Top 17 Men’s Kurta Brands in Pakistan

In South Asia including Pakistan, Kurta or shalwar kameez is the ethnic and traditional dress for men. Guys give a high priority to a perfectly stitched kurta because it holds a lot of value to them. If you want to cast a striking impression on the people in the surroundings, wear a stylish kurta. Men from all classes and backgrounds try to grasp the latest fashion trends in kurtas. The selection of kurta brands in Pakistan depends on the nature, preferences and personality of the man. All types of kurtas including decent, artful and bold are available in the markets with fresh stocks. Your dress is actually the reflection of you as a person and it is a tool to showcase your personality as well. This is why one should not compromise on clothes and wear the best they can afford.

Gone are the days when men used to hire a single tailor for stitching kurtas throughout the years. In this day and age, men mostly prefer directly purchasing from talented brands so that they can add style, confidence, and class to their wardrobe. Men now even lookout for all the seasonal collections unveiled by fashion stores multiple times a year. A lot of fashion labels in Pakistan are available that can satisfy your kurta needs with their huge collections and a full range of diversity in kurtas. All of them produce the best and finest kurta which look charming and handsome on men. However, if you are one of those guys who couldn’t care less about these brands and what they have to offer but still want to look your best, we have got you covered.

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List of the Best Kurta Brands in Pakistan (Latest Men’s Collection)

We have made a list of the major kurta brands of Pakistan, in no specific order, which excels at crafting the most excellent kurtas for men.

1. Edenrobe Kurtas



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This brand has been in the fashion industry for a long time. They offer top-notch quality kurtas and designs which are timeless and authentic. Edenrobe has a very small number of rivals because it is one of the best. No wedding season goes by when you do not see the collection of Edenrobe worn by men.

2. Bonanza Kurtas


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Bonanza is not the place to search for fashionable or fancy kurtas because it only serves basic, decent and classic kurtas which look elegant. They do kill the latha and cotton fabrics kurtas game, and there is no better brand than Bonanza in this category.

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3. Amir Adnan Kurtas

Amir Adnan

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You can find the best embroidered and simple kurtas in the collection of Amir Adnan. There will be something for every guy out there. It is the best brand to have a graceful style. If you are a dulha and are searching for wedding attire, you can find exquisite sherwani from Amir Adnan.

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4. Junaid Jamshed Kurtas (J. Kurtas)

Junaid Jamshed

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Classic is another name for Junaid Jamshed. The brand J. is the epitome of excellence. It has been serving the market and its wide customer base for years. The previous Eid Festive Collection by this brand has a versatile range of kurtas, waistcoats and shalwar kameez. This label is growing rapidly not only in Pakistan but overseas as well. It perfectly portrays Eastern ethnic values and traditional culture. The Soully East Designs of J. are filled with a wide array of traditional craftsmanship.

5. Gul Ahmed Kurtas

Gul Ahmed

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Gul Ahmed is the place to find the best colorful, vibrant, and youthful colored kurtas. The fabrics used are 100% pure and crisp. This brand is a favorite of many due to the versatility and the value it has given to Pakistani fashion.

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6. Ismail Farid Kurtas

Ismail Farid

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If you want both variety and fashion in full flair, Ismail Farid is the place for you. A lot of stylish kurtas are available in abundance in their collection. Numerous choices of shalwar kameez, Bohemian kurta, short-sized kurta and Boho chic shalwar kameez are favourites of many men.

7. Cherry House Kurtas

Cherry House

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This brand is most popular from the fact that Fahad Mustafa wears and loves this brand. Since every Pakistani is aware of the clothes he wears on his game show, it is obvious that the quality, standards and style of the brand are top notch. Cherry House also offers other types of clothing in traditional wear.

8. Sapphire Kurtas


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Sapphire is a high-end brand of Pakistan that every elite is fond of. They offer a lot of products and clothing types. Their kurtas are the perfect blend of style and class. If you want to feel rich, these trendy kurtas belong in your closet. Sapphire boasts an array of all staples in Eastern outfits. They are stitched for all kinds of occasions. The choice of heritage fabric. Their cuffed sleeves and band collars are tailored to perfection.

9. Afroze by Charcoal (Kurtas)

Afroze by Charcoal

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Even though Charcoal is best recognized for Western attire, the brand has released impressive kurtas recently which have grabbed the attention of all Pakistani men. Charcoal exudes the perfect harmony of traditional craftsmanship.

10. Al Karam Kurtas


Al Karam

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Al Karam studio is a famous and well-renowned brand that offers affordable and unique designs for all customers. Al Karam is the place to get diverse and simple kurtas curated with perfectionism.

11. Khaadi Kurtas

Khaadi is undoubtedly one of the leading brands of Pakistan. Their menswear is unique and distinct.

12. Nishat Linen Kurtas

Nishat Linen

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Nishat Linen is a household and familiar brand of Pakistan that has probably the highest number of customers. It is the first choice for many fashionistas out there. Over the years Nishat Linen has given only the best of the best. Their quality stuff and the integration of the latest kurta designs make them one-of-a-kind. Their menswear is always trending in the country.

13. Ammar Belal Kurtas

Ammar Belal

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This brand is run by a famous designer who has also launched a brand by the name of ABCD. The collection of Ammar Belal has high-quality womenswear and menswear. The clothes and kurtas for men include party wear, casual, sherwani, wedding dresses and shalwar kameez. Ammar Belal has received the Lux Style Award for achievement in design regarding the menswear category.

14. Munib Nawaz Kurtas

Munib Nawaz

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This Pakistani established brand is only dedicated to menswear. This is why it owns the hearts of many Pakistani men. It was founded in 2003 and its goal was to breathe life into menswear. The kurtas of this brand are purely ethnic and men wear it in different countries too to showcase Pakistani fashion. Bottom wear, sherwani and kurtas in various designs and colors are offered. All the media celebrities including Ali Azmat, Atif Aslam, Josh, Ali Zafar and more are proud brand ambassadors of this brand.

15. Almirah Kurtas



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The best words to describe the style of Almirah are quality, elegance and class. Both traditional and contemporary designs can be found in their kurtas. The menswear collection is added with bright colors, rich designs and fine fabrics. Their luxurious quality is known to many. Both routine and formal wear for men are outstanding.

16. Shahnameh Kurtas



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This classic brand was established in 1997. The founder was SEHAS LLC and the aim was to offer high quality, affordable, locally manufactured and fashionable clothing for men and women. Both Eastern and Western attire are offered with stitched skills.

17. Stoneage Kurtas

This brand was founded by Crescent Bahuman Limited and it was the first fashion brand revealed by them. Stoneage was established in 2005 and no one can compete with their standards and style. Their casual wear is infused with the Western fashion sense to provide the best for men. All types of clothing and accessories are available for everyone. Their kurtas are distinct as well.

The above brands and their versatile collections have shown that men are equally conscious and alert about the latest fashion trends. Men want to wear the best there is and do not want to fall behind on fashion. Thankfully the fashion labels and markets are highly accessible from which all types of kurtas can be purchased. You can visit the stores of the above-mentioned brands personally or just surf their official websites to see the whole collections in the comfort of your home. Make sure to pick a kurta for every season and the one which matches your taste.

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