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When it comes to Pakistani women, the one thing we are commonly known for is the number of things we carry around with us everywhere. With the chores, we have to do we really need a bag that we can carry with us everywhere and trust that it will stand the test of time. The issue is that not all bags will do that except the exclusive stylo bags collection for ladies in Pakistan.

In the general Pakistani market, you will find that most bags are either just horrible quality, have cheap zippers and straps or are made in a way that they couldn’t even hold your phone and close. This is why a lot of Pakistani women end up turning to international bags brands and have their friends or family bring them a bag from abroad. The problem with this is that, for starters, this gets very expensive. You end up paying upwards of 15-50 thousand rupees for one bag and you can’t actually be there in person to check the bag out yourself, you have to hope and pray that it looks somewhat close to what it looks like online and until you receive it, all that money hangs in the balance. Another issue is that this way, you will have to wait quite some time before you even get your bag and if you have gone for something more “hip and trendy” it’s possible that the trend might even end up changing before you even get your hands on the bag itself. Lastly, not everyone has the luxury of having someone bring them a bag from abroad and the ability to pay for something that expensive. But guess what? They don’t even have to.

Stylo is a brand that has been making exclusive lawn collections and shoes for years. For the past decade, they have been a brand that people can trust, but we have only seen them make shoes and bridal pouches. Well, they have now expanded their ranges to include bags for everyone. Their ranges include everything from classic bridal bags, casual pouch bags, sling bags, tote bags, formal bags and even backpacks.

The 10 Best New Stylo Bags in Pakistan (2023 Collection)

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To save you the trouble of having to go through all of their ranges individually to find something good, we have put together a list of the top 10 best bags from Stylo Pakistan.

1. Stylo Black Color Bag

Black Color Bags Hand Bags P34821

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Most Pakistani women want bags they can keep with them everywhere they go. This means that women’s bags need to be the sort that actually matches everything they wear too, otherwise you would just be carrying around an accessory that simply doesn’t match. If you’re someone like this, you would need to narrow down which colour you tend to wear the most in your daily life, for many women, it’s either black or white. A black bag like this is perfect even if you wear white because it goes with everything. The glossy finish makes this one that you can wear in a casual setting every day and one that you could take to a more formal event as well.

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2. Stylo Pink Color Bag

Pink Color Bags Hand Bags P34770

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Although everyone loves a straightforward black bag, it can get a bit boring over time, especially in the summertime. In the summer, Pakistani fashion incorporates a lot of colour and prints, everything is topped up with embellishments. When your outfit is that busy, you can’t pair it with a black bag, you need colour in your hand too. That’s where something like this bag comes in. This salmon-pink bag is one of the best “first bags” when it comes to getting a colored bag. This will go perfectly with almost every floral print, anything in the pink/orange/green family and even pairs well with totally white outfits. With something like this, you don’t have to pick up a totally matching bag for your outfit each time!

3. Stylo Maroon Color Bag

Maroon Color Bags Hand Bags P34769

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Salmon pink is something that could potentially work for anyone, but there are also those people that might find the colour a little too loud or unwearable. People like this should know that they aren’t stuck with a simple black or white bag, there are a variety of colours and styles that they can still go for! One of these options is this maroon stylo bag. This is a maroon that is bright enough to be seen but muted enough to not be in your face, which is perfect if you’re looking for something that easily translates from a day look to a night look without having to change anything!

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4. Stylo Blue Color Bag

Blue Stylo Bag

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While we talk about exploring your colour options, a safe and easy coloured bag to transition to is this blue one. This is essentially a bag that you could keep if you tend to leave the house once in a while or even if you need something to hold all of your random “necessities” for college. Since this is essentially a large tote bag with lots of pockets and zips, you don’t have to worry about running out of space or dropping anything accidentally. The colour is also one that works with almost every outfit, it functions similarly to a black bag, as it counts as a basic item. The possibilities are endless with a bag like this, depending on your personal style, you could wear this in tonnes of different ways.

5. Stylo Black Color Formal Hand Bag

Grey Color Bags Hand Bags P34682

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If you want something even bigger, something that could literally hold everything from knick-knacks to registers, a bag like this is perfect. It has enough space width-wise and is generally just large enough that you can easily fit anything you want in there. The zip makes it so that you could literally dump things in there and never have to worry about losing anything, it will all be exactly where you put it. The matte black colour and simple but intricate design help bring in the element of interest while being a bag that’s really made to be something you can take with you everywhere.

6. Stylo Yellow Color Bag

Yellow Color Bags Hand Bags P34684

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If you are someone that likes to carry around everything but also doesn’t want your bag to be something that hides away, nothing would be better than this striking yellow tote bag. The bag itself is great for carrying whatever your heart may desire in it while also being chic. The buckles at the handle ends and the zip detailing all bring in the element of interest that could quickly spruce up an outfit even if you had nothing much going on elsewhere.

7. Stylo Green Color Bag

Green Stylo Bag

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Women who like their outfits always to have that formal and put-together look need a few bags in their collection that reflect the same feel. This deep green faux snakeskin bag is perfect for someone like that because it seems plain from afar, its colour is muted but interesting and the subtle gold detailing is enough to complete the look without getting overwhelming. You can easily match this bag with dark or light outfits, throw in one gold accessory and your outfit will match up easily!

8. Stylo Pink Color Formal Hand Bag

Pink Stylo Bag

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While discussing handmade bags that look formal, we have to mention this one. This dusty pink tote bag has everything you could ever want. Starting with the colour, this particular pink has been one that has been “in” for the past 5 years and doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. The bag itself is nice and simple, but the size makes it one that you wouldn’t be able to put down, which is great because you will be able to use it for years to come.

9. Stylo Blue Color Leather Hand Bag

Stylo Blue Leather Bag

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Since we are going through the entire colour spectrum, we can’t leave out this bright royal blue number. This bag is a great, spacious bag that you could carry out and about, in the office and in college without a problem. The snakeskin design is enough to add interest without having to be too in your face and the dainty thin straps balance out the chunkiness of the bag itself. This is a colour that works in both casual and formal occasions perfectly. You could even take this bag from day to night by switching out the details of your outfits quickly. Its versatility makes it one of the best bags from stylo.

10. Stylo Black Color Casual Pouch

Black Color Bags Pouch P92088

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Bringing it back to the classic black, this one is for the women that don’t want to carry around a lot, but need their small essentials, a wallet or coin purse and their phone. This sling pouch is a great one to have because you can hang it on your shoulder and forget about it. No “carrying” is required. It will hold your things and its compact size won’t take over any outfit and continue to be an accessory that you use to add that finishing touch.

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