Most Famous Italian Shoes Brands in Pakistan

Italian Shoes Brands in Pakistan

“Shoes maketh the man”, this was a common statement used in the 15th and 16th centuries, a statement that is true today too. All throughout history, there has been a lot of focus on how people present themselves. It is said that the first thing most people will notice about you is the shoes you wear. This is because your footwear shows how much effort you put into your outfit. The right shoes pull the whole look together, there’s no doubt about it.

Whether you’re someone obsessed with having closets full of shoes or simply someone that needs the shoe that gets the job done, you know how famous Italian shoes are in Pakistan. We’ve often heard the words “Italy” and “high quality, great shoes” in the same sentence. Well, there’s a good reason for it.

Traditionally, Italian shoes were almost always tailor-made as per the standard shoe size conversion chart. The one of a kind, perfect-fit made sure that the customer was satisfied and would have a piece that would offer the most comfort for their particular foot. People (that could afford it) would travel far and wide to get their hands on one of these beautifully crafted pieces. These would usually last a good number of years with proper upkeep.

But as the world evolved, the industry also adapted. Now, not only can we still find the classic hand-made Italian shoes but we can also find Italian shoes that are on-trend and as close to the traditional ones, for a fraction of the price.

Top 14 Best Italian Shoes Brands in Pakistan

Here are our top 14 picks for the best Italian shoe brands for men!

1. Gucci

Gucci italian shoes

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When we are talking about luxury, Italian leather shoes, Gucci has to be on top of the list. Gucci has been manufacturing leather goods since it was first founded in 1921. They’ve been in the shoe game back when the era of leather shoes began. All throughout the years, they’ve stayed on top of their game and remain a favourite of their customers.

Gucci makes almost every type of shoe imaginable. From the causal slides, boots, loafers, sneakers, heels to every kind of men’s formal shoes. All of their shoes are made in Italy and come with the classic Gucci stamp that says “made in Italy”.

Their price range depends on what shoe you’re buying but their average prices are anywhere between $200 – $2000 on average.

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2. Prada

Prada Mens Shoes

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Prada was established in 1931. The luxury brand is very famous for the bags they make. People buy Prada bags like real estate because of how well they hold value. Some even say they’re more valuable than land!

Other than making great bags, Prada also makes amazing shoes. For men, they make everything from casual loafers and slides to formal and even platform formal shoes that increase the overall height of the wearer!

Prada shoe prices can range from about $300 – $3000 for their in-store ready-to-go collections.

3. Valentino

Valentino men shoes

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Compared to most of the other luxury brands, Valentino came around a lot later. Established in 1960, Valentino took the luxury fashion world by storm. Every year they come out with clothing collections that set trends. But that’s not it, they also make amazing shoes.

Famous for their “Valentino pump-heels” they’re one of the biggest brands when it comes to high-end shoe brands. What’s surprising is that they’re just as famous for men’s shoes. Not only do they have a vast sneaker/trainers collection but they also make great formal shoes for men.

Valentino’s shoes start around $200 and go up all the way to $2500, with most of their shoes priced from $500 – $1000.

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4. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Mens shoes

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Salvatore Ferragamo was established in 1927. They’ve been known to be the “shoemakers to the stars” as they’ve made shoes for some of the biggest names in Hollywood like Joan Crawford, Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe to mention a few.

Salvatore Ferragamo makes amazing shoes for men and women. They’re especially well known for how comfortable their shoes are, as normally, luxury doesn’t necessarily mean comfortable.

Their men’s shoes sell from $500 – $2000 on average depending on the type and style of shoes you prefer.

5. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Mens Shoes

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Dolce & Gabbana was founded in 1985. This was much later than most of the luxury brands that exist today. Even then, they were able to make their mark so quickly that they’ve grown to become a brand that is known all over the world.

They make everything from casual and formal clothing, bags, wallets for men and other accessories to great shoes. Their shoe collection always has very unique statement pieces as well, making them a favourite for people that like to experiment with fashion.

Dolce & Gabbana’s men’s shoe prices ranged from $400 – $3000 for their ready-to-wear shoes.

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6. Santoni

Santoni Mens Shoes

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Santorini first started as a luxury brand in 1975. Santoni wanted to showcase the beautiful craftsmanship that was everywhere in Italy to the whole entire world. They started out small but grew into a giant global name.

Today, they still make luxury handmade Italian shoes true to the way they used to be made back in the day. They make every type of shoe from casual sneakers, formal shoes and even sneakers.

Their prices range from $400 – $3000. With most of their formal shoes or dress shoes brands in Pakistan being around the $800 mark.

7. Bontoni

Bontoni Shoes

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Bontoni is a luxury brand that’s quite different from the rest. It was established in 2004. They didn’t want to be a huge brand that delivered quickly to buy shoes. Instead, they make entirely handmade shoes that take several weeks for their ready-made and custom shoes. This keeps the very traditional style of Italian shoemaking alive, even today.

Bontoni shoes range from $700 – $2000 for their usual ready-made shoes and the custom shoes are made on a custom price according to the specifications of the particular shoe.

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8. Moreschi

Moreschi Shoes

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Moreschi first emerged as a brand in 1946. Within 10 years they not only made their mark in Italy but also started venturing out globally. They’ve existed for several decades and kept up with the trends as they grew. Even today, they’re one of the most sought out brands when it comes to men’s Italian shoes.

They make shoes that reflect not only the classic style of all the decades they’ve existed through but they also produce on-trend designs that fit the men of today.

Moreschi shoes range from $400 – $2000 for their usual collections.

9. Florsheim

Florsheim Shoes

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Florsheim shoe company is one of the oldest companies that still exist today. Founded in 1892, the brand has survived through countless obstacles throughout history. They make shoes for men and kids along with several accessories. Their men’s shoe collections have every type of shoe in both the causal and formal categories.

The best part about them is that their shoes are of good quality while being very affordable. Their shoes start as low as $49 and go up to about $300. This makes them one of the cheapest good quality men’s shoe brands out there!

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10. Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer Shoes

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Stefano Bemer was a shoemaker based in Italy. He was very skilled at what he did and wanted to preserve the way bespoke shoes were made traditionally. He started his own company in 1983 with the goal of “creating the perfect shoe”.

Their bespoke collections start at about $3000 and take around 8-10 weeks to make one pair. Their ready-to-wear shoes range from $900 – $1900 on average.

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11. Testoni

Testoni Men Shoes

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Testoni is a brand that was founded in 1929. They make high-quality shoes, accessories and bags for men and women. They’re well-known for having comfortable and flexible shoes that really feel like they’re made-to-order.

Testoni men’s shoes start at about $700 for their sandal collections and their formal lace-up shoes range anywhere from $900 – $2,000.

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12. Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli Shoes

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Founded in 1978 by Brunello Cucinelli, the company was made with the dream that it would be one that would use capitalism to empower human beings. He wanted the artists behind the shoes to be as important as the final product itself.

Today they not only make great quality shoes for men and women and children but also make clothing and accessories! Their products are adorned by regular people and celebrities alike!

Their shoes range from around $250 for their slides and slippers to about $1300 for their ready-to-wear formal shoes.

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13. Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli Shoes

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This company was founded by 3 siblings in the 1930s who had learned the art of shoemaking from their grandfather and wanted to make traditional style shoes together. Today, they make everything from clothing, accessories, branded men’s watches and shoes for both men and women. Making them one of the biggest luxury brands out there.

Usually, a brand this size would be very expensive to buy from. But you can easily find Bruno Magli men’s shoes for as low as $150 on the numerous sales they have throughout the year and their most expensive shoes still go up to only $600 – which is lower than the starting prices of most brands.

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14. Ace Marks

Ace Marks Shoes

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Ace Marks is a brand that aims to provide shoes that feel like the luxury ones, with the same experience as you would buying from a luxury brand but at a fraction of the cost. They did this by cutting out the middlemen and went straight to the source – to the individual shoemakers. They realized that if they have small factories they can create beautiful shoes at the price that most consumers are able to pay a lot more easily than if they were to buy from a regular brand.

Their shoes all sell for the $200 – $299 range. Making them one of the best-priced brands for Italian shoes for men that exist today.

Final Thoughts

Today, the world is a place where you have access to it all. If you want to buy luxury leather Italian shoes for men, you can easily go for brands like Gucci. If you want something tailor-made, just for you you can go for a brand like Stefano Bemer and If you want that luxury experience but just can’t imagine ever dishing out thousands for it you have brands like Ace Marks. There’s something for literally everyone in today’s shoe market, you just have to find out what you’re looking for.

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