Best Waterproof Mattress Cover in Pakistan (Buying Guide 2023)

Mattress Cover Pakistan

A waterproof mattress cover in Pakistan has slowly become an essential bedding item. It has proven to be beneficial for people of all ages because it ensures a peaceful sleep. Moreover, it keeps the bed dry and comfortable. But what exactly is a mattress cover? It is basically a special sheet made of thin material that is used to cover the mattress. Made with foam and an extra cushion layer, it fits the mattress perfectly. A mattress cover can also be called a topper or underpad. It does not matter which kind of bed you have because these are available in a wide variety in the market to be suited for all beds. If you want to learn more about this accessory, read on more.

How does the Mattress Cover (Protector) Work?

The external thick padding of every mattress cover shields the bed from all kinds of stains. Moreover, the sturdy material of the cover thoroughly supports and protects the mattress. The body weight is evenly distributed when you lie down because of the components of featherbeds and fiberfill. A special type of foam known as viscoelastic memory foam adjusts to the person’s shape and body temperature. If you want to be snug and cozy during the winter nights, then opt for the mattress covers having heating and electric pads.

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How Mattress Protector Works

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What does the Mattress Cover Offer?

Do not think of this bedding item as something which is just used to cover the mattress. A good mattress protector hosts a number of benefits which are listed below.

  • A mattress cover upholds the proper hygiene of the bed. Cleanliness and hygiene are very important for the bed as we rest and sleep and spend a lot of time in that spot. The mattress cover properly absorbs all traces of sweating, dead skin cells, body oil, and everything else so that none of the bad stuff enters into the mattress. This is a big advantage because it is a fact that whatever goes into the mattress cannot be taken out afterward. One can shield the mattress by using the cover and then wash the cover afterward only. It also wards off all kinds of germs and bacteria.
  • A mattress cover stops the onset of dust mite allergies. This allergy can lead to serious problems like shortness of breath and wheezing. It can also cause sneezing. All of these complications are erased by the cover.
  • In case if you are someone who is often tired and has sore muscles, then the cover will support you throughout the night while keeping you comforted. Moreover, the contours of the body will also be uplifted.
  • If you want to make your bed and mattress look like it is brand new even after years of purchase, then you are in luck because this bedding item does that job perfectly. By absorbing perspiration or any spilling of drink, it won’t let the mattress affect much. Without the cover, you will have to replace the mattress much faster.
  • The mattress cover is an inexpensive and light item. It provides the maximum amount of ease and can be removed without any problem.
  • Your warranty will be protected because the cover fights all kinds of stains. Any wear and tear will also be avoided.
  • If your bed does not meet your comfort level, then the mattress cover will do that for you by giving extra softness and cushions. The cover will make you feel as if you have bought a new one.
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So we see that mattress covers are an all-rounder and multifunctional accessory for the bed. It will benefit those people more who have toddlers and pets or who tend to sweat a lot.

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Which Types of Mattress Covers are Available in the Market?

Mattress covers can be divided into various categories depending on the quality. The finest covers have a layer of performance fabric as the outer layer. This material is responsible for eliminating sweat and heat from the body. The covers which have this material are expensive but they are perfect for those who sweat frequently. On top of it, they are breathable and waterproof. However, average-priced covers do not have performance fabric but still they serve the same functions as the high-end ones.

Organic protectors are also available. And the cheapest covers are the ones that resemble plastic and are not as durable as others. They also might not be breathable as well.

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Mattress Cover versus Pads

It is a common misconception among people that pads and covers mean the same thing. In truth, both of these differ in nature and role. A pad offers cushion comfort to your mattress whereas a cover is a waterproof mattress protector and breathable shield to protect the mattress from stains and leakage.

Moreover, a pad can be placed beneath a protector. But the protector has to be flexible enough for this to happen. To add a protector on top of the pad, it is best to have big sheets. This will enhance the life of the cover by avoiding leakages and breakage.


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FAQs for the Mattress Cover

If you want to learn more about this accessory, the following are the most common questions people have regarding mattress cover. The answers are given by experts.

1. Which side of the cover or protector should be put upside?

This depends on the category of the protector. In case if you have an expensive one, the seam should be on the inner side. The expensive cover also has the incorporation of linen and cotton. As for the less expensive versions, the crinkly plastic side should be facing upwards. It can also be a rubber in some cases.

2. What is the method to wash a protector?

The washing method varies among different models and categories. Almost all protectors can be washed in the machine. But always see the tag attached on the cover to see the instructions. In case if your protector does not have a tag, search the model name online and see how it should be cleaned. If you cannot find anything online, then the safe option is to wash it with a soft detergent using your hands.

3. How should a mattress protector be dried?

The most common and safest method is air drying using a blowdryer. You can set the dryer on cool for spot drying. But do keep in mind that most of the protectors have repellent properties due to which they ward off all types of liquids. This repelling is done by the external layer of rubber or plastic.

4. Are all protectors breathable and waterproof?

No, only the premium or high-end protectors are endowed with these qualities.

5. How frequently a mattress protector can be washed?

The amount of heavy-duty washes that a protector can endure depends on its quality and the quality depends on its price. However, on average, most of the covers or protectors can be washed 30 to 50 times. After this time margin, they usually start to deteriorate. But it is obvious that a high-end and expensive protector can endure more heavy washes and will have a longer life expectancy. This is a good advantage because the high-end protectors are the ones who absorb the most stuff so they need to be washed on a frequent basis. This is what manufacturers advise as well to the customers.

Moreover, if you have a child or a pet, you will be facing the bedwetting issue which others do not have. So it will be obvious that you will have to wash the protector more often. But for the people who do not have a pet or a child, they can wash the mattress protector after every 2 months. In case you have allergies, wash it more frequently.

How to Care for a Mattress Cover?

The care and cleaning instructions of every protector are mentioned in the tags. It is written clearly how to wash and take care of the product. A few of the protectors can be washed normally along with the other bedding items. They can be dried and washed with bed sheets for example. However, a few of the protectors have specific instructions that need to be followed. These specific instructions have the aim to increase the lifetime of the product.

how to wash mattress protector

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What to Consider When Buying a Mattress Protector?

1. Fit and Size

Most people often only keep in mind the size of the bed but other factors need to be thought of as well. For instance, measure the height of the mattress and check to see if it has any pillow tops. If it does then the protector should be having deep corner pockets on the side for the best fit. If you buy a protector with these factors of dimensions, it will support you perfectly.

2. Types of Materials

In old days, only plastic and rubber were the components involved in the making of protectors. Even though rubber and plastic are still used, more advanced materials have been introduced in the production of these items. In today’s day and age, hybrid fiber is a famous material that is used. The material which one should prefer depends on the material of the mattress itself. It is better if you opt for breathable and waterproof material. Quiet materials are also very good. If you want to wash the protector in the washing machine, then choose the one which is instructed to be cleaned in this way.

3. Design

Mattress pads come in a wide variety of styles. A design which is called encasement fully wraps your mattress. Another style is called the fitted sheet. Style sheet pads are also an option but they do not protect the bottom of the bed.


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Waterproof Mattress Protector in Pakistan

This particular protector offers luxurious comfort to the user. It is designed to act as a shield against perspiration and damage. The external layer of terry cotton is both light and soft. It elongates the longevity of the mattress and can be fitted on all kinds of beds. The quiet material does not make a single noise which allows you to sleep peacefully at night. Available in the white color, it can be washed in the machine and has a king-size as well. You can see the protector in detail on the link given below.

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Waterproof Mattress Cover in Pakistan

Looking for a waterproof mattress cover in Pakistan? We’ve got you covered! Our selection of mattress covers is designed to keep your bed dry and comfortable. As covers made from durable, breathable fabric, they won’t trap heat or cause you to sweat during the night. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your bed clean and comfortable in all weather conditions, a waterproof mattress cover is the perfect solution.

Waterproof Cover for Bed

A waterproof bed cover is a great way to keep your bed dry and comfortable. Whether you’re dealing with incontinence or simply want to protect your mattress from spills, a good bed cover can make a big difference. Our bed covers include options for twin, full, queen, and king-size beds to find the perfect fit for your needs. And with a variety of colours and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a cover that fits your bedroom décor. In addition, our prices are unbeatable, so you can get the protection you need without breaking the bank. So why wait? Order your waterproof bed cover today!


It is now obvious that a mattress protector is the biggest investment you can make for your bed considering the numerous benefits it offers. If you want to get benefitted from these advantages and have a restful sleep, then it’s time to purchase one! They are now very common and more upgraded than before. Who wouldn’t want to purchase a cost-effective and durable item to keep their beds clean and secured for years? Giving protection to the bed will increase its lifetime and your comfort.

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