The Best Bismillah Calligraphy Collection of 2024

In the religion of Islam, there is a lot of focus on not using sculptures or paintings with people as decor in the house. This creates a pretty major problem for most people that are trying to decorate their homes. Not using paintings or sculptures takes away almost all of the options you have when it comes to wall decor and this is a dilemma almost every Muslim household has to face! Today, we will be talking about different ways you can decorate your home using Bismillah calligraphy!


First Thing’s First, Prep the Walls Themselves

Even if you’re a fan of keeping things minimalistic and monotone if your house is white-wash white throughout, it might get too boring to look at, no matter how many decoration pieces you have scattered all over the home! Opting for a softer white, or better yet, going for a feature wall that includes colours and textures is a great way to guide your eye to one part of the room. This way, you can use similarly themed decor in every single room, but if the wall is different, the end result will end up looking starkly different in each and every room! This is a pro-tip if you are trying to keep your decoration in line with your religion too since the walls will only have textures and colours to add interest.

What to Use on the Walls

The main major decoration element that you can add to a home like this would be to use Arabic calligraphy on the walls. Now, this can be any sort of Surah on the walls, but in this post, we will be focusing on “Bismillah Calligraphy” as this is the one that applies to most people. Bismillah is an easy calligraphy decoration piece to work around because it’s pretty short and in most designs, stays fully readable too. These are great because many parents even use Arabic calligraphy to introduce small ayats to their children, Bismillah would ideally be the first one you would start with. 

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Decorating Your Room with Top-Rated Bismillah Calligraphy in Pakistan

Bismillah Calligraphy comes in a variety of options, we have picked out 5 different ones for you and now we will go over how to decorate your rooms around them.

1. Cursive Bismillah Calligraphy – Scattered Design

Cursive Bismillah Calligraphy - Scattered Design

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This calligraphy decoration piece is classic. The design is more on the artistic side and less on the functionality side. Even though you will know that it says Bismillah, onlookers might not realise it at first and would have to take a closer look before they can figure it out. Something like this is called a “feature piece” in a room because it drives the eye up and to itself and forces people to spend time admiring it and lets them figure out what it is. This way, the decor item is not too over the top and is still tasteful and would not be taking over your entire room on its own, you will still need to plan the room around it to compliment the art itself.

Since this calligraphy has been painted gold, you should ideally steer away from white walls in a room you will be hanging this in. Going for something starkly different and vibrant instead. Something like a black or a bright orange would be great to use here. A totally contrasting background would help the gold in the calligraphy pop and be more visible. You can even use a spotlight and point it directly at the calligraphy. Keeping the rest of the room dull will really make the calligraphy stand out this way. Add a simple, gold standing lamp to tie the gold together and you have a minimalistic yet interesting room all decorated room with just two pieces!

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2. Geometric Bismillah Calligraphy

Geometric Bismillah Calligraphy - Black

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If the design of the first one is too vague and complicated for you, this one might work better. This Bismillah Calligraphy is made using a pretty simple main design, making the words easily readable. The vertical letters have been extended to make perfectly straight lines that extend further up at almost equal heights – adding a subtle design element in a simple decor piece. If you don’t want to switch over to coloured walls, this piece goes perfectly with light coloured walls! This would ideally be great to hang up in a living room, especially if you have one with lots of windows and natural light. Coordinate the black from the calligraphy to a few other things in the room like tables and lamps, add a decorative tray on the coffee table and you will end up with a very “open” and airy feeling room while also using mainly black pieces for decor. This is especially great because a black and white decor theme is one of the easiest themes to set up the rest of the living room around. You could opt for any colour that goes with black and white and even play around with the rest of the colours as the season’s progress throughout the year and you will always still have decor that matches perfectly.

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3. Bismillah Border Calligraphy

Bismillah Border Calligraphy - Black

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If you already have “lines” going on across your room’s theme, adding either of the last two might make the room so busy that it would be overwhelming to look at. This is where you would need something to offset the lines, the perfect way to do that is by adding another geometric shape into the mix and what’s better than a trusty old circle? This Calligraphy has an intricate layout but keeps everything entrapped in a circle border. Since this piece is 24 x 24 it is large enough to be a statement piece on its own. This makes it perfect for those living rooms or bedrooms that have chunky ottoman furniture and a lot going on on the actual floors. You can easily hang this up in the centre of the main wall of the room and use it to draw the eye back up and balance the things that are on the floor instantly. Here are the top 10 furniture brands in Pakistan to have a matching collection to match with the room decor.

Alternatively, if this is being used on a feature wall with other decor pieces like frames, place this right in the middle and surround it with the other frames, either in a circular pattern or slightly far away from this piece and scattered all over the wall. Use the spaces between the pieces themselves to add the element of balance, make sure that even if the pieces are placed all over the place, the distances between them are fairly even. This will make the entire wall look extremely well thought out, even if it didn’t really take that much time in reality.

4. Bismillah Calligraphy Painting – Turquoise

Bismillah Calligraphy Painting - Turquoise

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All of the previously discussed options work great for rooms that have ample space for them, but for people who have small rooms, or just don’t have the wall space for a giant wooden calligraphy hanging, something like this could work perfectly. This is a bismillah calligraphy painting, done on a turquoise, blue and yellow base with white paint. This goes well in a room that has either, or all, of these colours but would also be ideal for those people that have a totally plain room with high rise furniture. Since this piece is only 40 x 40 cm in size, it can easily fit anywhere in your room. In an average-sized room, it would even fit on the sides of windows, an area that’s usually left empty and can be a pain to set up.

If you have a wall-mounted full-length mirror in your room, getting a few frames like this to place artistically around the borders of it can make your boring mirror wall look like a feature wall on its own, while still staying functional.

5. 3 Piece Bismillah Calligraphy

3 Piece Bismillah Calligraphy

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This is a style of calligraphy most of us grew up seeing, but updated. What used to be one simple long horizontal frame has been broken up into 3 pieces that have parts of the calligraphy on them. The actual calligraphy is done on an abstract sunset themed background and the text has been painted in a clean, white colour so it is easily visible. For this one, the main design element is how it’s made, not the actual calligraphy itself, which has been kept fairly simple and readable.

This piece is something that would work in virtually any room. If you have an empty entryway, this can easily be installed there and would be the first thing you see when you enter the home. It floats beautifully on top of a sofa set and is interesting enough to be the only piece on the wall. It would even work on top of an empty console table and also in a regular bedroom. If you are new to the world of adding wall hanging decor pieces in your home, this is something of a no brainer. All you have to worry about is making sure that all the frames line up perfectly, the rest, it does on its own!

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