List of Fashion Magazines in Pakistan (Updated 2024)

List of Fashion Magazines in Pakistan

Almost every woman’s life revolves a lot around fashion. It is a very important aspect for women. Fashion can be anything from shoes, to clothes, to bags, to lifestyle, to hairstyle, to accessories, and to makeup. A lot of women read fashion magazines in Pakistan to keep up with the latest trends, information regarding new collections, beauty tips, and much more. Considering how much these magazines are packed up with useful content, it is no wonder then that women love reading them and look forward to their new releases whether weekly, biweekly or monthly.

The Pakistani fashion industry is growing rapidly and it is expelling its expertise. It is now becoming more luxurious, attractive and interesting. The fashion industry of our country is not only limited to us but it has a lot of exposure to the international countries. People and designers in other countries take inspiration from the Pakistani fashion industry. The attention received from overseas has played a big role in the growth of the industry as well. This is why the fashion market of Pakistan is promising, lucrative, and diverse.

Top 10 Best Fashion Magazines in Pakistan

There are many fashion magazines in Pakistan but this article will cover the leading top magazines which sell in the country. So without further ado, let’s dive into these famous showbiz magazines.

1. Sunday Fashion Magazine

Sunday fashion magazine

Starting with the number one excellent fashion magazine of Pakistan, Sunday is a premium level magazine that is recognized, liked, and preferred by every Pakistani. The content of the Sunday magazine includes famous events, fashion, Pakistani culture, lifestyle information, health, celebrity news, and more. Fashion shows by all the designers and brands of Pakistan are included in it too. This content is more than enough for satisfying the audience and thousands of readers. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the Sunday magazine is at the top of our list. As the name suggests, it is published from Sunday to Sunday. It is available as both printed and E-Magazine. All of the big cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, and more have the supply of this magazine. You will find all of the lifestyle and fashion snippets in the content. The Pakistani women are given information about everything related to clothing, health, and fashion. If you want to read the best fashion catalog, grab the next hot issue of Sunday magazine. You will be updated about all of the clothing trends.

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2. eBuzz Magazine

Ebuzz Fashion Magazines

Ebuzz magazine revolves around entertainment mainly but beauty and fashion as well. Everything which relates to the glamour, hype, and news to the Pakistani fashion industry is given importance and covered as well. A big portion surrounds celebrity news and fashion. If you want to read the fashion catalog of Ebuzz magazine, get the next issue as soon as possible!

3. Brides & You

Brides and You

This fashion magazine is all about lifestyle news and clothing trends. Brides and You is one of the top-selling fashion magazines which is fashionable and trendy. All apparel, collections, and fashion styles the Pakistani women love are mentioned in this magazine. If you want to take inspiration for fashion or any idea regarding clothes, this fashion magazine is for you. Brides and You involves health, clothes, makeup, and beauty for the next bride to be. Pakistani women wait for the next issue of this magazine. It is published quarterly and any woman who is about to get married should read it because it covers useful fashion information and content.

4. Style 360 GLAM

Style 360 GLAM

This fashion magazine reveals a stylish and glamorous world of clothing trends. The Style 360 Glam is the true portrayal of the Pakistani fashion industry. This magazine is emerging and growing quite rapidly. It has a wide fan base. The fashion catalog consists of Pakistani glamour and clothing trends. You should read it to read all the content of nutrition, success stories, fitness, weight loss, relationship, health, and fashion news.

5. MAG The Weekly

MAG The Weekly

This is another trendy fashion magazine that covers news regarding the Pakistani fashion industry. The Pakistani social media holds the MAG The Weekly as a major fashion icon. It is one of the largest selling magazines in the country. This magazine involves health, lifestyle, fashion, clothing features, and beauty. A lot of valuable articles and topics can be found in MAG The Weekly. This magazine is affordable, vibrant, and informative. Buy the premium fashion catalog in this magazine. It is informative and full of content about trends and fashion.

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6. Ink Fashion

Ink Fashion Magazines

This fashion magazine is a powerful international venture of the country’s glamour. Ink is one of the best, finest and stylish fashion magazines. The first issue came out in 2012. Now the magazine publishes an issue on a quarterly basis. This is the pattern it has been following ever since its launch. The topics which are covered by the magazine are entertainment, fashion, and fitness. The Ink magazine has made a mark on the Pakistani fashion industry.

7. SHE Magazine

SHE Fashion Magazines

This is a unique, distinct, and wonderful fashion magazine. It covers news not just about the Pakistani fashion industry but international glamour news and the gossip of celebrities as well. Information on international clothes and brands keeps the viewers updated on overseas fashion which makes them more aware. The SHE Fashion Magazine publishes the news in E-mag and printed hard form. It is one of the oldest fashion magazines in Pakistan. It was first founded in 1963 and ever since then, it has steadily become one of the leading fashion magazines of Pakistan.

8. Hello Pakistan

Hello Pakistan

This is another international and popular fashion magazine of Pakistan. It is readily available in Pakistan. This magazine was first founded in 2012 and is a famous and demanding fashion magazine that is very diverse.

Within a short amount of time, Hello Fashion Magazine has attracted a big percentage of the audience, customers, and viewers. It has become one of the best lifestyle and fashion magazines in Pakistan. Hello is a weekly magazine and the issues arrive on time. The content of the magazine includes the interesting stories of people and news of celebrities. You will see the news and articles on glamour, Pakistani culture, and the fashion industry. More than 20,000 issues of the magazine are sold from all over the country per month.

9. Paparazzi – Mag the Weekly

Paparazzi Fashion Magazines

When you open a Paparazzi Fashion Magazine, you will soon enough see that it does not fall into a mainstream or typical category of a fashion magazine. All of the content, articles, topics, and archive of the conventional, traditional and international fashion is included in it. The viewers and customers can find everything about health, lifestyles, and fashion in the Paparazzi Fashion Magazine. The topics which are seen in the magazine are related to clothes, beauty tips, health, and other stuff. It is an amazing version of electronic or E-Magazine. It is Pakistan’s first magazine that provides sources for international fashion magazines too. Read the unique catalog of the magazine which is anything but basic, formal, or simple.

10. Me and My Wedding

Me and My Wedding

As the name suggests, this fashion magazine covers the traditional information on weddings and bridal dresses. Therefore, if you are a bride to be or just interested to know about the Pakistani wedding collections by various top leading brands, then Me and My Wedding is the perfect magazine for you. It covers bridal fashion from A to Z. You can find plenty and enough information regarding this matter in this magazine. It would not be wrong to say that this magazine educates, grooms, and informs Pakistani women regarding traditional bridal and wedding dresses. It is unique, highly informative, and glamorous. Other side topics and content revolve around beauty, clothes, and health.

So these were the top leading fashion magazines of Pakistan which have useful and meaningful content. Have you picked out a favorite? You can start reading any of these to improve your knowledge of fashion and beauty!

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