Finding the Top Jeans Brands in Pakistan: Men’s Edition

Jeans Brands in Pakistan

In Pakistan, it has always been common for men to just “wear whatever, as long as it’s a top and a bottom, it doesn’t matter”. This way of life has changed over the past few years. Today, Pakistani men, young and old have really stepped up their game. Now, they actually care about their appearance, they want to put thought into their outfits.

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Having the right size, fit, length, and rise are all imperative to making sure you look the best you can!

If you’re one of those men that are looking to understand more about where you can buy the best jeans brands in Pakistan and what styles of Pakistani jean brands offer for men, you’re in the right place!

Men’s Jeans Buying Guide

This is our very own ultimate guide to men’s jeans shopping in Pakistan.

First things first, Styles of Jeans

There are people of all shapes and sizes, jeans are the same way. They come in a variety of different designs that you’re bound to find one that you absolutely fall in love with!

Styles of Jeans

1. Slim Fit Jeans

Right now, the most common style that Pakistani men go for in jeans is the Slim fit jeans.

These are flattering on almost every body type. The pant legs are looser on the waist but taper in at the ankle. This design elongates and slims down the leg – creating an illusion of a taller, leaner person.

As long as you find one that is the right size for you, you can pair it with anything! These work perfectly with a simple T-shirt, a sweater, a dress shirt or even coats and jackets in the cold winter days.

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Breakout and Outfitters Pakistan make the best affordable slim fit jeans perfect for all Pakistani men!

2. Skinny Fit Jeans

Once you feel like you have the slim fit style down, you can venture out into a skinny fit pair of jeans too.

These pants are almost the same as the slim fit, but they are a bit tighter. This style gives a lot more definition to the leg and is also universally flattering. This style is also very well suited for someone with more muscular legs. As the pant legs hug the body and will define the quads and calves very well!

Levi’s and Outfitters Pakistan totally take the cake with their skinny fit jeans!

They have a very wide selection which makes it easy for everyone to be able to find their perfect pair of pants, without having to browse at hundreds of stores.

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3. Distressed Denim Jeans

Are you into the more casual, grungy look? Distressed denim might be the one for you!

Distressed denim brings back the “worn-out denim look” without actually having to wear a pair of jeans for years. These pants come already distressed and ready to go. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to go all out with all-distressed-everything to pull off this style of jeans, wearing these with your regular T-shirt, leather jacket and sneakers will take your “safe” outfit to a whole other level – with minimum effort.

The level of distressing is something you can either jump into with both feet or take it one level at a time. As these pants range from very minimal distressing to full-on knee-ripped out of the pants type of a look. Whatever level makes you feel the most comfortable is the one you go for here!

Engine Pakistan makes various different types of distressed denim at very low prices.

This can be a very good place to start if you want to try out the trend for yourself without actually spending a fortune on it.

4. Relaxed Fit Jeans

All of the above styles seem like they’re just not right? You might be looking for relaxed fit jeans.

These are pretty self-explanatory. They’re very easy to just relax in. These are looser pants that don’t aim to define any part of the leg. They’re easier to breathe in and have been a favourite of Pakistani men for decades. These are perfect for the chill days where you just don’t want anything restricting on you or the days where you have so much going on that you need to be as comfortable as possible!

The only thing about this style of jeans is that they’re not that easy to find anymore. But don’t worry!

Diner’s Pakistan has a wide variety of relaxed jeans all across Pakistan.

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5. Classic Loose Jeans

Finally, What if you’re a slightly older man that has tried out these styles but just loves the feel of the classic loose jeans? Are they totally out of style?

Nope! Nothing is ever really “out of style”. It’s all about what you love and feel the most comfortable in! If you can rock a pair of classic fit jeans, you go for it!

The classic loose jeans are a lot looser than your average relaxed jeans. The two are polar opposites of each other! These pants give the wearer that “super chilled out” look that many men still like to go for and since they’re not hugging the body, they can be a pretty good option for those extremely hot Karachi days.

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Now that we have the general styles out of the way, what else do you need to know about men’s jeans?

The Rise

Jeans Rise Infographic

This is something that most men often ignore while trying to figure out what their perfect pair of pants is. There’s always so much focus on the actual leg portion of the pants that we totally disregard the waist!

The rise is where your pants sit. The higher the rise, the closer the jeans sit to your belly button. The lower the rise the closer the jeans sit to your hip bones.

So which rise is the perfect one for you? Let’s start with the classic “High-rise jeans”

1. High-Rise Jeans

If you’re someone that has a longer torso than your legs, you’ll want to dress in a way that elongates your legs. This will create the look of a more proportionate body. The best way to do this is to wear jeans that are high rise. These will sit higher on your torso making it look like your legs start a lot higher than they actually do.

This classic pant look has become increasingly popular in the past few years and has made its way into most of the high street fashion brands and has become a favourite with the younger crowd.

Levi’s makes a wide array of high-rise (also known as high-waisted) jeans. How high they actually depend on the individual pants in their collections but you’re bound to find one that really speaks to you!

High too high for you? “Medium-rise” might do the trick!

2. Medium Rise Jeans

Medium rise jeans sit lower than the high rise, kind of in the middle. This middle-ground is the perfect type of pants for most men nowadays. With this style of pants, you don’t really have to commit to any extreme. They feel the most “natural” to wear because they’re usually perfectly placed for people. These pants work the best for people that have a more proportional torso-leg ratio as these don’t aid with the illusion of making the legs look longer or shorter.

Medium rise is the easiest rise to find in the local Pakistani markets, both online and offline. Pepe Jeans can be the best place to find yourself a pair that will last you a lifetime.

This style of pants is usually the go-to for most people. It is recommended to invest in the one great pair of pants that you absolutely love and find the most comfortable as with good care, they can survive years without needing to be replaced!

Still too high? You could give “low-rise” jeans a try!

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3. Low Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans are ones that will sit right near the hip bones. These were especially trendy in the early 2010’s. A lot of people although, have carried on the trend into 2023 too because that’s the one thing they feel the most comfortable in.

These pants are also great for people that have short torsos and long legs. As they take some length off of your legs and give the impression that your body is a lot more proportional than it actually is.

Next and H&M have a huge range of low-rise jeans making it easy for everyone to find their perfect pair!

While we’re on the topic of the rise, we should also touch on the length!

Jeans Length Guide

Jeans Size Chart

It is very important to have pants that are the exact length suited for your leg!

We often see men with an outfit that looks great! Until you pan down to their ankles to see the hem is all bunched up because the pants are just too long for them! This can kill any great outfit even though it’s a very very easy problem to fix!

Men’s pants should ideally end right before your shoe starts, but many of the factory-made jeans come much longer than that. Most stores will give you the option of having the bottom hem tailored to fit you perfectly and it only takes them a few minutes! Alternatively, if you have a bunch of jeans at home that you never wear just because they’re too long on you, you can take them to any local tailor and he’ll re-hem them for you too! It barely costs anything and you get to utilize various pieces of your wardrobe that you had long forgotten!

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Top 20 Best Men’s Jeans Brands in Pakistan

Now that you have a grip on everything you need to know to get the perfect pair of pants for men in Pakistan! Let’s take a look at the best brands that offer men’s jeans in Pakistan.

1. Breakout

Breakout Jeans

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Breakout Pakistan was established in 2010. For the past decade, they’ve slowly progressed into becoming a household name. Today, it’s hard to find someone that hasn’t heard of breakout!

This brand provides Pakistanis with a wide array of clothing options. Mainly, clothing inspired by international high street fashion. They were one of the first brands in Pakistan that gave the average Pakistani the option to dress in a way that reflected international fashion without having to dish out copious amounts of money. Ten years down the line, they now offer clothing for men, women, and children with not only western options but desi ones too!

Breakout is easily the most versatile brand we have in Pakistan at the moment.

2. Outfitters

Outfitters Jeans

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Outfitters was founded in 2003. What started as a small brand that provided some options for western wear has turned into giant cooperation that Pakistanis have grown to trust. They are also one of the few brands that cater to kid’s streetwear.

Within the first few years of its launch, outfitters were able to open up multiple outlets and have loyal customers all over the country today.

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3. Levi’s

Levi’s Jeans

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Levi’s is a name that not only the young generations of today know but so do the older ones. Established in 1873 Levi’s first made waves in Pakistan a little over ten years ago.

They were the first band to introduce high-quality long-lasting denim to the Pakistani masses. They’re famous for making the type of jeans that can last you a lifetime.

Levi’s has stores all across Pakistan and gives us access to great quality denim without having to leave the country to find them! Levi’s is also known as a famous brand of men’s wallets in Pakistan, you can match your jean with your wallet to have a trending style.

4. Engine

Engine Jeans

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This is the brand that we feel like we’ve been seeing forever but that isn’t true. The engine was first launched in 2011. In only 9 short years they’ve spread their name and stores all over Pakistan and have been providing great quality clothing that follows the international trends. The best part about them is that they update their collections so quickly that they end up releasing them at the same time as trends make their way to Pakistan.

Engine not only makes great clothing for all – men, women, and children but also makes great footwear!

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5. Diners

Diners Jeans

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Diners is a brand that most of us have grown up seeing. They launched in 1990. The company was best known for its custom Formal wear for men for most of its existence but now it has gained popularity for being just as good at making not only formal clothing for women and children but also casuals like jeans!

Diners is also very popular for its footwear section. They make shoes that range from formal shoes for men and women, sneakers and trainers, casual shoes, and even the latest trend of slides! They do it all! You can also have a look on the Pakistani shoes brands list for men’s considered as the best top brands of shoes.

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6. Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans

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Pepe Jeans was first introduced to the world in the 1970’s. About 5 years ago, they made their way to Pakistan too. They’ve successfully done various campaigns that provide a “one of a kind experience”. Their studio in Lahore has previously had collections where customers could come fully customize their own distressed and painted jeans with a designer present at the studio.

They specialize in making sure their customers have not only great jeans but also an experience to go with it!

7. Next

Next Jeans

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Next was a brand that we all knew and loved even before the era of the internet. It was that one brand who’s clothing people asked their relatives to bring to Pakistan when they’d visit from abroad.

Their infant and toddler collections were especially a hit in the early 90’s. The only issue was, getting them here was only possible If you knew someone coming from abroad but now Next has various stores in major cities of Pakistan where you can easily find all that you could possibly want!

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8. Hang Ten

Hang Ten Jeans

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The brand has been around what seems like forever. They became increasingly popular in the late 1960s all over the world and also have been available in Pakistan for at least the past two decades. They were one of the first international brands to make their clothing items accessible for the Pakistani consumer base and have been a staple of most Pakistani households ever since.

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9. StoneAge

StoneAge Jeans

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StoneAge first launched in Pakistan in 2006. Within the first couple of years of it’s launch, it became a well-recognized brand all over the country. They call themselves a brand that is “vintage-inspired” and aim to provide the same high-quality denim that existed decades ago.

10. Mango Man

Mango Man Jeans

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Mango is a Spanish brand that has also grown to has its own men’s specific stores as well. “Mango Man” stores made their way to Pakistan even before “Mango” stores did and were able to get themselves a significant chunk of the market share. It quickly became a brand that many Pakistani men still think of as their go-to brand to buy on-trend minimalistic style clothing.

11. Dockers

Dockers Jeans

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Dockers made their way to Pakistan back when there were very few clothing brands in general, let alone a brand that specializes in men’s fashion. It has managed to be that brand that customers keep coming back to even now, decades later.

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12. ChenOne

ChenOne Jeans

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ChenOne first opened its doors in 1997. Their first branch opened up in Islamabad at a time where Islamabad itself was fairly empty. ChenOne was a one-of-it’s-kind store that offered everything, all under one roof. You could walk in empty-handed and leave with everything from beddings to clothing and even footwear.

Throughout the years, ChenOne has continued to provide the same high-quality products that first attracted its customers and has managed to become one of the few brands that have been a favorite through 2 generations.

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13. Diesel

Diesel Mens Jeans

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Diesel is a US-based brand that’s famous for its amazing quality jeans. They compete with all the major brands in the US and provide high-quality apparel and accessories for both men and women.

This is one of those brands that people feel safe investing in. A few statement pieces from Diesel can act as capsule pieces in your wardrobe that will last you forever.

14. Wrangler

Wrangler Jeans

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Wrangler is also a US-based brand that aims to make comfortable jeans and apparel. In the world of fast fashion, comfort has taken a back seat. The fact that this is a brand that puts its focus into making sure that it’s customers have the most comfortable pieces instead of focusing on making maximum sales has been one of the major reasons that it has gotten loyal customers all throughout the time they’ve been around.

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15. Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans

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Lee is owned by the same parent company as Wrangler, “Lee” was first established in 1886 and was famous for making the “best denim in America”. For over a hundred years, it has been the one to introduce new trends while keeping the quality of the clothing durable. So it’s customers never have to compromise on quality or comfort!

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16. Khaadi

Khaadi Jeans

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Khaadi was first launched in 1998 and within 2 decades has managed to open up 52 stores across the world. What started as a simple clothing brand now makes clothing for men, women, and children along with other products like their home goods section and even fragrances!

17. Guess

Guess Jeans

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Guess is also one of the few all-rounder brands that made their name in the early 1980s and continues to hold its own even today. Their denim is one of the most famous denim in the world but along with it they make clothing for men, women, and children and are especially well-known for their great quality women’s bags and men’s watches.

18. American Eagle

American Eagle Jeans

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American Eagle was founded in 1977, at a time where expressive fashion was on the rise. They’ve been in the industry for decades and provide the best quality jeans and clothing that is comparatively cheaper than most brands while keeping the quality really high. American eagle is available in Pakistan through third-party resellers that sell them at reasonable prices for great quality pieces.

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19. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue Jeans

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Fifth Avenue is one of the major “fast fashion” brands that exist in Pakistan. They make sure that they have every new trend ready to go the second they become popular internationally. Offering all of their collections at significantly low prices they make it easy for people to try out different trends because they don’t have to break the bank and will be okay in case they don’t end up sticking with it. This makes the fifth avenue a favorite among Pakistanis all around.

20. Edenrobe

Edenrobe jeans

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Edenrobe is widely popular with women for its great quality desi women’s clothing. The brand has been making waves ever since it’s doors opened up in 1988. Now, they’ve ventured out and make formal and casual clothes for everyone – men, women, and children.

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Final Thoughts

All of these brands have made their name by constantly keeping up with the latest trends and maintaining their quality standards so Pakistanis can have access to great clothing while being able to shop in their local markets!

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