List of Men’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan (Updated 2024)

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When it comes to female fashion, the sky is the limit, you can take anything and turn it into fashion, and that will start a new trend. However, when it comes to the list of men’s clothing brands in Pakistan, one is very restricted. It’s been seen that male fashion is limited as well as formulated. Why do we say this? Because men’s clothing collection is all about black, white, and grey, be it denim, kurta, or shalwar kameez. They love the monotony of dark colors; they also love to play it safe.

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Top 10 Best Men’s Clothing Brands and Designers in Pakistan

We have selected the best 11 designers as well as brands that you can do your shopping from and make a great impression on the ladies. These brands know what they are doing, and will always come up with tailored perfection. You can get all your necessities from men shoes to ties to men bracelets and belts to formal and casual clothes under one roof if you care to visit any of these.

Check out these 11 designers for your next shopping trip.

1. Aijaz Aslam

Aijaz Aslam Menswear

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Fashion has become pretty accessible to people from every class, so no matter which class you belong to fashionable clothes are within reach. One such name that has brought much change in men’s fashion is Aijaz Aslam. Aijaz Aslam is a huge name in the entertainment business; he is a versatile actor who is known for his impeccable acting skills. Aijaz Aslam decided to test the waters and started his designing business, and that turned in to great success. The success came because he knows how to dress, and he applies the same formulas to his designs. His designers’ line is working successfully as he has been producing men’s wear that includes luxurious under-garments, formal suits, as well as festive sherwanis. Aijaz is known to design modest fashion attires that are more than showpieces; he believes in designing wearable fashion. However, his clothes have more color and style than the fashion trends had a decade ago, and this is great news.

2. Stoneage

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Being a Crescent Bahuman Ltd based designer that started in 2005, Stoneage has managed to make a huge name for itself. Their brand has been very successful and will keep doing great as they know what the public needs in terms of casual clothing. Although they work with formals as well, their casual clothes are trendy among the youth of Pakistan. Their refreshing designs are popular as they have a touch of western culture for both men and women. These trendy and fashionable clothes are not only western-inspired but also have a blend of traditional values as well. Stoneage gives you are a variety of stylish t-shirts, fashionable sweaters as well as jeans, and women’s wear. They also have an assortment of trendy accessories. If you are looking for trendy and casual clothing, Stoneage should be your next stop.

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3. Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan Menswear

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Everyone wants to look great, and the Pakistani society has its fair share of gatherings and occasions. So, it’s pretty evident that men are always on the lookout for the best designers and brands in town. This takes us to the most popular designer Amir Adnan; he is probably the most known and respected among all Pakistani designers. He has built a solid reputation regarding men’s formal wear. Furthermore, Amir Adnan is the first Pakistani brand to have a physical entity abroad. His modern Sherwani has impressed his targeted audience as well as the fashion industry.  You can also shop casuals from Amir Adnan as their fashion trends are pretty versatile. The brand was launched in 1990 and still going pretty strong after all these years.

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4. Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed Menswear

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The year 2002 saw the launch of, now popular, Junaid Jamshed. The brand started as men’s wear but soon launch women’s wear as they started to gain momentum. Now you can find a variety of kids, teens (male and female) as well as men and women attires. Junaid Jamshed is famous for casual and formal both attires, and they also launched their perfume line as well as halal cosmetic line. Though the brand is known for its elite status, the middle class can also shop their luxuries with ease.

The store and its staff reflect ethical values. The brand knows how to work with different cultures as well as different areas of Pakistan and many other foreign countries. Their staff is accommodating, and their quality exceeds expectations.

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5. Ammar Belal

Ammar Belal Menswear

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Just like Junaid Jamshed, Ammar Belal started in 2002; his idea was to bring a change to men’s wear and try innovative designs that have never been experimented with. Needless to say, he succeeded in providing the industry with fresh fashion trends. His analyses of Pakistani men’s fashion and the observation that it needs better trends made him design unique and stylish men’s wear. He is one designer who broke all norms and brought about a refreshing change in men’s fashion. His fame took him to international waters as well.

He is an elite class designer, who works with both formal clothes as well as casual clothes. He is equally famous for making party wear for both men and women.

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6. Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani Menswear

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The Pakistani fashion industry has always welcomed designers regardless of their cultural or religious values. One such example is the famous Hindu-Sindhi designer Deepak Perwani. Before getting into the apparel business Perwani was an actor, but he soon realized that he was made for better things than entertainment.

Moreover, when it comes to variety, it’s had to beat this brand as it doesn’t do business in Pakistan only but all over the world. You can imagine the height of their professionalism and their quality because they have met international standards. His designs are not only stylish, but they are pretty different from what other brands are offering. His brand is famous in 17 other countries apart from Pakistan.

7. Munib Nawaz

Munib Nawaz Menswear

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Better dressing and fashionable clothes will always get you noticed, no matter where you are. Being dressed in trendy clothes will get you even more attention than the groom (who is already taken). Girls will surely get interested in you if you know how to dress to impress, and there is no one better than Munib Nawaz to help you with that.

One of the most sought-after designers of Pakistan who has made his name designing immaculate men’s wear. The brand was launched in 2003, and its success has been unstoppable since then. If you need a wardrobe change and a new style, Munib Nawaz is your man. The kurtas, unstitch lawn, as well as jackets, and embroidery wear, are a huge specialty of this elite brand.

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8. Alkaram

Alkaram Studio Menswear

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You can never ignore the freshness that Alkaram brings when it comes to men’s wear. Their elegant and sophisticated designs as well as the premium quality cloth is what makes then stand out from the sea of designers and brands. The brand was launched in 1986, and their quality hasn’t been compromised yet. High quality stitched and unstitched for both men and women is what Alkaram believes in. Their women’s and kid’s wear is as famous as their men’s wear. Don’t forget to add Alkaram to your list if you are looking for casual and daily wear designs.

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9. Outfitters

Outfitters Menswear

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Outfitters is one brand that started with streetwear casual clothing. Their designs are a perfect blend of eastern and western trends. There was a time when Pakistani people were a bit skeptical about western clothing and western designs, but that has changed, and the credit goes to brands like Outfitters who have worked day and night to provide the Pakistani consumers with western clothing that has traditional touches.

You will find an array of conventional as well as contemporary styled formal shirts, designer watches,  casual tee-shirts, casual and formal Jeans and jackets. In addition to that, they also produce tailored formal and casual trousers, shorts as well as kid’s wear. Outfitters is the best place to hit if you are looking for Pakistani streetwear.

10.  Leisure Club

Leisure Club Menswear

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SEFAM Private Limited started its apparel brand in 1997. Their brand offers premium quality, trendy and stylish clothes. The best part about this brand is that they source locally; this makes the brand very attractive indeed. Their designs are for men, women, and kids, and that makes them pretty famous among all categories of consumers. Like outfitters, Leisure Club is known for its daily wear, casual wear, and street smart clothes all over Pakistan. The brand may have an elite reputation, but its surely for all classes.

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11. IDEAS by Gul Ahmed

IDEAS by Gul Ahmed

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At Gul Ahmed draws their inspirations from the diverse areas that Pakistan is. They know their strength lies in their heritage, tradition as well as the community. They believe that beauty is universal and this passion shows in their entire product range. Gul Ahmed strives to challenge the limitations set in their path to provide their targeted audience with perfection, whether it’s weaving, printing, embroidery, or even embellishments. Gul Ahmed strives to always bring the best for its consumers.

At Gul Ahmed you will always find the best for you. IDEAS by Gul Ahmed provides their men with the best of the best, their clothing isn’t only fashion, but it’s a canvas that the company paints on their cloth to make a masterpiece with every product that leaves their stores. You get a line of unstitched fabric for men, polo shirts, formal as well as semi-formal wear for men, and don’t miss to choose your shoes from men’s formal shoe brands in Pakistan to match with your Gul Ahmed clothing.

Gul Ahmed has the integrity of being original and ethical which is why it ranks as one of the most promising clothing brands across Asia. Gul Ahmed boasts more than 100 outlets in Pakistan since its launch in the year 2003.

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Men have always found it hard to break the cycle of dark colors; they hate to experiment, this is the reason why we need pioneers like Junaid Jamsheed, IDEAS by Gul Ahmed and Amir Adnan to educate men about fresh fashion and colors. The Pakistani fashion industry has come a long way, especially when it comes to the male portion of the industry.

These brands have made it possible for the men’s fashion industry to break the stereotypes and merge as an individual entity. Pakistani fashion is known for its fresh designs, and these bands are continuing the legacy of innovative and trendy apparel. Make sure you have these brands in your book, for the next time you need formal, casual, or party wear along with any of these top 10 shoes brands in Pakistan covering a wide range of handmade leather shoes to modern fashion designs.

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