To fasten the locks, the cylinder is flipped outward.

3. Stud or Buttons

There is no hinge technique in studs and instead has a big head, a straight post, and a smaller backing. The smaller head passes out the buttonhole, is tilted, and then straightened to lock.

When it is fastened, it will stay in place. Studs or buttons are dependable because there are no moving parts.

4. Chain Link

This mechanism includes two heads that are usually similar and are connected with the help of a short-chain. It results in a comparably looser fastening and visible decoration on both sides of the fastened buttonholes.

5. Ball Return

This fastening arrives with a curved post having a small heavy ball that is alternatively situated against the decorative head. It offers a comparatively looser fastening as opposed to the hinged cufflink.

But this is a bit tighter on a chain. This type of cufflink can be expensive if it is made of rare materials.

6. Locking Dual-Action Cufflink

This type of cufflink uses a hinge technique that is similar to the closure in a metal watchband. First of all, the cufflink opens and the small end is situated through the opening.

Afterward, the cufflink is closed again. This holds both sides together beneath the head. Locking dual-action cufflink is a modern design that is simple and reliable.

7. Silk Knot

This cufflink is identical to the chain link cufflink. It includes two heads connected with a tiny flexible length. Both heads are made of soft cord instead of metal. These heads are also acting as decorative knots.

This is a laid-back style because of the irregular surface of the knots. Different colors can be seen in the silk knot.

8. Fabric

The fabric cufflink can be fastened in any way. However, the button is made of fabric and is situated at the top to act as a decoration. This is also a casual style.

Cufflink Materials

This stunning accessory can be manufactured with anything and decorated with almost everything as well. However, the most desirable and regular usage is platinum, gold, and silver.

1. Titanium

Titanium is the most dependable material and is frequently seen in cufflinks with the addition of engravings, etching, and such delicate details.

2. Carbon Fiber

This is a robust material showcasing a beautiful silver surface. Carbon fiber is popular and is usually seen in metal cufflinks, particularly in the modern styles.

3. Crystal

This is a versatile choice for material if you want to have a shiny cufflink. Crystal cufflinks are available in any color, size, and shape you can think of.

4. Enamel

Enamel adds black gloss or shades on the metal surface. It is a long-lasting material and is made of powdered fused glass.

5. Glass

Glass is an economical option in which you can get tons of color options. It is mostly casual but differs significantly depending on the design.

6. Pearl

Pearl is a lustrous and pale material that is derived from seashells. The high-end shirt buttons are manufactured from mother-of-pearl as well.

This means that the buttons and cufflinks can match each other. It is commonly seen in semi-formal or formal suits.

7. Silk

Silk is a highly popular material for knot and cord cufflinks but it is not as formal as metal or stone.

8. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a useful option and is ideal for business or casual wear.

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