Best Women Clothing Brands in Pakistan: 2024 Edition

Pakistan has a thriving fashion industry and most of the population is female which means there is a huge customer base for Eastern clothing. Many women’s clothing brands in Pakistan have made their name in the country and by using the features of rich Pakistani cultural heritage, the clothes are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Moreover, numerous celebration events are considered sacred in Pakistan such as Eid and weddings. Considering these points, clothing brands bring out their best each year. Women have an advantage over men because they have various options from different brands, unlike men.

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List of 20 Top Women Clothing Brands in Pakistan

This article focuses on the major Pakistani brands manufacturing women’s clothes.

1- Al Karam

Al Karam

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Al Karam has been in the Pakistani fashion industry for a long time and it has only given quality work which is why it is immensely popular in women of all ages. It offers exotic and stylish collections to women in order to satisfy their needs and preferences. One can find attire for every occasion and weather in Al Karam.

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2- Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed

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As the slogan for the brand says “ideas for life”, Gul Ahmed lives up to the expectations of these words and provides some of the best fashion ideas. It has been in service for decades and it keeps getting better only. It is a massive textile company with a huge following. All types of seasonal fabrics can be seen in the brand with the highest possible quality. The cuts, color combinations, and design are versatile and dynamic too. The most famous collections of the brand have been lawn and cambric wear.

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3- Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen

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Nishat is a brand that is known for high-end campaigns and advertising because only the top models are seen in the ads for the brand. This shows why it is so popular and why every Pakistani woman knows how big the brand is. Nishat owns one of the biggest textile mills in the country. The full name of the brand is “Nishat Mills Limited”. It creates gorgeous clothes which always steal the hearts of many. The latest printing designs and bright colors are common in their clothes. Nishat offers exquisite collections to satisfy the seasonal needs of women.

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4- Khaadi


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Khaadi is known for the best variety of traditional clothing. It was founded in 1998 and manufactures premium clothes with a redefined sense of handloom craft. Although the brand was initiated as a small-scale business in Karachi, it has quickly gained popularity and fame due to its addition of ancient crafting in making clothes. Today it boasts numerous stores within the country.

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5- J. by Junaid Jamshed

J. By Junaid Jamshed

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Junaid Jamshed was a prominent celebrity and a renowned singer of Pakistan. He is the name behind this brand. The reason for his fame was nature and character. This brand has become one of the favorites for many women. Its unique designs are the brand’s essence, along with fine cuts and colors. J. is one of those rare brands offering clothes for the whole family.

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6- Warda


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Warda is a pretty new brand which only came in the market in the year 2006. But currently, Warda enjoys fame just like any old household brand. This brand is mostly known for affordable yet promising clothes. It is meant to be worn by all the classes. The fabrics used are dependable and resilient. Although the designs are comparatively simpler than the other brands, Warda still owns a strong persona.

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7- Sapphire


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Sapphire is mostly targeted at young girls and the higher class who can wear chic, unique, unorthodox and exotic designs. It is a high street brand that incorporates pure fashion, tough fabric and spectacular cuts. These designer wear clothes can be worn at all events confidently.

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8- Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz

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This brand is truly women empowerment because it is run by two females who are fashion geniuses. This dynamic duo has the talent to invent fashion trends and bring out the best. Both Sana and Safinaz decided to make a clothing label with team efforts and transform the fashion scene of Pakistan. This is exactly what they have accomplished in a very less amount of time. Their designs are out-of-the-box and unprecedented. One look at their prèt and lawn collections will speak volumes about the quality and expertise they possess. The two ladies are determined to bring out the sassy inner fashionista with each clothing they offer.

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9- Generation


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Generation is another high street fashion label that is loved by all modern and urban Pakistani women. The goal of Generation is to keep reminding women to take care of themselves and always look pretty despite the hassle of professional and personal lives. Their clothes are ethereal and trendy.

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10- Limelight


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Limelight is one such powerful brand that undoubtedly changed the fashion scene in Pakistan. It was established in 2010 and since then it has transformed women’s fashion wear. The market is filled with Limelight clothing which includes trendy cutlines, sassy fabrics and inspiring texture. Limelight has extended its collections and now offers one like for men and one for kids. The accessories, shoes, jewelry, and bags of Limelight are phenomenal as well. The brand has definitely moved mountains within a short span of time.

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11- Kayseria


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If you are in a dire search for a brand that boasts an intricate balance between modernism and tradition, it is without a doubt Kayseria. Kayseria is a success in the modern fashion world. This brand is all about harmonious colors, swanky fabrics, flared cuts and dynamic colors. One can see the synchronization of the timeless beauty in the joyful clothes of Kayseria.

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12- Bareeze


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This is a luxurious clothing label that was originally established in Lahore. It focuses on women of all ages and promises to give them a personality and elegance through the clothes. Their pieces are comfortable, trendy and fashionable. The brand is all you need for different attires of parties, casual, gatherings and weddings. Bareeze offers you only the best of the best and adds in a special touch of colors to make the customers happy. The brand offers only clothes for women but it has other names such as Chinyere, Kayseria, Minnie Minors and Leisure Club. These lines offer clothes for both men and children.

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13- Maria B.

Maria B.

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Maria B. is a force to be reckoned with in the Pakistani fashion industry. It is a high-end, top class and leading clothing brand in the country. Through her sheer hard work, Maria B has earned a permanent spot in the hearts of customers along with a credible reputation all over the globe. Her fame and creativity have elevated the status of Eastern clothing which has made women feel confident about wearing their ethnic clothes anywhere in the world. Each dress by the brand is a work of art. She wants women to stay fashionable at all times. Her most important collections are lawn clothing, women’s winter collection, and unique prèt wear.

14- Thredz and Motifs

Thredz and Motifs

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This impressive brand has the most different fashion ideas. The concepts which they instill in clothes are completely unique. Many fashion enthusiasts love to shop from this label all over the nation. Their traditional frocks are one of the most vibrant and youthful designs found in Pakistan. The bridal and party wear are exotic and exclusive as well. It is no wonder then that their outcome is always satisfactory.

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15- Ego


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This brand deserves a spot on the list. It is in the top brands for women who are fashion-conscious with a rich taste in clothes. It provides luxurious kurtis and clothing, which is why it has earned a permanent position in the fashion industry of Pakistan. If you want to wear gorgeous designs and premium tops, Ego is the outlet for you.

16- Kapray


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This is perhaps the most recent clothing brand on the list but the fast popularity it has gained is something very surprising. The fashion fraternity of the country is fond of Kapray due to its fresh pieces and stylish wear. The females always look forward to new designs from the brand and they know that Kapray is the source to look trendy.

17- Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa

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This brand is so good that people have copied numerous designs and work from them a lot of times. This shows how wonderful and spectacular their skills are. The craftsmanship of the designer Asim Jofa is super talented. He is fully aware of what Pakistani women desire in this day and age. Completely original, unique, unprecedented and smart are some words that can be used for his creations. He does not start working until his ideas have been perfected. This is why women enjoy this brand so much.

18- Ethnic by Outfitters

Ethnic by Outfitters

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Ethnic by Outfitters is not just a brand but a masterpiece that is super famous in the women’s population of Pakistan. The designs, motifs, patterns, colors, fabrics and tones are extremely versatile. The brand has quickly become one of the most favorites among people and the leading brands of Pakistan. Ethnic has many stores all around the country and they have extended to men wear and children clothing too.

19- Mausummery


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This brand was founded in 1997 with the aim of producing superior, feminine and enticing clothes for women in Pakistan. The designs of Mausummery are sublime and ethereal. Their clothes reflect the immaculate craftsmanship they possess. Their fashion ideas are highly conceptualized and delivered with perfection. The extraordinary seasonal lines, fabrics, patterns, color contrasts and style are exceptional. The unprecedented recognition of Mausummery is well deserved. The customers praise the brand because it offers both comfort and style.

20- House of Ittehad

House of Ittehad

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When it comes to creativity and originality, nothing can beat this brand. It is due to these factors that people are in awe of their clothes. They have a lot of fabricated choices such as Ittehad Swiss Volie, Ittehad premium lawn and Ittehad chiffon product lines which fulfill all the needs.

Wrapping it up

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The brands on this list are not the only available, and authentic sources women have for fun clothing. This is why Pakistani women have difficulty deciding where to shop. The tough options are not restricted to brands only but are connected to each individual’s fashion sense and style. However, this wide availability is something women cherish a lot as well because the countless options also fill their needs. The signature style of every brand showcases the exceptional and exclusive feel of the clothes they offer. If you take fashion very seriously, you will know which brands you should go for after reading this article.



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