11 Easy & Simple Hairstyles for Girls

Every Pakistani wedding is full of extravagant events; we have Mehandi, Mayun, daily family get-togethers, bridal showers as well as different kinds of nights (Qawali night, Disco night, Retro night etc.) You have been missing out on a lot of you haven’t been to a Pakistani wedding, time to attend one for sure. We love to celebrate! There is nothing we won’t do in the name of celebrations.

Regarding the preparation, girls have all the fun thinking about the dresses, the makeup and the hairstyles. Nothing in the world can stop a girl from dressing up at a Pakistani wedding. With a vast list of events and gatherings, every girl is searching for the best makeup and hairstyles for girls.

Having the best dress and makeup will all go down the drain if your hair isn’t up to the mark. Well, what are we here for? Don’t you worry your beautiful head about all this; here is the list of the best hairstyles of 2023 for your inspiration.

Top 11 Latest Hairstyle Ideas and Trends for Pakistani Girls

These hairstyles are based on the latest fashion trends repeatedly seen in Pakistani forums, Dramas, Runways, and celebrities. These hairstyles will help you stay in the limelight at all your wedding functions. You can enhance the best features of your face and shape with the help of these perfect hairstyles. Also, with the ideal hairdo, you can create the illusion of a smaller, chubbier or slimmer face.

Balance, elegance, and sophistication all of these attributes can be achieved by creating the perfect hairdo. You deserve to look extravagant at all the functions and occasions; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Another great trick and tip to get the best hairdo is to consider the length of your hair. Length, texture and volume matter when you are sorting out hairstyles for yourself. The stylist will always give you suggestions according to the length and texture of your hair. Most of the time, they know what they are doing, but it is better if you research the kind of hairstyle you want and take a picture for reference. A picture will help the stylist give you the best style that will suit your taste and your face.

The following designs are selected, keeping the culture and dress code of Pakistani formal events and weddings to match with the top Pakistani lawn brand’s clothing. Enjoy the read and the inspiration.

Best Hairstyles for Girls Step by Step in 2023

In a nutshell here are the hairstyles we are going to cover; these will also have the respective function or event explained as well.

  • Hairstyle with Braids
  • Hairstyles with Twists
  • Natural Hairstyles
  • Hairstyles with side parts as well as middle parts
  • Hairstyles with Updo’s
  • Hairstyles with trendy Buns
  • Hairstyles with Elaborated Curls as well as Loose Waves
  • Hairstyles to Enhance Solid Hair color, Ombre, as well as reverse ombre
  • Hairstyle with Hair Half up as well as half down
  • Hairstyles with High and low ponytails
  • Hairstyles with Textured Bob

1. Hairstyle with Braids


Braids have always been in fashion; this is the reason why there are some many innovated styles of braided hair. You get a huge variety of hairstyles if you choose to go with braids. Braids can be termed as timeless as they never go out of fashion. Most Pakistani women prefer to go with braids as they are fashionable, keep hair off their faces, can be decorated with embellished pins and slips and the best part is they are the easiest way to gather long hair in a perfect hairstyle.

Bonus point you can for with a simple braid, an elaborate one, a fish braid or any other kind, and it will look great. Braids are also pretty versatile; they go well with all Pakistani dresses such as frocks, shalwar kameez, and short kurtties. These combinations look gorgeous with stylish shoe designs for girls. Other than these festive events braids are also great for work, universities and other such formal settings. This one hairstyle suits all, the longer hair you have, the better your braid will look, this is the universal truth. If you want to attend an event or a wedding, you can check out messy side braids with pearl clips, loose strands, chic braided buns, and up-dos.

2. Hairstyles with Twists

The beauty of twists is that you can add them to almost any hairstyle, sporting a bun, a braid, or even loose curls. You can add twists to practically any hairstyle. Just like braids, they are ancient and timeless, so no matter what the fashion season is, you can always get your hair done in a twist and rock the style.

Formal settings are great for a twist as that means your hair will stay in one place the whole day, so you will have a professional look about you. At the end of the day, if you have an event and you need to go directly from work, just let your hair loose without taking out the twists, and you will have another great and casual hairstyle going for you. Twists are very versatile; you can make a pony or a braid while working and let the hair loose without messing the twists when you want to party. They also suit all face shapes and features, you can do side or middle parting with your twists. All in all, it’s a great style that works well with both formal and casual settings, especially if you have matching & trending nail art design. Moreover, a twisted chic bun goes well with gowns and long robes so; it can also become a great bridal hairstyle.

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3. Hairstyles with side parts as well as middle parts

As far as the side and middle parting go, they are effortless; you don’t have to do a thing. Parting your hair on either side or in the middle can help you enhance the shape of your face. You will have to experiment a bit with your face shape for which parting suits you the better, and you are done. You can part your hair and keep them loose and flowing naturally. You can achieve an instant change in your hairstyle without getting them trimmed or cut. Go with a parting you have never sported before, and people will go gaga over the change. So you can change your look without any cost, and within a minute with a middle or deep side part, that’s the magic of knowing the best hairstyles.

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4. Hairstyles with Up-do’s

Not everyone can sport an up-do, only the bold and the sleek one can pull it off. Up-dos’ are classic and traditional. They make flowing gowns, and long frocks look extremely elegant. Looking for a style to sport in a formal event, go with a sleek up-do, it will enhance the look of your dress even more and make you look nothing less than a princess. Up-dos are also the most preferred hairstyles for Pakistani brides. All you need is a very professional hairstylist who knows what he or she is doing to achieve the best up-do and enhance the look of your big day even more.

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5. Hairstyles with trendy Buns

The most functions in Pakistani society are that of a wedding. They are huge, festive and full of extravagant features such as expensive decor, lavish dresses, and makeup. However, your dress and makeup will amount to nothing if your hairstyle doesn’t match perfectly. Adding pins, clips, beads, and pearls can make your bun even more attractive. At many events, bides like to add real flowers to enhance the beauty of their buns even more. Most of the time, brides go for these kinds of hairstyles at Mehandi and mayun. Messy, chic, tight or low buns are the types you can go for at weddings.

6. Hairstyles with Elaborated Curls as well as Loose Waves

Having curls may be a huge burden for many people, but the kind of personality curls add, can’t be achieved with dead straight hair. Straight hair may look sleek, but half the time, they also look limp. If you have curls, you are a lucky lady, indeed. The thing with curls is that you need to spend a lot of time and effort on them to make the hairstyle work, but the end result is worth all the effort and time you spent. Waves look great on people who have medium to normal length hair if you have longer hair style with loose curls as tight curls won’t look good, and they will also shorten the length of your long mane. Loose and wavy curls look extremely exotic if you know what you are doing. Curls are one way of getting the most glamorous look.

7. Hairstyles to Enhance Solid Hair color, Ombre, as well as Reverse Ombre

Coloring one’s hair has always been a popular way to bring about the most exclusive change. Many girls save up coloring their hair till the big day, whether it’s their graduation, new job or wedding. A change to begin the new phase of their life is more impactful. There are many colors choices that you can go for, full solid color, ombre, highlights or reverse ombre or low light; there are so many choices that you will find it hard to select one. We are here to help you choose according to the trends and fashion of 2023, use of Sulfate Free Shampoo for the hair care with colors is one of the trending patterns. Solid color is timeless, so you can always go for that no matter what the fashion is. However, 2023 is all about ombre and reverse ombre. Dark hair roots with light ends blending seamlessly into one is how ombre works. This popular trend has been adopted by many celebrities. The color makes you look classy and very glamorous.

A reverse ombre is the complete opposite of ombre, where you have light roots and darker ends. This has been seen quite a lot of celebrities as well. Since the style is very popular, you stylist won’t have much trouble understanding what you need, but still, it’s prudent that you take a picture or two to let her know what exactly do you need from her. The color will surely make you look more updated and in touch with current fashion trends. Some girls prefer to have a trendy hijab style while going out to match the colors with their makeup and clothing. Word to the wise, make sure you choose a color according to your skin color or your usual dress colors. You can’t have your hair color clash with your skin color that will be a huge fashion disaster.

8. Hairstyle with Hair Half up as well as Half Down

Being experimental is a great way of being fashionable. You will never be able to know what suits you more if you never experiment. With hairstyles, you always have to think out of the box; once you start to experiment a bit, you will learn so many tips and tricks to make yourself look even more regal. Many people go for black and white, they hardly ever watch the grey path, and I think in fashion you really need to check out the grey path, you never know, you might even like it. Such is the case with hairstyle, people either go with buns or loose hair, and there is no middle way. But the innovative hairstyles of Pakistan have styled a lot of half up-dos, where you can wear your hair half-up and half-down, bringing about a very refreshing change.

Half up and half down hair is pretty simple to do and can be done with long or short both types of hair. All you need is to decide whether you want the look with straight hair or curled hair. Add a pin here and a pearl there to make the hairstyle more lavish. Its highly recommended to use the best sulfate free shampoo for fine hair, if you are going to try these styles to make your hair more thick and strong.

9. Hairstyles with High and Low Ponytails

Like up-dos and bun, high and low ponytails will take the hair off your face; this makes the perfect style for formal events and official places. It’s the best style to sport, if you are going to work or for a very important presentation. However, if you are going to an event, you can add twists or poofs to make the style more elaborate. Ponytails look decent as well as very elegant.

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