Top 10 Shoes Brands in Pakistan (Updated 2024)

Top shoes brands in Pakistan

Shoes are as old as 40,000 years; believe it, or not footwear has always been a symbol of status. The practical venture of shoes that started as a means to keep the feet safe bloomed into a massively profitable industry. The basic design of footwear is the same; the changes brands make is with the materials, shape, and style as well as coloring.

In today’s world, shoes are all about the status of the person; think about Jimmy Choo or Nike; they are all status symbols. Even the top 10 shoes brands in Pakistan market, shoes are seen as the most trendy and fashionable accessories. No dress is complete without the right style of shoes; in fact, if you make the mistake of wearing the wrong shoes, you will completely blow your dress. Wearing the right shoes is extremely important with designer ties and men’s leather bracelets.

Top 10 Best Formal Shoes Brands in Pakistan

Here are the best formal shoes brands in Pakistan. These are the known brands of Pakistan that have the best designs with the most comfortable soles ever. The list includes both affordable and expensive brands, but all of these brands have high-quality material regardless of their prices.

1. Bata Shoes

Bata Shoes

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Bata is the biggest and the most celebrated shoe retail brand around the world. With sells over 1 million a day, it’s the most sought after brand of both luxury and comfort shoes for men. Bata came to Pakistan a few decades ago, and needless to say, Pakistan has served it well. Bata has been pretty popular related to men’s choice in Pakistan. Their designs are conventional and have just the right amount of glam that a daily office going male needs. This makes Bata very popular among the working class and its one of the hot-selling online products in Pakistan. As far as the pricing of Bata goes, it’s pretty much according to the market. You can easily afford a pair of comfortable Bata shoes without breaking your bank.

Not only is Bata affordable but also long, lasting, and durable. Your pair of Bata will serve you for years if only you keep it maintained. These shoes are made for hardworking middle-class men, hence the high quality and durability. One most satisfying of Bata is that it covers all walks of life, from casual to formal and semi-formal. It also has a wide range of sandals as well as sportswear. If ever you are looking for a durable pair that sit comfortably in your budget, explore Bata, you will find your ultimate match there.

2. Mochari Shoes

Mochari Shoes

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Mochari is yet another luxury brand of Pakistan that deals with the finest quality of footwear as well as other accessories. Fashionable, trendy, and unique; these are the words that actively describes the products of Mochari. Needless to say that these high-quality pieces are handmade, so every pair has its distinct characteristics.

Mochari claims to reflect the heritage and history of Pakistan and seeing the designs of their products as well as the color selection, and this claim is very much believable. Handmade means a lot of time and effort, which means higher prices. With quality comes a hefty price tag, but they justify it with different designs and pure Pakistani prestige. The brand was launched in 2014, and it’s been soaring ever since. Why should one opt for Mochari when it’s pricier than the lot, well the answer is sustainability. As they support local produce and also hire local craftsmen, the brand is eco-friendly. It’s time to show your patriotic side by ordering a couple of pairs from Mochari but you have check your size as per men’s shoe size conversion chart before ordering online to have the best fit for you.

The variety of Mochari is no less than any international brand. You can find all kinds of collections from winter to basics to Eid to Festive and a lot more. Their shoe styles include sandals, oxfords, khussas, lace-ups, ankle boots, and many more styles than we can count. So whether you are going to work or party, Mochari has you covered. Their stores can be located in major cities of Pakistan including Lahore and Islamabad, and they ate soon to open their third store in Karachi.

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3. Arino Shoes

arino shoes

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Many brands make out shoes as a premium accessory for women only. But Arino, the Pakistani brand, has changed that stereotyping completely. They have introduced a premium line for men that include casual as well as formal shoes. Not only that but have also included the traditional range of sandals and slippers as well. Designers at Arino understand what Pakistani men want, and they have created products accordingly.

Their product is both modern with a touch of traditional style that can easily be worn under the conventional shalwar suit. Arino shoes aren’t all style, and they come with high-quality material that will take years to worn out. As far as affordability is concerned, Arino has excellent sales and discounts as well as affordable full prices. One can buy Arino with ease and also be comfortable in their footwear. All in all, it’s a great brand that is all Pakistani, high quality as well as affordable.

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4. Epcot Shoes

Epcot Shoes

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Tell you what; if you are the kind of person who hates shopping and needs everything in one place, Epcot shoes is the best place for you. You will find all kinds of formal, semi-formal as well as casual footwear at Epcot. This isn’t all they have; they are exceptional with boots, dress shoes as well as sporty dress shoes. When you are at Epcot, you will not need to look into any other shop as Epcot gives you the security of the premium product, affordable prices as well as trendy styles.

Epcot is the only place to buy distinct designs that you can wear to work, club, fun and play as well as to dinner parties. You can even opt for Epcot if you are going on a casual hangout trip with friends. If you are looking to become the ultimate topic for gossip (in a good way), you should definitely check out Epcot’s latest collection.

5. Nike Shoes

Nike Shoes

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Who does not know Nike? Even if you are even on a remote island, you must know the international brand Nike. Nike is one brand that is known for its groundbreaking innovations in sports. From sports attire to activewear to sports shoes, everything related to sports is available at Nike.

Coming back to Pakistan, we have cricket, hockey, squash, and many other sports in our history. We are basically an active nation that takes its sports gear very seriously. Nike shoes are great for people who are fitness freak. Men who love to run and workout benefit a lot from Nike shoes. There are Nike outlets in all major cities of Pakistan, including but not limited to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan. In honesty, Nike’s footwear is expensive, but given the quality and the innovation, it’s worth the cost. Mostly you get casual and sportswear at Nike, but if you want, you can also browse their sports and activewear section as well. Nike is all about premium quality with supreme comfort. This one swoosh sign will surely up you game not matter where you choice to wear them.

6. Urbansole

Urbansole Shoes

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Talk about affordability, and the top name would be Urbansole. This is one brand of Pakistan that delivers style, trend, packed with fashionable design, as well as a modest price. The starting price of Urbansole shoes is from 1999, which is great for any minimum wage or muddle clad male. These shoes are also created, keeping in mind the working culture of Pakistan. It’s the hub of up-to-date and comfortable shoes. The wide range of shoes goes from casual wear to trendy loafer to luxurious formal wear.

Urbansole claims to have the most daring style among all the footwear brands of Pakistan. Where everyone claims conventional and traditional look, Urbansole knows how to stand out and be different still be accepted. The store has premium material, supreme quality, and genuine leather. They also have proven their claim, and their reputation is all down to their honest trading. The brains at Urbansole works by measuring the demand, current trends, and blending that in comfortable footwear that is not only lightweight but also light on the pocket.

Their collections include all kinds of menswear from casual to formal. They even have luxurious shoes for festivals like weddings, Eid, and cocktail parties. Their proud claim is, “Once an Urbansole fan always an Urbansole fan.”

7. Borjan Shoes For Men

Borjan Shoes

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Borjan is a part of RAFUM GROUP that has retail stores all over Pakistan. Borjan is a brand that deals with men’s and considers as one of the top ladies shoes brands in Pakistan along with accessories. Their shoe ranges start from 1,100 PKR, which is an excellent price for high-quality footwear. These prices are unmatchable in the market, which is why Borjan is so popular among both the middle and elite classes.

Borjan deals with all kinds of footwear from chappal and sandals to be worn under shalwar suit, or dress shoes to go under more western formal attires as well as loafers and oxfords for pants and casual wear. Borjan is a renowned brand of men’s wallets and other accessories like belts. You name it, and they probably have it. Their designs are both trendy and stylish; you will never be out of choice if you shop at Borjan. The brand is recognized all over the country, with more than 112 physical outlets in around 56 cities of Pakistan. This is an astounding number if half the population buys from Borjan, ever 20th person is wearing a Borjan pair. Borjan also created history by opening its first outlet in the Middle East Market in the year 2014.

8. Levis Shoes

Levis Shoes

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Just like Nike, Levis is an international brand that highly celebrates both in the national and international markets. The idea of Levis was born in 1853; it was the brainchild of Levi Strauss. The brand has been in the market for 150 years, and when a brand manages to protect its integrity through all these years, there is something special about it for sure.

For the Pakistani society, Levis is a luxury brand due to their high prices as well as their supreme quality material. You can get high-quality casuals of all kinds from Levis all under one roof. The best part is these shoes are so comfortable that you will have a hard time taking your pair off. Even though Levis is a high-end brand, its popularity in the Asian market will be strong for years to come. Levi’s is also named as one of the finest and top-selling jeans brands in Pakistan. Have a look on the latest collection of jeans for men by top brands.

9. Gucci Shoes

Gucci shoes

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Among the many high-end brands that we have in Pakistan if anyone can fight with Nike and win, it’s Gucci. You will fall in love with the smooth creations of Gucci. When it comes to men’s footwear, nothing says luxury like Gucci. This international brand in Pakistan is mostly famous for its luxury business wear. All these pairs come with a high tag price, but if you look at the brand value as well as the quality, you might be able to understand the high price. They design luxury moccasin, Leather formals as well as casuals like loafers, tweed loafers, ‎men’s floral jacquard loafers as well as herringbone loafers. Their manufacturers are made in Italy, and every shoe is lace with quality, fineness, and precision. Italians treat shoemaking as an art; Gucci is surely their masterpiece along with the luxury watches for men.

10. Hush Puppies Shoes

Hush Puppies Shoes

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Perfume and shoes are said to be the mirror of one’s personality. So, if you are looking to groom yourself and be impressive, start with your shoes. The most bought and loved brand of Pakistan is non-other than Hush Puppies. Hush Puppies took the saying of men’s personality is related to shoes and focused all their efforts on making the best shoes. Cinderella’s prince will forget the glass slipper and drool over the Hush Puppies collection.

They are a high-class brand that deals with all kinds of male footwear. Their formals are extremely elegant and perfect for all occasions. They understand fashion and the need of Pakistani society, and hence, their designs are always perfect according to the ongoing trends as well as traditions of the Pakistani society.

Hush Puppies claim to have invented the line of casual shoes in 1958. They are the local giants of the Pakistani footwear market. Why not, their shoes are quality as well as affordability all in one package, you get all the styles and trends and types all under one roof, what more do you need?

11. Unze London

Unze London

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In the year 1989, Unze London came into being. After the immense success internationally, they opened had the idea to open their flagship store in 2010 in Pakistan. Since they already had an existing consumer base in Pakistan it made perfect sense to have a physical outlet here as well. In 2015 they finally brought their idea to life and launched their very first store in Pakistan. The approach paid off, and Unze London has been providing the Pakistani consumer base quality product for five years now. It’s one of the very few international brands of Pakistan that manufacture affordable shoes for all classes.

Their collections include all footwear categories from extreme causal to extreme formal and everything in between. Boots, trainers, slippers, and shoes are what Unze London specialties in. There are perks of buying from Unze London as they come with a lifetime of refund and exchange policy, this s a huge plus for the middle class, as most of the brands don’t work with these kinds of lenient rules. Unze stores shoes as per different categories; their traditional types are casual sandals, Peshawari, and Kaptaan sandals, whereas their formal shoe category has slip-on moccasins as well as lace-ups. But these are just the tip of the iceberg.

12. Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes

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Metro is an indigenous Pakistani shoe brand that has been on the map since 1986. For all these successful years, the Metro has served the Pakistani community with flawless quality as well as the trendiest styles. They have served both nationally as well as internationally. With Metro, you get a worldwide delivery option, so no matter which part of Pakistan you reside in or even if you are outside of Pakistan, you will be able to get your metro pair delivered to your house.

Metro men’s collection starts with a price as low as 800, and this is an awesome bargain for a high-quality pair from a known brand. The prices are great, the quality is brilliant, and the styles are extremely trendy, all these winning features make Metro Shoes the best in town. Being a traditional brand, Metro has come a long way to provide their target market with the most contemporary shoes that are a perfect blend of tradition and modern styles. So, whether you have a liking for conventional or modern, they can accommodate you with both. Metro believes that a good brand should cover everything that the target market demands and this is the motto of their success as well.

13. Servis Shoes

servis shoes

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If you have ever seen a Servis ad, you will know that their motto is shoes for everyone, and they practice what they preach. For over 50 years, Servis has been providing the perfect companion for your feet, no matter who you are or what your daily routine is, Servis has the perfect pair for you at their many stores. They also put great sales and discount lower their prices even more for their loyal consumers.

Their footwear variety includes formal shoes, casual sandals, and slippers, as well as sports footwear. This is very convenient as you get everything under one roof. The quality of Servis has been par excellence all these years, and the legacy continues. They have been in the shoe business for over 50 years, the experience as well as the years they have put in perfecting their technique has made them the master of their kingdom.

You can find a Servis store in all the big and small cities of Pakistan; they are spread all over the country for the ease of their target base. From Karachi to Lahore to Islamabad to Hyderabad to Multan to even the remote areas of internal Sindh and Baluchistan, you will easily find a Servis store.

What started as a small venture in the year 1959 on the streets of Lahore turned out to be one of the best footwear brands of Pakistan. For the most comfortable as well as the most trusted product, Servis should be on the top of your list

14. EBH – English Boot House

EBH Shoes

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In the year 1947, soon after the partition, the English Boot house was bought from an Indian by the grandfather of the company’s present owner. The first store was launched on Elphinstone Street, now known as Zaibunnisa Street. At the moment, only in the city of Karachi there are more than ten successfully running stores of EBH.

EBH deals in pure cow leather goods that are guaranteed to last you longer than any other leather product. You can easily find all EBH stores in all major commercial markets of Karachi. All stores are air-conditioned with the most helping staff that tends to all your needs. There is also a huge demand for EBH products even in the international market; they export to Europe, the Middle East as well as Africa. The success of EBH lies in their practice of taking feedback from the customers to better their products. They even take suggestions on fashion and trends that the target market wants to see from their consumer base.

15. Sputnik Shoes

Sputnik Shoes

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Sputnik is one of the most unique foot brands of Pakistani, they started in the year 1967, and they have never looked back since. Sadruddin Veljee, the founder, has always been set on two factors for running his business. His success is all about these two factors i.e.

  1. The quality should always be premium
  2. The designs should ways been subtle and elegant

Ever since they launched their outlets, they have followed these two simple rules and have made themselves a fortune and a durable name as well. After Karachi, Sputnik opened their door to Islamabad and Lahore. The collection manufactured by Sputnik starts from as low as 1000PKR. You can get all your slippers, casual shoes, formal shoes as well as the traditional Peshawari chappals at Sputnik.

16. Shoe Planet

Shoes Planet

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The first-ever shoe planet store opened in Lahore in 2012; since then, until now, they have around 14 stores all around the country. The sell nationwide, they also have an active blog updated their customers about the recent trends and styles. The brand has a clear picture of making their products innovative. Their fresh, hip, as well as creative designs, are always up-to-date, accommodating the latest international trends of the footwear industry.

17. J. Shoes

J. Shoes

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With prices under 2,500 PKR, J. is the heaven for all working classes of Pakistan. Opened by the famous celebrity Junaid Jamshed, J. is a store beyond excellence. They use premium material, including Leather, Suede, Denim as well as Corduroy. It all started in 2002 with an idea to bring the heredity and roots of Pakistan forward. J.’s popularity not only took over Pakistan but also impressed the international as well. They have more than 100 outlets all over Pakistan and more than 20 outlets in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Qatar, etc.

Since it’s a traditional store, they only promote the traditional products of Pakistan. This includes the Peshawari chappal that is the specialty of the northern areas of Pakistan. It’s best for people who prefer the formal and traditional attires of our culture, as these chappals are best suited for these eastern looks.

18. Adidas


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Those who know sports must know Adidas. When it comes to comfort and activewear, there is nothing better than Adidas. Although their prices are a bit high as they come from the international market, they are competing for the neck to neck with the local products of Pakistan.

For the elite and business class, Adidas is pettily affordable, and for the middle and lower class, they have excellent sales to avail from. Adidas deal with sportswear basically, so if you are a gym enthusiast or a workout freak, an Adidas store will be like your own personal heaven.

19. Spadera

Spadera Shoes

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Spadera shoes are all about handmade leather shoes in Pakistan; it’s one of the very few shoe brands of Pakistan that deals with pure leather. Spadera believes in providing its target market a wide variety of unique and elegant designs. These styles and trends depict the origin as well as the true culture of Pakistan and its legacy. They are purely Pakistan based as they believe that true craftsmanship lies within, and it is their motto that makes the products exotic and unusual. Every Spadera product is a mark of comfort, luxury as well as affordability; they create products for all classes of Pakistan.

Each pair that comes from the Spadera outlet is designed precisely with extreme detailing and brilliant color choice. These handmade masterpieces are unmatchable and one of a kind. The skilled workers of Spadera work tirelessly, day and night, to bring you the most authentic taste of Pakistan. From selecting the material to making the design to actually manufacturing it, they are extremely vigilant and prudent, which is the whole reason why every finished product is nothing short of perfection.

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20. Cherry Shoes

Cherry Shoes

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Cherry has been in business for almost 35 years now. They have, under their belt, the experience of designing and tailoring the most detailed products ever. Their high-quality service, as well as impeccable designing, will make your feet feel as if they are walking on Red carpet. Their footwear not only embeds elegance and impeccable cut but also goes in line with up-to-date fashion trends.


When it comes to luxury, fashion, and trendy footwear, the Pakistani market is touching skies. You can get the trendiest shoes at the most affordable prices in all the major cities of Pakistan. These shoes aren’t only affordable; they are also high-quality because some of them are purely made in Pakistan, hence the lower retail cost. Don’t miss having a look at men’s clothing brands in Pakistan to make your event very special along with the best shoe selection.

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