New Sana Safinaz Eid Collection 2021

Sana Safinaz Eid Collection

Eids are very joyous and festive occasions in all Eastern countries including Pakistan. Everyone loves celebrating Eid and there is special preparation which takes place for both Eids. This preparation includes buying or stitching new clothes to wear on the days of Eids. Pakistani women get their Eid clothes ready before the occasion of Eids. Keeping this in mind, the top brands of Pakistan reveal the special Eid Collection each year to satisfy the clothing needs of people. Sana Safinaz is one of the top Pakistani brands and all their collections are well received by the customers. Women love the designs, cuts, fabrics and colors which the brand offers.

Latest Online Sana Safinaz Eid Collection (Stitched, Ready to Wear & Unstitched)

Following is the Eid Collection of Sana Safinaz which quickly became hot selling items in the market. You can check out the articles with prices from this collection below.

1. Pomegranate Shirt with Lace Detailing and Exquisite Embroiderey


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As the Eid clothes are always bright and colorful, this gorgeous shirt does justice to this special occasion. The pomegranate color is apt for any Eid season. It is heavily embroidered. The details of laces and booti chan work at the shirt and especially the neckline are the highlight of this dress. It is toned with a level of jewelry and crystals to make a bold impression. The cotton slub fabric is excellent for traditional occasions. The basic cut line looks spectacular. Price of this shirt is 6,990 rupees.

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2. Sleek and Colourful Crepe Shirt with a Round Neck


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If you want to cast a striking statement this Eid, then opt for a fashionable silk shirt. The reason why silk fabric is commonly worn in special events is that it looks super chic. Moreover, there is no need for extra styling because a silk shirt is enough for a fashion statement. But this silk shirt from the Silk Tunics clothing line has some proportion of slub lawn as well. The mix of lawn and silk makes the cloth tough, durable and stylish. This colorful crepe shirt with the green base color is phenomenal. It is sleek and has detailed laces on the neckline and sleeves. It is also perfect for summers. With a loose silk shirt like this, a basic cut line is fine. This artful shirt can be yours in 4,690 rupees.

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3. Mulberry Organza Shirt Printed in Florals and Paisleys


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This impeccable dress is truly made for all the events and traditional occasions. The beautiful mulberry color has a lot of details going through it. First off, the bold digital printing of paisleys and floral designs form the framework for the dress. The neckline is beautifully embroidered with gold and beige colors. The additional embellishments of pearls at the base of Organza gives a subtle feel. Neckline is adorned with the colors of bright pink, cream and khaki green which are youthful. The gold Tilla work, net sleeves, embroidery on the cord and side kali are very delicate. The pants are made of raw silk in beige color. Dupatta is decorated with geometric patterns and floral designs. It is made of chiffon dipped in the same colors of gold, cream and mulberry. You can get this festive dress for 10,990 rupees.

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4. Blue Satin Shirt with a Botanical Inspired Digital Print


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This is an urban shirt in the electric blue color. The fabric used is satin which is soft and has digital printing. The prominent tones are gold, bright pink, lime green, orange and khaki green. These colors give a botanical pattern. A true ethnic feel is derived from the magenta base color topped with the embroidery on bronze cord. The border of this embroidered cord rests on a blue base. The Organza dupatta is just as beautiful as the shirt. It boasts floral patterns and the colors of cream, beige, wine and pink. The dress is completed with pants of indigo color made of raw silk material. Both the dupatta and pants complement the dress extremely well. The dress is for 11,490 rupees.

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5. Pink Tulle Net Shirt Is Embroidered with Rose Gold Tilla


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If you want a sophisticated but heavy dress, this dusky pink dress should belong in your wardrobe. Heavy embroidery, rose gold Tilla and thread work in the cream color on the net fabric looks divine. The sleeves have a scalloped design with embroidery. Borders made of Organza at the top of a moss green base along with the subtle colors are phenomenal. The beauty of the shirt is heightened by a double dusky pink tulle net border. This border consists of work done on the cord. The bodice engages the colors of rouge, bronze and rosewood along with delicate floral patterns. Pants are in the color of tea pink and made with raw silk. Organza dupatta has digital printing of flowers and colors of magenta and lavender. This whole piece is at the price of 12,490 rupees.

6. Beige Tulle Net Shirt Embroidered in Golds


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This is another tulle net dress with serious details. The beige color is poised and elegant. Fabric chosen is net which pairs well with gold embroidery. A large portion of the front and back of the shirt comprise of baroque and flower motifs. These motifs are seen in the shades of baby pink, beige, gold and baby blue which look decent and feminine. Thread work, Tilla and sequins join together to give a beautiful arrangement of the shirt. The design of the sleeves is taken from palm tree leaves. Exquisiteness originates from the traditional threads participating in the booti chan work in baby blue, gold, baby pink and beige. The side panels grab the attention because they are made of tulle net. The look is completed with beige pants of raw silk. A layer of gold print decorates the pants. The dupatta has a gold foil and is made of tulle net in the color beige. This whole look can be yours at 12,990 rupees.

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7. Maya Blue Tulle Net Shirt with Threadwork and Tilla


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Another ethnic dress in the unique color of maya blue, this subtle shirt is made of tulle net fabric. Designing is achieved by lapis lazuli thread work, silver colored sequins, Tilla, beige and steel blue printing. The booti chan work at the side panels is seen of the same colors with the traditional threads. This dress is finished with the pants of raw silk in the maya blue color. A silver printing is done on the pants. As for the dupatta, the base is a maya blue tulle net fabric and on top of it, a subtle silver matte foil is imprinted. Get the whole dress at 12,990 rupees.

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8. Cream and Gold Shirt Woven Zari Jacquard Shirt


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If you are in search of a dress in a light tone range to wear on Eid, this belongs to you. The elegant shades of gold and cream are prominent in this piece which can never go wrong at any traditional event. The fabric is zari jacquard which is very unique and is only used for high-end clothes. The traditional flower designs are assembled on the sleeves. The sleeves are embroidered as well with the colors of lime green, cream, olive green and gold. A gold cord rests on the neckline which looks angelic. More work done at the Organza neckline is Tilla, embroidery and thread work in the hues of gold, olive green and lime green. There are lace florals at the border as well in the same colors. Side panels made of zari jacquard are enhanced by the traditional booti chan work and embroidery in gold. The beautiful cream pants made of raw silk topped with the printing of gold paste coordinates well. A khaki green, tea pink and olive green thread work on the dupatta with the cream tulle net fabric complete the dress. The price is 13,990 rupees.

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9. Soft Moss Green Gold Woven Zari Jacquard Shirt


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This is another zari jacquard dress but in different colors. The subtle moss green shade is reminiscent of the past ethnic vision. The fabric is woven with gold threads which elevates the beauty. The shades of the Organza neckline are khaki green, lavender, gold, soft cream and wisteria. Sleeves are in the same tone of moss green and are embroidered in the traditional flower motifs in the same hues as the shirt. A lot of gold cord work and desi booti chan work is imprinted on the side panels. The same raw silk pants in the moss green shade are given. The slight printing of gold paste makes it look attractive. Dupatta in the tulle net fabric has the base color of moss green with traces of cream, subtle lavender, khaki green and wisteria. The gold thread work is heavily involved in this dress which is available at 13,990 rupees.

10. Elegant Tiffany Blue Organza Shirt Layered with Cream


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Elegance has never looked better on any other dress. This Organza shirt in tiffany blue is sensual and beautiful. The addition of flower patterns in bright pink, cream and khaki green amplify the resounding ethnic vibe. The neckline is embroidered by hand which shows the laborious efforts taken to make this dress. The thread work on the neckline consists of flowers and paisleys in the various hues of gold and beige. It is further combined with pearls for extra embellishment. Unlike the other dresses in the Eid Collection, this one has a softer border with comfortable satin. The beige border has embroidery in gold and cream colors along with flower motifs. The raw silk pants in the beige color is coordinated with the shirt. Dupatta is made of chiffon and is topped with geometric patterns and flower motifs. The same shirt tones of cream, tiffany blue and gold are seen on the dupatta. The price of the dress is 10,990 rupees.

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11. Ferozi Green Satin Shirt with a Bronze Embroidered Cord


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This collection will be incomplete without a ferozi dress. The soft satin shirt has a neckline in a different color of magenta base. The cord is embroidered with bronze thread. The designing of the shirt is inspired by the botanical gardens. The other shades found except the base color are lime green, bright pink, gold, orange and khaki green. These hues are digitally printed on the shirt as well as sleeves. The silk pants are in the shade of indigo. Dupatta made of Organza includes the imprinting of floral and animalistic patterns in beige, wine, pink and cream. Overall, this ferozi dress is a true epitome of luxury, art and frailty.

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Wrapping it up

These exclusive and unique designs are dedicated to the Eid Collection so that you can enjoy the festivities in full spirit and confidence. Each design is paired with dynamic colors. All of the ensembles are created with the perfect balance of luxury, tradition and formal. The shades of the dresses include soft and light pastels to dark jewel hues. This collection is a true celebration of the upcoming Eids. You can customize and style the dupatta and matching pants. The embellishments of gold, Tilla, laces, embroidery and pearls offer a sensuous and floral vibe. If you have found what you will be wearing on this Eid, visit the official website of Sana Safinaz to place your order! You will not be disappointed.

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