Trendy Nail Art Design Ideas for Brides

Wedding and prom is the most fun night in a girl’s life, selecting the dress alone is the most fun thing ever, and then you have shoes by famous ladies brands and all to think about. Let us take care of one detail that you might forget or ignore while preparing yourself for the wedding. This little detail will add a great amount of bling to your wedding dress. Yes! We are talking about the nails.

These nails will surely make your friend gaga over your style and fashion sense. There will be no match for you on the most anticipated night of your school year. In the coming years, you can sit back and relax that you were the best looking girl their and anything about you was perfect that night.

Nail art or nail designs are only for flaunting; you can show your inner personality through these. It’s a true art form that can become a reflection of who you really are. Dress up, dance, and create the most amazing memories but will the most amazing nails and nothing less.

Nail Designs (Easy Nail Art Ideas)

There are so many ideas you can go with, just explore a little and find what you like among the many styles out there. You can check out:

  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • High maintenance
  • Bejeweled
  • Holographic
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Nude
  • Bold
  • Loud

The possibilities with nail art are endless; you can even get one that matches your dress to the last detail. Wedding is the time to let loose and has the most fun ever, this is the reason why you should always go with the most fun, creative as well as most enticing designs.

Preparing Your Nails

Nail art can’t be done on broken, dead, and “chewed to the cuticle” nails. For an awesome job, you will need awesome nails. Preparing your nails for nail art is as important as preparing your face before makeup. How are you going to prepare your nails with the Pakistani bridal makeup, let us enlighten you?

It doesn’t matter where you have long or short nails; you will need a clean canvas to work with. If you can get a professional manicure at a proper salon, and if you can’t DIY manicure will suffice as well. Make sure you give the nail artist the best of your nail to work with.

Other than manicure you can also get them filed and get them in shape as well. There are many shapes you can go with, almond, square, oblong or rectangle. Short nails are harder to style, so if you are looking for great nail design, grown them long so that you can paint them easily on a wedding night.

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Wedding Nails

Prom Nails

The best days of the wedding lies between April and June that is summertime. According to the season, there are so many floral and summer-related designs you can do; the options will make your head spin. Other than floral you can go with patterns like Polka dots, Geometric designs, Stripes, Animal prints. These ravishing designs will surely make your dress look even cooler. Don’t forget your nails from and let them be free from color. Add color and fun to your gown by painting your nails in the most creative nails.

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1. Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors Nails
Pastels are one thing that is highly associated when it comes to linking colors with summer and wedding. If you are thinking of keeping it low profile and going with simple solid colors, check out pastel colors this summer as your wedding accessory. You can add a lace white nail design to contrast with your pastel-colored nails. If you are thinking of wearing a pink or white gown, something g light and regal, these nails will go perfectly with your princess themed gown. These candy-colored nails are not only great looking but they will also add a beautiful touch to your wedding dress. The longer your nails are the charming these colors will look.

2. Chevron Nails

Chevron Nail

Chevron is the easiest and the sexiest design if you can’t go to a salon. You can do it at home if you know how to apply nail paint. It’s pretty basic, but that doesn’t make it less glamorous. Chevron is the clean zigzag design that you can easily achieve with simple zigzag scissors, tape, and some nude color polish.

All you need is some basic material and a bit of patience. With a lot of practice, you can even do this freehand. Apply the basic coat, place the tape, and apply the color you want. Let your nail polish dry and then take the tape off. Once you get the hang of how the design will turn out, you can do many variations like using two contrasting colors or using glitter doe the Chevron. Tiny details like that can make a huge impact and make your nail come alive. These go well with modern gowns; you can do a contemporary and chic look for Wedding, and these classy nails will add the perfect touch. Chevron works with small and short nails as well. It’s the perfect design that works well with both long and short nails.

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3. The Bling Game

The Bling Game

Have you always been in love with glittery and sparkling rhinestones? Are you planning to wear a gown with such details? If yes, you will need the perfect and matching nails to complete the whole theme, wouldn’t you? Adding bling to your nails is easy, all you need is some rhinestones and some creativity. You can even get this done in a nail salon too. Some places also give discounts on Weddings and special events. Pick the color you need or one that matches your gown and adds some stones to it. Add your stones in contrast or matching to the color of your gown. You can also DIY this but you will need patience and extreme precision to add the jewels one after another.

4. Marble Nails

Marble Nails

The marble technique is so pure so unique that people have been adding it to everything from cakes to their interior to their nails. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s so elementary that anyone can do it. The marbling technique is pretty famous, and all salons can do it for you. There are also many DIY videos available online that you can easily do it at home as well. You can bring a little more attention to your marble nails by adding solid contrasting colors. Pick two of your favorite colors and have fun with the marbling technique.

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5. Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails

Glitter might be overrated buy hey; it’s Wedding, and you can do with a bit of sparkling glitter in your life. Textured nails have been a hit this year; they were so popular last year that the fashion is still going strong. You c add the sugary touch to your glittery nails to make it even more creative. These nails can easily define your entire look. You can wear a simple gown and let your nails do all the talking. Or you can wear a glittery dress and match your nails with that. Either way, adding glitter to your nails is a hit. Glitter can add the glamour to your simple attire or balance out your matte look or even add to your already loud look. The versatility of the glittered nails can’t be ignored.

6. Metallic Nails

Metallic Nails

You don’t have to go with summery and floral designs if you don’t want to. If you want to stand out among the rest summer beauties, we suggest you go with metallic nails. This design instantly catches attention and makes sure you are noticed. So if you are wearing a dark and solid color to Wedding, metallic nails will go perfectly with the theme to match with your collection of Pakistani lawn brands. They look striking on long and pointed nails. Metallic tones are also pretty much in fashion according to the trends of 2023’s runway logs. You can go all in and paint all your nails metallic or take the accent way out and contract your metallic nails with either glitter or pastels.

7. Ombre With Or Without Glitter

Ombre Nails

If you are a fashion buff, you must have heard about the ombre tend for sure. The classic blending of one color into another is called the ombre effect, where one color is light, and the other is dark. Going from dark to light is called the original ombre, and going from light to dark is called reverse ombre. You can apply the ombre effect to your nail. You can also add glitter to it as well, to make them look more enticing. Ombre looks great on long nails. However, if you have shorter nails, you can go of acrylic nails for your prom or wedding night.

8. French Tip

French Tip Nail Design

The most elegant and also the most stylish of the lot is the French tip. However, the French tip is your daily wear design with cute girls hairstyles; for Wedding, you need something a bit more glamorous. For those who love the simplicity of the French tip, you can get creative with your French tip. Best of all you won’t need the services of a nail artist for that. Adding glitter and vibrant color to your French tip will give all the glamour you need. You can also add rhinestones to your French tip as well. Contrasting colors or adding an accent are a couple of ways to spice things up with your French tip.

9. Matte Nails

Matte Nails

For some reason, Matte nails look extremely satisfying. They are great, especially if you are wearing an over-the-top gown along with a unique hijab style. With a lot of sparkle and glam going on in your gown, you will need something to tone the bling down a bit. Matte nails are perfect if you are looking to match your dress with your nails. Also, you can add one glitter nail to accent the whole matte look. Midnight blue is a good choice for the wedding night.

10. 3D Nail Art

3d Nail Art

They might be a bit too flashy, but hey it’s Wedding, so you should stop at nothing. You can add 3D flowers, bows, or any other design you please and make a huge deal about your nails rather than your gown. You can always match your 3D artistic nails with your corsage to make a huge and impressive impact. These 3D nails will keep you in light all night long at your Wedding. Your date will have a hard time taking his eyes off you and your style. These designs are for the bold and the fierce who like to be the center of attention everywhere they go.

11. Yin Yang

Yin Yang Design Nails

Most of the time, girls are motivated by their gowns; whatever colors they wear they paint their nails the same. Many a time, black and white poses most confusion. For girls wearing black and white Yin Yang is the best way to go. It’s both simple and creative. The art style hails from china and its pretty popular among youngsters who are all about the Zen vibe and peace.

12. Nails With Animal Patterns

Nails With Animal Patterns

The fashion and trends of 2023 are full of animal prints. You can see the fashion trend everywhere. Well, you can also add this to your wedding nails as well. All you need is a good nail artist who would add animal patterns to your nail and use colors matching your corsage or your gown. There are many animals you can choose for this style. Cheetah, leopard, zebra, as well as snakeskin, have been extremely popular this season.

Other than the wedding you can get your nails done for many other special occasions like weddings, Halloween, Christmas and such. Nail designs and 3D nail art spices up your attire and adds to the uniqueness of it.


Prom or Wedding nails are trendy as they complete the whole look of Wedding. Corsage wearing wrists or beaded bracelets with painted to perfection nails; grab the most attention at Wedding. These wedding nails designs will surely attract all the attention towards you at your wedding night. These will also add stars to your wedding pictures as well.

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